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Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan 1

The three-legged Mika-chan doll

+ posted by Laika as translation on Mar 30, 2010 20:56 | Go to Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan

-> RTS Page for Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan 1

To everyone pming about using the script:

Go ahead and use it, if you want to credit me for it, send over the QC version when you're done typesetting and editing for me to Okay it. If your PR has questions you can send them to me. Otherwise if you don't want me to okay it, just don't put me on the credits, I don't really care.

Whether I put out any other scripts for this is really not certain. I like the series, but I don't like sticking to a schedule and I'm not going to stick to a schedule on something that I'm just doing for fun if I'm not working exclusively with certain people / a certain group.

I think it deserved a little bit better.

I guess senseis aren't accessible so they gotta be made into senpaiz.
Anyways only real important characterization is Yotsuya, and I imagined some sort of depp-esque build for him. His vocabulary is pretty quirky. If some of his tone isn't consistent it's because I worked on this on and off over a span of many days. Makoto's pretty whatever since she's just sorta a character for the reader to paste themselves over so didn't really worry too much about how she sounded.

Ghost story vs scary story/tale vs mystery... Not really a mystery series, and not really GHOSTS in the western definition... 1st chapter about a doll, second, third, about demons and hide and go seek...

I have no plans to continue to work on this, but honestly, this series deserves a little more attention then what it's been getting.

Words in brackets indicate notes, alternative wording, clarification through literal tl, and words that can be added or left out for flow.


Kiben Gakuha Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan
The circle[school/sect] of sophistry, the terrifying tales of Yotsuya-senpai

Page 2
[Is it] fiction[lies] or truth? [Is it] truth or fiction? [Seems to sound better if you reverse it and start w/ truth]
The tale begins- [gonna just use tale for kai, not ghost story, or whatever, guess it should work... tales of the crypt etc]

One of the froshies said they actually saw Yotsuya-senpai. [One of the first years said they saw "yotsuya-senpai"]
Shut yo-! I know you ain't talkin' bout _that_ Yotsuya-senpai! [Wha!? _that_ "yotsuya-senpai"!? just talkin' bout shaft...]

Of the countless words that clamor in the wind[air/sky], occasionally one steps out from the crowd.

I hear he'll get to the bottom of any freak events or weird crap[bizarre phenomena] that happens for you.
What-? I thought he like, got your crushes to fall in love with you. [Wasn't it that he...??]

Rumors spiral into/lead to more rumors. [verb here is hasigo, lit: ladder/stairs, i like imagery of spiraling stairs a little more]

- I mean, does he really even exist? That, uh- "Yotsuya-senpai"

And so, is what comes into being[birthed] and falls [upon our ears]

Page 3
fiction or truth? [still sounds better w/ order reversed, go for truth first imo]
[blahblahblah liner notes new series /lazy]

The titillating terrifying uncanny tales called forth by rumors. [kikikaikai: bizarre/weird/mysterious, let's go for alit with 4 t's, alternatively: unearthly uncanny terrifying tales for 2 and 2 since titillating is a tiny bit out of place]
Chapter 1: "Yotsuya-senpai"
By Furudate Haruichi

Page 4
"I'm still missing something, I'm still missing something, I'm still missing one [piece/limb]" [It's not enough, it's not enough, i'm still missing one... Ugh find some scarier way to phrase this]
Sfx: Skrich... Sk- Sk-... [Zuru... Zu- Zu...]

Constructed by human hand,
for human use,
in the image of humans.

Sfx: Skrich... [Zuzu...]
These precious little girls are searching for something important;
even now, they are roaming about.

Now then,
just what could the prized item that these girls seek,
possibly be?

The first night: "The three-legged Mika-chan doll"

Page 5
Well- I'm sure you all have been hearing all about it on the news and such but

multiple abduction-murders of young schoolgirls have been occurring in the neighborhood,
so make sure you're not alone whenever you're going home from school or out and about.
The frightening news was spreading through the town.

