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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 189

Katekyo Hitman REBORN! 189

+ posted by kirimi as translation on Apr 12, 2008 15:55 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

-> RTS Page for Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 189

(WJ 2008 #20)

Target 189 Melone Base


Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Amano Akira

標的189 メローネ基地
Target 189 Melone Base

(煽り・捕われたツナの不安をよそに スパナは一人黙々と・・・!)
[overlay text: Tsuna has been captured and is filled with anxiety, yet Spanner works on silently alone…!]


Tsuna: Excuse me!
Can I ask you something?

Tsuna: ……
I guess not…

(スパナって人 何考えてんだか分かんないな・・・・・・
Tsuna: (I can't figure out what this Spanner guy is thinking…
Though he doesn't seem like a bad guy…)

とにかく みんなが待ってる!こんな所にずっといられないよ!)」
Tsuna: (Anyway, everyone is waiting for me!
I can't stay here forever!)

ツナ「!! あ・・あの・・・
Spanner: What?
Tsuna: !!
Uhm… that is…

Tsuna: What happened with the others… that is, outside!?
Spanner: Outside?

Tsuna: I mean, everybody else!
Have you heard any news about them?


Spanner: ……?

ツナ「えと・・・それに あなたの言ってることもよく分からなくて
Tsuna: Uhm… Also, I don't understand what you said earlier.
Why do you want to make me perfect the technique?
You're a Millefiore, aren't you?

ツナ「え? あ・・・スイマセン・・・」
Spanner: Don't talk all at once.
Tsuna: Eh?
Ahh… sorry…

スパナ「技を完成させるのは 見てみたいからって言ったろ?
あの時あんた殺さなかったのは キモチ悪くなったんだよね」
Spanner: I already told you, didn't I? I'm making you perfect the technique because I want to see it.
I didn't kill you back there because it didn't feel right.
Tsuna: Huh?

スパナ「モニターごしの殺しは平気だけど 生は嫌だっていうアレだよ」
Spanner: I don't really mind killing over the remote monitor, but doing it live is just not my style.
Tsuna: What are you saying!?
Killing is bad whichever way you do it, right!!

あっ ス・・・スイマセン・・・!いつものクセでつい・・・」
Tsuna: Aah!
So-sorry…! (small text) It's a bad habit…


Spanner: ……

外って この部屋以外のこと?」
ツナ「! そ!そうです!!」
スパナ「知らないな 正一はバタバタしてるみたいだけど」
Spanner: By outside, you mean outside this room?
Tsuna: !
Yes! That's right!!
Spanner: No idea.
Shouichi seems to be running around though.
Tsuna: !!

Tsuna: Sho-
You mean Irie Shouichi!?

ツナ「ス スイマセン!!
Spanner: Be quiet.
Tsuna: S-

Tsuna: ……
(I'd known it from the start…)

本当に入江正一はここにいるんだ すぐ近くに・・・!!)」
Tsuna: (Irie Shouichi is really here…
He's so close…!!)

スパナ「でも 正一を攻めに来たんだったらやめた方がいい」
Spanner: But, I'd advise you not to provoke Shouichi.
Tsuna: !!

スパナ「高校の国際ロボット大会の頃から知ってるけど 正一は相当キレる
Spanner: Although I've known this since we were both in the international high school robotics competition…
But, Shouichi, he's really sharp.


いつも全体を見てる すごい奴だ」
Spanner: He's always been able to see the whole picture.
He's an incredible guy.

Cervello: Irie-sama!

Cervello: Are you going to use that?
Irie: Is there a problem?


チェル「この機密を知るのは 白蘭様と我々と入江様のみ
これを行えば 他の部隊・・・特にブラックスペルからの抗議は必至です」
Cervello: This is a top secret known only to Byakuran-sama, us, and Irie-sama.
If you do this, the rest of the squads… especially those of the Black Spell, will definitely protest.

入江「そんなもの 何もせずに失うものよりずっと小さい」
Irie: That's nothing…
compared to losing everything if I don't take action.

チェル「それと 後付けで設置された基地機能はマヒするでしょう」
Cervello: Furthermore, the functions of the base that were installed after that will now be disabled.
Irie: Are you two… making an objection?

チェル「いいえ 私達には入江様の命令が全てです」
Cervello: No, sir.
Irie-sama's orders to us are absolute.

SFX: Beep
Irie: You're just being polite, but I'm glad to hear that.


[no text]


Ryouhei: Baishana! Where are you going!!
Don't tell me you're going to abandon your Box weapon and run away!?

Baishana: Shut up!!
We shall do as we please!!

了平「殺生はせん お前の持ち主と共にしばらく眠ってくれ
Ryouhei: I cannot kill.
So, go join your master for a little nap.


