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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 167

Katekyo Hitman REBORN! 167

+ posted by kirimi as translation on Oct 28, 2007 08:35 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

-> RTS Page for Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 167


(WJ 2007 #48)

Target 167 The Entrusted Decision


Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Amano Akira

Target 167 The Entrusted Decision

[The technique he needs to survive the future…
He must train for it at this time now!!
If this is the destiny of the boss…]


[The plan for resistance has been declared…! 5 more days!!]

Ryouhei: That's right. This is the strategy that the heads of the Vongola and alliance families have decided on.
We should also work in concert with them, and do our part in the strategy.
そうだ それがボンゴレと同盟の首脳が立てた作戦だ
我々も足並を揃えて 作戦に参加する 必要がある

Tsuna: 5 days is too soon…

Ryouhei: But, if we miss this chance,
there's no telling if we'll be ready to make an effective strike against the Millefiore again.
だがこの機を逃すと 次にいつミルフィオーレに対し有効な手立てを打てるかわからんのだ

Lal: The enemy could find our hideout anytime, too.
The faster we do this, the better.
オレ達のアジトだって 敵にいつ見つかるか わからんのだ

Tsuna: But… somehow… this is like a war between the mafia. For us to take part in something like this…
Isn't it contradicting our original objective…?


Lal: Our objective was to take down Irie Shouichi, right?
It concurs completely!
目的は入江正一を倒すことだろ? 合致している!

Tsuna: !

Reborn: Now that Ryouhei has brought Chrome here,
you've also cleared the first condition I had set for you.
Tsuna: Condition?
了平がクロームを連れてきたことで オレが出した最初の条件もクリアしたしな

Hayato: To gather the Guardians, Boss!
Tsuna: Ah!
Now that you mention it!!

I didn't even notice…
We've assembled all of them--!!!
なにげに 全員そろってる--!!


Yamamoto: It'll be great. We just have to go about it like we always do.
よほど みんなの日頃の 行いがいいんだな
Hayato: Are you stupid!?
Enough with your carefree talk already!

Hayato: This is our destiny as the Vongola Guardians.
It's what brought the 7 of us together.
ボンゴレの守護者としての宿命が オレ達7人を引き合わせたんスよ
Tsuna: (Doesn't he feel embarrassed saying something like that--!?)

Ryouhei: Well, there are still a few things we need to discuss but let's leave that till later.
Listen, Sawada.

Ryouhei: This strategy will determine the survival of the Vongola. It's a very important battle.

Ryouhei: But, whether to carry out the plan and how, will be your decision.

Tsuna: Wha!?


Ryouhei: The Vongola's upper echelon are currently in total chaos. It's not that they want to rely on you guys from the past either.
The Varia have also taken their stance as the 9th Boss's squad.
There's no way they'd call off the entire strategy on your decision alone, right?

Ryouhei: But, as long as the chief of this hideout is the Vongola 10th Boss, he will make the decision. That's what I said to them to the extreme!!

Tsuna: (Big…brother…)

Reborn: You've grown up, Ryouhei.

Ryouhei: Your deadline is the end of today.

Ryouhei: If you want to call it off, I'll convey the message to the heads.
We're all counting on you, Sawada.
Tsuna: Wha…

Ryouhei: About my Master, later, I'll…

Lal: !

Ryouhei: Now, I need food and sleep to the extreme!!!
Tsuna: How can you…! I'm in trouble here! Wait a minute, please!!


Tsuna: What do I do, Reborn!!
This is much bigger than me--!!

Reborn: You're the boss. Stop that shameful whining.
First, think about how you are going to secure your fighting potential to my satisfaction in the next 5 days.

Lal: In 5 days, we have to get Chrome recovered and wrap up the training for the rest of you.

Tsuna: Right…that's true…
There is going to be… a fight…

Yamamoto: What, when it comes to training, I'm sure we'll be fine!
Right, Gokudera!

Hayato: R-right.
Leave everything to us, Boss!!


Kusakabe: In my opinion, I think it was Rokudou Mukuro who brought the news about Chrome to the Varia.
私見ですが クロームの情報は 六道骸からヴァリアーへ もたらされたものかと

Kusakabe: Sasagawa Ryouhei will come here after Sawada makes his decision.
Before that, do you want to meet with Chrome Dokuro?

Hibari: It's fine.
Mukuro is no longer there, right?

Kusakabe: Yes, most likely…
Another thing, Kyou-san.
We've identified the man Chrome met in Italy.

Kusakabe: His name is Guido Greco, age 17, Italian.
He's a vicious criminal who murdered 15 people. It seems that he escaped from prison a year ago.
15人を殺した凶悪犯で 一年前に 脱獄したらしいです

Hibari: Heh. Isn't that just like him.
Kusakabe: Yes…the former Mukuro also did the same.
ふうん それってまるで
へい… かつての骸そのものです


Irie: You still can't get in touch with Byakuran-san?

Cervello: Yes. He's been out for lunch since a while ago.
Irie: …Lunch?
Why is that guy like that… Ahh, what's all this…

Irie: Relay the orders for a round-the-clock surveillance on Glo.
Cervello: Yes, sir.
Irie: I'm going to take a short break.

Cervello: ……If you're going to rest…
Irie: I feel more calm in here.

