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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 202

Katekyo Hitman REBORN! 202

+ posted by kirimi as translation on Aug 3, 2008 02:55 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

-> RTS Page for Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 202

(WJ 2008 #34)

Target 202 The Round Machine


[ Status of Melone Base Invasion ]

(Tsuna's figure)
Dock 4
(Black balloon) Defeat Irie!!
Tsuna / Sky
Reborn (Hologram)
Still fixing the contacts for the X BURNER

(Gokudera's figure)
Training Room
(words above VS) Mutual strike?
Gamma / Lightning VS Gokudera / Storm
Future Ryouhei / Out of commission

(Iris's figure)
Searching for Tsuna

(Yamamoto's figure)
Box weapon testing grounds
Genkishi / Mist VS Yamamoto / Rain / Out of commission
Lal / Out of commission

(Chrome's figure)
Rescue Party
Chrome / Mist
Lambo / Lightning

(Irie's figure)
Control Room
Irie Shouichi / Sun
(black ballon) Get the Vongola Rings!!

Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Amano Akira

標的202 丸い装置
Target 202 The Round Machine


[overlay text: Impatience is building up inside…!!]

ツ「スパナ…さん? コンタクトの調整なんとか早くできませんか?」
Tsuna: Mister Spanner…?
Could you somehow tune the contacts a little faster?
Spanner: ……

ス「何を言われても完成時間は変わらない ウチのポリシー」
Spanner: Nothing you say will change the amount of time I need to finish this.
That's my policy.

Tsuna: …Sigh…
Reborn: Hrm…

Reborn: Hey, Spanner.
Do you know anything about the white, round-shaped machine?

Reborn: I'm talking about this.
It should be somewhere inside this base.

Spanner: Ah, yeah.


Tsuna: You know about it?
Spanner: It's in Shouichi's research lab.

Tsuna: Irie Shouichi's!?
Reborn: What is he researching?

Spanner: For as long as I've known him, he's been muttering to himself about harnessing subspace energy.
Tsuna: (Subspace…?)
Reborn: What do you do with something like that?

ス「相当ありえない話だよ たしか時空間絡みの…いわゆるタイムトラベル」
Spanner: It's pretty ridiculous.
If I remember right, it has something to do with the space-time continuum…
Or what they call, time travel.


Tsuna & Reborn: Time travel!!?

Spanner: Ah…
(Should I have said that…?)

Tsuna: Reborn!!

Reborn: Things are finally starting to fall into place.

Reborn: If he's researching time travel, then…
We were right to target Irie in our plan to return to the past.


Tsuna: We came to this era because of the ten-year bazooka, but we haven't been able to return to the past!!
The trail led us to Irie Shouichi, which is why we came here!!

ス「10年バズーカ……? あ…だから子供なのか」
Spanner: Ten year bazooka…?
That's why you're all kids?
Tsuna: Yeah…

リ「この感じだと入江は手がかりどころか元凶そのものなのかもな この装置も過去へ帰れないことと深く関係してそうだぞ」
Reborn: With this new information, Irie Shouichi may not only be our key back to the past. He could very well have been the cause of all this.
This machine could have something to do with why can't return to the past.

ツ「やっぱりこの侵入作戦は間違ってなかったんだ… これで入江をなんのために倒すのかはっきり分かった… 
Tsuna: This invasion operation was not a mistake, after all…
The reason to defeat Irie is finally clear to me…


Tsuna: Arrest Irie Shouichi!
Then, force him to tell us how to return to the past!!

Reborn: Well said.

??: Whatever you've just realized…
It's much too late to do you any good.


Iris: The whole lot of you are going to enjoy an eternal slumber here.

Spanner: Iris and her Death Stalk unit…


Tsuna: Stay back.

Irie: Three of them?
Officer: Yes, sir!

Officer: Three men returned from the recon squad, including Captain Nicola.
I believe the enemy disguised themselves as the squad to infiltrate the base.

1人はまだ不明ですが、うち2人は獄寺への突入部隊を襲撃する際にカメラがとらえました そのときの映像です」
Officer: We still haven't identified one of them, but the other two who attacked the strike force heading for Gokudera were caught on camera for a second.
This is the video image.
Irie: Those two!!

10年前のクローム髑髏!! 生きていたのか………
Irie: That's Chrome Dokuro from the past!!
So, she survived…

Irie: …All right.
This is good news.


今やこの基地の布陣に死角はない より多くのボンゴレリングを回収できるな」
Irie: With the base in this formation, there are no blind spots at all now.
Soon, we'll be able to retrieve most of the Vongola Rings.


Genkishi: Before I kill you, I thought I'd listen to any last words you may have.

Yamamoto: aa…

幻「口をきくこともできぬようだな 楽にしてやる」
Genkishi: But, it looks like you can't even talk now.
Let me make you more comfortable.

Genkishi: This is futile.


Lal: Damn…


Genkishi: Vongola Rain Guardian!

貴様に敬意を表し 我が剣最高の太刀でほうむってやる
Genkishi: It is with honour that
I consign you to oblivion with my greatest sword.

Genkishi: Farewell.


Genkishi: ?


?「ああ 君… 
??: Ahh, you there…

??: Just what I was looking for.


Hibari: Is the white, round-shaped machine straight ahead?


幻「ボンゴレ雲の守護者 雲雀恭弥か」
Genkishi: You're the Vongola Cloud Guardian,
Hibari Kyouya?

Genkishi: There's no need to
answer your question.

Genkishi: Because you're about to die here.

[overlay text: What's this illusion…!? He's unleashed his strongest weapon!!]


PS. Someone PLEASE use this translation to make a proper scanlation. The current one for 202 has some wrong translations. Y_Y Otherwise, I will really stop translating Reborn. =P

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#1. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#2. by Arcanis ()
Posted on Jan 1, 2009
Thank you so much for this translation

You are right the one in the scanlation is horrible I couldn't understand anything... and in such an important chapter too...

If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have gotten anything. Maybe I'll do a scanlation soon using your trans, though I'd have to get a good RAW first since binktopia doesn't let other people use their cleans =/
#3. by kirimi ()
Posted on Jan 4, 2009
I would love for you to make a scanlation from this trans. :) You could either wait for someone to scan the tankoubon (vol 22) or use the original raw scanned from WJ (over here).

Well, let me ask Binktopia if they can re-scanlate the chapter with my translation. ^^

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