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Translations: Gintama 625 by kewl0210 , One Piece 855 by cnet128

Beelzebub 100

Follow him

+ posted by Lanie as translation on Mar 23, 2011 12:44 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 100


CapLeft: 男鹿&Beel坊、修業中なう!! ラジカセから出てきたBeel坊の分身と戦うことになったけど…コイツ強!! Oga & Baby Beel, now in pursuit of knowlege!! Fighting Baby Beel's alter ego, from out of the cassette player... and he's strong!!
Sao:はっはっはっ Hahaha// 油断してっと死んじまうぞ? Being unprepaired will kill ya, huh? // 二人共… Both of you...
Sao:そいつは確かに赤ん坊[Beelボ]の分身だが That' guy's the baby's alter ego for sure, but...
Sao:潜在能力を all of his potential // そのまんま引き出されてるからな… has been drawn out, see...
Beel:ポキ… Crack...
Oga:まじかよ… Seriously...

(top) 祝!!連載100回目!! Congrats!! It's the 100th serialization!!
(left) 全員そろえば勇気100倍!楽しさ100バブ!! If everyone's together, courage is up x100! Fun is up 100 bubs!!

(top) バブ100Beel坊を追えっ!! Bub100 Follow Baby Beel!!

Beel:ウキャーッ Ukya—
Oga:な…なんか S... Something's... // 呪いの言葉雄叫びながら走っていったぞ? He ran away yelling curse words, huh?
Oga:おいっ!!どーすんだ!? What're you gonna do?! // いいのかよっ!? Is that okay?! // あいつ魔王の力そのまんま使えんだろ? As is, he has the power of a demon king, right?
Sao:えー…と Umm...

Sao:ばかやろうっ何してる!! What're you doing, you idiot!! // 追えっ!! Follow him!!
Oga:本当に大丈夫なんだろーなお前!! You think I'll really be fine?!
Oga:ちっ Tch.
Beel:ダーッ Dah!
Oga:倒すも何もあれじゃ ただの野生児だぜっ!! I can't beat this guy, he's a wild child!!

Beel:マー… Maah...
Beel:マッ Mah.
Beel:マーッ!! Mah!!
Beel:マッ!! Mah!!
SFX:ピョコ Boing
Oga:お いたいた Oh, there he is. // おいこらてめぇの相手はこっち… Hey, your opponent's right here...
Beel:マ———ッ!!! Maahh—!!!


Beel:gibberish. // 自由かっ!!
(Oga:とんだっ!! He flew!!)
Oga:おいBeel坊っ Hey, baby Beel, // 負けんな!!追え!! don't lose!! Follow him!!
Beel:アー… Ah...
Oga:大丈夫!! 気合いだ気合い!! It's alright!! Man up, man up!!
Beel:ダ―ッ!! Dah—!!
Oga:うぉおおおおおっ!! Uwoaaaahhh!!
Beel:ダーッ Daah

Oga:あっ…危ねぇっっ!! Be... careful!!
Beel:オー Oh
Oga:てめぇっチャレンジャー過ぎだっ!! That bastard challenger's gone too far!! // 冗談で死ねトコだったじゃねーか (オレが) Don't let yourself die over a joke. (or me)
Oga:つーか マジか…? Wait, seriously...?// 底が見えねぇ… I can't see the bottom...
Oga:おもしれぇ… Interesting...
Beel:ダゥ Daoo
Oga:ちょっと やる気で出てきちゃった Now I'm all fired up.
Oga:まずとっ捕まえんぞっ!! Now let's get this guy!!
Beel:ダーッ!! Dahh!!

Mika:おい Oi.
Oni:ん? Hmm?
Mika:ゆうべから男鹿の姿を見てねーが… I haven't seen Oga since last night... // あいつ一体どこ行ったんだ? Where the hell'd that guy go?
Oni:そういえば———… Now that you mention it... // (あ— Oh—) // 邦枝嬢の姿も見とらんのぅ… I haven't seen miss Kunieda either...
Mika:まさか あの野郎…お泊まり気分をいい事に No way, that bastard... Used the good sleepover vibes// 邦枝ちゃんにエッチな事しに行ったんじゃ… and did pervy things to Kunieda-chan...
Text: Buahaha
Oni:それは昨日のお前じゃろ(わしらが止めたけど) That was you yesterday (We stopped you though)
Mika:フォォオオッ!!! Uwoaaaahh!!! // 想像しただけで許せんっ!! Even if it's just a guess, I won't forgive him!! // 殺すっ!!男鹿辰巳!!! I'll kill you!! Oga Tatsumi!!!
Mika:むっ!! Muh!! // 言ってるそばからあれは男鹿のガキ!! As soon as you said that, there's Oga's brat!!
Mika:ちょうどいいぜっ!! Just in time!! // やい こらガキッ!!男鹿は どこだ Hey, you brat!! Oga, where is he?

