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Shiki 2

Shiki Chapter 2

+ posted by kirimi as translation on Feb 10, 2008 10:16 | Go to Shiki

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(JUMP SQ 2008 #3)

屍鬼 (Shi-ki)
Yuuki Natsuno Volume - Chapter 2

(This translation is reserved.)

1) Anything in [square brackets] are text written directly on the panel or gutter, but not part of the narrative. Remarks in (round brackets) are used to indicate various written / drawn text and other notations.

2) All the dates are accompanied by a "rokuyo" which notes the lucky and unlucky days in the Japanese calendar. There's no one-word translation for most of these so I decided to leave them in Japanese with a note to explain what it means. You can read up about them here.

3) Starting from pg 20, I transcribed the Japanese text, but I can't be bothered to go back and do the first 19 pages.


[24 August 199X (Tuesday) Shakku]
[* T/N: bad luck all day, except at noon.]


Overlay text: Rain falls on Sotoba Village. And something else—


(sign) Police Box

SFX: Ring ring ring

Takami: Yes, this is Sotoba police box.
Aah, Mr. Tokujirou?
[Policeman Takami (No.18)]

Tokujirou: It's a local downpour. Yeah, that's right.
Look, I was a fire brigade chief before, so I know what I'm talking about.
In this kind of rain, we'll have to keep an eye on Omi River swelling.
[Yasumori Tokujirou (No.28)]

Tokujirou: I think we should also summon the fire brigade.
Takami: --That's true. All right.
Then, I'll open up the station next door.


Takami: Come to think of it, they've just finished construction over there. I hope there won't be a landslide or something…
But, I haven't asked for their number so I can't even give them a call…

Takami: They're city-dwellers so I can't just leave them alone.
At the same time, I can get a headcount and have them added to the town directory.


Original work / Ono Fuyumi
Manga / Fujisaki Ryuu
Adapted from "Shiki" published by Shinchou Bunko Kan

Overlay text: Death is such a terrible thing to everybody concerned.
-Don't you know that?-…

(title) Shiki
Yuuki Natsuno Volume – Chapter 2

[* T/N: The words used for "second" in the chapter number mean "rot" and "degenerate".]


Ishida: Good evening.

Ozaki: Sorry about the trouble, Ishida. Thanks for coming.
Ishida: Ah, no…

Ishida: So… about that…
Why did 10 villagers die within such a short period of time?
What is really going on in this village…?


Ozaki: I've considered all sorts of things, but…
For now, assuming a worst case scenario, I suspect an epidemic.

Ishida: --Epidemic?

Muroi: We don't know which of the three people at Yamairi was the first… But, there's no doubt that's the primary case.
It spread out to the rest of the villagers from there, didn't it?

Ishida: But…
What sort of illness is it?

Ozaki: We haven't confirmed that yet.
However, the symptoms roughly match up.


That was how it all began so benignly…

Ozaki: Megumi-chan started with a case of anemia.
The others either had a summer flu, or were suffering from the summer heat and getting lethargic, it seems.
They all started with such trivial symptoms…
Within days, their conditions took a sudden turn for the worse!!!


Ozaki: --Actually, Ms. Nao of Yasumori Contractors came to see me for a consultation today.

Muroi: Ms. Nao!?

Ozaki: I had a feeling it was very similar to Megumi-chan's condition so I gave her a complete check-up.
I took her height, weight, pulse, blood pressure, and temperature.
Roentgen. [* T/N: radiation count]
Urine and blood analysis.
Bone marrow puncture.

Ozaki: I think it may be a case of anemia.
For now, I can only prescribe some vitamins for you. Come and see me again in three days.

Ozaki: But!!
After today, if you start feeling more lethargic, or your condition worsens, come and see me tomorrow.
Got it!?


Muroi: Ms. Nao, too…
--That means, the Yasumori family may have been infected from Mr. Giichi?

Ozaki: Most likely.


Ishida: This is terrible…

Ishida: This is not a small matter…!!!!

Ozaki: In any case, we have far too little information at the moment!
We need to gather more!
Whether it really is an epidemic or something else, until we know for sure, we can't afford to spread panic!!

