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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gisèle Alain 1

Curiosity Killed the Cat?

+ posted by Laika as translation on Jul 24, 2009 02:04 | Go to Gisèle Alain

-> RTS Page for Gisèle Alain 1

Lol, slacking on other projects + playing SF4 = nothing regular gets done. I'll do this one chapter because it seems like it might be an interesting series for people who like seinen and I have a Russian Blue as well. The art's quite nice too. Enterbrain has a lot of nice stuff anyways. BTW if someone is scanning stuff from Enterbrain's Comic beam magazine, I would love to read Suehiro Maruo's adaptations of Edogawa Rampo's stories that are being serialized. As he's already won the Tezuka "New Artist Prize" (lol Maruo's a "new artist") for Panorama Island (Panorama Toukitan) and it's going to be published stateside by Last Gasp I'm sure there'd be an interest for this!

I guess you'll have to fix the -sans -kuns to w/e you want to do when you PR/Edit it since going the landlady-san is just weird and awkward.

BTW if anyone wants to play SF4 with me (PC ver) games for windows name: LaikaGoHome (send me a msg!)

Gisele Alain 1

Page 02
Kasai Sui's long awaited first serial!
A record of the elegant and endearing activities of this tomboy mademoiselle

Hey Eric [Erikku], stop wobbling!

Gi... Gisele-san, [Jizeru]
Maybe I should do it after all.

This is a job for the proprietor to do.
It'll be fine, just stay still


All done!

Page 03

Let me down.

Nice, right?

Page 04
Is it all right? I'm going to set you down now.


Miss Landlady!? [Lol Landlady-san]
What a strange state you're in.

Oh, you're... from the second floor...
Claypell. [Kureperu, yeah I don't know]

I was putting up a signboard

Ahh... it would have been fine to just let Eric do something like that.
No, it's a job for the proprietor.

Are you starting something up?

Page 05

that's right.

By the way, Claypell-san, were you in the middle of something?
Ah, yes I was.

Miss Landlady, have you seen my Mimi... Err,
have you seen my cat around? She's a gray...

A cat?
Yes, she's hasn't been back for 3 days already.

I'm so very worried,
and there are so many people outside...

Page 06

Have you seen her Eric?

... I see.

... It's not something I can hire a detective to look into so, I'll look around some more.
Sorry to bother you.


This, "job"
How about letting me take care of it?

Letting Miss Landlady? But...

Mmm- well,
not "Miss Landlady" but...

Page 07

"Jack-of-all-Trades" Gisele Alain, [at your service] madam.

Gisele Alain Series
Chapter 1: Curiosity killed the Cat?
The long awaited first serial by Kasai Sui, author of "Hana no mori no majou san" [The witch from the forest of flowers] and "Bucchouzura no bani-" [The sulking bunny].
Kasai Sui

Page 08
I would be honored to accept this job.

You should be memorialized, my noble lady. [kana: you]
As my first customer.

Page 09



Geez, whenever I'm with Gisele, [Find some replacement for geez that seems more period suitable]

Geez, whenever I'm with Gisele...

So this is where you were.
Hurry up! Start preparing.

... Preparing for what?
Searching for a cat!

3 days have passed already, so we ought to start as soon as...
Gisele-san, I-


Page 10
Cats... usually come back by themselves.
And I'm busy!

I see, sorry to bother you.

Ahh... and,
Eric Rubran-kun [Ruburan]

The rent that you haven't paid, 3 months worth,
I'll be expecting it this week.

Please let me humbly join you...

Just as I expected <3

Page 11




Is it over here?



Page 12

Found it!



Page 13

Sorry to keep you waiting!

? What?

... Ah, no,
You certainly look... interesting.

Oh, this?
It's perfect for a cat search, isn't it?
It's easy to move in.

... Well, that's true but...

Page 14

I mean, what's that bug catching net looking thing?
A bug catching net.

Let's go!
... Okay.

But how are we going to go about finding a single cat?
There are countless numbers of gray cats.

Gray is gray but,
This one is a rather rare gray.

Ah, let's try asking around over there.

Page 15

Excuse me, [Lol that's not how you spell Crepe... CRAP!]

I've something I'd like to inquire about...

A gray cat? The one sleeping right over there's gray.
Not a striped one like that...

Um... Gisele-san...
That person is...

What, you got a problem?

Hm- completely gray with green eyes...
... I don't know.

I see.
No problem.

Page 16 [The page numbers on the raw are weird]


You didn't think,
you could just ask something without stopping by, did you?

Thank you-

Is that how it works?
Well... it depends on the person...

