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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Hamatora 6

Last-minute Getaway

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Apr 20, 2014 18:40 | Go to Hamatora

-> RTS Page for Hamatora 6

Reserved/used by KISS

Hamatora ch 6


story: Yukino Kitajima, art: Yuu Wazu
[TN: actual confusion, since the name in bigger font is Kodama Yuuki, the chara designer/creator, but the actual manga is drawn by Wazu Yuu. Maybe both names should be mentioned for 'art']

chapter 6: Last-minute Getaway

Nice: We're here to save you

Nice: Shizuku.
sfx: chew chew

sfx: spit
Nice: Woah!

side text: Help has come to a bad-mouthed girl!

Nice: Wha-the hell are you doing?!
sfx: pepepepe
Nice: I told you, I'm here to help you!

Shizuku: Shut up! Die!


Shizuku: What proof do I have that you're not working for another mafia familly?
There's no way that some good guy is gonna come save me!

Nice: Not even if it's Akatsuki Sayuri?

Shizuku: Eh...

Shizuku: Wah!
Nice: Heave-ho

Nice: You don't have to believe me,
but I'm here on your sisters request.


Nice: I'll get you back no matter what.
Shizuku: H-hey! Put me down!
What guy saves someone with chair and all? Stupid!

Shizuku: I get it! I won't spit on you anymore and I won't resist!
Please untie me! Okay?

Shizuku: You came to rescue me, right?

Nice: Nope...
Shizuku: Gah!

Nice: I don't think I'll untie you.

Shizuku: Whaaat? Why not?! Are you kidnapping me? Untie meee!
sfx: Waaah!
sfx: stompstomp

Nice: They locked you in this shelter,
and bound your hands and feed, don't you think they had a reason?

Shizuku: Huh?
Nice: Normally, they wouldn't go so far... see?


Nice: No matter how much you'd riot, this place wouldn't budge...
Plus, that door...

Nice: Someone who couldn't undo those ties by himself would be unable to break through that.

Nice: So, why did they tie you up?
The answer is simple.

Nice: There was a chance you'd commit suicide...

Nice: Seriously...
sfx: bipbipbip


Nice: you sisters seem to have a habit of creating personas...
It would be troublesome if you died while pretending to be raging about...

Shizuku: If I...

Shizuku: If I can really see my sister...
I won't try to die...

Shizuku: Definitely not...


sfx: bzzzz

Shizuku: You...
in the end you undid them really easily.
Nice: Hm?
Well, you said you wouldn't die, right?

Shizuku: Y-yeah, but... still...
I still don't trust you...
Nice: Fine, whatever.

Nice: You can trust me after you're safely reunited with your sister...


Shizuku: What do you plan on doing next?
They'll probably be ready for you in front of the elevator...

Nice: ...I wonder.
According to plans, my assistant would have done away with them but...

Boss: Oi
they're moving.


boss: Understand?
Not a scratch on Shizuku.
??: Alright, we know.
??: When the door opens, pump that invading kid full of lead, it's simple.

??: Boss, what do we do with this one?
We finally caught her, but...
sfx: huff huff

boss: We'll make her talk later... keep her tied.


??: They're coming...

text: Ugh... top-notch detective, my ass.
You should have predicted this outcome...

sfx: pshiin


??: Wha...
sfx: dododo

??: What the hell? Boss?
There's only one in...

??: there...


text (murasaki): Cannonball...

text: he instantly jumped out of the elevator by using his Minimum.

text: But what will he do now...?

text: You can't run away on your own now...
Nice: Hajime-chan, are you alright?
Hajime: Sorry, my stomach ended up empty...
sfx: rumble

sfx: grin


Nice: Hey, freeloader!
It's cause you ate curry that Hajime-chan ran out of food!

Murasaki: Wha...

text (murasaki): He noticed me here...?
Nice: Take your responsibilities!

sfx: crash


Nice: Let's go grab some food.
What would you like?

Hajime: Qingjao steak! [TN: Chinese style dish with peppers.]

Murasaki: Idiot!!

Nice: Okay, let's go!
Shizuku: Gyaaah!!

Murasaki: What are you thinking?!
??: Who're you?!

Murasaki: Shut up, out of my way!


Nice: Crap...
this is harder than I thought...

Nice: My arms have reached their limit.
But you can do it, right... Murasaki?

Nice: Why should I... for your sake...?

Nice: It's not for me,
but for Shizuku...


Murasaki: Ugh...

??: Hey!
Are you on of them as well?!

??: Say something!

Murasaki: No...
I'm not!


Murasaki: This is just
a coincidence.

text: I'll just save the lives
that are in front of me!!
Murasaki: Grab my hand!

text: The super grip strenght Minimum

text: 'All or Nothing'!

boss: What guys...!


sfx hajime: tap

Shizuku: I thought I was gonna die...
sfx small: haa haa
sfx big: bdump bdump
Nice: Impressive, Murasaki.

Nice: Good thing you were there!
Murasaki: You bastard...

Murasaki: What would you have done if I wasn't around?
What if I hadn't used my Minimum?

Nice: What would I do?
I dunno...


Nice: If you weren't there we might not have come here tonight...
Murasaki: What?

Murasaki: What are talking about...
Nice: Come on, we've gotta get away from here.

Nice: Hurry and come along.

Murasaki: Wait a minute...

Murasaki: Nice! I'm not one of your comrades!
If you think I'm just gonna follow you, you're wrong!
Are you listening? Hey?!

Murasaki: Don't leave me behind!

text: There's not way they're buddies!

chapter 6 end - Next issue: can they escape the mafia?

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