Two days ago, all traces of my close friend suddenly vanished.
The days following passed by without her returning home or any making any sort of contact.
Nakashima Makoto (Middle School eighth grade)

Lost Dog: Kumakichi [How can he be a lost dog if he's right here, I suppose it means that he's lost for someone, but the english...]
SFX: Ha- ha- ha- ha-
Where'd Hinako run off to, Kumakichi~?
If you tell me I'll give you this yummy bon- Hey! No! Not the face! Bad dog!! [You're too close, etc whine]

-Two days ago we were going to walk home together just like usual
and had planned to meet at the old school building that is [now] off-limits. [Since it says "keep off" already in the picture w/ Hinano, one assumes that it was already off-limits before said disappearance occurred despite how it is phrased]

Page 6
I was the one who was always late but,
Hinano never said a word and would just wait for me.
Sign: No entry

But on that day
Sorry I'm la-

she wasn't there.
Sfx: Zaa

That's the third person so far, isn't it? She was murdered...
It was like, another five year old [girl]. [MAKIN CHARACTERS SOUNDS LIKE AIRHEADS YEEEAAAH]
Sfx: Jyagagagaga

This time her left leg was like, missing! [was taken]

Creeeepy~ [Eeek!] The first victim didn't have a left arm, the second a right arm,
at this rate, the fourth will be a missing right leg!?
And... have you heard??

You know, about "the doll limbs?"

Page 7
how, like, among the four limbs, one of 'em is removed [taken away, carried away], and for each of the different limbs,
like, as if in "exchange"
the leg or arm of a doll is left with the body.

That's so scary! How could the murderer do that!? [What is the culprit thinking!?]
Everyone was in a fuss about the shocking events happening around them-

Hey- hey!
And have you heard about "the three-legged Mika-chan doll?"
- and stories that were different than what actually happened [the incident] were spreading [being whispered about] as well.

At the scene
those parts that were left with the body were, like, from a "Mika-chan doll," right?
And, like, I saw this on the 'net...

Some time ago, like, because of an accident that occurred during the production of the dolls
like, a Mika-chan doll was made with three legs on her.
So like, 'cause she was, like, a defective product and stuff they threw her in the incinerator to get rid of 'er.
And because of what happened Mika-chan holds a grudge and now...

indiscriminately attacks humans!!
Three legs, ludicrous speed!
SFX: Zubabababa

Page 8
Gaaah!! [Gyo-!!]
What the-!? [WAa-!?]

Makoto!! How long have you been, like, standing there!?
She's shakin' like a leaf...
There's no way something like that could... b-but-

what should I do if Hinano's gotten herself mixed up in it!? [if she was dragged into it]
Hey! C'mon! Chill out! She probably just, like, split home for a bit! [lit: left her house for a bit, quotes would go well with some expression, took a little trip, went sight seeing for a bit, idk]

Besides, that was just one of those creepy stories / scary stories [ghost stories] people tell. [Ghost stories would require actual ghosts so ghost story doesn't sound right at all]
... Hey...
Like, it's just a rumor, but, when it comes to strange events-

I heard you should you should go pay a visit to "Yotsuya-senpai" [Onegai here is in quotes, but hard to say request/implore here]


- A figure that's somewhat of a urban legend unique to our school -
SFX: Gokuri

Page 9
People say that he's a ghost that dwells at our school, or that he's a demon, or maybe even Cupid himself; [or cupid of love? Bit C cupid or little c cupid...?]
[He's] the "phantom student" shrouded in a haze of vague rumors. However-

in class 2-A
in the back by the window
there is indeed a seat that has remained empty for an eternity belonging to one Yotsuya-senpai.

The staple of the rumors behind Yotsuya-senpai was that
he was a person who would unravel the mystery behind any bizarre event for you. ["he'll unravel the mystery behind any bizarre event for you" - he was a person like that]

- So like, the only way you can meet Yotsuya-senpai is with... "a tale to tell." [The thing you need in order to meet Yotsuya-senpai is a story you can offer]
A tale?

There's like, this rumor that Yotsuya-senpai lives by feeding off "the bizarre."
So, he'll, like, see you if you bring him some weird tidbits!! [if you bring something that has bizarre/weird contents] [man tidbit should be a perfect words for this, food nuance + news & gossip nuance]

- And so I found myself invoking his name before the door to the school roof.
Yotsuya-senpai, Yotsuya-senpai
If you're present, please come forth.
This is like using a ouija...

tell me where I can find Hinano!!!

Page 10
SFX: Shi-n...

