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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Onihime VS 14

+ posted by kognus as translation on Jul 27, 2010 03:04 | Go to Onihime VS

-> RTS Page for Onihime VS 14

Onihime Chapter 14
Translation by Kognus
Proofread by sakura
Only for use by Keishou Scans

What's that?
A hookup party!?

Girl A
Come on~ Shouko, there won't be enough girls if you don't come.

Girl B
That's right, you have to! Don't you know those guys are from T Med?

T Med, Y Med, it makes no difference to me. Why do I have to spend time with guys I don't give a damn about? I refuse!!

Girl A
You're horrible~ Normal people like us don't get many chances like this, y'know? How elitist...

Girl B
Indeed! They wouldn't have given us a chance if I didn't drop the name of the Arima Group's sole heiress~

You two...
Absolute fools...

How could you tell them something so crazy without my permission!!

But we're friends, aren't we?

Text strip
It's the time for you try to stand a little taller!?
[Diamond text says the author will be signing stuff at Comiket]

Dude A
I'm Shuusuke Inagaki, a sophomore at T Med.

Dude B
I'm Itou Hideyo, likewise.

Dude C
And I'm Kondou Yuujirou, a freshman.

Girl A
Well, I'm Satou Michiko, a senior at S High
And this is my friend, Midorikawa Aki.

Girl B
Pleased to meet you~

Girl A
And this girl...
She's Arima Shouko-chan.

Dude B
Man, you're all so cute!
We really lucked out, guys.

Girl B
Oh, keep talking.

Girl A
Hey Shouko... I know we dropped this on you but you didn't have to come in your uniform, y'know?

what's so bad about a highschooler wearing a highschool uniform? Isn't that only natural?

Remember, I'm only here to even up the numbers.
I'm not obligated to do anything more.

Girl A
...Well, whatever you say

Guy A
Now that you mention it, Arima-san did come in her uniform.


Guy A
I just love high school girls who look good in uniforms~
You aren't trying to steal my heart away, are you?

Huh? Were you dropped as a child?

Small text
I'm amazed you can say that with a straight face.

Girl A
Well then, we've only just met but...

Girl B
Let's split up into pairs, ok~

Dude A
Was the meal suitable to your tastes?

It was sufficient, I guess.

Dude A's thought
Unrivaled beauty... and a wealthy heiress...
Never thought I'd catch such a big fish at a highschool group date.

Dude A
But I've got to reel her in! No matter what tricks I have to use!
I won't stop until she's mine!!

Well, now that dinner's over I'm going back home.

Dude A
What? Not already~?

I'm tired, I'm going home, and I'm getting some rest.

Dude A
Oh, do you have a curfew?

Not... really?

Dude A
Then let's have some fun for a little while longer, ok? It's only 8pm after all...


Dude A

You're in college right? Shouldn't you be able to understand without me spelling everything out?

Or are you just too dull to see that I have no interest in you? Or maybe you already know? I have no desire to spend time with you. Men that harrass girls are the lowest of low.

Dude A
She's so straightforward...

Dude A
Well then...

Dude A
I know only too well how unseemly I appear... but it's just because it's you, Arima-san... I knew I had to be a little crazy.

Dude A
I know there's no chance you'd want to spend time with me...
But even still! I wanted to have a precious memory of this day!

Dude A
Just an hour - no, even just a minute... I wanted to be near you longer...
Even if it's just a passing dream...

Dude A
Please, give me just a moment more of your time!
If you refuse me later I won't say a word!
Even if we never meet again... please, Arima-san!!

Y... you're a stubborn man. Don't you have something called pride?

Dude A
My pride means nothing in front of you.

W-well, if you're that desperate... I'll allow you to spend some more time with me.
Just know, that's all you get.

Dude A

Dude A's thought
Alright! The rabbit is in the trap!!

Dude A's thought
Kukuku! Young girls aer always weak to words like that!...
Just show them some dreams, some weakness, and they're yours!!

So, where to?

Dude A
How does karaoke sound? We don't have that much time after all...


Dude A
Yes! I'd love to hear your singing voice, Arima-san!

Dude A's thought
A chance to be alone!

Karaoke, huh? Alright then.
Let's go.

Dude A

Dude A's thought
Hell yeah!

But we have to go to this store I know.
That should be fine, right?

Dude A
W...well, I don't see why not...

Dude A's thought
A store she knows? Is she really that picky?


Arima-san... what are you doing here?

How goes the work, Setsuna~?
I heard you were working here so I decided to help boost your sales~

Dude A
Are you two friends?

Oh, not "friends"...

He's more like my attendant.
Our relationship is more like master and servant.

Setsuna's thought
Master and servant, huh...

Dude A
I see, it isn't at all unusual for a lady like you to have indentured servants.

Well, that's how it is.
What are you doing? Hurry and prepare a room!

Ah, yes, right away!

Shouko's thought
What's wrong with that Setsuna... didn't he care that I had a man with me?

Dude A
I'm going to fetch drinks from the bar - what would you like?

Ah, oolong tea please...

Dude A
Roger that! I'll be right back; why don't you take a look at the songs?

Shouko's thought
Ahh mou~! It wasn't supposed to be this way!
I don't want to sing some stupid songs!

Dude A's thought

Dude A's thought
If I use this...
even that haughty Arima girl won't be able to resist...!!

Text strip
This crude man's hands threaten Shouko-sama! And hey, the Onihimes didn't appear at all!

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