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Loose Relation between Wizard & Apprentice 22.5

Yumimaru-sensei's Sex Magic Lecture


-> RTS Page for Loose Relation between Wizard & Apprentice 22.5

Reserved for appztetra.

Comments, suggestion and ideas are always welcomed.

This is the last chapter of volume 4 and the end of the series. This is also the first time I've finished translating a series from start to finish. /Cheer for me.
For those who are interested in my opinion of this manga, scroll down to the bottom of the page. (includes spoilers)
For those interested/don't know, the author has another manga published in the same magazine. MU link here. Let' hope it's good.

Omake Manga "Yumimaru -sensei's sex magic lecture"

あとは これを調合して…
All that's left is to mix these...


何用じゃ 我は今忙しい…
What is it, I'm busy right now...

すまん 失礼するよ
Sorry, excuse me.

お おう…

Now then...I have a question for you.

What is it...?

In short...

I want to know whether Ikumaru and Konoha are in a sexual relationship for not!!


このははそれを望んでいるようじゃが まだ一線は越えてないようじゃな
Konoha seems to be wanting that, but don't seem to have made any progess.
ふむ なるほど…これは歓迎すべき事態と言うべきか
Hm, I see...I don't know if I should be happy...

Or anxious about this...

What do you mean?

幾丸が目覚めた今 弱った幾丸の魂魄を強化し 幾丸の魔術のレベルを一段階上げるために必要なもの…
What Ikumaru needs to strengthen his soul and level up his magic now that he's awake is...

Sex magic!!

中国では房中術 インドではカーマ・スートラ 日本では立川流として長い歴史を持つ この魔術を極めるのにはパートナーはマスト
This magic with its long history is known as The Art of Lovemaking in China, Karma Sutra in India and Tachigawa style in Japan. To perform it, a partner is a must.

And it's ideal if that partner is a mage with shares the same will.

Hm. I see. I see...


If an heir is born from that, then it'll be two birds with one stone!!


Wonderful!! This goddess of sexual love, Ishtar, will help you anyway I can!!

Please do!!

The art of Lovemaking Lecture!!

So we're having a "The art of Lovemaking~ Lecture!!


あ あの これは一体…
U...Um...What is this...

そもそも房中術というのは太極から陰陽が生じたという宇宙観の中 女性を陰 男性を陽
First of all, The art of Lovemaking is, the joining of the female yin and male yang born from taiji, thus returning to taiji.

陰 - Yin
陽 - Yang

首引き恋慕 - Kubihiki Renbo

下がり藤 - Sagari Fuji

達磨返し- Daruma Gaeshi

The means to that are, as you know, these sexual positions which abide by strict rules presented...

Konoha-san, are you listening!?

は はい…

What kind of face is Master making...


なんと刺激に弱い魔術師だ 我が息子ながら情けない…
So weak to stimuli. Even though he's my son, that's pathetic...

よし 特訓だ!!
Alright, time for training!!

The two of you, come with me!!

え え ちょっと…
Eh eh. Wait...

Do your best~

ち 父上はあのような方だったのか…
Was he always like this..?

I couldn't find a translation for the sex positions so I left them as is. If anyone knows what they are called in English feel free to pm me or comment and I will change it.

My thoughts: Spoilers ahead

Having translated this series (almost) from beginning to end, all I can say is it was a decent read. Looking at it as a whole, it's nothing to write home about. The characters were not well developed, with some appearing and then forgotten about, but that might have been due to how short it was.
The one thing that allowed this title to stand out amongst all the others was probably the calm and collected main character. He was or a rare breed: males in manga that didn't blush at the sight of every other girl and did what needed to be done. Though, that was removed when he lost "gluttony."
There were also many elements of the story that could have and, in my opinion, should have been expanded upon, like "Gluttony." The author could have delved into how Ikumaru came to bear "gluttony" on his chest. The introduction of other deadly sins would have been nice as well.
Though one thing that I really wanted the author to get into was the relationship between Ikumaru and Konoha. It would have been nice to see how they met how they ended up as they were, with Ikumaru losing all his magic, and Konoha ending up as his apprentice.
With all things said and done, it was fun for what it's worth. Though, I would only recommend this title to someone who's looking for a typical short romantic comedy with a bit of action and magic and has 1/2 - 1 hour to waste. If you're looking for something deep and thought provoking, then you're looking in the wrong place.


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thone, Reikix

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#1. by Reikix ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2011
Yeah, I share your opinions Krelian, it would have been a really nice manga if it was expanded. I mean, there were so many stories there: the past of konoha and Ikumaru, how did his father freed cthulhu, the other 6 sins, if after coming to life again (seriously, reviving once is something many main chars should be thankful for, but twice??? wow XD) he would be still be minami's kinsman, some development on konoha and ikumaru's relationship and of konoha as a mage and...wtf will the mage association do with Cthulhu?

Well, nothing to do, it was a nice light story, hilarious and had a nice drawin ^^.

BTW...thank you Krelian for these translations. Thanks to them I could translate it to spanish for the fansub I'm in.
#2. by Krelian ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2011
Yep, let's hope the author's current work lasts longer so he can flush out the story more.

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