'Course he wouldn't be around... probably doesn't even exis-
SFX: ... Gi

SFX: Zo-

may be fitting for... a "tale of pure horror." [scariest scary story]

Agh!!! [Ko!!! Choking sound?]

SFX: Biku-n!!

Page 11
Hya- ha- ha- ha- ha!!!

SFX: BIku-

have a delightful scream.

Page 12
The badge on his uniform belongs to "2-A!!"

_All of the world's screams_
This person is-

Belong to me.
- Yotsuya-senpai-!!?

Page 13
It's 2-A all right, but even if it's got 2-A plastered all over it...

There's no way he's a middle school student!!
SFX: Doshi-

SFX: Kyoro

we're still at school, right?
Alrighty then...
Although I came here thinking I might be able to find something out about Hinano,

is this guy even going to be able to tell me anything-?
Come awwwn! What kinda story d'ja bring me!?
Hurry up and show me the goods!! Hee- hee- hee- hee-
Ugwahh~ Nope, not likely!!

since I was able to meet him anyways...

Page 14
I might as well just ask him! [Let me just try asking him!]
...Y-you know about the incidents that have been occurring around here recently... right!?

The details of the incident and other strange stories of interest[concern] have been circulating-...
If the rumors are true, he should surely be able to tell me something-!

-Within the topics of conversation among the student body...
a certain story of "the three-legged Mika-chan doll."

Are you aware of the true story behind the epithet "three-legged?" [perhaps behind the story would fit better here]

- The voice in which he weaved his tale,
rather than through my ears, felt as though it was entering straight into my brain...

It was bone chilling.
It does not mean that she possess three legs.

As a defective product, she was disposed of in the incinerator and sadly... she lost all of her limbs.
SFX: Don...

Page 15
And so that doll
is still searching
for new limbs to replace the ones that she lost

Skrich-... Skrich- That is the sound of her melted limbs dragging along [the ground]... [Zuru-... Zuru-...]

New limbs... the arms and legs of little girls that fit her perfectly...
A left arm,
a right arm,
a left leg...
SFX: Ton Ton...

All she's missing [For her to have a complete set]
is [she's still...]
one more [piece]. [missing one.]

"four limbs"- In other words, with her legs and arms combined, she only possesses three.
That is the true form of the "three-legged" Mika-chan.
SFX: Gokuri...
-And so the doll searches for her last leg/limb-

right leg


Page 16
GYAHHHHHH!!? [Ogyaaaaaaaa!!?]

Stunning! Splendid!!
Your shrieks are simply delectable! [I've really taken a liking to your screams]
Weirdo! Creep! Pervert!!!

W-w-why did you tell me that kind of story!?
Aren't you supposed to solve cases for peopl-
Solve them? Who cares!

You see
I _love_ scary stories.

Taking hold of the audience's heart, driving the imagination wild with words,
spreading dread with one's lips, [the spreading fear that follows one's mouth] [gerund for consistent grammar]

and then the scream!!!
There is no pleasure greater!!
SFX: Bikuri-

Page 17
I shouldn't have come hereeeeee.
What happens once you spread the rumors to the students and collect the stories...?
"Collect?" What are you talking about?

[Scary] Stories are something that you _create_.

It's true that there are plenty of these tales floating around,
but, they're always other people's stories that happened in other places. [someone's story that happened somewhere far away]

That's not how it's supposed to be...
Scary stories should be scary because they feel immediate. [they feel like they're happening close (proximity)]

Besides, who cares about screams that are the byproduct of other people's drivel. [screams that other people create]

That's why I'll create it:

A unique [original]
"tale of pure horror"

Page 18
Pure... horror...?
To create a tale of pure horror there are certain necessary elements - they are:
The performance[production], the revelation [telling of the story, recitation, recounting, narration, etc], and the audience.

The moment that all the components align
the tale [of pure horror] will [be] ripe[n]. [ready/finished]

And then the school shall be awash in screams.
Goosebumps ground zero!!! [ITS A TORIHADA (goosebumps)]
A-and you've stayed in school all these years just for that...?

It's precisely because schools are such odd spaces that they are quite appropriate for creating scary stories. [odd spaces known as school]
Even if you're forcing it on people who don't want to attend [misanthropes] there's still a point in going!!

Anyways, data collection came to a standstill and I suppose I sort of forgot to graduate!! [inadvertently failed to graduate]
How old _are_ you again!?

