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Samurai Flamenco - Another Days 2

In a pinch?! Mari under attack!

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Apr 1, 2014 19:27 | Go to Samurai Flamenco - Another Days

-> RTS Page for Samurai Flamenco - Another Days 2

Reserved for Bulsajo scans

Samurai Flamenco - Another Days ch 2

colour page:
upper text: Anime currently airing on FujiTV's Noitamina and other stations

Do you want to know?
I will tell you
our secret!

Another story from the popular anime!
Samurai Flamenco -Another Days
art: Mizusawa Shou
original work: manglobe
composition: Takagi Kyoko

chapter2 : In a pinch?! Mari under attack!


??: Oh
there's a new one online

??: Huh? New what?
text on schreen: I saw samumenco LOL

??: Who's that freak?
??: Wha? You don't know?
Samurai Flamenco! He's super popular now!

??: He goes around the city like that
to warn those who cause trouble,
like an 'ally of justice'.

side text: This hero is the talk of the day! His name... Samurai Flamenco!


?? There's a girl version as well.
They're called...
uhm... samurai...?

Mari: The Flamenco Girls!!

Mizuki: Mari!
Yelling like that in the middle of the street is a no-go!
Moe: She's right!
If you cause an uproar we'd be too late for work!

Mari: But...
The Flamenco Girls
are less widely recognized than that lame Samumenco!

Mari: It's because we didn't get to do anything lately!
Mizuki: Well, we were busy promoting our new song,
we had no free time...
Moe: Although it's a good thing.


sfx mari: Aaaah!
I wanna punch him...
Mizuki: Who?
Moe: Mari-san's evil face is nice too!
guy: MineMira,
you're up in 10!

guy: Huh?
Mari-san doesn't look too good?

Mizuki: Ah, sorry! She isn't feeling all that well...
guy: Eh? But you have to go live, will that work?

Mizuki: Y-Yes! It'll be fine.
sfx door: blam
guy: Alright.
Don't overdo it.
Mizuki: Thank you very much!


Mizuki: Oh no!
She's snapped...
Moe: She's too stressed out...

text: During the last live broadcast
she could not concentrate at all...
bubble: What do you think Mari-chan?
Hmm? Mari-chan?

text: She got down
and couldn't write a new song...
sfx mari: I can't do this...

Mizuki: Now that you say it, she's been working hard, focusing on producing that new song...
That was hectic...
plus we didn't do anything as the Flamenco Girls,
she's been piling it up...


text: If Mari keeps on doing that there's no knowing what she might do!
We've got to do something about it!

Mizuki: The meet is at 3 right? I'll go this time.
Mari: Eh? Oh, thank you.

Moe: Mari-san! For our next song
what do you think about this line?

sfx mari: smile


Mari: Thanks to you two, I finished early!
We can take half a day off!
Thank you!

sfx: kiss

sfx: kiss
sfx moe: on my mouth please, Mari-san...
Mari: I love you

Mari: Now!
We can finally be the Flamenco Girls again!
sfx: Yeah!
Let's go kick some criminal ass!


Mari: Why...

Mari: is it only today
that it's so peaceful...?


Mari: Where are the violent drunk?
The harassing scoundrels?
Thieves on the run?
Mizuki: Not here...

Mari: In this case...

Mari: if nothing happens
we will make a heinous crime happen by force!
Mizuki: No way!

Mizuki: Don't make one happen!
Moe: Heroes shouldn't force crimes!

Mari: Then...


Mari: I'll have to vent my stress in another way!
Let's get changed!

Mizuki: Another way?

sfx: click

Mizuki: Sneaky pictures?
Moe: Mari-san, peeping is a crime...
Mari: As long as I'm not caught!
Mizuki: A hero shouldn't say such things...

Mari: Ahh, so cool!
sfx: click click click
(picture mode)
Mari: He's so handsome in a uniform!


Mari: Huh
is he looking this...
sfx: click click click

sfx: shup
Mari: Ah.

Goto: What are you doing with this?

Mari: Hey! What are you doing?
Goto: That's what I asked! That's peeping, you know!
Mari: Teehee~
Goto: Don't teehee me!

Goto: Listen, taking peeping pictures is a crime,
even if I know you're an acquaintance... are you listening?
Hey! You're not, are you?!


