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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Heroman 3

New Comer

+ posted by kuskun as translation on Feb 19, 2010 09:43 | Go to Heroman

-> RTS Page for Heroman 3

Heroman 03
Translated by kuskun
For use by Keishou

- topleft) 3rd Chapter, following great feedback!!
middle) Stand and fight

- p1) A new threat approaches!!
b1) Let's try leaving this planet's matters up to its inhabitants...
- b1) It will be interesting to see what strength this species has.
- b1) Gogol-sama
b2) The Experimental Body seems to have arrived
- b1) Good. Send out the troops to receive it...
b2) !?

- b1) Please pardon me, Gogol-sama
- b1) They spoke of our species insultingly...
- b1) I couldn't help it
- b1) The three of us return to your services.

- b1) Oh... What a fun bunch you are, eliminating subordinates like that...
b2) However
- b1) Are you failures
b2) Who disobey me?
- b1) Certainly not...
b2) The bodies and strength that we have received from Gogol-sama... We feel nothing but gratitude for your gift!
- b1) Accordingly, our wish is simply to use that strength to its utmost.
- b1) ...
b2) Very well...

- b1) I will grant your group a ship.
- b1) I leave it up to you to "thank" our friend down on Earth...

- b1) Well well, same new story as always, huh?
p1) Unidentified Flying Objects - Many say they are enemy warheads!
- b1) We never did figure out what those were, did we?
- p1) It's been a few days since the UFO incident... Center City has calmed down too
p2) It seems they chalked up the explosion at the lab to another of the Professor's failed experiments.

- p1) But that definitely happened.
p2) Heroman and I defeated the Scrag
- p1) But...
- b1) Quit getting ahead of yourself!!
- p1) I realize that it's not like I did anything special...
b1) Here you are!
- b1) As long as peace returns
b2) That's all I want...

- b1) See you all tomorrow!
b2) Yup! Don't be late!
- b1) Denton-Sensei told me to come first thing in the morning. He said it was more anti-Scrag planning.
- b1) But are more really going to come?
- b1) It doesn't seem like anything's gonna happen.

- b1) Whoa! What the hell!?
- b1) What happened, Sai?
b2) Check it out, there was a praying mantis in my hair!
b2 small) Gross!
- b1) Maybe it mistook your hair for its nest?
b2) It's nothing to joke about...
b3) Joey, you've got one on your hood.
- b1) Huh?
- b1) Wh.. whoa!
- b1) They both flew away
b2) That really surprised me
b2 small) When did it get there?

- b1) Anyways, a message from Denton
b2) We're meeting tomorrow at the Factory.
b3) What? We're meeting on Sunday too!?
b3 small) I have to be at work...
- b1) And! Will is gonna be on our case, so be sure to...
b2) "Tell Rina everything," right?
- b1) Right, Joey? <3
b2) I won't let you go off on your own, Sai!
- b1) Huh? Uh... yeah.
b2) Maaan...
b2 small) I let my guard down.

- b1) All right! That does it for morning practice
- b1) Break!
b2) Yes sir!
- b1) Joey!?
b2) That punk is with Rina again!!
- b1) Damn it...!
b2) I'll make it clear... who the real hero is...

- b1) ...Good work
- b1) Hm...
b2) -
b3) I see.
b4) Hm...

- b1) So!? What is it!?
- b1) Nnn-!
- b1) Our information from Gogol-sama... it was accurate after all.
- b1) It seems...
b2) The key to the one who defeated our colleague is held by those individuals.
- b1) I'll go ahead first to give them a proper greeting...

- b1) Grandma, I'm home...
- b1) Oh, welcome home, Joey
- b1) What happened?
b2) You seem pretty tired these days.
b3) Yeah... I'm ok
- b1) I'm just gonna go to sleep.
- b1) Whew~

- b1) Training with Sensei everyday and working part-time is really tiring...
- p1) But Denton-Sensei is working night and day, researching the Scrags to be ready for their next assault...
- b1) But...
b2) It doesn't seem like he's making much progress
- b1) He said that tomorrow we would train together at the factory, Heroman...
b2) I haven't had you transform since that time, huh?

