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Translations: Gintama 691 by kewl0210 , One Piece 910 by cnet128

Yugo 1

Yugo the Negotiator ch1

+ posted by Kyrie Eleison as translation on Aug 24, 2008 11:33 | Go to Yugo

-> RTS Page for Yugo 1

<page 03>

It sure got chilly here auntie.

Huh? Are you alone?
What about the handsome guy who is always with you?

Yugo is in France.

<page 04+05>
Chapter 1 Reunion

<page 06>
How nice... He travels through the world.
It's his job, after all.

Aren't you going with him?
He asks me from time to time but
I usually end up taking care of the housework.

I back him up so he can completely concentrate on his job.
That's my job.

<page 07>
Wow, you are sure something.

Oh my, if it's not Kogure-senpai.

Come on I'm Chiri from the North-Star senior high who was two classes below you.

<page 08>
Nakamura Chiri.

I lost of how long I was at countryside.
You have the same old look.

What are you doing now?

<page 09>
Anyways, Senpai, please put that aside and drink as much as you want.
It's on my tab.

We're going to celebrate this.

Today I've been freed from my debt.

<page 10>
So this is a reward to myself for working so hard!

I don't get good along with men...

<page 11>
Did you got married?

Nah, just living together.
And six months flew by so quickly...

He took a big loan in my name and left me with that burden.

It was really hard for me. I worked day and night and got worn out from all this.

<page 12>
Auntie, alcohol!
Give me alcohol please!

But now, everything is over!

You look good tonight.

You really did work hard.

<page 13>
And then...
I changed my mind.

Senpai, if you drink....

Hey, Chiri!

<page 14>

<page 15>
What's up with this place?

<page 16>
You're awake?


Sorry for causing you trouble...
It couldn't be helped you were completely out, after all.

<page 17>
You liked the mecha stuff since senior high.
It's really amazing.


Are you familiar with cellphones?

<page 18>
A customer dropped his cellphone on the store I was working till the day before yesterday. But I can't reach him.

I'll return it once I can find the owner.
Let me take a look.

The connection to the battery has been sewered.

<page 19>
It's a prepaid cellphone.

There's no name on it.

Then I don't have to return it.

<page 20>
What's up with this...

Aren't all these invalid notices?
No they are different from invalid notices and faulty ones.

All the calls that were made and came to this phone are international calls.

<page 21>
Thanks for everything, Kogure-senpai.
I'm glad we met again.

See you.

<page 22>

She forgot it. here.

It's from North Korea.

<page 23>
Hello. Senpai?
Chiri, is that you?

You forgot the cellphone here.
[i used it.] {mad a call}
I figured who dropped this. He said that the cellphone very important to him.

<page 24>
[He said he'd come to thank.]

[However it'd be pretty bad if it's not the real owner.]
[should I give you a copy of the data?]

Just give it back.

Where should I send it?

<page 25>

<page 26>
I'm sorry for calling you out of the blue.

This place is a little...
Shall we go somewhere else?

That cellphone must be really important to you.

<page 27>
Then let's exchange it with the money we agreed
right here.

I see. You really thought about all that.

<page 28>

<page 29>
This is bad!

<page 30>
Oh, Kine-san.

Please don't be upset now.

I made a copy of the cellphone's data.

<page 31>
From tomorrow on, if my friend doesn't receive a video mail of me saying that I'm all right,
this data will be made public.

That bitch!

<page 32>
The police officer is looking at us, you know.

<page 33>
Thanks for today, Senpai.

Are you stupid?!
Do you understand with whom you got involved?!

Don't think you can get easily away after blackmailing the yakuza.

You're going to be killed.

What should I do now?

<page 34>
Senpai, you're not going to forsake me...

Will you?

Anyways come to my place first.
For now we will keep a low profile.

<page 35>
No way...

They found about me too!

<page 36>
Chiri, be honest now.
What are you hiding?

You're my accomplice now.
Let's run away.

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#1. by Alan Smithee ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2008
Thanks so much! Yeh the manga seems a lot cooler than the anime. I'll get started on this after my work today.
#2. by ginrai ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2008
somebody is gonna scanlate yugo the negitiator!?this is the best news i've heard in a long while since the anime only covers 1/4 of the manga(although the anime was good but it really did feel incomplete and the OST wasn't really good).

now if only somebody would continue scanlating chaosic rune(+ES)
#3. by enigman ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2008
OMG!!! I waited this for several years!!!

Where do you guys get the raws???

Edit: from the translation, I think it's the sequel of the original manga. On mangaupdate, there are several Yugo titles adding up too.

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