Muroi: I'll talk to the bereaved families and ask about this indirectly.
If we're lucky, we may be able to work out the infection route.

Ishida: T-then, I'll make some leaflets!!
If anyone is suffering from a summer flu or is feeling unusually lethargic from the heat, they should report to the hospital immediately!!
I'll also let you know if there were any other death certificates sent to the town hall, other than those signed by you!!


Ozaki: I'll hurry on the specific cause of death!
I will find whatever it is that's responsible for killing the people of this village!!

Ozaki: I won't let this thing trample on my village any further!!


25th August (Thursday) Senshou
[* T/N: good luck in the morning, bad luck in the afternoon]


Tooru: Oooi! Natsuno~!!!

Tooru: Where are you going, all dressed up in your uniform? We're still in the middle of summer break, you know~!!!
[Villager File No.39
Mutou Tooru (18)
Eldest son of Mutou, who works at Ozaki Hospital
Natsuno's best friend]

Natsuno: I need to go to school today.
Wait, Tooru-chan, have you got your driving license yet?

Tooru: It's still provisional.
Ritsu-chan is here to give me driving lessons.


Natsuno: Ah. Hello.

Tooru: Why are you walking on such a hot day?
C'mon, get in, get in!

Natsuno: The buses come only once every hour, so I thought I could walk to the next bus stop.
But, the bus passed by before I got there.
Tooru: Nahahahaha. That's happened to me before too.

Ritsuko: But, it's a 3-hour walk from the village to the high school in Mizobe, isn't it?
Natsuno: Yup.


Natsuno: Trains don't even run here. That sucks big time.
I didn't get enough sleep last night, so I'm really exhausted.

Tooru: Not enough sleep?
Ritsuko: Hey, you, look in front!

Natsuno: It's nothing.
I just couldn't stop thinking about graduating as fast as possible and getting out of this village.

Tooru: After all the trouble your parents went through to move here and get back to nature? They'd be crying if they heard you!
Ritsuko: Hey! Steering wheel!!!


Tooru: Oh!

Tooru: Ooii! Tamotsu~! Masao~!
Tamotsu: Brother!!

Tamotsu: Jackpot! Oi, Masao, let's hitch a ride too!
[Villager File No.40
Mutou Tamotsu (17)
Tooru's younger brother]
[Villager File No. 41
Murasako Masao (17)]

Masao: I'll pass.


Tamotsu: Ehh? Why~?
It'd be much cooler in the car, right?

Masao: I said I'll pass!!
If you want to hitch a ride, get in yourself! That's fine with me!!!

Tamotsu: Wait for me, Masao~!!


Ritsuko: What…
What's with him?

Tooru: Masao really hates Natsuno.
Although Natsuno doesn't care either way, right?

Natsuno: ……
Tooru: Ouch…
What are you doing, Natsuno!!!

Natsuno: I already told you!

Natsuno: Don't call me by my first name!!


手のひらにのりそうな程 小さなこの外場村
どこにでもある 普通の村
This little Sotoba Village is so small it seems to fit in the palms of my hands.
It's just an ordinary, normal village.


死が蔓延したら この村は…
Muroi: If death continues to come here...
This village will be done for.

??: --Mister Muroi?

Muroi: --!?


(no text)


Sunako: You are Mr. Muroi Seishin, right?


Muroi: ……
Yes, that's me.

あなたの 小説が わりと好きだわ
Sunako: I like your novels quite a bit.

君が 読むのかい?
Muroi: ---
You've read them?

そうよ ー変?
いや ありがとう
たぶん君は最年少の読者だと 思うよ
Sunako: That's right. –Is that strange?
Muroi: No, thank you.
I think you're probably the youngest reader I have though.


長編が六つと短編集が二つ それで全部なら全部読んでる
Sunako: I love books, so I'll do anything to get my hands on them. I've read lots.
My father has your books on his bookshelves too, so I borrowed them.
There are six long novels and two collections of short stories. If that's all there is, I've read all of them.

すごいな それで全部だよ
Muroi: Amazing. Yes, that's all of it.
This is the first time I've met someone who's read all of them.

