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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Real Account 3

No Answer (2)

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Apr 20, 2014 18:42 | Go to Real Account

-> RTS Page for Real Account 3

Used by Revolution Team

Real Account ch 3


Chapter 1 is publicly available on MagaMega

box: Summary
A world established within nation-wide Social Network 'Real Account'. When Ataru, along with 10.000 people, got sucked into this world by the mascot Marble the death game started! The basic rule is that when your follower-count drops to zero, you die, and when you die, your followers also die. This time the game is 'No Answer'. You decide about your own looks, and get judged by 5 others. If you're right, you win, if not you die. In the middle of this game, Ataru finds his sister Yuri...

text: Followers 0 -> instant death

Ataru's profile:
Name: Kashiwagi Ataru
Sex: male
Birthday August 12
Location: not public
Relationship status: In a relationship
following: 564, followers 2

I'm Kashiwagi Ataru.
Personal information is private.
I'm into the games at Real Account.
My hobby is my part time job (lol)

I listen to J-pop in general.
Looking for friends who are into games!

text: Chapter 3 in this new series!
A modern age death game!
Please enjoy this month's story!

chapter 3 - No Answer (2)

Story: Okushou, Art: Watanabe Shizumu


Ataru: Yuri...?
Koyori: Eh?

text: Why...
is Yuri here...?!

Ataru: Yuri! What's going on?! I just called you?!
Koyori: Huh? W-what? N-no, you're mistaken!
It's Koyori! My name is Koyori?

Ataru: Huh...


Ataru: Woah! S-so sorry! Uhm... you look like my sister...
text: c-calm down, Ataru... Think about it...!
Koyori: N-no, no man, I'm eh... totally alright.

Ataru: 'man'?
Are you a boy?
Koyori: Huuhh?

Koyori: No! That's... It's an old habit...
I'm eh, you know, a girl!

Ataru: So, Kanda, you're...
Koyori: Oh, call me Koyori... I'm younger anyways.
Ataru: T-then...
sfx: cough
Koyori, how did you end up here?


Koyori: Uhm, I spotted a cat on the side of the road and went 'awww'...
Then I wanted to upload a picture on Re-Aca, but my phone turned black all of a sudden...

Ataru: I see... so I guess it's was the same for everyone.
sfx; scribble

Ataru: Hmm? What's that notepad?
Koyori: Ah!

Koyori: Ahaha... I've always been a compulsive note-taker...
notepad: Locked inside Real Account!
10.000 chose people -> some reason?
If followers reach 0, you die. (always)
Kashiwagi Ataru
Apparently I look like his younger sister.
Koyori: I need to write everything down, or I can't calm down...
I guess... it might be, you know, awkward...

Ataru: No...
text: She's an honest girl...
It's totally fine.


text: Somehow... just because she looks like Yuri... I feel affinity for her.
Ataru: Hm... you have your notebook with you...
which means people got transferred here the exact way the were at that moment...
Koyori: Ah... that could be right. I've got my backpack with me.

text: I only have my phone
and now I think of it, I'm not wearing shoes...

text: ... still, they look so much alike
sfx: same as transferred...
sfx: scribble
text: What if it is Yuri who's playing a trick on me...?

Ataru: Right...


sfx: pop
screen: Look for nearby users

text: If everyone has their phone, this should work...
Koyori: Ataru?

text: Ah... she's not Yuri after all...
screen: (left corner) 3m radius
Kanda Koyori - see profile
under black dot: you
text: I guess look-alikes do exist...

sfx: stare
Ataru; but they're so alike...

Koyori: Eh... Hm? What's wrong?
Uhm... it's, you know, embarrassing...
text: C-cute!
...no, what am I doing? I need to concentrate on the game!


Ataru: Right... For this game, I was gonna go with A, but...
Koyori, from your point of view...
would you say I'm 'O', 'A' or 'X' ?

Koyori: Uhm...
Hmmm, let's see... the way I see it

Koyori: I think you're 'O'.
Ataru: Eh?!
Koyori: I think you're generally 'O'.

Ataru: R-really? Oh... well... who'd have thought (?)
text: T-this doesn't feel bad.
Ko-koyori, what did you pick?

Koyori: I didn't decide yet...
So, Ataru, what do you think... about me?


