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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gamaran 37

Gamaran 37

+ posted by kuskun as translation on Feb 20, 2010 04:12 | Go to Gamaran

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Gamaran 37
Translated by kuskun
For use by Keishou

- b1) It seems like Muraku-san won't butt into our one-on-one fight.
b2) So come on,
b3) Ninja-kun
- b1) I'll make you regret targeting us from the bottom of your heart
- b1) ...
p1) This isn't good...
- b1) The binding technique wore off, and it's one-on-one now...
- p1) In that case-
p2) Will he use that technique!?

- b1) What!?
- b1) A simple vertical swing!?
b2) Gh!

- p1) But this guy's speed is incredible.
p2) If I'm not careful, he'll get me!!
- b1) Damn, is it because of my wound? My movements aren't too good
p1) But why isn't he using that move?
- p1) Is there some reason...?
p2) Well in any case, if he's not gonna use it...
- p1) That just means that I'll win!!
- p1) Just so you know,
p2) You didn't exactly beat my binding technique
- p1) As long as you can't dodge these small shurikens...
p2) I can keep doing it over and over!!

- p1) This time, as soon as the technique gets him-
- p1) I'll cut!!
- p1) He's in! The third level..
- p1) The Three-Step Range!
- b1) Listen up, Gama. This third level
- b1) It's actually slower than the second!
- b1) Huh?

- b1) But when you did it, it definitely disappeared...
b2) What was that, then!?
b3) Heh, I made it look like it disappeared.
- b1) The third level, unlike the second, isn't a linear movement.
b2) So the difficulty increases, but... It disappears! It's impossible to dodge!
- b1) Ju, Kou, and Zan - the third level is composed of these three elements.
b2) Jukouzan...
b3) That's right
- p1) So when you use those three elements together, you need a particular distance. That is...
p2) The Three-Step Range
- b1) When you lead the enemy into this range
b2) This is goodbye, Saizou.
- b1) Huh?
b2) And perform the 3rd level

- p1) You will become a bolt of lightning!!
b1) That's Narukami's range
- b1) Huh!? That stance...
* p1) Kanji reads "Ju"
- b1) First move - Fall forward, and using that momentum...
b2) !!!

- b1) Move diagonally forward of the enemy
p1) He's coming!
- p1) But...
- p1) With this kind of speed...
- b1) Second move

* p1) Kanji reads "Kou"
- b1) Cross your legs to create an unbalanced stance
b2) Using your momentum as you fall sideways, suddenly-
- p1) Sudden change of direction!
p2) And simultaneously
- p1) Sudden acceleration!!
- b1) At such a close distance to your enemy, you switch from "forward" to "sideways"
b2) This sudden change in direction of your movement...

- b1) Nobody will be able to follow it!!
- b1) What!?
- p1) Impossible, he disappeared?
p2) Where did he go...
- b1) Over here
b2) !
- p1) It can't be...

- p1) How
p2) Did you get there...
- b1) Third move
b2) Aaaahhh!!!
* p1) Kanji reads "Zan"

- p1) Naru
- p1) Kami
* God's Cry

- b1) ...Hm
- b1) !!
- p1) Im...Impossible...
- p1) To think that I...
p2) Would lose in a place like this...
- b1) Narukami...
b2) Can't be dodged.

- b1) Definitely not after seeing it just one or two times!
- b1) ...
b2) ...Kuku...
- p1) Narukami, huh?
- b1) He... he's strong
b2) That technique... Saizou had no idea where Gama was
- b1) ...So
b2) One left, huh?

- b1) What?
b2) He's gone..
- b1) When did he...
- b1) Yesss!! Here they are, Shin-san! Gama's still alive!
b2) Hm!
b3) Those monkey noises sound familiar!!
b4) Ah!!
- b1) Shin-san and Zenmaru!!
b2) Hmph... of course. I'm on a roll today. I only hit a dead-end twice!!
b3) What do you mean you're on a roll!? And we hit 3 dead-ends!!
b4) You're never allowed to run in front again!!

- b1) !
b2) Listen!
b3) Hm..
- b1) I thought you guys would need backup, but...
- b1) Oh, those three guys weren't me.
b2) What? ...Now that you mention it, they're not sword wounds.
- b1) Until just now, there was a bald pervert called Muraku.
b2) Oh, that baldie!?
b3) Hm... so he retreated once we arrived!
- p1) ...I can't think that this is the end of it...
p2) Matsumoto Muraku will definitely return...
- p1) ...
p2) I need to finish things off with him...

- b1) Hah! So he saw me and got scared, right?
b2) Definitely not.
b3) Know your place, you stupid monkey.
b4) Whaat!?
- p1) Kukuku. I was able to see something good today
p2) To think he beat that Saizou so completely
- p1) Without a doubt, you're the real thing, Gama-kun.
- p1) It's embarassing, but I seem to have gotten a little bit too excited...
p2) I was about to forget myself for a second there...

- p1) Especially that move he used to finish off Saizou
p2) The one called "Narukami"
- p1) That movement...
p2) Was just like a bolt of lightning
- b1) ...
p1) I'm finally calming down a bit...
- p1) Gama-kun...
p2) I'll definitely come fight you one-on-one.
- p1) At that time, your special "Namakami"...
p2) I'll defeat it!!

- p1) I wonder why... We're always on the brink, but I feel like these guys can help me win the competition.
b1) Ginmaru, how are you still alive?
b2) What the hell do you mean!?
b3) Hey, monkeys and dogs shouldn't fight.
- p1) No...
p2) I will sacrifice anything to win...
- p1) I'm not mistaken, right?
p2) Mother?...
- b1) !?
- b1) Ah!!
b2) !
- b1) Na..Naoyoshi-san!?
p1) Next time! Episode 38!! Naoyoshi's Past!!?
- p1) The leader collapses!

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