去年 この村のことを書いたでしょ?
Sunako: I've also read your essays when I occasionally spot them in magazines.
Last year, you wrote about this village, right?

村は死によって 包囲されている
Sunako: "The village is surrounded by death."

[* T/N: Sorry, I'm not translating Muroi's essay.]


Muroi: You know quite a bit about this village, then.

読めば 著者の住んでる村だって すぐ分かる
あとは 略歴とか お寺の名前を頼りに 地図を見ればいいのよ
Sunako: Once I read it, I figured out the village where the author lived easily.
And I was able to find the temple using your biography and a map.

祠のような村 …いい感じ
きっと お父さんも読んでそう思ったんだわ
Sunako: The village is like a small shrine… It feels wonderful.
I'm sure that my father thought the same when he read it.
It was after that essay was published that we decided to move here.

Sunako: I, too, became very interested in Mr. Muroi.

Muroi: You must be disappointed at how different I am from your imagination.

意外と普通だなって 思ったわ
Sunako: I suppose so.
You're a lot more ordinary that I thought.


だって 神さまから見離れた人のお話ばっかりだから
Sunako: I thought you'd have horns or a tail or something.
Because everything you've written sounded like a man who's been abandoned by God.
Muroi: No, no.

でも 納得したわ
Sunako: --But, I can accept that.

角はなかったけど 傷があったから
Sunako: Because even though you don't have horns, you do have a scar.


Muroi: ---
You are—

Sunako: I'm Sunako.

沙子ちゃん 君は…
Muroi: Sunako-chan, you…

Sunako: Don't address me with –chan!!!
I hate that!!!

ひとつ 教えてあげるわ 室井さん
Sunako: Let me tell you something, Mr. Muroi.


手首を切ったぐらいじゃ 人は死なないのよ
Sunako: A person won't die from a simple cut on the wrist.


It happened so many years ago.
I was still a university student.

よく憶えて いないんだけれども
ぼくは 友人とお酒を飲んで 帰った後理由もなく 手首を切った ことがある
I barely remember it any more, but…
I was out drinking with friends, and when I got home, for no reason, I cut my wrist.

Muroi: That's right.
It won't kill you.

多分 それと知っていてやったんだよ
Muroi: I probably knew that even as I did it.


(Words on envelope)
Tajima National Institute of Health
Blood Test Report
Sotoba Ozaki | Yasunori Nao

佐川のおじいちゃんの所 裏が雨で崖崩れですって
北山も崩れたんじゃないかなぁ あの日すごい音がしてたから
Ritsuko: The rain caused a landslide just behind where uncle Sagawa lives.
I wonder if Kitayama had one, too... There was such a racket that day.


奈緒さん 悪いですか?
Ritisuko: Doctor…
Is Ms Nao's condition really bad?

いやー 検査結果が変なんだ
もう一度 調べ直したいから すぐにでも 再検査に来るよう 電話してくれないか?
Ozaki: No—The test results are very strange.
I want them to run the tests again. Please call Ms Nao right away, and ask her to come in for another check-up.

Ritsuko: Yes, Doctor…

やはり 恵ちゃんと同じだ ー貧血
Ozaki: ……
Just as I thought. It's the same as Megumi-chan. --Anemia.

血液 -- 網赤血球の増加 有核赤血球アリ
骨髄 -- 赤芽球の過形成 形態異常はナシ
--むしろ 大量に赤血球が 消費されているために造血が促進されているのか
Results of the microscope analysis of blood and bone marrow.
Blood – Reticulocyte increase. Nucleated Red Blood Cells present.
Bone marrow – Hyperplasia of the erythroblast. No irregular shapes detected.
No abnormality in the structural level.
-- Instead, because of the large amount of red blood cells being consumed, hematosis is even accelerated. Isn't it?

だが出血はない 内出血もない
クームス試験陰性 血清ビリルビン LDH 共に正常… 溶血でもない
考えれば考えるほど 全ての可能性が否定される … 何かがおかしい
But, she's not bleeding, nor is there any internal bleeding.
The Coombs Test is negative. The bilirubin and LDH levels in the serum are both normal… There isn't any hemolysis either.
The more I think about it, the more it rules out all possibilities. …Something strange is going on.