Ataru: 'O'!!
Koyori: Eeeh?!
Ataru: Definitely 'O'!!

Ataru: You look so much like Yuri...
There's no way you're not cute!

Koyori: Ataru... you must really love your sister, right?
Ataru: Huh? No, well, it's not like I have a sister complex!
Marble: Okay everyone, pay attention!


Marble: We're advancing too slow here!
It's about yourself, so this is easy, right?

Marble: Ahh, I'm getting irritated, so
those who are delaying their participation... maybe I should kill them...
okay, 10... 9...


Ataru: Maybe we can figure out a plan now...
sfx koyori: scribble
Marble: The results?
Congrats, you were correct!

Ataru: That notebook... you've written down that many results?
Koyori: Hm? Y-yeah...!

Ataru: Looking at this...
the judges's opinions are quite diverse...

judges' descriptions:
The strict one - almost never gives 'O'
General standards, but stricter on girls
Relatively soft one - gives 'O' to elegant people
Calmly gives general verdicts
The mysterious one - this person...


Koyori: The problem...
is the person to the left!

flashback frame: Please
take care of me
the verdict
people who... accept me...
second game

text: He's a blatant
ugly fetishist!

text: A man with strange tastes... well, that's up to him personally, but now of all times?
How would he judge me...?

text: Summarizing this state of affairs, in my case...


Ataru: It's either 'O' or 'A'...

Marble: The verdict!
Congratulations, you're right!
sfx guy: Yeah!!

Ataru: I've decided.
I'll go with 'A' after all.


Koyori: You're taking 'A'...
then, I'll go for 'A' as well.

Ataru: No, no! You should take 'O', Koyori!
Koyori: Don't say that, Ataru...

boy: I beg you!!

boy: I... I chose 'X'!
Please everyone... give me the same verdict!


sfx: sparkle

sfx: tighten

Marble: Hmpf. What the hell are you doing?
boy: Eep! There was no rule that said you can't show your bip, was there?
Marble:... well, that is true.
sfx: waaah

Marble: Well, alright. Let's see.
Verdict please!

Marble: Too bad!
It's 'O', you were wrong.


sfx: beep beep
Marble: Hmm?

Marble: Ohh, the lie detector is beeping.
sfx: beeeep
turn turn
girl: Huh? I...

Marble: You... did you judge truthfully?
girl: Uh.. I...
wanted that person to survive, so I chose 'X' for him, that's all...

Marble: No, no! I told you, right? You have to judge every person truthfully based on their looks alone!
Too bad for you!


text (marble): All of you
are OUT!

Marble: Oh? Now we're without judges...
sfx: silence
sfx: dripdripdrip

boy: Ah.. Uhm... I...
since one of the judges made a mistake...
Marble: Ah, indeed.


Marble: Hm, well alright, you pass.
boy: T-thank you very much!

Marble: So, let's start over by choosing new judges...

Marble: Okay, the five people with numbers 404, 512, 570, 620 and 641!
Please come to the front!


Marble: The preparations are done!
Let's start the game again!

text: Koyori...!

left side text: Thank you for the great reception! Do you have real friends under your followers? 'Real Account'!

text: What should I do? Now our calculations are useless...
I need to re-think this again...

text: Plus, it's my turn after 7 others,
that's very few examples...
Marble: Verdict!

Marble: Too bad,
you're out!

text: C-calm down... Koyori will certainly pick 'O' for me...
I have to think... think...


text: Eh...!?

text: Wait...?
Could I... do this? I think so...
But is it ok? No, there is no rule against it...

Marble: Okay, we're back in the game!
Let's proceed smoothly!


Marble: Next person...
Ataru: Time out!

Marble: Wha?
guys: What?
That guy again?
Ataru: Everyone... Everyone who's left, please listen to me!
Marble: Uhm, there is no such thing as a time out...

left text: Do you want to make friends? The bonds between people is the theme in 'Real Account'!

Ataru: This game... if we work together,
we can generally figure out a way to win this!

Marble: Well, whatever...


Marble: Pff, I'm getting tired of waiting...
Are you readyyy?

Mable: Oh.

Marble: Finally a new contestant...
guy: Wait...

Marble: What?
guy: I don't need to be judged.


Marble: Huuh?!
What nonsense are you talking about?

guy: This is it.

guy: Gwaaaahh!!


