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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Coffee Jikan 7

Late night +1

+ posted by Laika as translation on Jan 23, 2009 14:46 | Go to Coffee Jikan

-> RTS Page for Coffee Jikan 7

好評12ページ連載 第7話 深夜+1
Text: The acclaimed 12 page serial. Chapter 7: Late night +1

Text: The situation where coffee tastes the best...!

Text: A man and woman who begin through coffee.

Woman: Would you like to have some coffee?

Man: Would it be alright?
Woman: Please.

Man: Then I'll be getting off here.
Driver: It's 4200 Yen.
あ 釣りはいいよ
Man: Don't worry about the change.

Man: Nice place you got.
Woman: Hang it up there please.

ちょっと シャワー 浴びてくる
Woman: I'm going to go take a short shower.
Man: Go ahead.

いるんでしょ!? 開けなさよ! 帰ってきたのわかってんだから!!
Aunt: You're there aren't you!? Open up! I know you're back!!
あ ちょっと。。。
Man: Ah, hold on...

あの ちょっとお静かに。。。
Man: Umm, could you please be quiet...
あらまーっ やだ!! 何ィー!?
Aunt: Oh dear- how awful!! What is this!?

他人に子守りさせといて 自分は男引っぱり込んでるってワケェー!?
Aunt: Having someone else watch over her child while she goes off chasing men!?
こっちは明日も仕事だってのに どおいう了見だろうね!!
Aunt: And I even told her I have work tomorrow! What does she think she's doing!!

いい加減にしてほしいわ ホント!!
Aunt: I really wish you would shape up!!

いや あの その
Man: No... er... uh...
Baby: waa
Woman: Aunt?

何よ こんな時間に タカシのことは朝までお願いっていったじゃない!!
Woman: What are you doing here so late? I asked you to take care of Takashi till the morning, didn't I?
うえええ うえええ
Baby: Uwaahh Uwaahh
Aunt: That's because you said you weren't going to be back till the morning!! If you're back then that's different!!

あたしはあんたが仕事だっ つうから預かってんだよ! 男とイチャつくためなんてジョウーダンじゃないよ!!
Aunt: I was watching him cause you said you had to work! Not so you could go flirting around with men!!
ちょっ そんな
Woman: Wha- That's...
男と乳繰り合うんなら 子供が留守番できる年になるまで待ちなさいよ!
Aunt: If you're going to go chase men wait until your kids can stay home alone!

Woman: You have no right to talk to me that way!
大ありだね!! こんな身持ちの悪い女になって あんたの母さんも草葉の陰でないてるよ!!
Aunt: My lord!! You've become such a vicious woman. Your mother must be crying in her grave!!

よしよしよし あ~ 泣かないで
Man: There there... Don't cry.

Man: There there.
あう あう ううう
Baby: Au Au Uuu
そら いい子 いい子
Man: C'mon, good boy, good boy.

あうっ うぶぅ
Baby: Au Buu

Girl: ... Mama...

Girl: Uu
あっ ちょっと。。。!
Man: Ah wait!
Girl: Uwaaaaa!

Woman: God!! What's her problem!

人を遊び人のヤリマンみたいにいいやがって あたしだって普段はちゃんと母親やってるよ!!
Woman: Talking to me like I'm some stupid bimbo. I'm usually being a proper mother!
いつも子供預かってもらって悪いと思うけど いいに来なくたっていいじゃない!!
Woman: I feel bad having always asking her to watch the kids but she didn't have to say all that!!

こんなバカ高いマンションに引っ越したのもまゆのアトピーのためなんだよ! ここ新建材使ってないから!!
Woman: Moving to such a ridiculously high apartment building was all for the sake of Mayu's allergies! 'Cause they don't use those new building materials!!

そりゃあ 夜も仕事で子供たちかわいそうだけど稼がないとしょうがないじゃない!!旦那逃げちゃったし!
Woman: Yeah, it's lonely for the kids because I work at night, but what are we going to do without any money!! After

all my husband ran out on me!
そのかわり 毎日お弁当作ってるし 絵本だって読んであげてるし!!
Woman: And in exchange I make lunch every day for them and read picture books to them!!

。。。あたしだって 一所懸命やってるのに。。。
Woman: ... I'm... giving it my all too...

うわ~ん みんな嫌い!!大っきらい!!バカー!!
Woman: Uwaa~ I hate everyone!! So much!! They're all stupid!!
あっほら 泣かないで あたたた 痛い痛い痛い!
Man: Hey, c'mon, don't cry... Aghh! OW! OW! OW!
ああーん ママーっ!
Girl: Waa Mama-!


Man: Ah...
Man: I forgot about the coffee.

The coffee wasn't the only thing that came to nothing , but was that good or bad luck?

My notes are getting longer than the translations haha.
Once again the issue with someone just her aunt, "Aunt." At least once it's established it's not necessary to repeat again.

Maybe its not even necessary to establish that she's her aunt. People can infer that.

I'm not exactly sure about this line, but I think she's refering to her aunt telling her that her mom would be crying in her grave. 草葉の陰, grave, lit: in the shade of the grass. She responds that the grass is nice. Maybe a better way to translate it would be, "God!! It's a nice grave anyways!"

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Cipo, Conclusion

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