翌 8月26日 金曜 友引
Next day, 26th August (Friday) Tomobiki
[* T/N: good luck all day, except at noon.]

[Yasumori Mikiyasu (No.30)]
Mikiyasu: Dr. Toshio…

Ozaki: Ms Nao!!!

どうして昨日来なかった! 連絡したろう!!
え… そんな話奈緒は何も…
Ozaki: Why didn't you come yesterday! I contacted you, didn't I!!
Mikiyasu: Eh… Nao didn't say anything about that…


奈緒さん 具合はどうだ?
Ozaki: Ms Nao, how do you feel?

脈はかなり 速いな
Ozaki: (Bug bites…
---Her pulse is quite fast.)

やすよさん 血液検査!!
頻脈があるから 念のために 心電図をとってくれ!!
あと 下山さんに言って USとCTの準備を!!!
Ozaki: Ms Yasuyo, blood test!!
Her pulse is too fast. Go and get the EKG, just in case.
After that, tell Dr. Shimoyama to get the ultrasound and CT scan ready!!!
Yasuyo: Ah, yes, sir!!

[Villager File No.42
Hashiguchi Yasuyo]


敏夫さん 奈緒はいったい…
まさか 何か悪い病気なんじゃあ…
Mikiyasu: Dr. Toshio, what's wrong with Nao…
Don't tell me she's contracted some terrible illness…

こいつ… 子供のころから 変わらないな
いや 今のところ 重大な 病気という 証拠はない
Ozaki: (This guy… He hasn't changed at all since he was a kid.)
Right now, we have no evidence of a serious illness.

Ozaki: What about you, Mikiyasu?

Mikiyasu: ---


お前でも 他の家族でもいい …あるいは工務店の若いのでも
ーいや もしいたとすれば 夏風邪なんかを移されたとも考えられる
Ozaki: You, and everyone else at home. …Possibly even the little ones in the contractor firm.
Is there anyone feeling unwell with similar conditions?
--No, even if there were, you may have thought they'd just caught the summer flu.

でも いないと思うけど…
Mikiyasu: Ahh…
But, I don't think there's anyone…

誰か 具合の悪そうな客があったとかは?
何か… こう変わった客とか
Ozaki: Have you received any guests who weren't feeling well?
Any… unusual guests or anything?
Mikiyasu: Guests…

そいえば 何日か前に兼正のご主人と奥さまに会ったかな
Mikiyasu: Now that you mention it, a few days ago, we met the owner of Kanemasa and his wife.
Ozaki: Kanemasa?

Mikiyasu: It was when we brought the kids up to the head family's sawmill to play.


村を散策でもしていたのかな 軽く腕を組んで…
村人とは雰囲気が 全く違ったのですぐ兼正って分かったよ
They were probably strolling about the village, arms linked together like that…
They had an aura totally different from our villagers, so I knew they were from Kanemasa right away.

Man: My name is Kirishiki.
I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance!!!


??: Oh, my.

あ… お盆なので 親せきが集まってて…
Wife: You seem to be very busy!
Junko: Ah…
All our relatives have gathered here for the Bon festival…

そうか! 千鶴 これが[帰省]だ!!
そうね正志郎! わたくし 初めて見ましたわ!!
Man: I see! Chizuru, this is what they call "homecoming"!!
Wife: So, I see, Seishirou! This is the first time I've seen it!!

問題解決ですわね すっきりしましたわ!!!
Man: Where we were living before, lots of people would disappear during this season. It was very mysterious!
Wife: Now the puzzle has been solved. It's all cleared up!!!

Mikiyasu: --They're quite an amazing couple.
Ozaki: Heeeh…


そして それから…
Then, after that…
Junko: Excuse me…

よかったら 寄って いきませんか?
ごらんのとおり 宴会の最中で酔っぱらいばかりなんですけど
Junko: If it's all right, would you like to drop in for a while?
As you can see, we're in the middle of a party, and everyone's already drunk, but…

せっかく 御親族でお集まりのところなんですもの
Wife: Oh, that wouldn't be right.
It's a rare time for your whole family to get together, after all.

日を改めて 伺わせていただきます
Wife: Another day, perhaps. We would love to visit again.

