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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Heureka 1

Heureka ch01

+ posted by Kyrie Eleison as translation on Sep 2, 2008 12:38 | Go to Heureka

-> RTS Page for Heureka 1

Heureka is from the same mangaka who did Historie. Heureka is a pretty cool tribute to how to kick asses a la Archimedes style.

This translation is reserved for Euthanasia and Illuminati-Manga (they even bought the manga so please show them some respect). Please only use this translation only for reading purpose.

<page 02>
218 BC Italian peninsula {or italia?}

<page 03>
Against the 76000 man strong Roman army

the 5000 man strong Karthago army.

<page 04>
Roman army. {lit regular army}

Hell yeah!

Don't fuck with us!

Celtic troops.

<page 08>
カルタゴ軍司令官 ハンニバル
Karthago army commander Hannibal.

<page 09>
Make the cavalries of the left wing get in the second battle formation.
Cavalries of the left wing! Get in the second battle formation!

Karthago army Ibérican cavalries.

<page 10>
What this?!
What's going on?!

General! The enemy is behind us, too!

<page 11>
The battle took a one-sided development.

<page 12>
The battlefield turned into a moor. The 76000 man strong Roman army was encircled by the numerically inferior enemy army and lost 50000 soldiers.

<page 13>
The battle of Cannae... The genius Hannibal's way too perfect victory made at that time a big shock for the countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

<page 14>
Roman army span

Karthago army span


Hannibal's advance {lit: advance path/route}







Macedonia, the strong country of the east who was watching over the progress of the war, signed an alliance with Karthago.
The supposedly "almighty," Roman Republic which was aiming to become the supreme ruler of the countries around the Mediterranean Sea was experiencing its biggest crisis...

Iberica of the west, Celts of the north and Macedonia of the east have become our allies.
Which leaves Sicilia in the south....

When you speak of of Sicilia, Siracusa comes to mind.
General, the man I mentioned before has come.

Let him in.

<page 15>
H-Hello, General Hannibal.
I'm Epicudes from Siracusa.

Epicudes, a refugee from Siracusa saw the genius Hannibal's command and grew an adoration toward him.

You're quite reliable. I'll arrange the necessary funds and soldiers from Karthago.

Haha! I'll return back to my fatherland immediately.
We, as Karthago will completely seize Siracusa.

I'll leave it to you... When the day of success comes, you will own the whole island of Sicila. {lit daybreak}

Yes sir!

<page 16>
Oh right, Siracusa had a prodigy, too.
I wonder if he'll cooperate.

But of course!

On the other hand the Roman side that experienced an ignominious defeat...
I know what Hannibal's aiming for!

<page 17>
Roman senate
You're trying to say that Rome's dignity will sink and will be estranged by the allied nations if it keeps fighting wars, aren't you?
Exactly that's why we have to overturn the deafeat!
You can sure say it that easily.

That greenhorn can win, you say?!

He is...
Living on battlefields since he was born! He's about 30 years old. We will dispatch him as an apprentice. {年季 uh cant find a better word for apprentice}

As an apprentice?!

Then how about if we hire an apprentice who also grew up on battlefields?
He'll have full authority of our glorious Roman army and will be well payed.

<page 18>
An apprentice for the general position... One name comes to my mind.

He didn't retire, did he?


With he you mean...
"The Sword of Rome"!

I see, "The Sword of Rome"!

"The Sword of Rome"! General Marcellus!

<page 19>
Siracusa, Sicilia.

Excuse me... Is this the shop of Mrs. Theimon?
Indeed. What do you want?

<page 20>
There's someone who's lodging here...

Say it yourself!

Well he looks so-so...
He has a strange name...

A strange name...

Ah! You mean Damippos, right?

Right, right! Damippos!

And is he...
At home now?

He's not at home.
He took his lunch and went out.
With a girl.

A girl?!

<page 21>
On top of that a Roman girl.
He just has a weakness for them despite of being a spartan...

Y-Y-Y-Yeah, indeed...
A weakness, indeed.

This is the third one.
Nowadays such weak people are not "in".

Boy this is complicated...

Hey! How far are you planning to go?

<page 22>
Let's eat here.
I'm tired...

You must be kidding, aren't you? We just walked a few steps.

Just a bit more.

Ah... What a nice breeze...

Are you really a spartan?

To the core.

<page 23>
It's here.