Oh, yes-

Page 19
There seems to be a [person among the] student[s ] who hasn't returned home yet, correct? A certain-
Yayoi Hinano?

You might be rushing headlong into it, but trying to find where your friend is on your own is quite brave!
Though if you don't hurry up and find her soon...

little miss Hinano might have her arms and legs snatched away by Mika-chan.

What happened to her isn't some made-up story!! [Hinano's situation isn't some story from the middle of some fiction!!]
Don't treat her like one of your creations!! [don't put her together with]

He doesn't care about getting to the bottom of any of this!!
He's just getting off on the misfortune of others!

Ahh! You are certainly correct! I'm sorry!!
Then, as for the story we discussed-

Page 20
let's just keep that between the two of us.

You don't have to tell me twice!! [Obviously! No shit! Of course! etc]
I made a mistake coming here!!

I won't be back!
SFX: Gacha- BAN-
Yeah~ go on~!
SFX: Gosso Goso
And so that brings us to today's classes for 2-A...

SFX: Zubo-

Oh~ Home ec. in the afternoon, huh?


You're a carrier now; a virus.
SFX: Nottu Nottu
You'll spread the fear in my place.

Page 21
SFX: Kin Kon Kan Kon

Little miss Hinano might have her arms and legs snatched away by Mika-chan.
That sort of thing
wouldn't happen... would it...?

Chalkboard: DIY T-shirts
Uh, hey-

Don't tell anyone else but, [keep it only here]
do you know guys about the story of "the doll that's looking for new limbs?"


Quit it alreadyyyy~! Aren't you the one who's supposed to be the bad with these [scary stories]!?
Oh... Yeah... Sorry...

Okay, girls, are we all making progress-!? [Don't think there are any boys in homeec are there?]

Page 22
Home Economics teacher: Mr. Hariko
That color combination just won't do, will it~?
Use this color with that one.
And this pattern... should like like this, right dear~ [FABULOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS]
So fussy [too detailed...]
Hey, hey Mr. Hariko~! [teacher, sensei w/e you wanna use]

That [one piece] dress is your work, isn't it!?

Is it for kids?? It's so cute! Is it finished yet!?
No... not yet...
Oh, really~! Hey~ did you see it!? It's so cute, right~~

one more [piece] and it'll be complete...
SFX: Ga- ga- ga- ga-

SFX: Ga- ga-

Page 23
I just heard this scary story from Makoto!
Hey! I said not to tell anyone about that- AOOOUCH!!
SFX: Bu-

SFX: Mou~ [Jeez]
You're so bad at this! There's a first aid kit in the cabinet over there.
SFX: Karara...

-And then the doll said, "Gimme your right leg!"
SFX: Gurari...
SFX: Gyaaa! Ahaha!!

SFX: Tosa-...

SFX: Zawa-...

Page 24
SFX: Gashan!!
SFX: Dokka


Heehee- hee- hee- hee- hee-


What have we here?
Why is the teacher the one that's the most surprised of them all??

Perhaps he knows a little something
about the three-legged doll?


Page 25
You did this, didn't you!? This sick[tasteless] prank was your idea wasn't it!?
SFX: Kakun
And you helped me spread it's story so well!
I didn't do that on purpose!

-Where did you toss her right leg anyways!?
She looks so sad with out it!
Don't throw a fit, I've got it. Her right leg is an important ingredient in the story after all. *Ki ki ki-

Why are you doing all this for a mere story.
a "mere" story!?
You're making fun of them, aren't you!?

Nakashima, didn't you come here seeking information on your friend?
That's really none of my concern, but-

what would you do if these stories [may want to use fiction to throwback to the beginning]
were connected
to the truth. [other side] [Might want to reverse the order of stories and truth, dunno, seems to sound better if you reverse it]

Page 26
-Open your eyes, Nakashima.
They may be mere stories, mere rumors;
but rumors blossom [swell] and mutate- [undergo a chemical change] [膨張 swell/expand as in yeast expanding/leavening, something with an organic feel (blossom, burgeon) should go well with mutate]

and every now and then, they reveal the truth.

SFX: Zaza...

You hear about the monster that appears in the Home Ec. room!?
Yeah, man!!

