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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 161

Katekyo Hitman REBORN! 161

+ posted by kirimi as translation on Sep 15, 2007 14:59 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

-> RTS Page for Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 161

(WJ 2007 #42)

Target 161 7^3


[Admist the pure flowers come the scent of a plot...]

??: I find that hard to believe right now.

Black Spell Captain: But, according to the report from the Aphelandra Squad, there is a high credibility…

Byakuran: In the first place, I wouldn't call a meeting of all 17 squad captains if it were a joke, right?

Hologram Captain: But…
It's just…

Moustache Captain: This sounds completely outrageous…
The Vongola Family of the past…


Came over to this era by time travel…

Katekyo-Hitman REBORN!
Amano Akira

Target 161 7^3

[His plans are revealed in this discussion...!? The shrewd executives have gathered in this round-table conference!!]

Byakuran: Well, it's possible because of Shou-chan's hard work.
He'd spent an enormous amount of time researching the 10-year bazooka.

Black Spell Captain: 10-year bazooka!?

Bald Captain: You mean the 10-year bazooka that's handed down
in the reclusive Bovino Family!?

Fat Hologram Captain: Impossible!!
That's absolutely a fictional weapon-- the talk of legends!!


Byakuran: If that's the case, do you think that the Vongola Dying Will bullets are also a legend?
Or these Boxes. Until recently, weren't they also nothing but fantasy and fairy tales?

Captains: !

Frowning Captain: But, if we accept that as the truth for now,
there is another point I find difficult to comprehend.

Frowning Captain: Why then, Boss, was a problem of such importance
shared only with one of the squads, specifically one of the White Spell squads, I wonder?

Byakuran: Isn't that obvious looking at the current situation?

Byakuran: If I'd talked about something like time travel,
would you all have believed me?

Frowning Captain: ……


Byakuran: I simply thought that I would tell everyone only when I was able prove it was an established fact.
I really did, Uni.

Hologram Captain: There's still much we don't understand. Why is such technology in the hands of the Vongola…?
And, they just happen to be the ones we're hunting down…

Frowning Captain: Is killing them once not good enough for you?

Bad Hair Captain: You people just don't get it, do you?

Frowning Captain: What!?

Bad Hair Captain: The targets of our plan are not the young Vongola Family ducklings.
Rather, it's the green onions that they're carrying.
Black Spell Captain: Green onions…!?


Bad Hair Captain: The Rings. The Rings.
The Vongola Rings.

Captains: !!

Hologram Captain: Vo-

Hologram Captain: Vongola Rings!?

Byakuran: Sharp as always,

Other Captains: The Rings are certainly first-class goods…
No, that's not right!! If you mean the Vongola Rings!!
Co-could it be, the Boss is after…

Byakuran: Looks like you understand now.
SFX: *tap*

Byakuran: …Yes.
The key to ultimate power.


Byakuran: The 7^3 (tre-ni-sette).


Reborn: OK, that's good.
As expected, you learn things fast, Yamamoto.
Yamamoto: Fuuu—

Reborn: In that case.


Reborn: How about this?

Yamamoto: !

Yamamoto: Aah…

Yamamoto: Hey…!
It's turned back into a bamboo stick…

Reborn: Your Shigure Souen Style with ignited flames is far from satisfactory.
If those weren't paint bullets, you'd have died instantly.
Yamamoto: Hahaha… for sure.


Reborn: Listen, Yamamoto.
Do you like baseball?

Yamamoto: Eh?
Yeah, of course. I love baseball.

Reborn: Then, do you like the mafia?
Yamamoto: Huh?
You mean, the mafia role-playing game?

Reborn: (He still thinks this is a mafia role-playing game.)

Reborn: Well, yes, that.
The Vongola thing which Tsuna and Gokudera are in.

Yamamoto: Ahaha! Well, that's really fun!
I hope it'll be possible to have Hibari or Mukuro on the same team again.

Reborn: Don't forget that smile.
Yamamoto: Hm?


Reborn: After our training is over, I want you to be able to smile like that again.
Like I said before.

Reborn: I'll tell you my secret.

Yamamoto: Interesting!!
All right! I definitely will!!

Byakuran: (Uni must be angry, after all--)


Leo: Excuse me.
SFX: *knock knock*
Byakuran: Oh, it's Leo-kun. Where have you been?
I'd hoped you would be at the captains meeting.

Leo: Wha-!
No… I'm just a low-ranking member.

Leo: We just received an emergency transmission from the 11th Viola Squad.
They reported that four of their B Rank and above members were assassinated by unknown parties.
They were killed under impossible circumstances, so an immediate investigation has been launched.

[*Note: Viola is Italian for the violet flower.]

Byakuran: So, the time has come for the moles to show themselves.

