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Erementar Gerad Volume 12

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Feb 22, 2014 20:24 | Go to Erementar Gerad

EG translations as used by DA-scan (old work of mine, just uploading these to complete my translator profile)

Erementar Gerad ch 55



Re-No: 55 Nad Lezen ~ Three decker ~
Re-No: 56 Nad Lezen ~ Four square ~
Re-No: 57 Nad Lezen ~ Five finger ~
Re-No: 58 Nad Lezen ~ crisix ~
Re-No: 59 Nad Lezen ~ arouse venturer ~
Re-No: 60 Baal ~ a deep grudge ~


Re-No: 55 Nad Lezen ~ Three decker ~


Cou: Is this...
the old man’s ship?

Yuuste: He made it.

Cou: Eh?!

Yuuste: Or rather, he and his father did.

Yuuste: It’s a ship made by a father and son.

Yuuste: Although he drinks so much that he’s just a good-for-nothing.


Yuuste: He used to be absorbed in making that ship, smelling of oil and sweat.

Yuuste: He said ‘this ship will be faster than any other’...

Cou: It’s full of dust!

Cou: That’s no good! If you don’t maintain it, it won’t fly!

Yuuste: It won’t fly in these skies anyway.


Cou: What do you mean?
There’s that commuter ship...

Yuuste: That’s right, you don’t live here, so you don’t know.

Yuuste: Twenty years ago, the air laws were established.
We civilians could no longer fly our own ships.

Yuuste: Before that, the sky above Nad Lezen was full of gliding airships.


Yuuste: After the airforces took control of the skies,
they forbade the flying or owning of airships...

Cou: In that case it would be bad if this was found!!

Yuuste: Originally we could’ve been punished heavily for a crime like this,
but this ship is a memento of his father, and his reason to live...


Yuuste: Whatever I tried, he wouldn’t part with it.

Bokka: Stop that!! Don’t touch it!!

officer: This is illegal possession.
According to article eleven of the air laws, we’ll confiscate this ship.


officer: Disassemble it and take it out!

others: Yes!

Bokka: Wha... stop!!

Yuuste: Wait!!

soldier: What’s with this woman?!

Yuuste: This ship is a precious memento! We won’t fly it...
so please...

officer: Don’t listen
and continue!

Yuuste: I’m begging you!


soldier: Get lost!!

Yuuste: Kya!!

soldier: Ugh!

soldier: Gahh!

Bokka: Bastards!!

officer: You’re inferior...
and will always be.

Bokka: Woh!
Damn it! What do you want!?

Yuuste: Bokka-san...


officer: Listen, this is a political purge.
From here on, our country will strengthen its bonds with Edel Garden and continue to develop into one of the leading countries in the world.

officer: The air laws are just a part of this.

officer: Thus, you people flying in the sky of Nad Lezen like dirty flies
is something we cannot allow!!


officer: Your kind of lowest people should live
by obeying, in modesty, crawling on the dirty ground, as is suited for you.

Bokka: What...the

Bokka: Aren’t you air force people also living in the skies?!
There is no high and low between those who love the skie!!
The sky shouldn’t be monopolized like this!!


officer: No, you’re wrong.
The sky belongs to the state!

officer: Seize him!
soldier: Yes!

Bokka: Yuuste!!

officer: Move, Yuuste!

Yuuste: This ship is his life!
Taking it away is the same as killing him!


officer: I see.
Then, shall I take your life as replacement?

officer: What a farce!
Bokka: You stupid! Don’t, Yuuste!!

Yuuste: I will give you something
your superiors will want more than my life.

officer: N...
No way...

Yuuste: His life
for my Elemental Gerad...


Cou: Granny!

Cou: What were you zoning out for?

Yuuste: Oh my,
I just remembered something from long ago.

Yuuste: More importantly, what’re you doing?
Did you come here to find your Red Lynx comrades?

Cou: Hnnn...


Cou: I... made a promise to a girl...
we’re on our way to Edel Garden.

Yuuste: Ah, is that it? So you stopped by because you’re going via Nad Lezen.
thoughts: to Edel Garden...?

Cou: We’ve always... been travelling toward Edel Garden.
I said I’d definitely take her there.


Ren: There’s someone I want to meet...

Cou: I made...
a promise...

Yuuste: It sounds like she’s an important person...

