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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 185

Katekyo Hitman REBORN! 185

+ posted by kirimi as translation on Mar 15, 2008 01:03 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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(WJ 2008 #16)

Target 185 Conclusion


Overlay text: One mighty strike with no hesitation to smash King Mosca!!

Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Amano Akira

Target 185 Conclusion


Tsuna: !!


[no text]


Spanner: ……

Spanner: We lost.

Spanner: He managed to cause so much damage to King Mosca.
What an incredible move...

Spanner: …..

Spanner: But…
this looks like…


Spanner: It's not perfected yet, huh.

Spanner: My duty was to intercept you…

Spanner: Farewell.


Hayato: Did you hear that?
Others: ?

Ryouhei: What is it, Octopus Head!?
Hayato: I think it's Mr. Reborn's voice…
Yamamoto: Ahh…

獄「ああ 間違いねぇ!!」
Yamamoto: You mean that noise from the wireless?
Hayato: Ahh! There's no mistake!!

Ryouhei: You sure have good ears!! Way to go, Octopus Head!!
With the surveillance system destroyed, we should have no interference with external communications now!! That must be it!!


Ryouhei: Well, what did he say?
Hayato: It was mostly just noise…
Yamamoto: We're in basement 12, right?
Giannini said we may be too deep underground for the signal to reach us.

Ryouhei: Hrm… What did he want, though…?
Hayato: Mr. Reborn must have been trying to contact the Boss…

Hayato: Maybe something's happened to the Boss!!
Ryouhei: Waitasec!!!
Yamamoto: Whoa, Gokudera!!
Hayato: Gwah!

兄「落ち着け 落ち着かんか!!!」山「まだ何も決まってねーんだし!!」獄「重っ!!おめーら乗りすぎなんだよ!!」
Ryouhei: Calm down! Can't you just calm down!!!
Yamamoto: We don't know anything yet!!
Hayato: Too heavy!!
You didn't have to jump on top of me!!

Ryouhei: There's no need to worry about Sawada!! You saw him during the fight with Dendro, right!!
Yamamoto: That's right~ ♪ Besides, we'll probably hear from someone again.
Hayato: You're both optimistic idiots!!


Hayato: ! …
How is she? How's Lal Mirch?

Ryouhei: Ahh.
There's been no change…

Ryouhei: She's still unconscious…

Hayato: We better hurry.

Yamamoto: Yeah! How much further do we have to go?
Ryouhei: Hrm…
We're taking a shortcut so… Probably another 20 minutes…

Ryouhei: To reach that white, round-shaped machine.


Irie: What is it?
Any word from Spanner yet?

Officer: Not yet, sir.
But, we've confirmed that there were explosions in the flume.

Irie: !! …Was there fighting?
With who!?

Officer: I don't know yet, sir. Should I override and open the monitor comm. channel?
Irie: …No, it's fine.

Irie: I promised I wouldn't distract him during the battle…
Once it's over, he should be contacting me.


チェル「入江様 現状の把握と対策シミュレーションが完了しました」入「ごくろう」
Cervello: Irie-sama.
We have reviewed our current status, and completed the simulation on our next counter-measures.
Irie: Thank you.

Cervello: There are 5 confirmed infiltrators.

Cervello: If we assume that the enemy's objective is to destroy our main installation…
there's a 42% chance that their first priority is to destroy the main computer room.

Cervello: Next would be this communications and command room at 28%.
Followed by Irie-sama's research lab at 12%. The rest continues.

Irie: I see…

Irie: (The true order of priority is the reverse though…)

Cervello: But, we have no intention of letting any of them fall into the Vongola's hands.

Irie: Hm?
Of course... that goes without saying.


チェル「そこで 戦力を3点に分けそれぞれに配備し警護することを提案します
Cervello: Therefore, we propose to…
split our fighting force into 3 and deploy them to guard those areas.

入「なるほどな で、その戦力というのはどうなっている」
Cervello: Once the enemy makes their move, those stationed elsewhere will head over to back up.
Irie: I see.
So, what is our present fighting force?

Cervello: We intend to deploy all personnel with combat experience of rank C++ and above, and their subordinates.
However, our fighting power is drastically affected by how we deal with the personnel under house arrest.

Irie: You mean the 3rd Aphelandra squad, eh…
I understand. Count them in.

チェル「はっ では現在 基地にいるC++ランク以上の戦士をリストアップします」
Cervello: Yes, sir.
Then, presently, all fighters with rank C++ and above in the base are the following.


From 3rd Squad, Electric Gamma, Black Spell.

The same, Storm Flame Tazaru, Black Spell.

From 12th Squad, the Enchanted Flower, Iris Hepburn, as well as her Withered Stalk Squad, White Spell.

第8部隊魔導師の人形ジンジャー・ブレット ホワイトスペル
From 8th Squad, the Magician's Doll, Ginger Bread, White Spell.

第7部隊 白の殺戮者バイシャナ ホワイトスペル
From 7th Squad, the White Massacre, Baishana, White Spell.

第9部隊 鬼熊使い ニゲラ・ベアバンクル ブラックスペル
From 9th Squad, the Demon Bear user, Nigella Beabankul, Black Spell.

そして 幻騎士ブラックスペル
There's also the Phantom Knight, Black Spell.


Cervello: The deployment will be as follows: the Phantom Knight and Iris will go to the Computer Room.
Gamma, Tazaru and Ginger will take the Control Room. Baishana and Nigella will guard the research lab.

Irie: I don't approve of the deployment in the research lab. Especially Baishana… He and that Box of his are dangerous.
Cervello: But that is why we've deployed him where there's almost no chance of a battle…
Surely you're not concerned about that matter during this emergency,…

Irie: It's precisely because of the emergency!!
Don't let that man out of your sight!! I need someone who can sit still.

Cervello: Yes, sir!
In that case, the Phantom Knight will head for the research lab.
Irie: Make it so.

Irie: (I can't reveal what's in the research lab.)

Cervello: Relay the orders to them.
Officer: Yes, sir!
Well, veteran warriors sure are different.


Cervello: ?
Officer: It looks like Mr. Nigella…
has headed for the research lab on his own accord.

兄「フーッ ダクトは細くてかなわんな・・」山「お疲れッス。次に横切る展示室ってのは広いっすよ」
Ryouhei: Whew. These ducts are really narrow…
Yamamoto: Thanks.
Next, we have to cut across the exhibition hall. That'll be wider.

Hayato: (Have we been noticed…?)
Yamamoto: (Let's go.)


Nigella: Hagaaa!!

熊「はがぁっ!!  あれ程とは・・俺の・・熊が・・・」
Nigella: What did you… do to…
My… bear…

Yamamoto: Wha!?
Hayato: What the hell!?

兄「この刺青 奴は鬼熊使いニゲラ・ベアバングル」
Ryouhei: This tattoo design…
He's the demon bear user, Nigella Beabankul.

バイシャナ「待っておったぞ 」
Baishana: I've been waiting for you.


Basihana: My…

煽り 立ちはだかるは・・・危険と非情を纏いし戦士!! 
Overlay text: Standing in their way is… a dangerous and heartless warrior!!



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#1. by black_crow ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
Thank you so much Kirimi!!!!
This week sounds sooooo good !
#2. by Emy ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
thx Kirimi ^^
#3. by DarkGamble ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
Oooo...Thanx for the trans. ><
#4. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#5. by Phat ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
thanks :D
#6. by jaymcee ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
Thanks for the trans
#7. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
kirimi thanks a lot
#8. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Mar 18, 2008

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