Masayoshi: Goto-san!! Good work today!
sfx: tap tap tap
Masayoshi: I came to hang out!
Goto: Don't!!

Masayoshi: The city is peaceful... I'm bored...
Goto: Don't come here cause you're bored! Got it?

Mari: Excuse me! Could you not interrupt my get-scolded-by-a-policeman-in-uniform time?!
Masayoshi: Why are you girls here?

sfx: bicker bicker
Goto: You guys...

Goto: All of you
go back home!!


Mizuki: We split up like that yesterday,
without being able to act as Flamenco Girls...
Moe: Would Mari-san be okay though?

Moe: Ah!
Goodmorning, Mari-san!
sfx; click

Mari: Good...

Mari: mooooorning!
sfx: kissss


Moe: M-Mari-shan...
sfx; wobble
Mizuki: Such high tension!

Mizuki: Did you cheer up
seeing the policeman?
Mari: Yeah!

Mari: Alright!
Let's work hard!!


Mari: Yaay

Moe: She's in good shape!
Mizuki: Indeed!


Mari: Let's keep going like this!!

sfx: shiver

sfx: turn


Mizuki: Mari?
What's up?

Mari: I...

Mari: I felt as if
someone was watching me.

Mizuki: You sure? Could be your imagination.
Moe: Like it was one of the staff members.

Mari: No, it's not that...
it gave me a bad feeling...


Masayoshi: Hi!
sfx: pat

Mari: Hyaaa!!
Masayoshi: Woah!

Mari: O... huh?

Masayoshi: Is that how you greet me?!


Mari: What, it's your fault for sneaking up on me!
Masayoshi: I- I just said hi... still unreasonable?

Mizuki: Could the gaze you felt not be his?
Mari: No, it felt more obstinate...

Moe: Won't it be that crazy fan who stalks you?
Mari: No, I'd know that, it wasn't him.
sfx fanboy: mari-san! (x7)


Mizuki: Then who...
Mari: I don't know! Don't be so gloomy.

Mari: It's not like I saw anything...
Mizuki: So it's a ghost?
Like the Sixth Sense?
Mari: No...

Mari: Maybe it's a skilled assassin,
aiming at me with his sniping rifle!

Moe: Ah!
There's a laser point
on your forehead!


Mari: That's a pimple.
Mizuki: Cause you've been busy lately huh?

sfx: vroooo


Moe: Mari!
Mari-san, are you okay?
Mari: T-that surprised me.

Mari: What the heck?!
Watch out, you!!
sfx: vroooa

Mari: Jeez.

Mari: Right when I was feeling so great!

Moe: But I'm glad you're alright!
Mizuki: True!


sfx: crash

Mari: This...

Moe: This

Mari: must

Mizuki: be


girls: a real assassin targeting her?!

Mizuki: We'll protect Mari's life!
Moe: If Mari-san dies, we die together!
Mari: Nah, I'll kill that assassin by myself.


Mari: Fufu
I guess we have no choice now.

text: The Flamenco Girls
will catch the assassin!!


Mizuki: No, Mari, you can't tranform!
We need to lure the assassin out.
Mari: Ah

Mari: Ehh, booring!
mari: What a let-down...


sfx: vwup

sfx: splash

Mizuki: Got you! Assassin!

Moe: You won't get away!


sfx: thump

Mizuki: Prepare yourself!

Mizuki: Eh
Mizuki/moe: Huh?

Mari: Wait for me!


Mari: If you forget about the main character of the Flamenco Girls

Mari: I'll punish you!

Mari: Flamenco diamond - on duty!

Mari: ...huh

Mari: a camera?


Mari: Ahh...
text: I remember...

guy: MineMira girls, we'll film you on candid camera all day long.
guy2: We'll prepare the bike and potted plant,
please provide some good reactions!

text: I forgot... this is bad...
Mizuki: Then the bad feeling Mari got,
it was them...
guy: A-

guy: Awesome, it's the Flamenco Girls!
You filming this? This is great material!


bubbles: Goodmorning!
sfx: pop!
Kyaaa!! What?!

Mari: No way, candid camera?
In the morning? How shameful...

bubble: Your bedhead is cute too,
Mari: Gosh that reaction was fake.
Mizuki: Yeah, no one wakes up with perfect make-up.