Yuuste: but it seems that you don’t really want to go.
That’s how I see it.


Cou: Tha...
That’s not true!

Yuuste: Oh, really?

Cisqua: Okaaay...
let’s hear everyone’s reports!


Rowen: Uwah... sempai is acting strange.

Cisqua: You there, be quiet!

Rowen: Kuea, Ren, how did it go in the first quarter?

Kuea: Ehm, the duck roast in meat soup was juicy and delicious.
In the seafood risotto, every grain was immersed in dashi, it was so good!
(TN: dashi is soup stock made from fish and kelp)


Kuea: The fresh salad with organic greens and avocado was crispy and the dressing was great!
The dim sum snacks were hot and to die for!
The grill variety plate had beef, pork, chicken, mutton, fish, shrimp and was outstanding!
sfx Rowen: So many receipts!

Kuea: For desert, I had a mango parfait, it was soft, creamy and sweet.
After that came milk tea and dark chocolates.

Cisqua: That’s enough, you!!
All you did was eat!!

Cisqua: And that while others were running around! You got all the good things!
sfx: Uwaah, sounds so good!!


Kuea: No no, we did check some things out.
There were only landing and takeoff spaces for ships owned by the rich.

Kuea: Then there are the government’s personal and military ships, of course a civilian can’t use those.

Cisqua: And you, Cou?

Cou: No means of transportation at all. There are luggage carriers, but they don’t go to Edel Garden and they’re not made for human transport.

Cisqua: I see...

Cou: How did you fare with the commuter ship?


Cisqua: We can’t get on because we can’t pay.

Kuea: I thought there was a train...

Cisqua: All lines out of service, so no.

Ren: ... so we’re stuck.

If you have to say it, yes.


Cisqua: Starting tomorrow, let’s all work hard on some job!!
Let’s save travelling money through high class jobs!!
sfx: low wage jobs won’t do!

Cou: Whaaat?!!

Rowen: Sempai, it will take quite some time before we get enough. Our salaries are almost used.

Cisqua: But... I can’t ask Headquarters to just give me money.
and loan sharks are scary...!!

Cisqua: Then, what if we gather junk and make a ship?!
Rowen: That’s plain impossible...
Cisqua: It’s the era of individual work!


Cou: Make...
a ship...
I see, we can do that...

Cou: I know a ship, Cisqua!!

Cisqua: Hn?


Cou: I’ll have to go to that old man’s again tomorrow...
but how should I ask him?

Cou: Hmmm... what to do?

It seems that you don’t really want to go.
That’s how I see it.


Cou: That’s not it.

Ren: Cou...
is he asleep?

Cou: R-


Ren: ...he is.


Ren: I didn’t speak with him at all today... huh...

Cou: After that, I... haven’t said a word to her...

Erementar Gerad ch 56


Re-No:56 Nad Lezen ~ Four square ~


Bokka: No way!!!!

Cisqua: Uhm...
I didn’t day anything yet though...

Bokka: I’m not giving you my ship.

Cisqua: S-such sharp intuition!!
Why did he suspect us of wanting to borrow his airship?


Bokka: When you come in this poor house with that many gifts,
even an idiot would know that that is your objective!!

Bokka: I could feel it coming
since my wife showed it to that kid.

Cou: Allright then...
old man, please lend us your airship.
sfx: bad at requests

Bokka: Absolutely...
sfx: buuu


Yuuste: Well, since you are our guests,
please don’t hold back and eat all you want!


Kuea: It’s good!
Better than the restaurants up above!

Yuuste: Oh, really?

Cisqua: Yes! It’s like a warm family’s meal.

Yuuste: It’s always been the two of us, so this is the first time to eat with so many people.
Somehow it makes me happy.

Bokka: After you’re done, you’d better leave.
I’m warning you, I won’t give you my ship!


Cisqua: He’s like the downtown style stubborn old man...!

Rowen: He doesn’t seem eager to listen to our story either...

Cisqua: How about this...

Cisqua: I’ll force him!


Rowen: Uwah! That catchphrase is just too old!!
You can’t do that, Sempai!

Cisqua: Che...

Cou: You don’t even use it.
It’s covered in dust and all.

Bokka: Fu! Don’t meddle in my business!

Cou: We’re in need of a ship!
At all cost!