じゃあ うちにも いらして下さい!!!
Nao: Then, please visit our house too!!!

工務店って言えば わかりますから!!
確か お嬢さんもいるんですよね
Nao: Just mention the contractor firm, and everyone will know!!
You have a daughter too, right?
You must bring her along too!!!


Man: Thank you very much.

必ず 御挨拶に 伺わせていただきます
Man: We will definitely visit you.
In the very near future!!


Ozaki: ……

え… いや それだけなんすけど
Ozaki: Then?
Mikiyasu: Ehh… Ah, no, that's all.

ああ そうか
Mikiyasu: (Well.) Dr. Toshio, you must have heard too, right!!!
Ozaki: Yes, that's right.

いや まぁ 兼正は関係ないだろう
Ozaki: --No, well, it doesn't have anything to do with Kanemasa, then.

結局整理中でもあるってことだから貧血だろうとは思うがね… だが 貧血にも色々ある
Ozaki: When Ms Nao came to see me the day before yesterday, I ran various tests.
Finally, in the midst of sorting out the results, I thought it could be anemia… But, there are different types of anemia too.

それって かなりヤバイってこと?
Mikiyasu: Then…
Then, that's quite dangerous, isn't it?

Ozaki: ……


まぁ 病名がはっきりするまで 油断するなってことだ!
工務店の若奥さんはなにかと気苦労も多いだろうし ちょっと大事をとっておこう!
Ozaki: Well, until we know the name of the illness for sure, we can't be too careless!
But the young mistress of the contractor firm is probably under a lot of stress at the moment, and that can cause serious problems.

Mikiyasu: What…

だが血液の再検査とCTでもはっきりしないなら 国立病院に連れて行くんだな
なんなら 大学病院に紹介状を書く
はぁ… うん はい
すまん 幹康
Ozaki: But, we can't do a blood test again and a proper CT scan here, so we'll have to move her to a public hospital.
In that case, I'll write a referral to the university hospital.
Mikiyasu: Haa… OK. Right.
Ozaki: (I'm sorry, Mikiyasu.)

奈緒さん きっと 助からない
Ozaki: (Ms Nao can no longer be saved.)


8月28日 日曜 仏滅
[28th August (Sunday) Butumetsu]
[* T/N: unlucky all day]


同日夜 武藤家
[same night, Mutou house]


聞いたか 徹ちゃん!!
Masao: Have you heard?! Tooru-chan!!
Madam Nao of the contractor firm has…

Tooru: Yo, Masao.

Masao: (He's here, too.)


Tooru: What about Madam Nao?
Masao: Oh, right!
She passed away!!!

え… だって確か若かったろ?
ああ! でも今日葬式で埋葬されてたぜ!!
Tooru: Ehh… She's not that old, is she?
Masao: Yeah! But, today is the funeral and burial!!

なんか 変な病気 流行ってんじゃないの?
Masao: Shimizu is dead too!
Don't you think there's some weird disease spreading around?

Masao: Speaking of Shimizu…

夏野 おまえ冷たいのな!
Masao: Natsuno, you're rather cold-hearted, huh!
You rejected something Shimizu left behind for you, didn't you?


思いやりがないっていうか 情緒に欠陥でもあるんじゃねぇ?
ふつう若くして死んだ かわいそうな子の遺品断わらないぜ?
Masao: You have no consideration whatsoever, or maybe you even lack emotions?
How worrying.
Normally, when someone so young dies, nobody would reject something the poor child left behind, right?

おれたちだって 明日にも死ぬかもしれない
Natsuno: So what if she was young!
We could also be dead tomorrow, for all we know.

Masao: We can't die just like that!!
Natsuno: Really?
It's just a matter of probabilities.

うっ… でも 人生これからって 時に死んじゃまったんだぜ?
Masao: Uuu… But, what if you died tomorrow, huh?
Wouldn't you have lots of regrets?

無念を残すような生き方をしているから そう思うんだ
Natsuno: I believe that you should live your life in a way that assures you have no regrets in death.


つうか おまえ 自分が死んでそういう扱いされて平気なわけ!?
Masao: Then if people disrespected your death, you'd be happy about it!?