Hey, hey! If you simply wander in there, you will be scolded by the guards.

It's okay. There's no one here.

<page 24>
This place is called "Tower of Bad Luck." That's why the soldiers don't really come close to it.

I wonder why is it called "bad luck."

If there'd be a war, only the soldiers in this tower will be slaughtered.

<page 25>
But there are fissures. Look.

The enemy can somehow climb up down from the cliff and attack the tower.
Oh, I see.

I wonder if I can get down...
That's dangerous! Stop it!

Let's go up.

<page 26>
Look! This is my special seat! {or special place would be better}

Pretty good, huh? You can see the see and Mt. Etna.
It would be great to decorate the bath's wall with a painting of this scenery.

<page 27>

Say... Why did you came here to Siracusa?

<page 28>
My home town, Sparta is currently a mess. The order and people's hearts are in a total dissonance...

I was really surprised when I went to Athenes. It was just splendid.

However here in Siracusa it's much better. That's why I decided to live here.

So you escaped from there leaving your home town...
Well... That's not a good story to be proud of...


But after finally coming to this city, the situation became a little fishy.
The people are pestered between the Roman and Karthago factions.

<page 29>
If this city is taken over by Karthago... What will happen to my home?

It should be fine, don't you think so too? Even though you are Roman, you are still an ordinary citizen of Siracusa.

Oh right...

How about hiring me as a bodyguard?
I'm a fearless spartan after all!
Oh boy... How reliable...

But you know, Damippos...
You have...

Such a weird name!
Zip it.
I saw that coming.

<page 30>
Isn't the city somehow too lively?

Long live Siracusa!

Long live Siracusa!

<page 31>
What in the world is this...
Milady Claudia!

What's going on?!
You cannot go back to the mansion!
Soldiers from Karthago are there!

Soldiers from Karthago?

W-Who is that?

He's my friend.
But... What did happen?

Both the town council and the royal palace is taken over by the Karthagons. {karthagons? is that correct way of saying that?}
It seems there were many casualities as well...

<page 32>
Before anyone noticed, the Karthagon soldiers got mixed among the locals and were searching for a Roman person!

No way!

Yes... Your mother, father and brother were all...

Don't go!

Y-You... I beg of you! Please hide milady!
Just an hour is fine!
O-Okay... But...

I'll be back by night!

<page 33>
It can't be that...
This is too sudden...

It has been 48 years since we surrendered to Rome!
We were like animals that bowed their heads and ate the bait thrown to us by the alliance!

<page 34>
But listen up! I saw the towns of Rome with my own eyes and was surprised!
It was a beautiful scenery that couldn't be compared with Siracusa.
I was left in awe that I couldn't even speak!

That bunch pretending to be our masters shower us with orders!
Let's stop showing our tail to those who are inferior to us!
Let us become at least an independent nation!

That's the ally that will discuss matters with Siracusa in equal terms!

<page 35>
General Hannibal who always triumphed through his battles as the victor will have the whole Sicilia Island after the war end!

He promised to give us, Siracusa that territory!

And that is our, the Siracusans dearest wish we forgot long ago!

<page 36>
And then we will be truly an indepdendent nation! Then we can talk with any nation equally!
We will be much stronger after setting foot in the land of Hellas (Greece)! A more graceful nation is about to be born here!

<page 37>
Long live Siracusa!
Long live Siracusaaa!

To be honest that was a pretty good reaction. "The opposition" is now gone, too.


Hey, take care of this!
Siracusa, which was with Alexandria in the same level as Greece's highest class colonized city, annulled it's covenant with Rome that lasted over many years and fastened its bonds with Karthago.

<page 38>
You are...

And? Did you find the whereabout of my father and the others?

<page 39>
Wel... They have been taken away to some place within the town...
But currently I have no idea about their whereabouts.

Why... Why?! We too are citizens of Siracusa!
We are born and grown up here... Why would this happen at such a day?!

Anyways you can't stay here forever. Someone must have become acquaintance with her.
Soon or later Karthagon soldiers will know about her too.

We need a bigger place...
Don't you have a place to hide? {lit room}

<page 40>
Oh, right... How about the place of the Professor your father met?

With professor... Do you mean Professor Archimedes?

Yes! He too is a Roman!
On top of that he is a relative of the previous king of Siracusa and thus cannot be associated with the Karthagons!

Let's go! It's better than wasting time here!

[Chapter 1 End]

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