Cou: Old man!
Please let us borrow it!

Bokka: Aren’t you persistant...


Bokka: Even so, the country’s air forces control the sky.
If you go up there,
they’ll shoot you down as easily as you shoot a goose.

Bokka: If you wanna go somewhere, find another way.
The sky’s out of question.

Cou: In the end, you’re only talk.

Bokka: Wha?!


Cou: A gutless, wimpy guy like you
fought against the Red Lynx? Don’t joke!

Bokka: Whaaat! Me, a gutless wimp?!

Cou: That’s right. You stopped flying because you were scared of the air forces.
You’re just a cowardly old man!


Bokka: Bastard!!

Kuea: Oops!

Cisqua: Hey!! Cou-san, stop that!!

Yuuste: Calm down...


Cisqua: Old lady...

Yuuste: It’s okay, let them be.

Yuuste: Truly, he hasn’t changed at all...

Cou: Don’t talk as if you’re so good.
You guys of the Red Lynx also crashed, huh?


Cou: Yeah, you’re right.
We fought against those Arc Aile people there and lost.

Yuuste: Is that true?

Cisqua: Well... yes.

Cou: Even so!!

Cou: The bosses would start over from scratch, time and time agan!


Cou: I’m sure they would!!

Bokka: Buh...

Cou: So...

Cisqua: It’s been a while
since we saw a fight like this.


Cou: Old man, you said
that it’s over once the sky abandons you.

Cou: Aren’t you mistaken?

Bokka: What?

Cou: The sky didn’t abandon you...
it was you who abandoned the sky!!


Bokka: Wha...
What would you know?!!

Cisqua: That’s it!
The angle! The spin! I’m excited!
sfx: can’t get enough

Rowen: Sempai...
sfx: don’t tease him...

Cou: Heh...
Right, I don’t understand...


Cou: Or rather, I don’t want to undersand
such a wimpy way of thinking!!

Bokka: Why you...

Cou: But I hear it.

Cou: Although maybe you can’t hear it anymore?

Cou: The voice of that ship!




one more time...

Cou: Can’t you hear it?


Rowen: Uwah!!

Bokka: Geh...
Voice, huh? What stupidity.

Cou: Oww...

Rowen: Are you okay, Cou?

Cisqua: Cou-san... he must have his own reasons...

Cisqua: I guess borrowing his airship is impossible...

Cou: No, I won’t give up.


Cou: I can definitely hear it!
Not only from the airship,
but the old man too. A voice saying ‘I want to fly once more’...!

Cou: I could tell because the old man’s clenched fists
were warm!

sfx cisqua: oh, our pretty boy’s all messed up
sfx cou: ow! Don’t touch me!!


Yuuste: Please enter and feel at home.
It’s small so only two can enter at the time though.

Yuuste: Oh...


Yuuste: Ah, I see.
It’s okay!

Youste: Know what this is?
Long ago I had one here, too.

Yuuste: An Elemental Gerad just like you.

Ren: Eh...!

Yuuste: Phew...

Yuuste: That explains. So it’s you Cou promised to take to Edel Garden.


Cou: She’s a good girl, honest and frank.
She doesn’t act for advantages, but out of her own will.

Ren: Yes...

Yuuste: Cou will take you there, as promised.
That’s why you have to trust him.
Considering the other and believing in each other creates the strongest bonds.


Ren: But...
because of me, Cou is always getting in dangerous situations.
I made him have painful experiences.

Ren: Going to Edel Garden is my own selfish wish.
Cou is just accompanying me...


Yuuste: No! No!
Don’t look down with such a gloomy face!

Yuuste: It’s a waste of your cuteness!
Here, look up!

Yuuste: Instead of saying sorry with a sad face,
say thanks while showing a smile!


Yuuste: I’m sure that would make Cou feel better.
I know he’s trying hard.

Ren: ...but...

Yuuste: Again?!

Yuuste: Ah, well, you’re getting there.


Bokka: You’ve cause some achin’...

Cou: Yeah? I’m pretty beat-up too.

Bokka: Is that a compliment?
Cou: It isn’t!

Bokka: The lousy punches you give with your thin arms don’t do a bit of damage!

Cou: Ahh, is that so?!
sfx: you piss me off!

Bokka: Although...


Bokka: right here...
it hurts...

