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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Real Account II 30

A flaming scoop

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Mar 30, 2016 18:25 | Go to Real Account II

-> RTS Page for Real Account II 30

Real Account II ch 30


text: Special extra chapter available on Manga Box!

text: winner: Yuuma
loser: Mizuki...

box: Summary
Yuuma and Ayame have been sucked into the world of Real Account, and have become mutual followers to save their lives, sharing their fate. Mizuki and Yuuma's battle came to a quick end thanks to Yuuma's awakening!

Mizuki: 'The country of despair' didn't exist...
I will never see my mother again...
I... I...

Mizuki: pf!

Mizuki: Hehe...

Mizuki: haha


text: Will the loser quietly leave... or?

Mizuki: Uweeeeh

Account 30 : A flaming scoop
Watanabe Shizumu - original concept: Okushou


Mizuki: Mooooom...

text: I see... this guy's just a child...
His methods were messed up but... all he really wanted was to see his mother...

Kiritani: I might just feel bad for him now...
Chiho: B-but he's responsible for killing many people, even I almost...

sfx: whaaa
sfx yuuma: zuff

Ayame: Mukai...
Is he gonna talk to him?


Yuuma: Let me see that lame-ass face of yours.
Ahh-you're a mess~ Exactly what I wanted... hehe...

Yuuma: Gyahaha!!

Chiho: Y-Yuuma-san... scary...
Kiritani: Yeah...
I can't believe that's really our Yuuma-kun.

Marble: Uhm...
a minute please, everyone?


Marble: Please remember the 'Big Flame Festival' isn't over yet.
Not to mention... you've only got under 3 minutes left to win...

sfx bubbles: bip bip

osamu; Hiii!
Hayato: T-the time limit?!
Haru: We were all so focused on the Mukai-Mizuki interaction we forgot about the game...

?: S-still
52 liters?!
How much?
W-we've probably... used up everything we found already...!


Ayame: Uhm..
wait, this... this is really a close call...

Yuuma: Ahahaa!
Ayame: M-Mukai! Now's not the time to laugh!

?: W-what if...


?: nothing left to use...

it's all over!!


box: The real world
Kashiwagi Research Facility

Imari: Hmm...

Imari: Oh?

Imari: Oh, right,
we were exploring the area...

sfx bubble: squeeze
Imari: Hm?


Nanako: Zz...

Imari: Hyaaah!
W-why are you there?!
door; director's office
Nanako: Hmm? Puaaah, gmornin' Imari-chan

Nanako: Let me sleep some more...
Imari: Oi! Just how bad are you at wakingup?! Let me out!
Nanako: Nooo... we're both girls right...
you smell nice

Imari: Huh?
I'm a boy though.


Imari: Hey now...

Imari: You were the one who messed up and then you hit me?
Nanako: B-but you look so cute!
You even dress cute!
Imari: Hah? I just wear what looks good on me, okay?

Imari: Sheesh... cut the talk and go search this room.
Nanako: Sure, but what are you up to, Imari-chan?

Imari: I'm updating my blog!


text: That's right... I came this far to find Yuuma's body...
but he got turned into 'Marble' so there's no knowing where he is now...

text: I have to find something
some clue to know where he could be...

Nanako: A photo album?

Nanako: The facitlity's director's...
she's pretty


Nanako: A- A Marble mask?!

Nanako: S-so that means... the director of this place was involved in this from the start?
Would she be one of the people behind this case?

Nanako: Huh?


Nanako: What's this picture...?!

?: We're all done for!!

Ayame: Hm?


sfx bubble: gluglu
21L left

Chiho: It- it's Yuuma's oil...?!
Kiritani: H-how did that happen?
Hayato: It's filling up fast!?

Yuuma: Aahh-

Ayame: B-but Why?


screen: top: comments on Mukai Yuuma
955: Mukai's shit
956: he fooled us
957: Losing his memory and faking his personality is bad but...
958: commemorative comment
959: Go die
960: I was a fan of his, too...
961: I agree on his personality swap but what the heck is this?
962: I thought he was a shady guy from the strat
963: There's always something to do about Mukai

sfx: pipipipi

screen: ?? what's going on??
Look at the ReAca wiki page
what trash
I saw the update

Ayame: The ReAca wiki?

Hayato: The fuel gauge ...!!

Marble: Oh now
aren't you all lucky~


Marble: This means
the 'Big Flame Festival' can close its curtains!


Yuuma: I'm sick of you now...

Yuuma: All right...

Hayato: What's...
going on...?

site: ReAca wiki
newest article
[SCOOP] Mukai Yuuma

Ayame: What?!


[SCOOP] Mukai Yuuma appears to be family of the mastermind behind ReAca! [includes photos]

Ayame: What on earth...?


article : [SCOOP] Mukai Yuuma appears to be family of the mastermind behind ReAca! [includes photos]

We, as reporters of to the ReAca wiki, have followed the abducted ReAca players and continue to send you real-time updates.
Last night, we sneaked into the Kashiwagi Research Facility and saw something unbelievable! (refer to previous article)

After spending the night, we have found something even more incredible in the Director's office. It's a photograph of the facility head, Kashiwagi Chitose, and Kashiwagi Shin, her husband. But also included is the young Mukai Yuuma!


Yuuma: Haha!!

Yuuma: It's been a while,

text: Two Yuuma's, who's real, who's fake...


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