It's body is like, half charred[half burnt] and it chases after you at 60 km/hr, right!?
Is that how it went...?
From that chaotic day onward, the legend of[scary story about] the Home Economics room spread throughout the whole school.

Yo, wanna hit up the Home Ec. room after class t'day!?

Page 27
But the head teach's always prowlin' the halls, 'eez like clockwork~... [The head teacher always makes his rounds consistently on time]
Watchu talkin' bout, dun? Ay'erd he busted 'iz knee and waz s'ppose'd t'be out 'til t'day. [What? But he's injured now, and I heard he's on break till today]

Today is the fourth day that has passed since Hinano did not return home.
Despite a search request being put out, I'm still completely in the dark about where my friend has gone. [I still know nothing about the whereabouts of my friend]

Aghhhh~ I'm lateeeeee
SFX: Tatatata

-more... -piece...

Whose voice was that just now-...??
Sign: Home Economics Room

Ahhhh~ This is a such a bad idea, in these sort of situations you're not supposed to look.
SFX: Kara...
Why am I even looking? I'm such an idiot! Idiot, idiot, idiot-...

Page 28
-more... piece
... complete-...
just one more piece-
just one more piece-


she's here!!? [She's appeared!!?]
SFX: Zugyuuuuu->n

Just one- more piece.

The pale white right arm that matches the faint pink of the material...
the coloring of the still fresh scabs that decorate the left arm;
the disparate hues that add to it's accent... the left leg with it's lovely bruises- [or birthmark, but in the case of scabs seems like bruises are more likely]

These parts that had blood flowing through them just a moment ago- will now give life to my creation...!!

Page 29
Just one more piece... If I can get my hands on a fitting [ideal] right leg-
my [one-piece] dress will be complete...!!

-The voice...
from the Home Economics room.

Then I guess it wasn't another one of your pranks after all...
Seems like there were other students who heard voices as well...
They're all starting to gossip about how Mr. Hariko is really fishy. [suspicious]

It's only a matter of time until it'll reach the other teachers-
And now a follow up from last week: In regards to the multiple abduction-murders of young schoolgirls-

We have gotten word [now know] that another five year old girl, living in the same city, has now been declared missing.
The police are approaching it with the possibility that it could be the work of the same suspect and are investigat-

The fourth victim-[person]!!

Page 30
Heehee- He's getting impatient.

Well, then that pretty much narrows it down to Mr. Hariko. [it's going to be him 8 or 9 times out of 10] [LOL WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN YOU MUST BE JORDAN: So the culprit was Jucchuuhakku Harico, huh?]
All right! You're going to help me out, Nakashima!!
Huh!? Wha!? I don't even-
Hold on... Where are we going!?

We're off to throw a wrench in his plans to unlock the "Mika-chan full set complete!!" achievement! [We're going to prevent him from finishing the "Mika-chan" 'Four limbs complete!!']
Doll: Thanks to you, all of the pieces [them] have been gathered.
'Cause If he ends up collecting all the legs and arms the tale won't be valid anymore!

How can you-... This...
isn't a [scary] story, this is a crime we're talking about!!

It's been 5 days already since whatever happened to Hinano, and I still haven't gotten my hands on anything...
I don't have time to play along with your games- [I don't have time to help you with your hobbies]
"What should I do if Hinano's gotten herself mixed up in it"

You came here because you wanted to find out if that was true or not, correct?

If that's the case, then help.

That's why I don't get it!! What's this got to do with-

Tell me...

Page 31
What kind of entity[thing] do you think a "tale of pure horror" is?
SFX: Ba-
... the scariest... spooky story??

In order to create the "scariest spooky story" there are necessities: the performance[production], the revelation [telling of the story, recitation, recounting, etc], and finally,
the presence [existence] of "the audience."

The audience...

The tale that has been spreading throughout the school still isn't complete.
It's still missing the final touch.

"The audience" -
The one who is most scared of this particular story, the person who doesn't want[try] to believe it, [order is reversed in literal]
when we make that person listen, only then will the tale's true horror be manifest.

That is when the first
tale of pure horror be finished.

Page 32
But... what does that have to do with anything!? I just... want to know if Hinano's gotten herself involved with what's happened or-

why don't you just ask the culprit himself?

SFX: Pokan
I'm about to venture over to where "the audience" is and recite the tale.
-In other words, where the chap [guy] who is the most frightened of this particular story is.

just who could this chap be? [Who is "the guy who's most frightened?"]

