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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Goodbye, My Cramer 1

All Alone

+ posted by lebdawho as translation on Feb 11, 2017 22:21 | Go to Goodbye, My Cramer

-> RTS Page for Goodbye, My Cramer 1

Pg 05 TV - It seems so
-I'm very happy we won.
-I was relieved
-If we had lost
-I would have quit the National team.

Pg 06-07 SFX BAN

Pg 08-09 -Pant // Pant
-Get back!!
- Defend the goal front!!
- The attacks coming!!

Pg 10-11 - You've got space!!
-Pick a course!!
- Challange her!!
SFX pa-pa-pa
-A cut in?!
-Get back!!
- She'll shoot!!

Pg 12-13 SFX PEEEE

pg 14-15 SFX - PEEE
Box -This is the end // of 15 year old // Suou Sumire's last summer of middle school

pg 16 Girl #1 - Ahaha
- We won
-We did it Shoshizaki.
Girl #2 - Suou
-What was that!? // Why did you attack alone!?
Girl #1 - They're fighting.
Soshizaki - They're fighting.
Girl #2 - Were you showing off!?
- If you'd just kept it.
- We would have gotten numbers forward!

pg 17 Soshizaki - No you wouldn't.
- You guys were too slow.
Girl #1 - Soshizaki
Soshizaki (Top Left) - Your attack was so slow that before you got there //She wouldn't have been able to make anything happen.
(Bottom Right) - We were lucky that our defense was waiting // and we were able to surround the ball
( Bottom Left) - You had no urgency the whole second half // Charge it up, Turtle (TN: She actually uses the name for a specific Chinese turtle)
- Idiot
Soshizaki - You're not seeing your laziness.
- Don't make Suou into the problem.

pg 18 SFX Zip
Girl #1 - She's a weird one.
Soshizaki - Because of that environment
-That blatant talent
-Will die

Pg 19 SFX Rumble // Bam

pg 20 SFX Bam // Bam // Bam
Girl (in bubble) - Um
- Um Captain // Shall we go through practice together?
Girl (out of bubble) - Hurry up and say it.
SFX - blush

pg 21 Suou - Since I've retired I'm not the captain anymore so // you should make teams with the 1st and 2nd years
Girls - Oh.....right
- Excuse us
Suou - Oh // But I'm gonna borrow the goal
- Let me know if I'm in the way.
Girls - Okay.
- But we didn't have enough people
- She could have just joined us.
Playgroup girls - There
- Haha
Girls - Ah!
- I'm so sorry
-We've done it now!!

pg 22 SFX Drop//Drop
Magazine - The Complete defensive midfielder
-She's 3rd in the country and shaping into a real dynamo!
Girls EEK // She's laughing.
SFX - Hehehehehe // rip // rip // rip
Girls - She's ripping it bit by bit....
- It's barbaric to rip up a book.

Pg 23 Soshizaki - Yo!
Magazine (Same as before)
Box - Soshizaki Midori
- Suou Sumire
- They're 3rd year of middle school they met // and became rivals.
- Well, only Soshizaki thought that.
Soshizaki - EH!?

pg 24 Box - They waged war at every opportunity
- The Best New Player. The best in the District
- Their schools were close and they kept meeting.
- The results ended in Suou meeting a crushing defeat.
- To Suou Sumire, Soshizaki was // Just a bump in front of her.
Suou - How dare you show up.
- She's like a rock...
Soshizaki - Eh!? // Eh!?
Box - She was a mere nuisance // Just like a rock in the middle of the road.
Soshizaki - .....// South Warabisei is having a practice match against Urawahousei.
- Wanna go watch?

Pg 25 Board Top - Team // Score // Team
Left - South Warabisai
Middle Row 1 - 0 // 1st Half // 3
Row 2 - 0 // 2nd Half // 4
Right - Urawahousei

pg 26 Soshizaki - Man. Urawahousei is strong // Well, compared to their opponents.
-#7 is working hard though.
Suou - Man the Wallabies suck (TN I believe this is reference to an Australian Rugby team)
Girl #7 - Senpai! Don't tell us to quite.
- Let's just keep going.
- Coach said we'll get some good players next year.
Girl #9 - Us 3rd years don't have the time to wait for them.
- We're heading for Club teams.

pg 27 Girl #9 - I don't want to see that slacker.
- Sorry // Tase
Soshizaki - They fought.
Suou - They fought.

pg 28 Girl - They were not.
Soshizaki - EEK! // A pervert!!
Chika - It's just me.
Soshizaki - AAH // Chika-senpai Hello!!
Chika - Don't measure me with your eyes!!