Cervello: Irie-sama, your coat…
Irie: Doesn't leave my side, right?

Cervello: Excuse us, then.

Irie: ……


Irie: Haaaaa…..

Byakuran: You've heard, Shou-chan?

Irie: !!

Byakuran: I was wondering how you'd look like once you found out…
Irie: What's this…
I recorded the video by mistake…

Irie: Byakuran-san is always so cheerful…

Irie: !!

Irie: What!?
What is this…!!?


[no text]


Tsuna: *wheeze* *gasp*
Fuuu~~~ My body is all twisted…

Lal: You've managed to shorten your time considerably in the slalom.
But, your normal gloves are still faster.
That means you're still making a lot of useless movements!

Lal: At this rate, this afternoon's training
will end with Hibari playing you again!!

Tsuna: (I'll get beaten.)
(I'll get beaten up again!!)

Lal: ……

Lal: Go check on the other guys.
See if they're ready for battle in 5 days…

Tsuna: O-okay…
(…What's wrong?)


Tsuna: Woo. It's totally in Japanese style…
What was… my future self thinking?

Tsuna: It's here, I guess.

Tsuna: Nakyaaa kyaa kyaa kyaa


Tsuna: (What was that!)

Tsuna: Eeee!

Yamamoto: Ugh!

Tsuna: Aah!

Yamamoto: Tsuna!


Tsuna: Owowowowow---

Yamamoto: You OK, Tsuna!?
Tsuna: I'm… OK…

Reborn: Serves you right for barging in while we're in the middle of training.

Tsuna: No… See,
I wondered how your training was going… you know!

Yamamoto: Aah…

Reborn: I see.

Reborn: In any case, just looking at the number of times you were hit by the paint bullets will tell us if you're going to die in a real battle.
The fluorescent paint in the bullets will glow in the dark.


Tsuna: Geeeeeeh---!?

Tsuna: Ahh… Bianchi…
How's… Gokudera's training?
Bianchi: He skipped it.

Tsuna: ……eh?

Bianchi: He's ran away from training, is what I'm saying!!
Tsuna: Wha--!!?


In our current condition, 5 more days, how will we…
This is not good…

Cervello: Did you summon us, Irie-sama?
Irie: Look at this!

Cervello: This is…

Byakuran: You've heard, Shou-chan?
Cervello: This is the video from earlier with Byakuran-sama…

Irie: Who is that man!?


Cervello: I believe the only ones with permission to enter this room under normal circumstances are the Service and Communications personnel.
If I remember right, Luigi from Communications died recently. I heard that a F Rank officer named Leonardo Lippi was assigned to replace him.

Irie: Yes, I know that name…
Because I was the one who recommended Leonardo Lippi…

Irie: But, Leonardo is…
a short, 60-year-old man!!!

Irie: (Who the hell is this person!!?)

[irie Shouichi is shaken… by the presence of an "imposter"!!]


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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Oct 28, 2007
thanks!!!! can i request to use this trans??
#2. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Oct 28, 2007
#3. by Obxist ()
Posted on Oct 28, 2007
so where is the scanlation ?? LOL gogogogo Ueda !!!
#4. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Oct 28, 2007
Cool! Thank u very much kirimi for the scan! ^^
#5. by Ueda ()
Posted on Oct 28, 2007
Quote by Obxist;590576:
so where is the scanlation ?? LOL gogogogo Ueda !!!

It's already done! I'm just waiting for Kirimi's QC and her ok. =)
#6. by Phat ()
Posted on Oct 28, 2007
yess :D thanks
#7. by Az3r ()
Posted on Oct 28, 2007
Thanks for the translation, Kirimi. Ueda, is this your turn for the scanlation? Can't wait for it.
#8. by Ueda ()
Posted on Oct 28, 2007
Quote by Az3r;590601:
Thanks for the translation, Kirimi. Ueda, is this your turn for the scanlation? Can't wait for it.

It's not my turn... Obxist dropped Reborn!... at least for a while... maybe in the future he will be back working with us again... =) So, for Kirimi's translations, I'm the only scanlator, for now... =)
#9. by kirimi ()
Posted on Oct 28, 2007
Quote by hatsuharupeace;590569:
thanks!!!! can i request to use this trans??

If you mean to use it for scanlations, sorry, my translations are exclusive for one scanlator only. It doesn't make sense to me to have multiple scanlations from the same text. ^^; Please enjoy Ueda's scanlations. ^_^

Quote by Ueda;590603:
It's not my turn... Obxist dropped Reborn!... at least for a while... maybe in the future he will be back working with us again... =) So, for Kirimi's translations, I'm the only scanlator, for now... =)

Yup~! He does a wonderful job. :XD Obxist is welcome back anytime. :P
#10. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Oct 28, 2007
oh right, thanks anyway kirimi!!!
#11. by niphredil ()
Posted on Oct 28, 2007
Kirimi, thanks very much for the translation, great as always :D
#12. by Az3r ()
Posted on Oct 29, 2007
BTW, Ueda, I've downloaded the scanlation off of your site. Thanks for that. Kirimi, I'm using your trans for my scanlation. Don't worry, it's not for public view, I'm just practicing at home. You wouldn't mind, rite? :)

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