Bokka: I could hear it too,
that voice has been calling for 20 years.


Bokka: But you know that as a power source to fly
you’ll need a processed hoverstone, right?

Cou: Yeah. It’s basic knowledge for someone from a ship.

Bokka: But now the government is monopolizing the trade.

Bokka: It’s like a ship’s heart...
so no matter how much we want it, it won’t fly anymore.


Cou: Say,
over there’s a hoverstone processing plant, right?

Bokka: Cou, you...
what’re you thinking?



Sounds like a job for Coud van Giruet, the sky pirate!!


Cou: Uwah!!

Cisqua: Cou-san!!

Cou: Why’re they here...
why are they in Nad Lezen!?


Cisqua: Well then!
Right now I’ve discovered something, if I’m not wrong.

Cisqua: It’s dangerous
to stay here too long!!

Erementar Gerad ch 57


Re-No: 57
Nad Lezen~Five finger~


In the middle of the city Nad Lezen
is the cordia plant.


Coud: I don’t know how high the security is but
it’s been a long time, so I hope I can test my skills!

Cisqua; Please wait, Cou-san!

Cisqua: Please consider the lady who’s coming after you!
I mean it!
sfx: huff huff huff
text on the thing she’s holding: “frog wall climber”


Cou: What ‘lady’? You followed me on your own!

Cisqua: We would be worried to death if you went alone!


Cisqua: Cou-san!! If you think you can stomp in there,
your understanding of ‘dangerous’ is horrible!

Cisqua: You need to take all precaution...

Cou: Precaution’s fine, but
what are you wearing?

Cisqua: Oh, Cou-san! Dost thou not know?!
bellywarmer: an charm from Rowen
It’s a traditional style for thieves!!


Cou: After the cow costume, it’s the sneak-thief look?!
You’ll stand out even more!!
Cisqua: I didn’t want to be a cow! That was that stupid doctor’s scheme!!

Cisqua: Easy to move in! Safe! Secret! Strong allround and easy breathability!!
Even when I’m on a security camera, it’s fine with this!

Cou: Okay, whatever.
Just don’t hold me back.

Cisqua: Ah, I’m just a bit irritated now...
sfx: I won’t be a bother!!


Endy: Jeez!
When I think of what that prickly cow girl could do this time...

Endy: The security level of this plant is 8.
That’s pretty top level.

Endy: Hummmm...

dude: What?

Endy: You should be careful about acting outside of orders.
You’re putting your head in too deep!

dude: Don’t say that.


Cisqua: Cou-san?

Cou: What is it?

Cisqua: Why are you avoiding Ren?


Cisqua: Oho!
Cou: Th- there’s nothing wrong!!
Everything’s the the same as always!

Cisqua: Is that so? I mean, after we got here, you two haven’t had a normal conversation at all.

Cisqua: Did something happeeen?
It’s because you’re at a sensitive age, huh...
Cou: It’s nothing!!

Cisqua: Well, if that’s the case, it’s fine.
Cisqua: Hush!
Cou: Bwuh!

worker1: Hi!
worker2: How is it? Will today’s export batch make it on time?

worker1: The refinement speed dropped a little so...
worker2: Ahh, overworking again.
Today my kid has his sports meeting, see.


Cisqua: Waaah...
No matter where, working fathers have a hard time.
Cou: Is the storage room over there?


Cisqua: So it seems.
What a strange type of lock this is... What shall we do?

Cou: Heh!
You have me!

Cisqua: W-w-w-wait a sec, Cou-san! What are you...
If you make a mistake the alarm will go off!!
Wha-wha-what are you doing?!!


Cisqua: Wow, awesome!!
This is the first time you remind me of a real thief!

Cisqua: That means we’re committing a perfect crime!
A guy with no merits or feflection, only talk. Arrogantly saying he’s a sky pirate, but only appearing to be a good-for-nothing!!

Cisqua: That’s what I thought of you until 27 seconds ago!
My my, truly an ex-pirate!!
Cou: Is that... praise?


Cisqua: Like, totally terrific!
Really awesome!

Cisqua: Wha....

Cisqua: This...
is a processed hoverstone...!


Cisqua: What a wondrous stone...
the stone itself seems to be glowing light purple.

Cisqua: Even if I take this, no one will know, right?
Cou: A tiny stone like that’ll only make toy ships fly!