- b1) If there is a next time
b2) Would you fight with me again?
- b1) I believe in you... Heroman

b2) ENGAAAGE!!!!
b2 sfx) Yeaaahhh!!!

- b1) Come on - you're just being pointlessly loud!
b2) And there's no reaction at all...
b3) Is Joey really the only one who can do it?
b3 small) Because my voice has dropped?
- b1) Joey!!
b2) Y.. yes?
- b1) That Heroman-
b2) Will you let me take it apart?
- b1) No way.
b2) So quick...
- b1) *sigh*, My "Heroman Duplication Plan"...

- b1) Then will you at least let me study the post-transformation Heroman!?
b2) Yeah, all right...
- b1) HEROMAN...
- b1) ENGAAAAGE!!!

- b1) Wow
- b1) Each time I see it
- b1) Amazing!

- b1) But this incredibly strong form!
b2) Um, please don't touch him too much
b2 small) It's gross
- b1) Kyaaa!
- b1) What happened, Rina??
b2) What... is that? There are so many of them...
- b1) Huh?
- b1) W...what!?
b2) Is that...

- b1) Wha...
b2) What..!!?

- b1) *Creak*
- b1) !!?

- b1) Greetings, everyone. My name is
b2) Ezzui
- b1) According to Gogol-sama's orders
b2) I've come here to meet all of you...

- b1) A Scrag!?
b2) So you came after all! What do you want from me!?
- b1) Oh no, I have no business with you anymore
b2) I came here to see...
- b1) You! The white one standing there!
- b1) I want you to have fun with that strength you used to defeat our colleague...
- p1) What... what is this feeling!?
p2) He's nothing like the one that came last time!

- b1) Hey, wait!!!
b2) I'm the hero! Those guys have nothing to do with it!!!
- b1) Will!?
b2) Oniichan!?
b3) What the hell are you doing!?
- b1) Listen up, Joey!!
b2) I'm going to prove that right now! Rina, you watch too!

- b1) Aaaaahhh!!
- b1) Meaningless...

- b1) What!!?
b2) Shit!!
- b1) ...! But with this, it'll still...
- b1) Whoa!!
- b1) Take that, you bug freak!!
b2) This is a chemical factory! I know they would explode on impact!!

- b1) Oniichan!!
b2) Will!!

- b1) Oniichan...
b2) Oniichan, are you ok!?
- b1) What... What are you doing!?
- b1 small) Now now
b1) You were the ones who attacked in the first place.
b2) I really have no interest in humans.
- b1) I'll repeat myself. The one I need is you, the white one.
b2) I hope you'll make it worth my while...

- p1) Too... too strong...
p2) Heroman... is being pushed back!?

- b1) He... Heroman...
b2) Atta...

- b1) Heroman!!!
- p1) His right arm!? Oh no...
p2) I... What should I do?...

- b1) Are you done already?
b2) What a disappointment
- b1) U...
b2) U...Uh
- b1) Uwaaahh!!
- b1) I have already told you...
- b1) I have no business with individual humans!
b2) Gah...!!

- b1) Joey!?
b2) Joey!!
- b1) But very well... If you wish for death that strongly
- b1) I'll let you both die
b2) Right here, together.
- b1) ...Damn...
b2) Die!!

- b1) Hm!
- b1) ...What is it?
b2) I don't plan on playing around forever...
- b1) ...Very well
- b1) ...*sigh*...
- b1) If it's a direct order from Gogol-sama, I have no choice...

- b1) It's unfortunate, but I'm afraid we'll have to end things here today.
b2) We are pretty busy, after all.
- b1) But since we have marked you as our target,
b2) You are all fated to battle us again eventually!
- b1) Give up on any hope you had for peace on this planet
b1 small) Fufufu

- b1) Let's pick up where he left off here soon
b2) Mr. Heroman...
- b1) Fufufuhahahaha
p1) A sudden strong opponent,
Heroman is damaged...
Joey can do nothing but sit there...

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