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Real Account II 33

The resolve of the other side

+ posted by Kinlyu as translation on Mar 30, 2016 18:43 | Go to Real Account II

-> RTS Page for Real Account II 33


Real Account
Watanabe Shizumu
Original concept: Okushou

Account 33: The resolve of the other side
Real Account is our playground
shall we play with these toys until they break?

yellow text: Center colour and a whopping 31 pages to celebrate volume 5!
Volume 5 is on sale everywhere!

Special collaboration with the singer/dancer group Q'ulle - an official Real Account song and video!
Find more information on the previous page and right after this chapter!


box: April 30, 20xx - the real world
text: A special chapter is available on Mangabox!

side box:

girl: Huh? Isn't that...
that Mukai Yuuma guy? Look...
girl: Woah, it is! Let's go take a pic-

guy: Hold it right there, Mukai!
You're gonna let us snap your pic!

Yuuma: Hehe
it's tough being famous...


guy: Mukaii! Yeah you!
guy: Dammit they got him first!
girl: it really is him
girl: But isn't he a bad guy? I read that online

guy: Found one.
marble guy: Eep!

girl; Nooo!


news anchor: I repeat, do not join in the game and refrain from...
guy: One million!
Yuuma: Ahahahaha!

?: Snap a pic of the Mark and get-
a million!
girl: No

bubble: click


guy: huff

guy: I... can't


sfx: vroaaa

guy: My bike!
Yuuma: Sweet! Nice and speedy
uh, so this is the gas?

Yuuma: Kyahaha!
Come and get me, suckers!


Haru: M-Mr. Mukai!

Yuuma: Ah?
Haru: Mr Mukai~
Yuuma: That's...

Haru: Hup!

Haru: Ah-
Yuuma: Hah?

Yuuma: Buh!

Yuuma: Hey, move it! I can't see!
guy: Shit
we were so close

Haru: Mr. Mukai, I can't- breathe...


Yuuma: I'm gonna murder you, ghostwriter girl.
Haru: It's Ichinose Haru...
Please bury that info and what you just saw in the deepest part of your memory...

Haru: But I'm saved... let me ride with you a bit longer.
Yuuma: No way, get off! And wear some pants!
Haru: I lost them while running away.
they were too wide...

guy: That bike is coming.
guy: On my count...


sfx: cling

Haru: Oh no no!

Haru: Waaah!

Yuuma: That hurt-

?: Did you know?
screen: Mukai Yuuma: Just fell off my bike lol
Mukai Yuuma: On the highway out of here!
Mukai Yuuma: Walking in the shopping district!
?: With the tchat app, you can follow live reports of the player's whereabouts.


Kiryu: Thanks to that, catching you is a piece of cake!
Welcome, Mukai Yuuma-kun!

Kiryu: I'm the leader of this game, Kiryu.
The man who will put your end on photo!

text: so many...!

text: I see, if everyone sees him like as bad guy since the last game
they can go after him without feeling any guilt...


Kiryu: Okay, let's go!
Playtime resumes!

Kiryu: Listen up, his mark is mine to take!
First get him down on the ground!

Haru: I-it seems I have no part in this so
I'll just leave now...

sfx: pat


?: We'll just take Mukai's companion as well!
Haru: Whaaa!

?: Heeyy, welcome to the live recording of the famous Mukai Yuuma.
?: Woah, there's a lot of comments, we'll be famous too!£?:
?: Ahh, and he used to be so loved.

?: Hey, how are you feeling now? Hm? Come on tell us.


Haru: This...

Haru: This is how strong...
and grown man is... scary...
He's... gonna kill me...

Haru: Uh-
guy: Hehe, come now, be good, don't cover it.

Haru: M-mr. Mukai!

text: He's...laughing?!
guy: Oraa! Die!


guy: He- took that hit?

Yuuma: Hmm

Yuuma:I took a beating to see what you guys are made of but- you're awful...
Gimme that.
guy: Eh?

Yuuma: Like this!

sfx: smack!

sfx roll roll - clunk

guys: Uh-
Did he

?: Oi!? You gotta be kidding me- he's bleeding a lot...
C-call an ambulance!
Yuuma: Pf!

yuuma: An ambulance?


Yuuma: Whahahaha

text: Are you guys dumb?! You came here to kill, right?!
Then you'd better be prepared to be killed too!!


?: K-kill?

?: Uwaah!
What's wrong with him all of a sudden?!

?: Huu-


Kiryu: What are you waiting for? He's alone!
Go get him together, that's easy-

?: What?

?: Eh?

?: Hah?!


?: Wha-
What's going on?!

guy: Gaaah!
guy: Hiii!!

sfx: Hii


?: It's him!
I- I know him!

?: Kurashina Mizuki!
He killed a great deal of people in ReAca!

Mizuki: Yuuma-kun...
can I join too?


?: Huff
guy: omg it hurts!
I'm gonna die!

Kiryu: Uh-

text: I'm-


text: I'm gonna get killed!



Kiryu: U-Uwaah!!
?: Er, we- we just came cause Kiryu told us...
We don't care about fame or money, so please...
Kiryu: W-what?! Guys!!

Kiryu: Fuck that, don't get scared!
We still outnumber them, if we go all at once-!!

guy: Okay, then you go on the front line...
guy2: Y-yeah, you go!
Kiryu: Guh!

text: I see...


text: Don't be scared...
Right... I'm not scared!

guy: Hehe... I've still got her...
text: After all these guys

text: don't have what we needed to survive
in that place where we stayed until yesterday...

text: the resolve to risk your life!

Kiryu: Damn...
Damn you!!




Mizuki: That time...

Mizuki: when the truth hit me that I would never see mom again...
I was ready to die right there and then.

Mizuki: But then then you made me experience
utter defeat.

Mizuki: The pain I felt here is my new reason to live,
so I'll stick with you, even if you don't want it.

Yuuma: Hum-


Yuuma: Get lost.
Mizuki: Mmmh

text: I'm alive...
I can't believe I did it...

text: I guess I too
posess that resolve then...

text: And thanks to those two I found out...
They're fearsome but strong Real Account players.

text: Yuuma x Mizuki = invincible!
On the next page a special chapter begins!

- end -

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