Cisqua: That’s right...
Cou: The old man’s ship is middle-sized...


Cou: This one! It’s the right size!
It’s got perfect luminance too!

Cisqua: Well it’s good you got one...

Cisqua: Then I’ll take this small one as a gift to myself...

Cisqua: But isn’t it strange?
Cou: What?

Cisqua: Don’t you think this was all too easy?
We didn’t ge caught once by the security system on our way here...


Cou: It must be your imagination.
That just shows how professional I am!
small text:what’s inside that pack?

Cisqua: I hope you’re right...

Cisqua: Watch out!!


Cou: Wha...

Cou: Why...

Cou: Why are there Viros here?!!

Viro01: You...
Since you know about our existence you can’t be ordinary people.


Viro01: So you’re after hoverstones.

Viro02: You must have a good technician to turn the security system off.
How many comrades do you have?

Cou: Comrades? Like I know.

Viro01: That obviously fake thief outfit was surely a plan to deceive us!
Viro03: It won’t work, y’know!!
Cou: No, her clothes are her own...

Viro01: Either way, with or without comrades, you’re finished.
Don’t think you can escape from us.

Viro03: Aha!
And when you’re dead, well catch you!


Viro03: Uh…

Viro01: You dare oppose us?!

Cisqua: Looking at what I did…
that would be right.


Viros: Why you!!

Viro?: Gah!

Viro02: Guu!!


Viro03: That hurt…
damn it…
Viro01: Ch…

Cisqua: We can do it, Cou-san!
Cou: Well, yeah. It’s not the first time we fight Viros.
But I don’t like fighting girls…

Cisqua: Oh? I didn’t know you were a feminist.
Cou: Shut up!

Viros: After all
you humans can’t equal us!


Cisqua: I forbid you to hold back, even though they’re women, Cou-san!!
Cou: Heh! I know that!

Ren: Fi…
sfx: sigh


Rowen: That’s great, Ren-chan!
Kuea: You worked hard, Ren-chan!

Ren: Cou…
I hope you come back fast…

Viro01: Pretentious intruders!!
You can’t run away from us!!

Cisqua: Don’t let your guard down!!
Cou: I know!!

Ren: I hope you’re okay, Cou…

Erementar Gerad ch 58


Re-No: 58
Nad Lezen ~crisix~




zzz: After all,

zzz: Edel Raids and humans clash.

zzz: Humans are... tools that exist for us to use.

zzz: I hope I can make that girl realise this soon...


zzz: Though I think she’ll notice soon. I’ve been wishing only for her to be happy...

zzz: Her happiness
is my everything.

zzz: For her, I’m prepared to do anything...


zzz: Yes.


Rowen: Waaaah! Ren-chan! It’s burning!!
Smoke! Smoke’s coming out!!

Ren: Burning?
Rowen: The oven! The oven!!

sfx: burnt


Ren: B-black...
Yuuste: Oh dear, the oven must have been too warm.

sfx panel 3: distressed

Ren: Okay.
Another try!


Rowen: Why did you suddenly want to learn how to make sweets?
I thought you don’t like sweet things.

Ren: When he gets back...
he might be hungry, I thought...

Rowen: Hm? Who?

Ren: ..............Cou

Rowen: Eh?


Rowen: Ow! That hurts!!
What are you doing, Kuea?!!

Kuea: Are

Ren: She wants to give them to Cou when he comes back.
That’s why she wanted the old lady to teach her how to make cookies!


Rowen: I see... so she’s doing it for Cou...

Kuea: She really changed.... since the first time we met her though.
Rowen: Yeah, she looks just like a normal girl right now.

Kuea: Say, Ro...
Somethimes I was thinking
‘what if Ren-chan wasn’t a Shichikouhouju?’...
Then she could stay with Cou forever, without being bothered by anyone...


Rowen: But if that’s the case, they would probably never have met.
Kuea: That’s true...
sfx: Hmmm.

Kuea: Since I’m part of Arc Aile I have orders to bring back Shichikouhouju
but... to be honest I’d like to leave those two alone.

Kuea: It’s like... when I see Cou and Ren-chan
it seems stupid to make a fuss over who’s humand or Edel Raid.

Rowen: Kuea...


