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MiXiM♀12 86

DODO and Shadow Matter 2

+ posted by kuskun as translation on Mar 4, 2010 21:20 | Go to MiXiM♀12

-> RTS Page for MiXiM♀12 86

Mixim 86
Trans by Kuskun
For use by Keishou

- b1) BB0's Base: Planet Kokab
p1) Stewm tells... of Shadow Matter's past...

- b1) *gasp*
b2) Help me...!!
b3) Aaahhh!!!
- b1) I'm gonna die!!
b2) I'm gonna dieeee!!!
- b1) Who were the energetic ones
b2) Who said "I'm not scared," and "If you eat me I'll curse you to death"?
b3) Come on, swim harder!
- b1) I'll blast another one if you stop moving.
p1) They've stopped passing out after two days
p2) I'm excited to see their growth.
- p1) I wonder if this is what a father feels like when he has a new child?

- b1) Huh?
- b1) Pandora is really raising those two kids?
b2) *Hiccup*
b3) Yes...
b4) He said "Do whatever you want, as long as it's not Polaris".
- b1) It's so annoying...!!
b2) Pandora-san hasn't even spoken a word to me yet...
b3) Hipolyte-san, please say something too!!

- b1) Pandora has gotten old.
b2) 50 years ago, he was even crazier than me.
- b1) He must have gotten pretty soft if he's raising children!!
b2) At sea, and in the mountains -
b3) Those two are training without even resting to sleep.
- b1) That mountain with the sharpest peak -
b2) You'd better keep an eye on it, DODO.

- b1) Huh?
- b1) It's where they're training. Check on it every day.
b2) If you get too complacent by acting like a king all the time,
b3) You're not gonna notice when the tables turn and the bottom comes out on top.
- b1) Even Heigar-san is saying things like that...
b2) DODO-dono, don't worry about it...

- b1) Wheee!
- b1) Hey!! Come on, how long are you going to play around!? Arachne! Neme-chan!!
b2) We're going back to the mountain!!
- b1) Pandora!! Today's the day you're going to give us the "Star's Divine Protection", right?
b2) Yup!!
b3) Arachne wants a pretty move!!
- b1) Hmm? What kinds of things do you like, Arachne?
b2) Bugs!!!
b3) Bugs...?

- b1) These past few months, the 3 from Shadow haven't moved at all...
b2) BB0 is quiet.
- b1) It's too quiet...
b2) It's like...
- p1) Before a storm
p2) When the ripples in the air stop completely
- p1) This air is...
- b1) Hey Crete!!
b2) Was that mountain always shaped like that?

- b1) Hey! Nemesis!!
b2) Pandora hasn't come by very often lately.
- b1) I hope he'll come soon...
b2) I've gotten the feeling before, but...
b3) Arachne, you have a crush on Pandora, don't you?
- b1) What!!! A kid like you is teasing me!?
b2) We're the same age.
b3) And Pandora-san is about 300 years older.
b4) Shut uuuup!!!!

- b1) ...I'm starving... I'm thirsty...
- p1) Watch that mountain every day, DODO
b1) While I'd been drunk for 150 days...!!?
b2) The mountain... the mountain is...!!?
- p1) If you get too complacent by acting like a king all the time,
p2) You're not gonna notice when the tables turn and the bottom comes out on top

- b1) The mountain is gone...!!
b2) And on top of that...!!
b3) There's a giant valley where it used to be...!!!
- p1) ...Those kids...!!?
- b1) BOO!!

- p1) Mix.86 / DODO and Shadow Matter 2

- side) A battle scene so tense it's hard to breathe!!
- b1) This battle test is the real deal, you two!! He's a hot shot!!
b2) The Blasting Heigar, one of the 3 Shadow Matter!
- b1) How far should I go, Pandora?
b2) Hm?
b3) You can fight with intent to kill.
- p1) ...That's not it
p2) I need to fight with intent to kill
- p1) That pig who just eats and drinks all day won't realize it, but...
p2) If I fight these guys condescendingly
p3) I'll die.

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