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Bastard!! 87

+ posted by L0ki as translation on Aug 22, 2009 22:08 | Go to Bastard!!

-> RTS Page for Bastard!! 87

Crime and Punishment
The final battle

-That little dragon was you!
-I can't believe it!


(Lars Wool, prince of Metalicana! (He became a dragon knight 17 years ago and fought D.S.!
-He's handsome!
O... ouji-sama {P... prince

-Gio, grandma, Sheila...it's been so long... -but I can't explain much right now.

-Ansurax has killed the dragon knight who fused with me 17 years ago!
-And who was supposed to fuse with the chosen one!

-But thanks to that I've recovered my memory...
-and my human form...

-The dragon knight, the most powerful warrior of good...
-was an enchanted prince?!

-It can't be true!

-Gio, listen to me...
-When the dragon knight gets a human soul, it becomes invincible!

-that power isn't divine.


-What?! What are you talking about?!
-What do you mean?!
He's younger


-Hah x2

What I mean is... that we've lost...
the chance to beat Ansurax like it was done before...

How are you going to fight now, D.S.?!

<bari bari <bari


-You're saying that D.S. will fight Ansurax directly?
-Grr... Abigail, you're one of us, how could you...?
-Everything has been in vain...

-Abigail, you know that magic alone can't defeat Ansurax!
-If D.S. dies, our plans will be ruined!

The time has come...


-What strength...
-what is that monster...?!

Is humankind destined to dissappear one day? Maybe...

-Darsh, what can you do against that monster...?

-Abigail, if D.S. gets hurt... it'll be your fault! -I'll never forgive you!
-Enough, Nei!
-You too, Karls...?!

I left the Ten Sages and accepted your proposal, D.S. ...

-Haven't you noticed? Take a good look at D.S.

soon you'll be the winner.

-This is what he wants!
-He wants to fight!
-He's ready to duel... -against the strongest of monsters!

-It's in his nature! He can't go against his fighting instinct!

-He doesn't do it for love or to save the world...

He and Ansurax are no more than...
creatures thrown into battle...
created and thrown away by their masters.

The bastard children of darkness...

(I was waiting for you...

(You're dead...

(The only remaining hope of mankind...

(the protector of the world... the dragon knight has died!

(Despite his blinded armor...
(I tortured him before taking his soul. It was fun! (Ha ha ha!

(How painful, eh, D.S.? Ha ha ha!


(There's nothing left for you to do...
(I wonder if I should tear you apart right now or make you suffer a little before... (Ha ha ha!)

-Please, bitch... you think you're scaring me with that?


-You really suck!
-That crap won't even tickle me!
-Come here so I can kick your ass!

(Damn you, insect!


(Die! Die!

He's not even moving

(I'll kill you!

(You have condemned yourselves!


(God's will cannot be changed!

-Ha ha...
-That's it?



-Ha ha ha ha!

-Whoa! What a sneaky idiot!
-Who's the idiot?
-He's dodging Ansurax's attacks!

-Ha ha ha ha!

-He's really happy...
-looks like he's having fun...

I hadn't realized how strong he'd become...

-That's right, he has surpassed Ansurax's level.
-The space-time distortion protected him from the ship's cannons...

It seems that D.S. has understood this as well, but...
-if he can't damage her, he'll end up losing.


(If you run away the fight will be over!
(You're pathetic! Ha ha ha!

-Now I'll show you, bitch!

-Martial Law!

-She modified the space to protect herserlf...

(It's justice, D.S.! Ha ha ha! I told you already...
(magic can't do anything to a goddess like me!


-I told you already too...

-you're fucked!
Announcement <3 this suit was designed by Shinkaida Tetsuyaro






-What's is...?!

-It's an energy blast!

(The final battle...
(is starting!

(Dark Schneider!

-We can't just stand here and watch!
-We have to help D.S.!

-We have to fight Ansurax!


-Shen, -Vai,

-Kai... and you generals, listen...

-This could be our last fight.

-We must do everything we can to win!

-But Ansurax resists even the power of the Ten Sages!

-The usual techniques won't work on her.

-But we'll fight her anyway!

We must give our strength...
and place our hope on D.S.


(Come, let us join forces
(and help D.S.!

-Get ready to give your lives!

-Kiiiing Maaashiii!

-Let's go!


-Heh... you're useless!

-You can keep creating force fields to protect yourself,
-but you'll have to create an opening to attack!

-Ha ha ha! You don't have a chance!
-Piece of shit!

(Damn you...!

-I won't let you revive again!

-Take this!

-Come out, wailers!
-Let the flesh and blood be freed from the bones!

-The pain of the blood that runs through the flesh that hangs from the bones!


-Well, well...


-Look at D.S.' shoulders and stomach!

-Yuuu... deee... ooooh...!

-It's them...
-the wailers!

-What kind of trick is that?
-Those three demons were devoured by D.S. to absorb their powers.

-Crow's grace...
-Look, their eyes were closed to seal their powers.

-Guardian beast...

-Gods' prey...

-I've only seen him use them once. -With those three additional mouths...
-he can cast four spells at a time!

-What?! That's...!
-It's impossible!

-His magic...

-really is way over our own.


-the spells that he'll use... -are ours!


-Take these four deadly spells!

-Let the thorns of death swallow you!


-That's my spell!



-Ooh! All those thorns...!


-King of hell and his retinue...

-faithfulness from their servants as strong as ice!



-That's Karls' spell!

-My secret spell... it can't be!



(This can't be happening!
(A human can't defeat a higher being!

(D.S... what are you?!

-Lightning, bow to my will and fall from the sky!

-Isn't that Nei's...?!

That spell still hasn't been perfected... it can turn into a lightning explosion!



-Are you having trouble creating your shields?!

-Heh heh... I'm not gonna let you run away.

-Take a good look at what's coming!
-Look and start screaming!

-Glen kene hill halford!

-A magic belt!

(It turned into a solid sphere!
(Now she can't run away!

-Creating this kind of prision...!

-He'll destroy the ship too!

-Now you're at my mercy, second rate god!
-I'm gonna blow up your guts!








(Damn you, insect!
(Do you intend to destroy God?!

(You will... regret this!


(S... stop...

(You imbecile! Your end was decided 400 years ago! Don't you understand?!

-Wanna walk out through the red carpet?!

-I'll send you back to hell!
-Darkness' ultimate power...

-Take it!!



-Ha ha ha! You second rate god!




-he did it...

-Amazing! D.S. beat Ansurax!


-What's going on?!

(This shockwave...


-Watch out!


-Miss! Abigail!







<beep x3

-It... it can't be...!

-What... what has happened?

This is the end of D.S....
he's dead!

-They killed each other?

<beep beep


What's that?!



-Ah... thanks, Abigail, you saved my life.
Haah... that was close...
-It's just my duty, miss Yoko.

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