Rowen: If I can help it
I want those two to have a happy end.

Rowen: For them, I think we should do everything we can.
Kuea: Right... I feel the same.


Ren: I hope Cou wants to eat these...


Ren: He said that
he likes sweet things...


Viro03: You really annoy me!!

Cisqua: It’s nice that you Viros became security guards, but
this way the repair costs to the factory will pile up, too...


Cisqua: I feel sorry for the one in charge.

Viro02: Then let yourself be caught!!
Cisqua: No no no!

Cisqua: This and that are separate!
These Viros were sent to Nad Lezen...!!


Viro03: Geh!!
Cisqua: My ideas are often quite right.

Cisqua: There is a link between this country and that organisation of Edel Garden!


Cisqua: For now
this should do.

viro: Don’t move, intruder!!

Cisqua: Ah, jeez! I got separated from Cou-san!
There are too many of them!
sfx: 30 vs 1!

Cisqua: But who was it that turned off
the security system?


Viro01: Too bad, you’re at a dead end.

Viro04: You can’t run now.

Cou: Damn... I lost Cisqua,
and there’s no door or window out...


Viro04: Give back the stone, thief-boy!

Cou: Woops!

Cou: Uwah!!


Viro01: Give up!!


Viro01: What?!

Viro04: The factory’s electricity fell out!

Cou: Nice!

Viro01: Eh?

Viro01: Shit!


Viro04: Damn... through the window...
Viro01: Idiot! At this height that’s suicide!!


Cou: Escape succeeded!
sfx: That’s me!

Cou: Oops!

Cou: Ho!


sfx: grab

Cou: Safe...
it would bad if I lost it here...

Cou: But that was lucky!
I wonder if Cisqua did it.

Cisqua: Uwaaaah!
Cou-san where are youuu?!

Endy: Are we not going to help?
dude: Sometimes you have to leave ‘em alone.
[TN: damn, when does he get a name? D:]

Erementar Gerad ch 59


Re-No:59 Nad Lezen ~ Arouse venturer ~


Bokka: This...
this is...?!

Cou: A new heart.


Bokka: This brilliance... there’s no doubt...

Cou: I obtained this so it could be used for your ship.
So I’ll ask you once more, old man.

Cou: Please lend us your ship!


Bokka: No way.
I won’t do it.

Cou: Wha?!


Cou: Why not!? With this stone, that ship can return to the skies !
It can fly once again!!

Cou: Or are you afraid...
of the Air Force?

Cou: You hesitate because you think we’ll be shot down!


Cou: Pff... I overestimated you.

Cou: You don’t have to do anything, old man.
I’ll make the ship fly!

Bokka: 20 years...


Bokka: Since that ship left the sky,
20 years passed.

Bokka: Before I knew it, I got the habit to look down, I just didn’t look up anymore.
I couldn’t look straight at the sky...

Bokka: I don’t know why I acted so apologetic...
but maybe it was towards my own pathetic miserableness.


Bokka: Either way, that feeling affected my whole being.
Until even moving seemed annoying.

Bokka: As the Air Force said,
I would have to live my life crawling on the ground...

Bokka: But Cou...

Bokka: after you came,
I’ve been looking at the sky all the time again.


Bokka: Like a child who desires something.

Bokka: Now that I mention it
the sky is the only thing that hasn’t changed in 20 years.


Bokka: It’s an absolute presence
that continues to challenge me.

Cou: Old man...

Bokka: But you don’t get my ship.

Cou: What the heck?!
sfx:I don’t get it!
Bokka: You idiot!!
It’s obvious!!


Bokka: It’s my ship!!
Flying it is my role!!

Bokka: Still, it’s been a long time. I need some time.
Both of us need to be oiled first.


Bokka: Hey, a drink!
Bring me a some alcohol!
Yuuste: Sure, sure.

Cou: All he does is drink...
Is that okay, lady?
Yuuste: Teehee, it’s fine.

Yuuste: Cou...

Yuuste: Thank you.


Cou: No sweat!
I didn’t do anything.

Kuea: By the way, didn’t Cisqua go with him?
Rowen: Ah... that’s right.
sfx: I forgot!!


Yuuste: You can use the room at the end, it might be cold so take these blankets.
Cou: Thank you, old lady!

Cou: Hup...

Cou: Hm?

