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Coffee Jikan 3


+ posted by Laika as translation on Jan 20, 2009 12:03 | Go to Coffee Jikan

-> RTS Page for Coffee Jikan 3

好評12ページ連載 第3話 すぐり
Text Top: The acclaimed 12 page serial. Chapter 3: Currant.
Text Left: Where there is coffee there are people. The drama birthed by the jet black drink beloved by many.

Text right: On a weekday afternoon, a young girl visits her aunt's house in an everyday outfit.

Aunt: Yes?
Harumi: Auntie, it's Harumi.
ああ 開いてるから 中入って
Aunt: Oh, it's open, come on in.

ごめんね 今ちょっと散らかってて
Aunt: Sorry, they're all scattered around right now.
わっ 何これ!?
Harumi: Wow, what are these!?

Aunt: I received some coffee beans so I thought I would roast some.

Aunt: So I'm separating the faulty beans.
Harumi: Faulty beans-?
そう こっちへ除けてあるやつがあるじゃない?
Aunt: Yes, aren't there some of 'em I'm avoiding here?

Text: Fermented bean

Text: Moldy bean

Text: Insect eaten bean

Text: Dead bean

Text: Black bean

Text: Shell bean

Harumi: What happens if the faulty beans get mixed in? 
均等に煎り上がんなかったり 悪い臭いがついたりしちゃう
Aunt: It won't be able to roast evenly or it'll smell bad.

あっ これそうかな?
Harumi: Oh, is this one?
ああ それそれ
Aunt: Ah, that's it.

Harumi: They're pretty hard to find.
んーでも もう大体取っちゃったかな
Aunt: Yeah but we pretty much got them all.

あ これ お母さんから青梅 あと「ガトー」でタルトとムース買ってきたよ
Harumi: These are some fresh plums from my mom and I bought some tarts and mousse cakes from "Gateau."
お じゃあ後で コーヒー淹れて 一緒に食べよう
Aunt: Then let's make some coffee and eat it together later.

Harumi: How long does it roast?
んー フルシティだから20分ちょっとかな
Aunt: Hm, it's a full city roast so probably a little over 20 minutes.

なんか 銀杏 煎ってるみたい
Harumi: It's sort of like roasting ginkgo nuts.
そうよ これ 銀杏 煎る手アミだもん
Aunt: That's right, this is a ginkgo nut roaster.
あ そうなんだ。
Harumi: Ah, no wonder.

Harumi: Oh, the skin's coming off.
うん これがはがれるとだんだん色が変わってくるよ
Aunt: Yeah, when the skin comes off the color gradually changes.

叔母さん 今日仕事は?
Harumi: Auntie, do you have work today?
今日はなし 夕方 人に会う用事があるけど
Aunt: Not today, but I have to meet someone in the evening.

Harumi: It really is better when there are no faulty beans, huh?

そうね コーヒーの味を濁さないためにはね
Aunt: Yup, so it doesn't soil the taste of the coffee.

人間と同じだね 悪い豆はないほうがいいんだ
Harumi: It's just like humans isn't it? It's better when there are no bad beans.

Aunt: People and beans are different.
どうして? 何がちがうの?
Harumi: Why? What's different?

んーそうね。。。 人の社会はもっと複雑だし 人間だってそんなに単純なものじゃないじゃない?
Aunt: Well... Society is more complex and people aren't such simple things are they?

Harumi: But to make good coffee you pick out the faulty beans don't you?

うーん 何が欠点かって基準はコーヒーほどシンプルじゃないからね 人の場合
Aunt: Hmm, for people, the standards for what's faulty isn't as simple as it is for coffee.

Harumi: Is that so...

Aunt: Because a society that allows only simple standards is frail and easily destroyed.

Harumi: How many minutes have passed?
Aunt: A little more than 16.

Aunt: Also, the beans that have been harvested end there, but if a person is living they'll change won't they?

Harumi: "Living" what's that all about?
Aunt: Hmm, what is it all about?

Aunt: I guess it's might be about changing...

Aunt: Okay!

Aunt: Get the dryer.
Harumi: Uh huh.

はるみも上から うちわで あおいで
Aunt: Harumi, fan it from the top too.
あっ はい
Harumi: Ah, Ok.
Aunt: If we don't cool it down quickly it'll keep on roasting from the retained heat.

わー すごい香り
Harumi: Wow, it smells amazing.
よーし いりたてだっ あちちち
Aunt: Alright! Freshly roasted! A-chachacha!

うん 美味しいー!!
Harumi: Mmm delicious!!
Aunt: We were able to roast it pretty well, huh.
この桃のタルトおいしいね あと木いちごのムースも
Aunt: This peach tart is yummy, and this strawberry mousse too.
Harumi: And the currant is tangy and good as well.

「ガトー」ってさ カッコいい男の子いない? 松ケン似の
Aunt: Aren't there any any cool guys at Gateau? One like Matsu Ken?
Harumi: Huh? Matsudaira Ken?
Aunt: Matsuyama Kenichi!

Aunt: I want to see a battle between Matsu Ken and Matsuda Ryuuhei in the movies- like in "Deathnote."
うん カッコいーやつ
Aunt: Yeah, they're cool.
あ そうなの?
Harumi: Is that so?

あ もしもし 姉さん?
Aunt: Hello? Sis?
うん 今 はるみ 帰ってった
Aunt: Yeah, Harumi left just now.

Aunt: Yes, she seemed well.
あの子は大丈夫だよあんまり心配しないで 。。。うん 。。。うん
Aunt: That kid is fine, don't worry about her too much. ... yup ..yup.
あっ 青梅ありがとうね
Aunt: Oh- and thanks for the plums.

I'm tired. It's 6:45am. I went for more natural, but its hard to tell if it sounds natural or not when it

gets this late/early. Will have to go back and edit it when I'm not tired.

The girl is a bit too old to be calling her aunt, "auntie" isn't she? Nobody calls their aunt, "aunt" though. Maybe I should just drop "auntie" all together since it already says she's visiting her aunt on the first page. Having her say "auntie" makes me feel like she's a lot younger than she's supposed to be, but I don't know if that's just me. Or if girls call their aunt's "auntie" even when they're teens.

Does anyone even say Achachacha? She says Achichichi, so maybe Achachacha is like... close but still, I should probably take that out after I get some sleep or think of a better expression.

Is there another name for the ginkgo nut roaster? There's probably some specific name for the utensil.

full city roast - a type of roast, -> wiki.
Gateau - a cake store, maybe harumi works there?
Matsudaira Ken, Matsu Ken samba etc
Matsuyama Kenichi, played L in deathnote
Mastuda Ryuuhei, another famous actor

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Conclusion, coffeezz

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