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Translations: One Piece 832 by cnet128 , Bleach 682 by cnet128

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 215

Katekyo Hitman REBORN! 215

+ posted by kirimi as translation on Oct 26, 2008 02:12 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

-> RTS Page for Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 215

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(WJ 2008 #48)

Target 215 Loyalty


Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Amano Akira

標的215 忠誠
Target 215 Loyalty

Overlay text: This won't be enough. These presents from Japan.


Overlay text: He caught the sword that's enveloped in mist flames!!

Spanner: Zero Point Breakthrough…
Reborn: Revised, that is.


幻騎士(やはり この目…)
Genkishi: (I knew it. His eyes…)

Tsuna: Too late.


幻騎士(炎が… 吸われる…!!)
Genkishi: (The flames are… being absorbed by him…!!)

Genkishi: Arrgghh!!

Tsuna: Guh!!

幻騎士「…ハア …ハア」
Genkishi: …Haaa …haaa


Tsuna: Now, I can fight you seriously.

幻騎士「…まるで今まで 本気を出せていなかったような口ぶりだな」
Genkishi: …You say that as if
you weren't fighting seriously before.


Tsuna: That's right.


Genkishi: Guh!!


[no text]


[no text]


Irie: What!?

Spanner: …He's strong!!

Spanner: He didn't just restore his power. Now, he's even stronger than his maximum power during the Mosca battle.
Every time the Vongola goes into battle, he gets more and more powerful.
Reborn: Indeed he does.

リボ「だが おかしいぞ」
Reborn: But, some thing's not right.

Reborn: Genkishi's movements are rather lackluster.


Reborn: No matter how strong Tsuna has gotten, their difference in power shouldn't be this much.
It feels as if Genkishi is unable to concentrate on the fight.

Genkishi: Uhh….

幻騎士(やはり あの目だ… あの目が悪しき記憶を蘇らせ体を硬直させる)
Genkishi: (I knew it. It's his eyes…
His eyes have awakened a vicious memory that's paralyzing my body.)


白蘭「じゃあさ 証拠におみやげが欲しいな」
Byakuran: Ri~ght then.
I want proof as a present.

Byakuran: If you say you'll do anything to swear your loyalty to me, then…
Bring me the 7 Mare Rings from your family and your boss' Sky pacifier.


幻騎士「…ジッリョネロファミリーを 滅ばせと…?」
Genkishi: ……You want me to destroy
the Giglio Nero family…?

Byakuran: Mhmm.

白蘭「幻ちゃん 仲間に信頼されてんでしょ? 
Byakuran: Gen-chan, your family trusts you, don't they?
Use your illusions to fake some injuries and when everyone is gathered around you, worrying about you, you can easily wipe them out.

Genkishi: As you command.

Some person: Genkishi has been attacked!!

Uni: Genkishi…
Genkishi: Princess…


Genkishi: Please… accept my apologies…
Uni: Don't try to speak. Your injuries are very serious.

Uni: Besides, I understand how you feel.


幻騎士(心を見透かされたことに 動揺したのではない…)
Genkishi: (It wasn't because she saw through me
that made me hesitate…)

(その苦悩と覚悟をたたえた あの目に 気圧されたのだ…)
(It was the anguish and resignation in her eyes…
They overpowered me…)

(…あの目のせいで白蘭様の命令を果たせなかった… 神の啓示を…)
(…Because of those eyes, I couldn't carry out Byakuran's orders…
His divine revelation…)

(I will never let myself defy his divine revelation again…)

(…Those eyes…)

(I must resist those eyes and overcome them, to prove to Lord Byakuran that…)


Genkishi: They are no match for my true loyalty!!!


煽り:狂信が変貌させる… 凶悪の騎士!!
Overlay text: Transfigured by his fanaticism… He's become a fearsome knight!!

Irie: …Has his spirit been consumed by the Hell Ring…?!

Irie: Genkishi was already undefeatable. Now, his power will be…
multiplied many times over…


NOT FOR SCANLATION USE - permission required
Translation to other languages OK - no permission required

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#1. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2008
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Posted on Oct 26, 2008
Thanks, kirimi!
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Posted on Oct 26, 2008
thanks :D
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Posted on Oct 27, 2008
thanks for the double check

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