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Jade Dynasty 6

+ posted by Day as translation on Mar 12, 2011 19:27 | Go to Jade Dynasty

-> RTS Page for Jade Dynasty 6


The use of these translations are prohibited without the permission of Kyouria or The Company Scanlation. International Groups may contact me by PM. Thank you!

MK: A few days passed since I returned to the Thousand Sword Clan.

MK: However I still thought of the maiden.

MK: Maehwa.

MK: Lord of the Black Wind’s daughter.
/ The woman who saved me.

MK: It was a short meeting and my thoughts changed a lot.

MK: I learned that they [the magyo] weren’t so different from us.
/ And…

MK: That there were people with warm hearts…

SFX: Du ru ruuk
??: Good morning. Baek Mookyul.

MK: Ah…. Sunbae.

T/N: Sunbae is a term for senior.

MK: What is the matter?

MK: Ever since we were little, So Yeonha Sunbae and I trained together at Thousand Swords.

YH: … You were a little weird lately.
/ I came here because I was curious.

MK: Is it because we knew one another since childhood.
/ That she knows and wants to know everything about me.

MK: I really cannot hide anything from this person.

YH: …
/ Tell me.

MK: Right now, I have two problems.
/ The first is the feelings I have for Maehwa.

MK: And the other is….

MK: My body has a problem.

YH: Just what kind of problem is it…
/ … that we have to come all the way out here to see it?

MK: ….

SFX: Syaaaaaaaa

YH: !!

SFX: Kwa—KWANG !! (Claa—CLAANG!!)

YH: Black, Black Light power…
/ How are you able to use the Black Wind’s power?

MK: ….

MK: By chance, the Guardian of Black Light entered my body.

MK: I explained everything that happened.
/ Meeting Maehwa,
/ how I gained the Huk Light.
/ Everything but my emotions for Maehwa.

MK: So Yeonha Sunbae thought for a long time before speaking.

YH: Let’s keep this as a secret between us two.

YH: As you know, the fact that you have the power of the law, puts you on the spotlight of attention.

YH: But if they discover that you have the Black Wind’s ability, problems will definitely arise.
/ You mustn’t show anyone or use that power.

YH: Do you understand?

To be continued.

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