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Coffee Jikan 10

Riding on the Waves of Winter

+ posted by Laika as translation on Jun 15, 2009 04:56 | Go to Coffee Jikan

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好評12ページ連載 第10話 冬の波乗り
The acclaimed 12 page serial. Chapter 10: Riding on the Waves of Winter
(or riding the winter waves, riding winter's waves)

Coffee is bitter. That bitterness gives depth to the flavor of life.
(There's a play on words here as ajiwai can mean flavor and also meaning, but I don't which way would be best to express that. Maybe, "That bitterness gives depth to the flavor and meanings of life." Or just, "That bitterness adds depth to the flavorful meanings of life. etc.")

海辺に男がふたり。探偵 山崎再登場。
Two men by the seashore. Detective Yamazaki takes the stage again.
(Or makes his reappearance, whatever suits your tastes)

火村さん。。。 火村たけるさんですね?
Himura-san... You're Himura Takeru-san, correct?
。。。 あなたは?
... And you are?

失礼しました ぼく 東京の探偵社の者で、山崎といいます。
I'm sorry, I'm [a person] from a detective agency in Tokyo. Name's Yamazaki.

A detective agency?

What could a detective want from me?
あのー 水木さんご存知ですよね? 水木志朗さん
Um- You're aquainted with a Mizuki-san, yes? Mizuki Shirou-san.
I came here on a job for him.

He would like you to read this.

And, if you agree to the contents within, I have one more letter of consent that he would like you to sign.
と まあ そういう依頼でやってきたんです
Or so, that is the request I have come to fulfill, as it were

納得しなかったら? あんたが力づくでムリヤリ書かせるんですか?
And if I don't consent? Are you going to make me sign it by force?
いやいや とんでもない そんなことできませんよ
No! No! Don't be ridiculous, I can't do something like that.

ただ ぼくも仕事でしてね、手ブラじゃ帰れないんです
Though, this is my job afterall, I can't go back empty handed.

Do you know the contents of what's written in here?
いえ 全然
No. Not at all.

Isn't it cold?
It is.
When I come back on shore.

Would you like to have some coffee?

I had the cafe by the station brew some for me.

The coffee there is pretty good.

Yamazaki-san, do you surf?
いや~ むりですよ ぼく泳げないし でも気持ち良さそうでしたね
No, no way. I can't even swim. But it does look quite enjoyable. (Looks like it feels good)
I guess I should've brought a swimming tube. (Innertube)

You did well in finding me way out here.

や まあ 仕事ですからね
Ah, well, it _is_ my job.

Then you must've looked into who I am as well
え あ まあ。。。
Huh? Ah, well...

I met Mizuki 20 years ago in LA.

ぼくはレストランの皿洗い あいつは商店を辞めたばかりで 海で知り合って毎日サーフィンばかりしていた
I was washing dishes at a restaurant. He had just quit his job at his firm. We got aquainted through the ocean. All we did was surf every day.
何をするにも一緒で。。。 それから2人でボードの輸入会社を作って
Whatever we did, it was always together... And then we started a board importing company together.

... Are you planning on stalking me till I sign my name?
ええ まあ 不本意ながら。。。
Eh, well, it's not like I really want to...

I'm gonna be here all night though
キャンプする予定で来たんです 星がきれいですよ
I came here planning to camp over night. The stars are beautiful.

Well, I do have one extra sleeping bag with me
あ~ そりゃ ありがたいですね
Ah- That'd be appreciated

どれ 凪ぐ前にもうひと乗りできそうだ。。。
Well, it looks like I can get one more ride in before it dies out...

If I don't sign then that means that you won't get paid, right?
ええ。。。まあ 経費だけですね
Yeah... Well, just the [investigation] expenses. (traveling, or whatever related expenses it took to find him)

まあでも 久しぶりに遠出したし 海も見られたし それだけでも 良しと ははは。。。
But, you know, it's been a while since I came out this far, and I got to see the ocean. I guess you could say it was worth it just for that, hahaha...
人の気持ちは 他人には変えることはできませんからね
There's no way a bystander could change the feelings/minds of others.

水木さんいってましたよ 本当はあなたに会って謝りたいって
You know, Mizuki-san told me. He said he actually wanted to meet you and apologize.

ねえ 山崎さん 
Hey, Yamazaki-san

Do you think it's possible to forgive someone who you thought was unforgivable.
あー。。。 そうですねえ
Ah-... Well...

若い頃はね そりゃあ 殺したい奴とか 憎くてたまらない相手とか 幾らでもいましたけど。。。
When I was young, there were countless guys that I wanted to kill or people that I hated so much I couldn't stand...

でも どうなのかな。。。
But, how do I put this...
For me, there's might not be anyone who I would truely consider unforgivable...

Yawn *mumble mumble*



Could you heat up the coffee for me so it's ready when I come up-!?

えー!? なんですってー?
Eh-!? What's that you said-?

ええ? 聞こえな~い
Huh? I can't hear yo-u

なんです? なんて言ったんですー!?
What? What did you say-!?

Can a cup of coffee warm a cold person up? (I think this is the best way to say this, since the cold not only refers to him being cold after surfing, but also his feelings toward his former friend. Maybe you guys can think of a better person)
Even if memories are bitter, as long as there's coffee...

I didn't upload this to MH before we used it for the scans. I guess I should.

I hope to find some way to make takeru sound a little more surfer-esque or at least a little more casual. I tried to put some affections that Yamazaki might have in his patterns of speech since he likes theatrics so much.

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