死んだら 平気も何も わからないな
あとは野となれ 山となれだ
Natsuno: If I'm dead, whether I'm fine with it or not, I wouldn't know.
All that's left is to become part of the wilderness, dust to dust.

いいや 清水 今頃は墓の下で泣いてんだ!!!
Masao: No way! Shimizu must be crying in her grave now!!!
She might hate you so much she'll come back and visit you!!!

Natsuno: …
Oh, grow up.

Natsuno: That's so unoriginal.


こいつ 余所者のくせに!!!
あーここまでにしよう 正雄!
Masao: Why you!! You're just an outsider!!!
Tooru: Ahh--- that's quite enough, Masao!

なんで こいつを かばうんだよ 徹ちゃん!!!
Masao: Why are you helping this guy, Tooru-chan!!!
He's the one at fault!!!

う~ん… 冷たく見えるけどね
良く言うと 徹底して冷静で公平なんじゃないのか?
Tooru: U~~n… He does appear cold-hearted, yes.
But, he speaks well and he's remained completely calm and impartial, hasn't he?


Masao: Even Tooru-chan is on his side?

Masao: I'm going home!!!

Tooru: …

おまえの方が年下だけど 利口なんだから やさしくしてやれ…
Tooru: Natsuno…
Although you're younger than him, you have a quicker wit. Couldn't you be a little nicer…

Tooru: Huh?


Natsuno: …
I'm sleeping here tonight…

いや それはおれの布団だし!
Tooru: Hey, no, that's my bed!
Natsuno: Call my parents…
I can't sleep in my house…

Tooru: …

Tooru: Ah, well.


せめて ちゃんと 布団をかぶれ
Tooru: At least cover yourself properly.
A summer flu seems to be going around.

Tooru: (I wonder if there's something at his house
Well, I'll let him sleep peacefully here tonight…)

なんか おれ ノドがかわいた
Tooru: My throat is feeling kind of dry.
I'll go buy some juice.


Tooru: Uwaah!!!

Tooru: I dropped my 100 yen!!!
I can't reach it~!!!

Tatsumi: Yah!?
What's the matter?


や! このたび 引っ越してまいりました 辰巳と申します
Tooru: ……
Who are you?
Tatsumi: Yah!
I just moved here. My name is Tatsumi.

やっ!!! そうです 兼正です!!!
Tooru: Ahh! From Kanemasa!
Tatsumi: Yah!!! That's right, Kanemasa!!!

いやぁ 実は自販機の下に100円が 転がっちゃって
ぬう なんと!!!
Tooru: Ah, no, actually, my 100 yen coin rolled under the vending machine.
Tatsumi: Whoa! What!!!

ぼく実は 偶然にも 孫の手を 持っているのですが!!!
Tooru: Actually, I happen to have a back-scratcher with me!!!
Tooru: Ooohhh!!!


いやぁ ありがとう! 助かったよ!!
Tooru: Ahh, thank you! That was a great help!!

こんど ぜひ遊びに来てくれよ!!
Tooru: I'm called Mutou!
I live in that house over there.
You must come over and play some time!!

Tatsumi: Yah!!

では友だちも連れて 伺ってもいいですか!?
Tatsumi: Then, can I bring a friend along to visit as well!?
Tooru: By all means!!

Tatsumi: I'll visit you, for sure.

I'll definitely come---…

Tooru: I'm really pleased to meet you.

Shi-ki ---------- To be continued in Issue #04 (on sale 4th Mar)


Not for scanlation use.

PS. Many thanks to Snoopy for his input and corrections! This translation is reserved for SnoopyCool. Please don't use it for other scanlations. I'm posting the script simply for reference. Thanks.

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#1. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Mar 20, 2008
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Posted on May 25, 2008
thanks for sharing dude!______________________________Your forever friend lifts you up in spirits and makes that dark and empty maple story mesos world suddenly seem bright and full.
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Posted on Jul 10, 2008
i get so excited when you put up a new orginal... you are so wonderful! i love watching you work. listening to the cd would not be the same. i like these aoc gold Lace Wigs Wigs Full Lace Wigs as well!

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