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Coffee Jikan 13

The Tanaka Book Cafe

+ posted by Laika as translation on Jun 24, 2009 13:42 | Go to Coffee Jikan

-> RTS Page for Coffee Jikan 13


Page 1
Coffee Time
Chapter 13 The Tanaka Book Cafe

The high percentage of curve balls thrown by this manga recently is probably just your imagination.

Page 2
I've got a bad feeling about this. One that I can't really seem to shake.

... This is the place?

It can't be...
... But the address matches.

... No matter how you cut it [look at it], it's got to be a warehouse or a work shop...

Well, as long as it's not a warehouse, it'll be nice if they can tell me the location of the shop [cafe] directly...

Page 3
I'm really in a fix, I don't have time for this.
The schedule for this month is pretty tight, I've got to hurry up and collect the data and finish it up.

Uh, excuse me, do you need anything?

A-are you the owner? Of the Tanaka Book Cafe,
Ah, I'm the one who called from, "Very Afternoon." My name is Tagami.
Um... I was scheduled to drop by here today to collect data...

Oh... That... That was supposed to be today?
Yes, it's today!

Ah, well then, please come in.

Page 4
Monthly "Very Afternoon"
Contracted Editor Tagami Keiko
Kabushiki Kaisha Kodansha [Publicly Traded Corporation Kodansha]
Address: 102-0801 Tokyou Metropolis, Bunkyou district [Note: This postal code seems to be fake]
Very Afternoon
E-mail Tagami

"Very Afternoon" is a monthly culture and life magazine published by Kodansha. [Note: Using different Kanji for Kodansha, same reading]

I'm in charge of a section called, "Coffee Time" over there. Every issue we introduce coffee shops and all sorts of different people associated with coffee.

Next issue will be our, "Book Cafe special feature," so we would very much like to introduce shops that aren't well known yet.

And so, when I was looking around on the net, I found your homepage...
Oh, the one that never ever gets updated.

Page 5
So, If you could let me take a look at the shop right away,
Ah, Go ahead.
Right, if you could show me the...

This is it. [This is the shop.]

Wha-!? You mean this isn't... a storage room!?
It's part-storage, part-office, and part-shop.

You just don't know where the lucky finds might be. The concept of this shop is a, "Treasure hunt," so to speak.

Page 6

I see... if you put it that way, it just might be something new...
You could say that it captures the fun and games of the small candy stores of yesteryear... when you were a kid, you'd have a ramune in one hand and slam menko [cards], or you'd play marbles, right? [Menko are a type of playing card, think: pogs]

(I see.) Then, how about the menu...

Um... The menu for the cafe...
Ah! The menu. Right, right.

Uh- we're a bit short at the moment...
Menu [Note: Left to Right]
Roasted Green Tea
Red Tea
Cafe Latte

... I guess I'll have a cafe latte....
Okay, one cafe latte.

Page 7
Ah jeesh, out of powder already...

Paul Newman and Fukamachi Joutarou do this too [Paul Newman: Harper, a hip L.A. private dick whose business has gotten so bad that he's re-using his coffee grounds.][Fukamachi Joutarou, a character from jiken yakagyou (Trouble is my business), a manga by Taniguchi Jiro ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/事件屋稼業_(漫画)]

[Note: Left to Right]
The Independence of Taiwan
Malay Overseas Chinese Merchants-
The words of master Katou Kanji
-War Food and Agriculture
Imperial Farm -
Imperial Troops
The Taiwanese Musha Incident
Mahebo Travel Log
Kawanishi I[can't make out this kanji] Ouhara Katakura Combine
Yasuda Combine
The House of Thorns
The North Bank Unit
Advancement of Literature Overseas

Sorry for the wait.

Do you specialize in modern history?
Ah, thank you.
That's right, we've got a lot that has to do with Manchuria and other colonies.

Did you used to work at another shop before?
Sengendou and at the Kanda markets.

I see (Itadakimasu)

Page 8

Buho *Phbbttt

A-Are you all right!?
*cough *cough*
Ugh, I'm sorry

... It's got a strange flavor...
Ah, it's what you call a, "second drip."
Was the milk bad too?

*cough *cough

... Is there someone else here?
Eh? Ah, No...
But when I looked around before I didn't see anyone

Excuse me.
Ah, not there!

Page 9

Ah... A customer?
*cough *cough*

He's the owner of Sengendou, Mr. Senda. He's currently suffering from chronic respiratory problems so he's under medical care.

Why is he here...?
Tanaka Ku~n, I want a cigarette....
Because this is Sengendou's part-storage room and part-office.

Actually, in Gokokuji - that's near your company - I used to rent a storage room / store that came with living quarters

However, the monthly rent was 150000, and I wasn't able to pay. After about 6 months of defaulting on it I was chased out.

Page 10

Being homeless, I returned to my former place of work at Sengendou and started living with the books as a freeloader here,
And then I came up with the idea of a book cafe which I thought might at the very least should help break me out of my present situation.

Hold on, where are you going!? Didn't you come here to gather data!?
As if there's any data to even gather!!

I mean, this isn't even a cafe or anything! Stop trying to fool people and get serious!!
Eh, ah could you- your voice- a little less loud...

Get down!

You're in there, aren't you? Senda-sa~n

To tell you the truth, the land lord of this residence has started to suspect something, and has been ordering for our eviction under a breach of contract. (Since we rented this as a storage house.)
On top of that, we haven't paid the rent for about half a year here too.

Then it's obvious that a cafe would be no good to begin with!
Well~ I saw it in a magazine and thought it'd be a good idea...

Page 11
Really, all this is way too irresponsible...

Oh, Kemu
Grey, Tabby
and that's Gabby

I'm allergic to cats!!
No, not there! It's dangerous!!

Books are dangerous.

Ahhhh Noooo!!

Page 12
Hmm, I guess they didn't put it in...

Well, but, she was that angry about it, so it's no big surprise.

This manga is a work of fiction. I don't think anybody would take this as reality, but just in case...
Hey, bro, gimme this one.
Ah, thank you.

Summer's comin' soon, huh.

Even if it's coffee made with used grinds, as long as Fukamachi Joutarou's had it too...

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