Cou: What’s this?
card: For Cou
Welcome back cookies.


Cou: Thanks Ren...

The Second Quarter



Cisqua: Aaaah! I’m wanted by the police!
That makes me the same level as Cou!

Cisqua: The only good thing is that I’m in my thief-outfit, so my true identity is unknown.
But they could’ve used a cuter picture... or not!!
sfx: I look so mean...


Cisqua: My glorious life has been stained!!
sfx: Gaaaah!
Endy: Oh, what a nice job to start the morning!
The police here is quite good.

Cisqua: I wonder if I should say “Oh, it’s you!” or not...


Endy: It must be a twist of fate!
Meeting here can’t be coincidence.

Cisqua: I have a bad feeling...

Cisqua: Time to get to work, so bye!
Endy: Please wait!

Endy: You forgot this! Here.
Cisqua: What?

Cisqua: Baaad feeling...


Endy: So, this is the sum for saving you in Toro Deire.
This is for what we did last night at the factory, if you can’t read the difficult words, please ask me.
Cisqua: I can read, I’m reading it, but rather than being able to read, I don’t want to read it!
Thank you for your kindness.

Cisqua: Last night...!?

Cisqua: So the ones who turned of the security system...
Endy: That was us.

Endy: For him, something like that is a piece of cake.
dude: Missy, one Morning Delideli set!


Endy: It’s 682.800 gane in total.
Please transfer the sum on our account before the end of the month.

Cisqua: I refuse to pay up!!
We have never requested any help from you people!! This is an invalid claim!

Cisqua: Moreover, who are you anyway?
You’ve been following us all the time!
What do you want anyway?!


Cisqua: Could it be...
Edel Garden?

dude: It’s too early for this.
I haven’t even eaten yet.

dude: To be honest, I’d like to go back and sleep some more.

dude: But before that a cup of coffee to enjoy.
sfx: Hm, quite good.


dude: Right, cowgirl?
Our identity isn’t what you should be worrying about right now.
waitress: Here you are.

dude: Don’t take your eyes off the Shichikouhouju.

dude: Don’t leave her wander about on her own.
I’m sure you’ve noticed that this is a dangerous place.


dude: It’s possible she already came in contact with someone.
Be on your guard. You don’t know where the enemy is hiding.
They may act innocent to get closer.

Cisqua: Thanks for the warning.
That also means that you people might be our enemy, no?

dude: That’s right...
but if we were your enemy...

dude: Instead of a bill
we’d be sending you a death notice.


dude: Listen
don’t lose sight of the Shichikouhouju.
Cisqua: They’re... not enemies?
No, I can’t be too careful.


Cisqua: It’s a mystery why they’ve helped us,
and they know Ren-chan is a Shichikouhouju...

dude: It’s possible she already came in contact with someone.

Cisqua: Contact... after we arrived here...?
That couple just can’t be...
and when she went to the first quarter, she was with Kuea...

sfx: rrrrrrrrumbellll


Cisqua: I’m hungry...
I haven’t eaten anything after pulling an all-nighter...
waitress: here’s the menu

Cisqua: Let’s eat, eat! I’ll eat until I’m full!
And after that, I’ll hurry back to the others.


Cisqua: That’s...!?

Erementar Gerad ch 60


Re-No: 60 Baal ~ a deep grudge ~


First Quarter

Cisqua: There’s no mistake, that is the Edel Raid who was with Beazon at El Blanka...
So she survived the collapsing of the castle..


Cisqua: This is a splendid mansion too...
how can I keep an eye on her from here...?

Cisqua: No! You musn’t trespass!
You are already in the First Quarter without permission!

Cisqua: As long as you’re not caught it’s fine!
Just stay quiet about your criminal record, you know?


Cisqua: If Parl is here, then the guy with the weird head must be here too! But I can’t intrude the house!!
Your salary will be cut! It’s fine if no one finds out!
What are you saying?! I’m a wanted person already!
Just shut up about it!!
GAAH! It’s getting out of hand!!

Cisqua: Well...
this option is the safest.

Cisqua: In a mansion this big, no one is bound to find out.
text cisqua1: Coming through!
text cisqua2: Sorry about that!


Cisqua: And! The maid saw...!
No, heard?

Parl: How long do I have to stay here?!
Cisqua: Uwah, Parl...?!