... Mr. Hariko-!!

Page 33
So I'll be going to put the final touches on the story, and you'll be going to find out the truth. See! Two birds with one stone!
But... how do I help with something like-

Oh, I see... so you'll help!
I didn't say that!
Good! Good! Then you-

hold this.
Sfx; Nuuuuun
And wait for my signal outside the Home Ec. room. [Standby outside...]
What... am I supposed... to use this for...?

Don't worry about that, just hold that and stand outside the window.

And- when-the-lights-go-out-in-the-room, that-is-when-you-come-in. [Every single word can not express, the love and tenderness]
Got it?
Wha- I'm not read-
Let's go! It's time-

Page 34
to create a new story.

Sfx: Zazazazaza

Sign: Home Economics room

Ahh... finally...
It will finally complete...!!
SFX: gapa-

Page 35
The styling is perfect.

All that's left is your right leg and it'll be done.

The color of the skin... the placement of the mole...
Mmphh! Mmphh!
Ah~ wonderful...!

No other right leg [If it weren't that leg]
would be perfect for my dress. [then it wouldn't match my [one-piece] dress.]

Page 36
SFX: Gasa-

Ughh, what is Yotsuya-senpai really planning on doing?
[You could say] This is supposed to be for finding Hinano...
But I'm scared, I'm really scared.
SFX: Gasagasa...

Mmphh! Mmphh!
SFX: Biku-

I think this place is around-
the room where food is prepared-?
SFX: Koso


I'll finish it with your right leg.

No don-

Page 37
HA- HA- HA- HA- HA- Fua- HA- HA- HA- HA- HA-
SFX: Aga-

Now I understand!
Not a doll whose clothes you change, [dress-up doll]
but one whose limbs/parts you change!!! [attach-up doll? attach and change doll]

Page 38
Just as we choose clothes that fit the part [ourselves],
you choose parts[contents] that fit the clothes.

Are you... a student...?
All the students- should have gone home already...?

Page 39
Well, I can't go home yet!
Sfx: Kakko kakko

'Cause the best time for a scary story is after class. [What is fitting for a scary story...]

SFX: Kashan
Door: Closed/locked

A scary story? So you're the one who has been spreading that ridiculous tale? I've been a real predicament since kids keep coming here on dares.
And you could say I was just able to finish too.


your creation will not be finished.

If Mika-chan actually ends up gathering all four limbs,
then the story will end up losing it's punch. [the story won't be interesting anymore]

She must roam about for eternity seeking the last piece,
for that's the kind of "scary story" it is.

Page 40
there is one other ending to this tale...
and I came here,
SFX: Yurari

because I wanted to tell it to you in person [directly], Mr. Hariko.

Now I shall reveal it [to you]!!
A story [created] for you!!! [double 'you' ending sounds dumb]

... Skrich-... Skrich-... [Zuru- Zuru-]

Searching for a part of her body-
a wandering voice echos-...

"I'm still missing something... I'm still missing something... I'm still missing one piece..."

Could, that missing leg be here?

Page 41
While it's certainly true that for the Mika-chan doll what she lacks is a right leg,
but couldn't there be others besides here? Other little girls searching for their arms and legs?

The little girls
that had their arms and legs torn/cleaved/plucked off
by you, Mr. Hariko?

Skrich, skrich, [Zuru]
skrich, skrich,
That is the sound of them dragging their bodies along...

Ha hahaha! They're dead! [The people I killed?]
How would they be able to move!?

And... I made sure I gave those girls [something] in "exchange!!"

Ha ha ha-
You're really serious!!!

Page 42
Did you really think that was a fair "exchange!?"
Plastic cannot serve as an "exchange" for flesh and blood, can it!?

Sfx: Kako...

those little girls will come knocking...
SFX: Biku-
to take back their real arms and legs and
to return their fake[plastic] ones.

With fake[plastic] arms and legs in hand, [actual line 3]
[while] dragging the 3 [actual line 2]
limbs they have left, [actual like 1]
Sfx: Skrich... Skrich... [Zuru... Zuru...]

SFX: Skr Skr [ZuZu... etc]
they're slowly
It's impossible!

You're lying!
That couldn't-

getting closer.

