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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 178

Katekyo Hitman REBORN! 178

+ posted by kirimi as translation on Jan 27, 2008 01:56 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

-> RTS Page for Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 178

(WJ 2008 #09)

Target 178 Fate


[side text: Tsuna and his friends are proceeding deeper and deeper…!!]

Ryouhei: This is Basement 8.

Ryouhei: We're going to disable the surveillance system server that's on this floor, right?

Lal: That's right.
If we can take down their server…

Lal: Their internal sensors will be crippled, and they won't be able to find us so easily.
Once that's knocked out, we'll proceed to destroy the main installation and ambush Irie Shouichi.

Ryouhei: Before we go any further, Sawada, let's take care of the wound on your elbow first.
Tsuna: Eh…
Ahh… you found out?


Hayato: Oi, hold it right there, Lawn head!!
What does an extreme geek like you know about healing injuries?
Ryouhei: Don't worry. I have this Box.

Ryouhei: I'm just going to burn the wound and stop the bleeding!!
Tsuna: Eeeeeek! Splatter!

Tsuna: D-did you say b-burn…!! It's OK!! It's not that big a deal!!
Really! It's just a little scratch!!

Lal: Don't be difficult now.
Tsuna: Eee?
Ryouhei: All right, here we go.

Tsuna: Gyaaa…
Hayato: Boss!!

Tsuna: ……Eh…?
It didn't… hurt.

Ryouhei: Hahaha. Even though it's a flame, this is a Dying Will Flame of the Sun attribute.
And, the characteristics of a Sun attribute Box is activity.


Ryouhei: This flame activates the natural healing ability of the cells in your tissue.
So, you'll be able to heal at a rate hundreds of times faster than normal.

Tsuna: It itches… It's really itchy for some reason!!
Ryouhei: All right, it's done.
Tsuna: Eh?

Tsuna: It-it's really healed!
Ryouhei: You see!! Extreme powers of the Sun!!

Hayato: Heh. Don't get so excited over such a weak flame. Your lawn head is in dire need of maintenance.
Ryouhei: What did you say! Your octopus head has too many legs!
Yamamoto: Now, now…

Yamamoto: Tsuna's wound has been healed. We may even be able to get out of this unscathed! We're in top condition, right!!
Tsuna, your new technique was pretty amazing too.

Hayato: That was really incredible!!

Ryouhei: Yup, a very extreme technique.


Lal: Sawada didn't even use half of the power of that technique.
Hayato: !!
Ryouhei: Really!?

Lal: Isn't that right, Sawada?
Tsuna: Ehh…

Tsuna: Nah… I mean…
It was about… 20% or so?

Ryouhei: What!?
Hayato: That was only 20%!?

Hayato: Just what kind of a super technique is that!?
Yamamoto: That's really encouraging, Tsuna!
Tsuna: But, it's still quite unstable so I can't fire it off at full power… Besides, the enemy wasn't at his full strength either…

Ryouhei: Indeed, Dendro's flame was not even close to a pure electricity flame, so needless to say, he couldn't draw out the full power of the Boar Box.
What's important is not the size of the flame, but its purity.


Yamamoto: Speaking of that, the other guy's electricity flame was a lot sharper.

Hayato: …Yeah… He's something else…

Hayato: That Electric Gamma…

[overlay text: The barely restrained anger has honed the glint in his eyes to an intense point…!!]

Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Amano Akira

Target 178 Fate


- Cap-captain…
- No matter how strong your capacity for alcohol is, you shouldn't be drinking that much…

Gamma: Hmm?
Since when did I start having to follow the orders of my subordinates?

- But, you've just barely recovered from your serious injuries.
Gamma: Oh?

- Eeeee!


- Gyaaaa!!

Gamma: Zip it.
Nosaru: !

Nosaru: Wha-what are you doing!!
It's not like you to strike out at your own men!!

Nosaru: You can't get yourself down just because of one defeat!!
This is not like the Gamma-bro I know!!

Gamma: You've gotten quite bold, haven't you, kid?
I see. Are you hoping for some punishment so badly?

Gamma: Clench your teeth hard.

Nosaru: B…ro…?


Gamma: !

Nosaru: Tazaru-bro!
Tazaru: Guh…

Tazaru: Looks like your wounds have healed nicely, eh… Gamma-bro.