Oga:待て こらぁっっっ!! Wait, you sonofa!!
Beel:アダーッ!! Adahh!!
Oga:三鏡ぃいいっっ!!! Mikagamiiiii!!!
男:な…なんじゃありゃあ… Wh... What was that... // ていうか 子供二人いなかった? Err, weren't there two kids just now? // 結局邦枝さんは!? After all, where's Kunieda-san?!
Gramps:—フン Hmm.

Kuni:Isaちゃん待ってー Isa-chan, wait!
Isa:あ Oh, // ごめんなさい sorry.
Isa:ここって 一般客立入り禁止の山道よね? This mountain trail is forbidden to regular guests, isn't it?
Kuni:いいの?私が入って… It's okay, right? I'm going in...
Isa:大丈夫です It's alright. // お父さんにも言ってあるから… Father said I could...
Isa:あの…悪魔の祓い方とか私も本当は よく分からないんだけど… Um... I don't really know much about excorsizing demons, but... // この先の奥の院に会わせたい人がいるの Just past this inner shrine there's someone I want to meet.
Kuni:会わせたい人…? Someone you want to meet...?

Kuni:ベ…Beelちゃん……?(まさか会わせたい人で…) Be... Beel-chan...? (No way, that's who you wanted to meet...)
Isa:いや違います!! No, that's wrong!!
Kuni:でも なんか誘ってるわよっっ!? But, he's, like, inviting us in?!
(Beel:くいくい Come // カマーン C'mon)
Isa:というか 色おかしくないですか? Isn't his color a bit weird though?
Oga:どいてろ邦枝 Step aside, Kunieda.
Kuni:男鹿… Oga... // え? Eh? // あれ? Huh?

Oga:このやろうチョコマカと逃げやがって… You bastard, running away like that... // 山道追えかけんのがどんだけキツイか… Do you know how hard it is to run on this mountain trial...?
Oga:——って もういねぇしっっ!! ... And he's gone again!!
Oga:なんて落ちつきのねー野郎だチキショウ!! SONOFABITCH what a restless guy!! // 誰に似たんだっ!! Who's he supposed to be like?!
Kuni:男鹿っ!? Oga?!
Beel:ダーッ!! Daah!!
Oga:ダーじゃねぇ!!お前だよっ!! Don't you 'daah' me!!
Kuni:な… Wh... // 何なの……? What was...?
Oga:ん? Hm? // 待てよ… Wait...
SFX:スタタン Waltzing by

SFX:からの~ // ツイズトッ Twist
Oga:ククっ Heh / 余裕ぶっこいてられんのも今のうちだ You can't possibly stay calm after this, // Beel坊 Baby Beel.
Beel:ダッ!! Dah!!

Beel:ピョーン Boing // ピョーン Boing
Oga:ビンゴ!! BINGO!!

Oga:うははははっバーカバーカ!! Bwahahahaha, stupid!!
Beel:ピョーン Byoing
Oga:やっとつかまえたぜっ!! I finally caught ya!! // やっぱ知能はBeel坊並みだな!! As I thought, he's as dumb as Beel!!
Oga:おい Beel坊っ!!お前も ケリとか入れてやれっ!! Oi, baby Beel!! You can finish him now or something!!
Beel:ピョーン Boing // ピョーン Boing
Oga:———って楽しくなってる!? ...You're having fun now, aren't you?!
Oga:——まあいいや!! Well, fine!! // とりあえずこれで修業は… For now this training exercise is... // ん? Hm?
Radio::テープ反転 Flipping tape.// B面[ビーめん]に変わります The tape is changed to side B.

Beel:ピョ Byo
Oga:—... // Wha...
Oga:なんだ こいつ What is this guy...
Cap: 「蠅の王」[Beelザバブ]バージョン!?これはヤベエぜっ!! Beelzebub version?! This is bad!!
CapBot: …バブ100/おわり => 次号、急展開!!ゲームも決着!! ...Bub100 / End. => Next issue, a rapid development!! And the game's conclusion!!

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