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Hamatora 4

troubles are the colour of flames

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Apr 1, 2014 19:29 | Go to Hamatora

-> RTS Page for Hamatora 4

Reserved for KISS

Hamatora ch 4


text: Hamatora

Nice: Akatsuki Sayuri, right?

sfx hajime: munch munch

side text: What kind of request does she have?

Nice: Sooo
what is your request?
sfx: gentle


text; Hamatora
story: Yukino Kitajima, art: Yuu Wazu

pillar: (something) high entrance ceremony

Sayuri: Her name is Shizuku.
text: Missing girl...?
Sayuri: Since 5 o'clock in the afternoon, we lost all contact with her.

chapter 4: troubles are the colour of flames


Hajime: Looks delicious.

Nice: Hajime-chan, you're already eating cake.
Hajime: Layered cake is different.
sfx murasaki: Ahum.

Murasaki: As far as I can tell
she's had a good upbringing,
so if this is about her going missing, I think it's better to contact the police.

Murasaki: They're much more reliable than him.
Nice: Excuse me?
This isn't about a girl gone missing.

Nice: It's a kidnap case.

Murasaki: Hah?
What do you know?

Sayuri: Yes... I
didn't mention anything about a kidnapping...


upper text: Hamatora - battle and mystery manga

Nice: You said you lost contact from 5 o'clock, right?
It's 7 o'clock now, so she's only been missing for two hours...
From this picture we know she's at least in high school now...
so there's no need to worry this much over such a time span.

Nice: Why would you request a detective to search for her if she's only gone for two hours?
There's only one possibility... you've received a threat informing you about the kidnapping...

Sayuri: Really?


Sayuri: The delivery time for the ransom is tomorrow at three in the afternoon...

?: She's gone quiet...
go check up on her.

Sayuri: My request to you is
for you to guarantee Shizuku's safety until then...
sfx: clack


Sayuri: I don't care how,
as long as you succeed.

Sayuri: Your reward will be 50 million yen.


Murasaki: Hah?
Wait a minute! That's an absurd amount... 50 million?! Are you serious?

Sayuri: Shizuku is
the only child of the Gate family's boss.

Murasaki: What was that?
text: the Gate family...

text: The biggest mafia gang of Yokohama
She's the boss's daughter?

text: I see... that explains the 50 million
for a dangerous job!

text: However, when it comes to him
he'll probably carelessly accept for her and the money.


text Murasaki: I think?
Nice: Go home.

Sayuri: Eh?

Sayuri: Why...
Nice: You heard me, go home.
I'm not taking your request... so please.

Murasaki: You...


Murasaki: It's 50 million!! And she's a beauty!
sfx: I don't get it!
You've been oogling her all the time, so what changed your mind?

sfx; so noisy
Nice: Alright then,

Nice: it's because she's been lying.

Sayuri: What are you
suddenly talking about?
sfx: gulp

Nice: Don't play dumb.
This girl, Shizuku, is not the boss's daughter.


Nice: Here's your proof.
sfx: shff

Nice: You'll understand
when you line these up chronologically.

Nice: Middle school sports event...
13th birthday party
a family trip...
high school entrance ceremony...

Sayuri: What do you mean?
Nice: The height difference between her and the boss
is too big between her 13th birthday and the entrance ceremony.

Nice: In short, these have been tampered with.
So it's a lie.


sfx: nod

Nice: It's unfortunate

Nice: until you showed me those pictures, I would have taken your request.
Even if there was no 50 million reward.

Nice: I have no interest in why you would lie...
but I will tell you one thing clearly.


Nice: I only take truthful requests.
That's all that matters.

Nice: Sorry.
I might not look it, but I'm busy too.
sfx: click

Nice: So please go ho....


Murasaki: Huh? Wha...

Nice: What...

Sayuri: I beg you...

Nice: Y-you're beggin...?
Don't do that... so suddenly
Sayuri: You don't understand.

Sayuri: I... need you to take my request...
I desperately thought up lies in order for you to take it...
sfx: drip drip


Sayuri: That's why
they were true lies!

Nice: Uhm...

Sayuri: This is the real me...
please understand...
sfx: Waaah
Nice: A-alright... I get it...
My pants are dropping! Don't pull!!


Sayuri: Uuh... sniff...
sfx; rubrub

Nice: Wow.... I didn't think...

Nice: you would've gone so far in building your character...
sfx; uuuh
Sayuri: Pwease fowgive me... [TN no typo's, she's crying and speaking at the same time]

Sayuri: It would have been over if you didn't take me seriously...
Even if they say you're a first class detective, you're just a kid so I thought I'd be easy...
Murasaki: Hey now, isn't that a bit too blunt?

Sayuri: It's true, Shizuku is not the boss's daughter,
I did lie about that.

Sayuri: But if I didn't lie, you would not believe me.
Because the truth sounds more like a lie...


Sayuri: Shizuku is
my little sister...

?: How is she?


sfx; clack
?: What a creepy girl.

??: Haha... true that.
??: I don't get it though...

??: Why do we need to secure her so strongly?
??: Oh?
You don't know about that?

??: She's no regular girl.
She's one of those 'Minimum Holders'.

Sayuri: A Minium Holder
and not just an average one...


Sayuri: My sister... Shizuku's Miniumum... are flames...

Sayuri: This is no lie.


Sayuri: Her hellfire can burn the entire world to a crisp in an instant.

Sayuri: This is my true request
Please save my sister...

text: A premonition of a major event...!

Sayuri: Save the world.


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