Gamma: What are you two trying to pull here?

Tazaru: We're all so pathetic like this.
Really pathetic…


Tazaru: Nosaru and I were trounced by the Vongola brats from the past.
SFX: Cough
Tazaru: And you, Bro, got skewered by Hibari Kyouya.

Tazaru: Now, the White Spell have stole the march on us, while we're been disgraced into confinement.
How pitiful is that.

Gamma: Tazaru, you bastard…
Tazaru: Right now, Irie Shouichi is running the base however he pleases…
While all you can do is drink, play billiard, and bully your little brothers.
Nosaru: That's enough! Stop it, Tazaru-bro!!

Tazaru: And to top it all off, you're so scared of that Phantom Knight that you can't even lift a finger of resistance!!
Nosaru: Tazaru-bro!!

Gamma: You're wrong.
I'm not scared of him.


Tazaru: Then, it's because of those orders from Lord Uni!?
How's that different from being scared!!!

Gamma: I dare you to say that one more time.
I will sever our brotherly ties and kill you.

Nosaru: Please stop doing this~!!
Gamma-bro!! Tazaru-bro!!

Phantom: A sibling fight?


Nosaru: Ah!!
It's him…!!

Tazaru: The Phantom Knight!!

Phantom: Have your injuries healed completely?

Gamma: What do you want?

Phantom: To talk.


Lal: The number of personnel in the base is much less than what we estimated.
Looks like Hibari's decoy worked considerably well.

Tsuna: I hope he's all right…

Ryouhei: No need to worry!! I've never seen that guy die from a battle before!
To the extreme!
Yamamoto: Hahaha…

Hayato: What kind of reasoning is that!!
Tsuna: Gehh…

Lal: You people, don't think about playing all the time!! Confirm our location on the map!!
Ryouhei: S-sorry.
Tsuna: Sorry…


Ryouhei: There're quite a lot of these black rooms spread out on this floor.
Yamamoto: There's probably one right behind this wall too.

Hayato: There's mold on the vents…?

Yamamoto: Are they cultivating some dangerous plants here or something?
Ryouhei: It could be the trash dump.
Lal: Right now, our priority is to destroy the surveillance system server. Let's hurry.

Yamamoto: Looks like nobody's home.
Ryouhei: What's our next move?
Lal: I'll go in first. Wait for my signal, then follow.


Lal: All right. It's fine.
There doesn't seem to be anything…

Lal: !

Lal: (A heat signal!!)

Lal: !!
SFX: beep beep beep
Lal: (It's multiplying!!)

Ryouhei: What's wrong? What's going on in there!?
Tsuna: Lal!?

Lal: Kuh!
(This is…)

Lal: Over there!

Tsuna: Lal!?
Yamamoto: Is everything all right!?

Lal: ……It's just a graze.

??: You managed to see through the pattern of these randomly multiplying targets, and device a counter within a hair's breadth.
As expected from an Arcobaleno failure.


Hayato: !!
Tsuna: Is-is that magic!?

Lal: That outfit belongs to the Magician's Doll.
Are you Ginger Bread?


Ginger: I no longer go by that name.
I'm the vice-captain of the Millefiore's 8th Squad now.

Ginger: I have a duty to report to my superiors…
About all of you being here.

Ginger: Still, killing you all here wouldn't be a bad idea either.
Just like what I did to that Colonnello of yours. ♪

Lal: !!

[side text: Her revenge for Colonnello has appeared right in front of her…!! Her heart stirs!!]


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#1. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Jan 27, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#2. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Jan 27, 2008
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Posted on Jan 27, 2008
#4. by Slashout ()
Posted on Jan 27, 2008
Thanks a lot Kirimi ^^.
#5. by 526663 ()
Posted on Jan 27, 2008
Thank you! Can't wait for the next chapter now!
#6. by noonethere ()
Posted on Jan 27, 2008
#7. by AfterMath ()
Posted on Jan 27, 2008
#8. by black_crow ()
Posted on Jan 27, 2008
Thanks a lot kirimi!! :D
#9. by DarkGamble ()
Posted on Jan 28, 2008
Thanks for the translation. :)
#10. by Deerkiller ()
Posted on Jan 28, 2008
thanks! great chapter
#11. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Jan 28, 2008
thanks kirimi!!!

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