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Replica 10

The Mad Hatter of Contrary City

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Feb 24, 2014 19:47 | Go to Replica

-> RTS Page for Replica 10

Replica ch 10


text: if only it would re-write the cruel, current story
Karu: Akainu!!

Card 10: The Mad Hatter of Contrary City

Hatter: Oh now

Hatter: How troublesome, after all your power is quite annoying.

Manji: Gah...

text (karu): He's alive


Hatter: What, you're still alive?
You're a though one.

Karu: Hatter

Karu: You've always hated it when people destroyed what you made, right?

Hatter: Reminiscing?
Well, yes. I'm an inventor, there's love in the things I made.

Karu: Is that so. But they are good creations
In fact they burn well.

sfx: bwoosh
Hatter: Wha


Hatter: Could it be... that shot you fired earlier...

Hatter: How horrible!

Karu: Can you hear me, Akainu?

sfx: nod

Karu: He's concious...
I hope you're not planning to die like that?
Saying you don't need my power in that state you're in?

Manji: Shut...up...
sfx: huff huff


Karu: Cut loose the shadow, you can do that much, right?

Karu: Die like this
or let me take your pain so we can kill Hatter and save this town.

Karu: Choose
It's your move.

sfx: scratch

bubbles: Damn it!
Damn it!

text: Choose


Manji: Shit...

Manji: Guaaaaahhhh


sfx: splosh

sfx: shuff

Hatter: No...

Karu: Too late!


Manji: I'll crush you.


Manji: I won't fall for the same trick!

text: Be quiet and listen, I have an idea.

text: The amont of things in this room creates a lot of shadow, it's his advantage.
Hide a tree in the forest, hide a thing in a mess...

text: Break the ceiling down.


Hatter: Huh?

text: It's a classic trick
Hide yourself in the falling debris.

Hatter: Where are you?

Hatter: The debris are blocking my shadows...


Hatter: Glass?

Manji: Can't believe you fell for that.



Manji: Raaah!

Hatter: Gaah!

Manji: Hurts right? Idiot

Hatter: Oww
It hurts, it hurts...!

Hatter: Blood... more...
If I have more power I wouldn't...


sfx: swup

Manji: It's no use.

Hatter: Y-you... you'e a bodyguard, aren't you?
Manji: Hah?

Hatter: Won't you work for me?
I'll pay you five, no, ten times more than them!

Hatter: I'll do anything, you won't have to get harmed, I promise.
I'll give all the money or food you want!


Manji: Who are you talking to, damn junkie?

Manji: What did you do?
They desperately moved on, without anyone knowing.
I'll do whatever I want to do.
text: Even if I hate it, I owe him.


Manji: We'll crush Alice,
I'm with Cards!

Karu: So it is. How about you be nice and answer my questions?
Manji: Can you walk already?!

Karu: Alice's present location,
we believe it might be at Cross Oak, but...

Manji: Hey!

Hatter: You still want to destroy it?

Hatter: Do you realise? That she's like a mother,
the mother of all Toys?


Hatter: If Alice dies, so will you.

Karu: Indeed...
After all we weren't supposed to even exist.


Karu: Please die with us.

Hatter: D...don't act so cool...
Show off...! Aren't you scared of disappearing? That man gave us life you know!!
You'd kill your parent? Traitor!

Hatter: You want to know where Alice is?
Strange, isn't it? Not to remember where you were born?

Manji: Hey...
Karu: I don't remember, it's like it's all foggy in my head.

Hatter: Oh, I see,
I guess your core was programmed that way.


Hatter: We were created as 'just replicas'.

Karu: Gah!


bubbles: What's this...
My head feels hot...
Karu: I... Ah...!
text: My core!

Manji: You! What did you do?!
Hatter: Uh - I don't know!

Manji: Haah?
Hatter: I just said what he told me to say...
You damn liar, huuuh?!

Hatter: It- it's true... Dolls cannot disobey him.
That's how Toys are, they are made to thinks of him as absolute.
Karu... Karu and the others are special, they are chosen.

Manji: Chosen?


Karu: I... remember...

Karu: Alice is at Cross Oak.

text: I remembered, as if the fog in my head suddenly disappeared.
Something the Hatter said must have been a keyword to my core.

Karu: Why now...?


people: Mayor!! We heard a loud noise?!
Are you alright?

people: What's this...
where's the mayor?

sfx: grin

sfx: bublub

Manji: Ha? He got away!
people: Who are you?
Karu: This is bad

Karu: we gotta run.
Manji: Haah?

Manji: This again?!
people: They're escaping!
sfx; waah! After them!


sfx: throbthrob
Hatter: Damn... Karu's power and that Akainu... a strong combo.

text: This finally became a city to my taste...
Hatter: Ah, I'll have to start over...

text: After all, that person entrusted this place to me, I can't abandon it.
I failed to kill Akainu but... the rest went as he ordered.

Hatter: I wonder... if he will praise me.

Hatter: Who's there?

??: Eh... Mayor?

Hatter: Ah, yes... good to see you here... Could you help me? I'm a little tired...


Hatter: Ah?

Hatter: Gah! Ahh!!

AAA: Good work. I've been watching you.
It's been amusing.

Hatter: Y... you are...!

Hatter: Ah


AAA: Your role has been played.

Hatter: Gi...

Hatter: I am... sorry... Next... time...I'll get him... ugh
AAA: Hm? Oh, you mean Akainu? Don't worry.

AAA: All you had to do was meet him in this city.


Hatter: N-no way! I... did as... you told me... the rabbit... this town... I changed... them

AAA: Yes, thank you, you did well. I'm glad you followed my orders so well.
Even though I have my doubts about the way you dress like me.

AAA: But I have no more use for you.

Hatter: Then... I'm...
I was just a way to kill time

AAA: Killing time? How could that be?


AAA: From the start I had only one goal, fulfilling my dream.

sfx: shake shake
Manji: What, an earthquake?

text: The world is shaking

AAA: Two left.

text: Whether it's the start or the end, the countdown has begun


AAA: Soon I'll be able to see you again, Alice.

text: An illusionary dream comes to life


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