ゆくぞ 極限!!
Ryouhei: Let's do it!

Ryouhei: Maximum Ingram!!!

[* Ingram is a sub machine gun.]


バイシャナ「!!のわっ くっ くるな!!
Baishana: !!
Don't come closer!!

Baishana: We!!
Request only for our life--!!

Baishana: Guwaah!!

Yamamoto: Whoo.

Yamamoto: Senpai, you're really strong.
Hayato: Baishana is just useless...

了平「さあ 次へ急ぐぞ」
Ryouhei: Come on, let's keep moving.


チェル「入江様 バイシャナの無線反応が消えました」
Cervello: Irie-sama.
We've lost contact with Baishana's wireless.

入江「見えているさ ここにも司令室と同じ情報が映し出される
Irie: I see it.
All the information in the command room is reflected here as well.

ボンゴレの連中め なかなかいいところまで来たが これまでだ!」
Irie: Those damn Vongola guys could actually make it this far.
But, that's as far as you get!

SFX: Click

入江「さあ 目覚めてくれ
Irie: Come, it's time to awaken.


僕の匣 メローネ基地」
My Box
Melone Base

入江「炎エネルギー 全ブロック内バイパスへの浸透を確認
Irie: Permeation of…
The flame energy to the bypasses of each Block confirmed.

Irie: All movable blocks
Will begin movement!!

SFX: Beep…

SFX: Beepbeepbeep


Cervello: Uuu

Yamamoto: !
Hayato: What the hell!?

Tsuna: Eeeee!!

Command room: It-
It's an earthquake!!


入江「連中の位置は分かっている しかるべきポイントへ連れていってやる
Irie: I've determined the location of the intruders.
Let me bring you to a more appropriate point.

Irie: F10 Block shift to 2-4-2.

Hayato: !!
Ryouhei: What's going on!?

Yamamoto: The floor!

Hayato: Kuh!
Ryouhei: No!

獄寺「つかまれ 山本!!」
Hayato: Grab my hand!


Yamamoto: Gokudera!!

山本「手遅れだ! 腕をもってかれるぞ」獄寺「おい!!」
Yamamoto: It's too late!
You're gonna lose your arm!
Hayato: Oi!

Ryouhei: Uwah!
Hayato: That dumbass!!

Hayato: Ooof!

獄寺「くそっ よりによってこんな時に地震とはよ!
Ryouhei: Ow… owowow…
Hayato: Shit!
What a fucking lousy time for an earthquake!

Hayato: It won't open!
Ryouhei: At this rate, we won't be able to rejoin Yamamoto any time soon…

仕方あるまい・・・作戦に集中するぞ 向こうの扉は白い丸い装置の部屋のはずだ」
Ryouhei: We have no choice… Concentrate on our strategy.
The room with the white, round machine should be on the other side of this door.

Ryouhei: It's opened!!


γ「なぁ おい 今の地震・・・一体何なんだ?」
Gamma: Hey. You. What the hell…
Was that earthquake?

Gamma: !!

[overlay text: An unexpected result due to the movement of the base… A fated… chance meeting!!]



Sorry this is so late. ._. Been busy with lots of stuff. But, what a great chapter! This is how Amano-sensei tells a story without exposition. <3 Enjoy! Remember, the usual rules apply.

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#1. by Slashout ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2008
Thanks a lot Kirimi-chan !! :)
#2. by darkxn ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2008
thanks a lot
#3. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#4. by AfterMath ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2008
thanks a lot! and congratz on your promotion.
#5. by Jinoh ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2008
#6. by Emy ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2008
Thanks ^^
#7. by Phat ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2008
thanks :D
#8. by RyuSensei ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2008
Edit: You forgot to put -15- to mark the page Kiri-chan :>
#9. by Jinoh ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2008
Kirimi, you forgot to translate the bubble in the snake panel on page 10, could you quickly translate it for us please?

Edit: nvm i overlooked it >_<
#10. by Shariq ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2008
Thanks a lot!
#11. by Ueda ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2008
You are a goddess, as usual! ^^
#12. by 526663 ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2008
Thank you!!!!!!!
#13. by kirimi ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2008
Quote by RyuSensei;821207:
Edit: You forgot to put -15- to mark the page Kiri-chan :>

Oops! Haha, there was too much action going on and I forgot. XD

Quote by gin0va;821338:
Kirimi, you forgot to translate the bubble in the snake panel on page 10, could you quickly translate it for us please?

Edit: nvm i overlooked it >_<

Hehe. No problem. :) I love the sound of Baishana being flattened.
#14. by Kaiten (Harasho)
Posted on Apr 13, 2008
#15. by black_crow ()
Posted on Apr 14, 2008
Thanks alot Kirimi!

Yay we get to see Tsuna!
#16. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Apr 14, 2008

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