Moe: By the way, what happened to your pictures of Goto-san?
Mizuki: Weren't they confiscated?

Mari: I wouldn't blunder like that!
I had them enlarged!
No distortion at all!


Mizuki: Policemen are nice but I prefer doctors!
Labcoats are hot!
Moe: I think pilots are great!
In summer uniform, please !

Mari: Naah, police officers are the best!

sfx goto: sneeze

Masayoshi: Are you okay, Goto-san?
Goto: Why are you here?
Masayoshi: I'm bored...
Goto: Go home.

- end -

Samurai Flamenco Anime after-recording report manga!


box: A certain day in autumn
small boxes: in charge: Imanity (I'm totally not sure what/who this is)
sfx: dokidoki
box: We visited the studio where the recording of episode 6 of Samurai Flamenco took place.

box: Episode six [spoiler warning?] is when there was a bounty on Samumenco's head and he got chased through the city.
sfx: wait
sfx: Hiii!
text: this is an exciting recording session!

'masayoshi': I was born to prevent disasters...
they call me - Samurai Flamenco!
box: Hazama Masayoshi's VA: Masuda Toshiki
text below box: Samurai Flamenco the anime, report of a recording session
Natsu Samako [I guess this is her name]
burst: Masuda's pose as he records his lines is just like Masayoshi!
sfx: aah!
box: He vigorously follows the director's instructions, so we want to shout 'good luck, Samumenco!'
When Samumenco wears a mask, Masuda also wears one while recording.
*: the members of the cast are drawn as their characters


box: Sugita, who voices Masayoshi's friend Goto,
'Goto': Why do I seem to attract weirdo's?
small box: Goto Hidenori's VA : Sugita Tomokazu [TN: kyaaaa!! *cough* Sugita is great.]
box: was superb as he acted out Goto's mature atmosphere.

box: Outside of the recordings, he calmed the studio with his jokes.
But when recording started, he was very cool, the difference was so big!

box: Then there's Mari, MineMira's idol, who tries to seduce Goto...
small box: Maya Mari's VA : Tomatsu Haruka
'Mari': Please investigate me thoroughly, officer...
burst: So cute! I wanna become a police officer...
sfx : boom
Imanity exploded

box: I believe anyone but Goto would have been seduced by her little devil act!
sfx: Your techniques won't work on me
sfx mari: bam


'Mizuki': Weren't the three of us supposed to be one?
box: Mizuki who speaks in Kansai dialect has is more of a big-sister type and has a different charm than Mari.
small box: Misawa Mizuki's VA: MAO

small box: Morita Moe's VA: Yamazaki Eri
box: Moe's adorable English pronunciation gives the staff a warm feeling,
surprisingly she's still a student!

box: Some veteran voice actors also joined in
It's wonderful to see people of all ages together! So I experienced.
small box: Kaname Jouji's VA: Kosugi Juurouta
text: Samumenco's master
Ishihara Sumi's VA: Nakamura Chie
text: Masayoshi's competent manager
Konno Akira's VA: Mikami Satoshi
text: The man after Samumenco's identity

box: And, appearing from this episode on, Samumenco's supporter, Harazuka.
Oogawa, who plays Harazuka, had me falling for his voice,
box: He's got a wide acting range with his dynamic voice. It was the best!
sfx: screech
small box: Harazuka Jun's VA: Ookawa
sfx: So different from a minute ago!

box: Of course, Hazama did not perform less!
sfx: Hoaaaa!
burst: During the battle scene in the last part of the episode he unleashed his attacks
and his cries were inspiring! Good luck, Samumenco!!

sfxes: Woa!
box: This episode featured many techniques, so all kinds of fitting shouts were recorded to fit those.
sfx: we laughed in the staff booth
box: There were a few recorded where he was instructed to sound like Bruce Lee,
I ended up wanting to hear Masayoshi's all-out shouts over and over.

text: There are also side-characters who support the lead roles!

box: 'Samurai Flamenco' has a lot of fun dialogues and highlights
box: I will keep watching it! Please look forward to next episodes!

[TN: whew, this part was hard because the writing style is very concise and report-like >_< but it was great to read!]


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