Marble: W-wha
What now?!
box: Nr 698 Kagishima Takashi - Game Over

guy: I'm up next! Judge me!

Marble: T-the verdict!!
It's 'A'!
The same as the bip, you're right.

girl: I'm the next!

Marble: And it's
Correct again!


Marble: Next!

Marble: Correct!

Marble: Correct...!

Marble: Correct...

Marble: What the...
what's going on?!

Ataru: Lastly...
I'll go!


Marble: Your verdict is...


Marble: Everyone is done now...
and so the judges may advance to the second game too.

Koyori: A...

sfx: sag

Marble: What did you...

Marble: What's wrong with you?!
What the hell did you do? Haah?!


Ataru: I cheated!
screen: connected- nearby users
sun: 10m radius, under black dot: you


??: Hey, what do you mean, a way to win?
I hope you're not messing with us.

Ataru: Listen up... everyone here is a re-aca user.
Everyone here has brought their phones along.

guy: Huh? Yeah, we know that, so what about it?
Ataru: In short.

Ataru: All regular functions you normally use
can also be used while we're trapped here.

guy: Hm, well, yeah.
But... what's the difference?
Ataru: We can use it for strategies.


Ataru: This 'find users' application
screen: Finding nearby users
middel: connecting
small text: please wait

Ataru: Through wireless connection, it detects users within a certain radius.
As such, it also shows the names of the current judges.

Ataru: It's also possible to send a chat message to the judges
and get your judgement results beforehand!
Kashiwagi Ataru -> Kanda Koyori
-> Yamada Kaoru
-> Hara Yuuki
Judging by my face, would I be O, A or X ?


people: Oh...

Kanda Koyori -> Kashiwagi Ataru
You're 0! We've got this method too?!

Yamada Kaoru -> Kashiwagi Ataru

Kodani Riku -> Kashiwagi Ataru
A. Can we do this?

Hara Yuuki -> Kashiwagi Ataru

Gou Aki -> Kashiwagi Ataru
You're A.

guys: A-awesome!
This could be certain victory!
I'm gonna do it too!

Ataru: It's just...


Gou Aki -> Kagishima Takashi

Yamada Kaoru ->

Hara Yuuki ->

Kodani Riku ->

Kanda Koyori ->
It's X.

Kagishima: Ah...

Ataru: Unfortunately, since you can only find out about their honest answers,
when the opinions differ too much, there's nothing you can do...

sfx: drip drip

Ataru: Uhm... I'm not sure what to say...
Kagishima: No... I knew I was gonna die some time. Thank you.


Kagishima: I only survived till now because my mom follows me.
If I block her and die before I get judged, she'll be saved at least.

Kagishima: Haha... with my mediocre face, I've had a mediocre life.... but it was fun.
I'm sorry, mom! I would've liked to make you some mediocre grandchildren.
Thank you for having me!!


Marble: I see, you cheated huh... you thought well.
Good job.

Marble: ...I could say that.
But you missed something.


Marble: Even for people with different opinions
there's a strategy to get past the judgement.

Ataru: Wha...?

Marble: Why do you think I pulled out that deceiving woman?
I told you, right? It was a 'hint'.

Marble: Basically, the true intent of No Answer...
'you can just change your looks the way you want.'
That's it.


Ataru: No way!!

Marble: Yes.
The simple way to get a certain win...

text: 'Make it so that you'll definitely be judged as X'
'Edit your own face that way!'


Marble: The point is to look like an X, only during judging.
Put on ugly make-up, get beaten up... there are many ways, aren't there?

Marble: Everyone... no, you, you didn't notice and relied on another method.
You were lucky to clear this game, jeez!

Ataru: No way...
if so, that guy...
could've made it too...


Marble: Pfff, *chuckle*
Did you enjoy playing hero? Tooo bad, not good enough!

Ataru: If only...
I noticed sooner...

Marble: With that attitude
you'll face certain death in the next game.


Ataru: Koyori...

Koyori: I... I've been saved by Ataru...
Playing hero...? You're wrong.


Koyori: He's already
a real hero to me!


Marble: That disgusting friendly bonding... it will cost you your head.
Welcome, to the second game!

text: Right
don't hang your head, move forward.
sfx: clench

text: I'll return
to my daily life.

text: Next issue: RT Game.

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