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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

K.O. Sen 5

Ko Sen chapter 5

+ posted by Koen as translation on Jan 23, 2008 21:56 | Go to K.O. Sen

-> RTS Page for K.O. Sen 5

comments TO READ

1. This is a translations based on the french translation of MFT.
Kheops said you can use it for US scans but PUT MFT - www. IN THE CREDITS

2. when the line starts with an - then it will say this a text balloon line (something that's said). If it starts with an . then it's a thought that can be put in a balloon for thoughts or that are just on the paste (better to take a look into the french chapter found at - since I am not a typesetter or translation and I don't know the rules

3. Proofread this, let it be proofread: I can speak, write and read both languages but I am not native speaker of both. So mistakes can be in it

page 1:
. If I don't punch him, I'll be the one who'll get punched down

- ouohhhhhh

page 2:
- boueou

. his knee

- you piece of...

page 3:
- gounou

- gou...

- Not a while ago, I touched him

- Noooo damaaage, I've already said that

page 4:
- he doesn't have fear. He was in front of him and he countered the punch

- He has become the seido of back then, that's evident

-If he fights with the same intention to kill

- then it's impossible for a newbie fighting kick boxing

page 5:
- and even if it's possible, it'll be the guy who feels the most that intention at the moment

- take that

- Me too, I have confidence in the hardness of my tibia

- but you don't know anything about the blocking technique tibia

- shut up

- you...

page 6:
- bouna

- no damage

- buaa

- aaaaaahhhh!!!!!

page 7:
- gua

- what's this, there are still limits, no?

- unbelievable

- do you take that in account, now? Even you suzu knows that seidou is very strong!!

- It's not that

. receiving so many punches and still being capble to get up

. it isn't just talk

page 8:
. does this guy really fight putting his live on the line?

. that's it!!! this feeling!!!

. this guy... totally different from the begginning

. the punches of the old fart were more authoritive

. but he's stronger in speed and in precision

page 9:
. but against him, I swear I won't lose

- ouohhhh!!!!

- gu!!!

. no way

- laaaa!!!!

- he has taken the leg again

page 10:
- wh...!!!!

- now it's finished

- not yet, not yet!! come on, wolf!!!

- mouahhhh!!!

- what!!

page 11:
. yes, come on!!!

- is he a fool or what? He can never win?

- that's the reaon why it's said that

- muay thai is for people who live in poverty

- it's way of earning money

- since he is a kid, he puts his life on the line fighting et for that he succeeded crawling back

- what I want to say, is that sick people are ready to die

- and they use the best techniques that suit them the best and smash everything

- it's better not to make opponents with those kind of guys

page 12:
- it's better for him to fight with that killing intention too

- listen well, a normal guy could never have muderous intentions

- when you enter the ring, it's necessary to became a fool

- it isn't the moment to say that. If you don't stop them then he'll die

page 13:
. damned... that guy

- even so, we don't end a fight, it'll end now

. really... Noo Dama... ge...

page 14:
- end of round

- no...

- ah...

- tobi...

- pull of his gloves and bring him into his room, he needs to rest. Take care of his injuries

- yes...

page 15:
- seidou come back over here!!!

- tomorrow you have a photo session for a magzine. What will you do.

- excuse me, would you like to cancel it

- certainly, even if you don't have them all (the expression used when someone thinks he or another is crazy) it's better for your swellings

- even without (he's meaning the injuries) I won't go

- I don't train a lot my body...

- ... just to be in the media

- the only thing I am capable of, is becoming the strongest int the world

- because I am... a kickboxer

page 16:
- do as you like, fool

- suzu

- when he wakes up, tell him

- even he putted his miserable live on the line

- he'll never realise the way to fight muay thay!!! It's impossible

page 17:
- hmmm. Okay...

- Shut up... I hear you!!!

- Asshole, you say it's impossible!!! I have made my choice. I'll do it whatver it takes. I'll exceed my dad and the old fart.

- And for that reason, I'll fight muyai thai

- For me that's my goal, even if it's impossible for you

- Next time, I swear I'll smash you...!!!

- Next time? Are you a fool?

page 18:
- I don't fight for a second time against a newbie

- Remember that

- What... Wai...

. Wait... Piece of... Can't move my body...

. I put my life on the line, you'll see

page 19:

. No honor to have a hard body / Piece of shit / The son of a coward talks a lot / your...

. I couldn't fight him...!!! That guy...!!!

- ugu

- uguuu...

. Damned

. Tobishima... sen

. I want strength to preserve my honor

- Hé boy, Isn't kickboxing awesome?

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#1. by Rock-Bird (Scanlator)
Posted on Jan 24, 2008
thanks for your work koenosaki, i already started with my scanlation and just waited for a Translation.
#2. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Jan 24, 2008
Quote by Rock-Bird;697776:
thanks for your work koenosaki, i already started with my scanlation and just waited for a Translation.

First of all thanks for thanking me and using this translation as part of your scanlation (I hope you can get the strings to each other and I hope it's a bit decent)

Second: I really love this one (best newcomer imo) and I am happy that french scan it. I would really be dissapointed if this would fall in shounen scan dump and be forgotten + english people should have a schance too reading this. I'll try to continue as long as I have time
#3. by Rock-Bird (Scanlator)
Posted on Jan 24, 2008
Quote by koenosaki;697781:
I hope you can get the strings to each other and I hope it's a bit decent

I think i got it right, there wasnt any real trouble, only Page 16 first Bubble missing, but i checked the france Version to come up with something.

Quote by koenosaki;697781:

Second: I really love this one (best newcomer imo). I would really be dissapointed if this would fall in shounen scan dump and be forgotten + english people should have a schance too reading this.

Same here, I think tihs series has a lot of potential!

Quote by koenosaki;697781:
I'll try to continue as long as I have time

If you keep up, I will try too :)

Check out my Scanlation: Ch 05
#4. by Phat (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
thanks :D

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