Page 17

What's wrong?
Am I supposed to chew this?

Ah- I see, The little lady has never eaten this before.
Stop with that kind of talk.


... It's sort of hard to eat,

but it's yummy.
... That's good.

All right! Next!
Yeah, yeah...

Page 18
Page 19

A completely gray cat?
I saw one at the park the day before yesterday.


Yes, at first I thought it was just a white cat that had gotten dirty.
It's eyes were green as well.

Thank you, mister!

Page 20

There seems to be a strange man who's been abducting cats.

I don't know what he's doing it for but, a good number of cats have disappeared already.
He seems around 50ish years old...

Anyways, let's try going to the park.
All right then.

Page 21

The gray cat isn't here...

Page 22

Mimi-chan, her breed is known as the Russian Blue.
Is that a type of cat from the north?

Is somewhat of a peculiar breed of cat.
It won't really take to anyone else besides the person it decides is it's owner. [My cat isn't like this at all though! He is way too friendly w/ everyone]

You seem to know a lot about them, have you kept one before?

I read it in a book, all of that.


Page 23

Eric, what's that?
By the far left of the water fountain.

Page 24

That guy...!
Let's follow him, Eric! [HUEG EYES R HUEG]

Is he there!?
He's walking slowly.

What's that?

It's catnip.

Page 25

... It dampens the cautiousness that cat's have.

That's how he catches them so easily.

... You really know some strange things.

What are we going to do?
Let's just keep tailing him.

Page 26

... Gisele-san

Let's stop this!

It's too dangeorus over here. Let's turn back!

We should at least tell someone about this.
The police or something..
... The police?

When there's something _this_ interesting right in front of our eyes?

He went in!

Page 27



-... Tch

Page 28

... There's no other choice!

Damn it!


Page 29


... Tch

Get him, Eric!
Whatever you say!

What are you...
Get your hands off me!

Stop this! What are you trying to do! You're scaring the cats!
Like you've got any right to say that!

Page 30



Ahh, oh no.



No! You can't do that...!!


Page 31

Eric! Get a hold of yourself!
That's why I said you shouldn't do that.

We... We've got to give him first aid. The medicine, the medicine.

Mister, what on Earth...

Okay, okay,

This is the one right, no mistake?

Page 32

... Yes.

I found this one yesterday morning at the park.
It was infected from a fight or something.

I've seen this one around a lot so I thought she was a stray.
I didn't think she had an owner...

I'm very sorry!
No, no, likewise, we're sorry about all this.

In other words, mister,
you just really love cats and,

you couldn't leave the cats that got sick or injured alone,
so you brought them over here to give them treatment. That's all?

It's embarrassing...
That's right...

Page 33

No, I'm really sorry about misunderstanding.
I'll be sure to deliver this one back to her owner.

That's dangero...

Well, that is unusual.
Even though it's such a shy breed...

I picked these up earlier...

Page 34
This is the first time I've pet a cat.

They have such soft fur.

... Well,
That's true.

All right, let's head back!
Sorry to have bothered you...

Ah... Um!

Would it be all right if I came along?
I'd like to apologize directly... and there's the medicine.

I don't mind at all.

He really was just a nice person.

Page 35

It's Cleypell-san.

Miss Landlady! And Eric!
And this is... Well, well,

Cleypell-san, this person,
has been tending her wounds...

Ah, Um... Actually,
My cat just came back by himself...


Page 36
I'm so very sorry!
I tried to tell you but I had no idea where you had gone...
I'll pay your fee!

... Tch



This one...

Page 36
The first job, a smashing success...!? The work of the Jack-of-all-trades Gisele has just begun.

This one,
will be mine!

He's a genuine stray, are you all right with that?
Y... Yeah, I don't mind.

Gisele-san, you better not abandon her.
Abandon? Why would I?

I've taken a liking to her.
And she's taken a liking to me too.

good... isn't it...

Ah- That was interesting!

I'm glad we get along so well!
That's- good...

To be continued next time!

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#1. by tvonradio ()
Posted on Jul 24, 2009
Thanks very much for this translation! Do you happen to know when Maruo's Rampo adaptations began in Comic Beam? I noticed he did the cover for the June issue.
#2. by Laika ()
Posted on Jul 24, 2009
Hey tvonradio, it started in the June issue I believe.

#3. by kurosaki-linkin ()
Posted on Aug 1, 2009
Thank you very much Laika for your translation. It helps us a lot^^
I hope you'll continue this wonderful project.
#4. by Laika ()
Posted on Aug 6, 2009
Would love to check out some more of this, but it's all a matter of raws.

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