Leo: Moles?
Byakuran: Have you heard of them?

Byakuran: The Vongola's Special Assassin Squad, Varia.

Leo: That Varia!?
Byakuran: Yes. There's no mistake.


Byakuran: Well, it's a relief, isn't it?
Leo: Huh?

Byakuran: I was so very troubled about this.
Which squad, the 8th Squad or the 11th Squad, should I send to Japan as reinforcements to collect the Vongola Rings?

Byakuran: Which would you send, Leo-kun?
Leo: Gii!

Leo: Y-you're asking me…?
Even for the 11th Squad, having engaged the Varia would mean they can't be dispatched immediately…

Byakuran(?): Which means…

Byakuran: Can you send a message to the 8th Glicine Squad to head for Japan?

[*Note: Glicine is the Italian name for wisteria flowers.]

Leo: Yes, sir!
Then, I'll let Mr Irie Shouichi in Japan know as well.

Byakuran: No, it's better not to tell Shou-chan anything for now.
Because, the captain of the 8th Squad is the type Shou-chan really hates.


So unrefined, yet so powerful.
The type of guys like
Glo Xinia.

Tsuna: ……
Tsuna: During that trial…
It really happened…

Tsuna: The past Vongola generations…

Tsuna: The First Vongola…


Tsuna: But, now that I think about it,
those people are all dead already, aren't they…

Tsuna: Ah!
(Dead already…)

Tsuna: Could it be…
The 9th Boss too…

Yamamoto: Tsuna!! Duck!!
Tsuna: Eh?

Tsuna: Mogf!!


Yamamoto: Sorry!!
I can't control it yet!!
Tsuna: owowowowowow

Tsuna: Ya-Yamamoto!!
Yamamoto: I'm really sorry!! I'll make it up to you later!!

Tsuna: …Wait,
what are you doing in the corridor…?

Reborn: Just some light running.
Tsuna: Bugyaaah!

Reborn: While the Box swallow is flying,
he has to carry 5kg weights and run 42km.

[*Label on Reborn's jacket: Lady Manager]

Tsuna: What!?
Did you say, 42km!?
That's a marathon…

Tsuna: And, what is with that outfit!!?
Reborn: It's a new special suit Giannini made for me.
Later, the oxygen in this corridor will get thinner, so it's going to get more suffocating.


Tsuna: ?

[Words on paper]
Lady Manager Style
Light~ warm-up exercises ♥

* Light running ♥ 42 km
* Light push-ups ♥ 100 x 100 times
* Light sit-ups ♥ 100 x 100 times
* Light ??

Tsuna: What--!! You call this warming up--!?
How is it light at all!!?
Their training is like those hyper spartan training for athletics!?

Lal: We can't lose to them.

Lal: Apart from your training sessions with Hibari, you and I are going to work on strengthening your Ver. V.R.
Tsuna: Eh… you and I…?

Lal: Don't "eh" me!! Show me your Dying Will too!
You need to master the strategy for the new killer technique of your Ver. V.R!!
Tsuna: Wait, but, why--!? Why is Lal-san burning in flames--!?
And I thought you gave up coaching me already~~!!

[The spartan training comes around...]


* Saturday WJ Day are LOVE~
* Past translations archived [b][color="Blue"]here[/color][/b]
* Don't ask me about scanlations until you've read this.
* Please give Reborn a sub-forum~ ~shower mods with love~



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#1. by Ueda (Scanlator)
Posted on Sep 15, 2007
thaaaaaanks for it too ;)
#2. by Kibou13 (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 15, 2007
thank you for the translation
#3. by Acalia (Intl Translator)
Posted on Sep 15, 2007
woot! Yamato is hawt with his sword!! <3

Thanks for translation - great job!

We want sub-forum for Reborn!
#4. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz (Intl Translator)
Posted on Sep 15, 2007
Yaay!! Thx u very much for the trans kirimi! ^^
#5. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Sep 15, 2007
thanks a lot ciaossu
#6. by imintheradio (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 16, 2007
thanks yah..
#7. by Slashout (MH Senpai)
Posted on Sep 19, 2007
Thanks a lot Kimiri ! :)
haha, that part :
Lady Manager Style
Light~ warm-up exercises ♥

* Light running ♥ 42 km
* Light push-ups ♥ 100 x 100 times
* Light sit-ups ♥ 100 x 100 times

Really cracked me up :).
#8. by DrunkDragon (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
Quote by Slashout;537111:
Thanks a lot Kimiri ! :)
haha, that part :

Really cracked me up :).

Thanks for the trans Kirimi. ROFL yea that part cracked me up good XD
#9. by Esc. (Scanlator)
Posted on Sep 24, 2007
Love ya,

hope for 162 real soon. :amuse

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