?: Calm down...
Parl: Hah! As if I could!
What about the Shichikouhouju? I’m tired of waiting!

?: The time has not yet come.


Parl: I want to rip that little girl’s face apart, and quick!
Tear it to shreds...!

Parl: Let her have a taste... of that burning pain...!

Cisqua: S-Scary...
Parl: Ku...
Kukukukuku !!


?: Be quiet.

Cisqua: Huh?

Parl: There’s no one here.


Cisqua: That was close...

Cisqua: I’d probably return to the rest now. If Parl came here chasing Ren-chan, we have to watch out.
She seems to be in a bad mental state.

bubble: Be quiet.

Cisqua: But there was another voice next to Parl’s in that room.
A calm female voice...


man01: Hey, Bokka! We heard you’re gonna fly!!
man02: How did you get a hoverstone?
man03 : So why didn’t you tell us?
man04: Really, you have to let us know!

Bokka: Wha-what’s with you!
Barging in first thing in the morning!!

man01: It’s covered in dust!
man03: It’s been 20 years since I’ve been in this workshop...
Bokka: Your face is dusty all year round!!


Cou: What’s going on so early?
Bokka: My skysailing mates of old, they caught wind of our plan.

man01: It’s been a while since I used these arms!
Bokka: You’re older, so don’t overdo it.
man01: And how will you steer with that belly of yours?

man01: Allright, pull it up.

Cou: Hey, hey, is that allright?
You old men will hurt your backs...

man04: Don’t underestimate us, kid.
man02: We’ve been in the skies longer than you.
Although we live on the surface now.
sfx: hahaha


opa: To tell the truth...

man03: We want to help a bit.
If Bokka... if this ship’s gonna fly, we’ll be watching with pain in our hearts.

Bokka: Whatever.
sfx: grin


Bokka: The sky forces didn’t rob only me of the skies...

Bokka: They too had to bear the despair and dislike towards themselves after their wings had been stolen.

Bokka: We’re not only repairing this ship so you can use it.


Bokka: There are things we won’t give up just to fly onece again,
and we want to be the wings for others to fly with...

Bokka: So, Cou...

Bokka: Don’t be bothered about your chicken-face!
Cou: What the heck?!


Ren: Good morning.
Rowen: Good morning, Ren-chan.
Although it’s evening already...

Ren: Where’s Cou?

Yuuste: He’s in the workplace downstairs.
If you’re going there, please bring these onigiri to the guys.
Ren: Okay.

Ren: Uhm...

Right is kelp, white sesame is salmon, black sesame is dried bonito, the nori is spring onion miso, the plain ones are with picled plum...


Cou: Hey gramps, is this okay?

Ren: What to do?
How should I talk to him....


Ren: What if he doesn’t say anything to me again.
What should I do?

Ren: Yesterday I wanted to stay awake and wait until he came back, but I fell asleep.
I wonder if he ate my cookies?
They were no longer in front of his door, so I probably did...

Ren: What if he didn’t
like them?


Ren: What to do?
What to do?
What to do?!

Ren: ...Pf!
I’ll try to act normal.

Ren: Cou...
Cou: To be honest I’d like to fly it too, you know.


Ren: Fly it...?
Cou: The more you are separated from something, the more you think about that, on?

Cou: If that didn’t happen
I would still be soaring in the sky aboard the Red Lynx’ ship.

Cou: I’ll always have my pride as a sky pirate, and I want to live as one.
The Red Lynx is where I belong, the boss and the mates are like my family.

Cou: And as a full-fledged sky pirate
I would repay the boss who took me in and raised me.


Cou: During this journey I’ve escaped death many times over.
I never thought there would be people who are after my life.

Cou: Like my life took a full turn since my time in the skies.


Bokka: Like us, you’re not fit to live on the surface.
Those who are enchanted by the sky are fated to spend their life up there. We’re sky-freaks.

Cou: Haha, could be true.
Bokka: That’s how it is.

Cou: But.

Cou: Thanks to this
my world has become bigger.


sfx: BLAM!

Kuea: Hey, did someone leave?
Rowen: Huh?

bubble: If that didn’t happen I would still be soaring in the sky aboard the Red Lynx’ ship.
Ren: I...


Ren: I took the precious sky away from Cou!

Ren: I’m sorry!

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