Page 43
Silence!! [STOP IT!!]
That's just-

A ridiculous st-
SFX: Su-

SFX: Zu- Zuzu... etc

Page 44
SFX: Gata-

SFX: Gata gata gata gata

SFX: Gu-...

SFX: Zu... Zuzu...
SFX: Fu- Fu- [Pant]

No matter how silent you may try to be, [no matter how much you try to kill your voice]
SFX: Kako kako kako
those girls will still find you.

He- Help me-!
SFX: Paku paku
Save me!

It's too late for that. The girls are already
right outside the window.

The sad little Mika-chan doll and the three girls,
Sfx: Kako Kako Kako
each one's missing a limb.

But it's all going to be okay,

SFX: Pachin

Page 45
No... No...
Sfx: Kachikachikachikachikachi

Stay away...
Stay awayyyy
SFx: Su-

after all, Mr. Hariko,
if they take [combine] all of your limbs,

Page 46
Then they'll have all four.

SFX: Gakugakugakugakugaku

left leg, right arm, left arm, and right leg,
all of them- [to me]

Page 47
give them to me. [give them]

Page 48
give them to me.
give them to me.
give them to me.
Sfx: Zu- Zu-


Page 49

What!? What's wrong!?
No- Please!
Don't take them! Don't take them!

Was there something
just in here...?

Not my

Who can really say?
But Mr. Hariko seems looks like he saw something.

Page 50
He probably,
just imagined there was something here, didn't he?
Sfx; Kakko Kakko Kakko Kakko

The story of "the three-legged Mika-chan doll."

This is
the end.

Thank god that girl was unharmed~!

... But
he didn't know anything about Hinano...

Page 51
By the way, who was trying to open the door to the classroom back then...

5 o'clock, right on time!!
That's when the head-teacher always makes his rounds like clockwork.
It was just him!? [his rounds!?]

Surely you heard he recently sustained an injury and his foot was impaired?
SFX: Zuzu...
Aghh, this is killing me.

That's all it was.

That's all that it was.
He was just doing his rounds... and all I was doing

was just standing there.
Ah! The lights went off!
-That's all that they should have been, yet

Yotsuya-senpai's "narration" gave no room to distinguish that...

Page 52
The revelation [telling of the story, recitation, recounting, narration, etc], the performance[production], and the audience...

To create a "tale of pure horror," each story needs it's best "audience" so-
that "audience" must be a person who is deeply involved with the event of the tale's origin... which means-

a "tale of pure horror" is always...
connected to the truth behind the matter...??

Who can really say?
I just create the stories.
It's none of my concern if they just happen to be connected to the truth.
The only thing important to me is "making the audience believe."

Depending on that, reali[sm/ty] is bestowed upon[born] to the story, and an even greater sense of fear spreads.

And because of that, Mr. Hariko ended up like that...
My- leg-
My- arms...
Please don't take them...

You didn't traumatize him, did you...?

Page 53
The dread that Mr. Hariko felt was equal to the magnitude of what he himself did.
He most likely won't even be able to look at a young girl or a doll ever again.

Hee- hee- hee- hee- hee
-And as for you!

Didn't you say you'd never come back here again??
I've got no use for people who don't have any details for me.

That's right,
I hate scary stories.

I was so adverse to the idea of having what happened to Hinano being made some detail that I was relieved that the incident that we just dealt with had no connection to what happened to her.
"rumors blossom [swell] and mutate- [undergo a chemical change]"

Page 54
"and every now and then, they reveal the truth."
those words still ring in my ears. [won't leave my head]

Considering the events of what happened and the story that entrapped the murderer...
If I ask this person for help, the perhaps...
He might really be able to...

[Is it] truth or fiction? [actual order reversed]

Will you
listen to what I have to tell you

fiction or truth?

Page 55
about what happened on the day that Hinano disappeared?

The circle[school/sect] of sophistry. The terrifying tales of Yotsuya-senpai
spiral upwards upon rumors
and arrive at a/the single truth.

Page 56
Though it remains unknown if that may be the actual intent of the person himself.
Hee- hee- hee- hee- Those details...

may/should be fitting for... a "tale of pure horror."

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If only this had tank raws...
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I used the raw from Heiji-sama's site. The quality was pretty decent, but it looks like it would need a looooot of work.

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