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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Hajime no Ippo 763

Hajime no Ippo 763

+ posted by クリスチャン as translation on Feb 18, 2007 23:26 | Go to Hajime no Ippo

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I have permission from Hamster who is on the Dynamite Glove forums to post his translations here.

round 763 practice, outside

page 1

kimura: whoa, I don't like the sounds of that.
manabu: He suddenly decided to start pounding it.

page 2

aoki: dont break it, we have to use it to haha
aoki: what's wrong, can't figure out the trick and it's bothering you?

ippo: nah, it's the opposite

kimura: what!?

page 3

ippo: I've let loose.
ippo: It's when you start over thinking stuff it gets complicated. I just need to be bit more upright.

page 4

ippo: Thinking about it, it's not like I can find a solution and even then it would be difficult to make it work for me.

aokimura: That's probably the best answer but...what will ya do when his arm stretches out....like this!

ippo: If it stretches I'll just have to duck under it. Ever since the beginning, there's only been one thing I can do...

page 5

ippo: to go forward, that's all.

manabu: he said he's let loose but..

kimura: more like broke through.

aoki: too bad he couldnt explain the trick...

page 6

kamogawa: any reply?

yagi: yeah just now.

kamogawa: huh....so they replied with an "okay" to the fight? When did they say he'll be ready?


kamogawa: what's wrong?

yagi: well..

page 7

yagi: They said "tomorrow's good"

kamagawa: what in the world..!?

yagi: Of course, I told them that would impossible. Realistically, it will take time to prepare the stadium and such.

kamogawa: Knowing the brat is the Japanese champion and a world ranker, he said he would fight him tomorrow?

yagi: I asked again about that just to reconfirm.

kamogawa: I see. They want the brat's world ranking huh!

yaga: Actually....their reply was

page 8

yagi: "I don't know any ippo makunouchi..the question is money. Depending on how much fight money is on the line we will fly over immediately to Japan. How much are you paying exactly?"

yagi: the phone conversation was mostly about money..

page 9

kamogawa: Don't toy with me!!

kamogawa: You never heard of the brat!? Money money money!? They are toying with me!? x3

kamagawa: okay, let's do it. Duel them right now!

yagi: Coach, please calm down.

kamogawa: Grrrrrrrr...

page 10

yagi: If there's a job, some boxers jump to the ring. For a foreign boxer, it's not that uncommon. Negociating fight money is actually standard procedure. But the fact they are bringing up the issue of money without even knowing the opponent is questionable..

kamogawa: they are underestimating us. They are probably thinking a Japanese fighter is not something to really worry about. Bastards...If I was still in my prime I'd crush them myself... Damn them! Malcolm gedo...

page 11

wanpo: wan wan!
ippo: manabu's not coming. He's late these days. I'm sure he has some reason.

page 12

ippo: It's good that I've let loose but I still feel like I want to practice more. Like sparing with a person with longer reach. Going down fighting my hardest is something I can accept but this time....

page 13

ippo: Well.. it's not like I'm fighting for someone else but..I really dont want to lose this time!!

ippo: I think if i spare with aoki or kimira san it would be helpful. Maybe if I get used to the distance of people above my weightclass...But if it still stretches during the match....!? Takamura-san has really long reach, if I ask for his help, he'd gladly do it. But I probably would be alive to fight my match....

page 14

ippo: Practicing outside today?

kamogawa: uh huh. Even though all you can do is move foward, I thought it would still be a good idea to get prepared.

ippo: It's been forever since I've sparred outside. For practice, I'll go anywhere, fight with anyone!

kamogawa: A boxer with long reach was hard to find....especially around your weightclass. I could only think of one man that could help. Knowing I'd probably get denied I asked but they gave me the "okay."

ippo: wow, I'm so happy.

page 15

ippo: th...this is a joke right?

kamogawa: arent you happy?

ippo: You cant be serious! I cant be thanking you for this!

kamogawa: You said you'd spar with anyone!!

mashiba: I don't want to really do it with you either. I don't even like to see your face.

ippo: s see.

yagi: The two coaches already decided that you two would fight.

page 16

mashiba's coach: His 1 yr probation is almost over. Mashiba will be fighting the OPBF champion for his comeback fight.

ippo: OPBF title match!? He's going to fight the champion on his first day back!?

mashiba's coach: The champion is actually a bullfighter that resembles you.

kamogawa: I think both of our fighters can gain some important experience out of this. You should be taking this to heart, be grateful.

mashiba's coach: oh no no, we are the one's who are grateful.

kamogawa: as soon as your ready we'll start.

ippo: yes

mashiba: che

page 17

mashiba's coach: mashiba is taking out the headgear...so this must mean he respects ippo's power. He's serious.

ippo: Actually...there is no better opponent than this!!

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#1. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Feb 19, 2007
wow nice :) How about asking him to join?
#2. by クリスチャン ()
Posted on Feb 19, 2007
Already did, but he said he's busy.

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