pg 29 Chika - You can't see it here, but Tase is a pretty skilled player.
- She's the only one trying on South Warabisei
- She completely picked the wrong school.
- It's such a waste.
- Your coming to my school, right Soshizaki? // Coach said he recruited you.
Soshizaki - Um well.....
- I just talked to him.
Chika - Pick your high school carefully
SFX Chew // Chew
Chika - There's not a lot of places you can play with all you got.

pg. 30 Chika - If you wanna get to #1 in Japan
- Come to us.
(Jackets - Urawahousei)
Soshizaki - She's a senpai from school.
Suou - Oh, I know.

pg 31 Suou - She beat me so many times.
Out of bubble - That damn 4 eyes.
Soshizaki - Guess she's the type to hold a grudge.
SFX - Don // Don // Don

pg 32 SFX PING
Soshizaki - You guys are pretty similar
Suou - We are?

pg 33 Soshizaki - You guys are both
- Always along.

pg 34 TV - Their passes connect beautifully.
-All the players are working together.
Girls - We'd only just be in your way.
-Sorry. We just aren't at your level, Suou.

Pg 35 Soshizaki - Let's join the same team.
- Either in high school // or on a Club team.
- I'll give you passes. // Play with me.

pg 36 - 37 Soshizaki - I won't let you fight alone.
Suou - You think of me like that.....
Soshizaki - Wha?!
Suou - I've got a lot of techniques...
SFX Doki //Doki
Soshizaki - You perv!!
Suou - You can't do anything with a winger who's lost so many ties at the district level.
Soshizaki - The one that beat you was me so // I thought I'd pay you back
- I'll bother you a lot.
Suou - You wouldn't get anything out of it.
Soshizaki - You won't know till we try.
- There's no idiot who'd kick the ball to lose.

pg 38 - Soshizaki - Didn't you know?
- A ball is round.

pg 39

Fukutsu - I'm Fukutsu, the advisor for the South Warabisei women's soccer club.
Tase - I'm the Captain Tase Eriko.
- Let's work together.
Soshizaki - .....// What?

pg 41 Soshizaki - What
Sign - Saitama Prefecture South Warabisei High School
Soshizaki - What?

pg 42 Soshizaki - Why did you choose Warabi!?
- You really meant Uwara, right?!
- Did that slip your mind?
Tase - Wait, aren't you Soshizaki from North Toda Middle // #3 in the country // the defensive mid??
- What are you doing here? // Why!?
Soshizaki - Um well.
- Good question.
Suou out of bubble - The same
- We are // the same

pg. 43 Soshizaki - Does she sympathize with her!?
-We split into teams the first practice day, huh?
- Splitting us into factions.
- I don't hate that.
Fukatsu - We can ease in with a mini game.
- You're the ref // since you're in black.

pg. 44 Fukatsu - Leaving out the ref, that's 8 people a team
- We'll play on 2/3 of the field.
- 1st years vs. 2nd years with 20 min halves.
Soshizaki - There's 17 of us!?
- And no 3rd years!?
Manager - Wait, me too?? // I've only ever managed a team before.
SFX Waa//waa
#6 - Don't mind. Don't mind.
Soshizaki - Is my soccer life gonna be okay?
Tase - Coach. // We're ready.
Fukatsu - Good.
- Play to win.
Tase - This guy...is pretty ambivalent, isn't he.

pg 45 Ref - Well then // Let's start.
SFX - PEE-PEE // Doki // doki

pg 46 - Nice, Tase!!
Soshizaki - 0-5
- Well of course it is
- This is the first time the new members have played together.
- Of course, our coordination would suck.

pg 47 Soshizaki - Which means
- It's fine if we play a little selfishly. Right?
- Get it back quickly.
Soshizaki - We'll just take that regular spot.

pg. 48 - 49 Soshizaki - You and me.
#5 - She's fast!!
- Waaa

pg. 50 -Keeper!!
Keeper - Out structure is falling apart!!
- I've got to stop her.

pg. 51 Keeper - She slipped it passed me
- But it's not in yet!!

pg. 52 SFX GAN
-Clear it!!
Suou - Che
Soshizaki - Hahah
- Even with the defense break down, she still aimed for that spin.
- I still don't get why she picked this crappy team // I got such crap about it from everyone.
Out of bubble - Why are you going there!? You're an idiot.
Box - Middle School teammates
Soshizaki - But I wasn't wrong.
- It's not Urawa
- I'm glad I'm teamed with Suou Sumire.

pg 53 Soshizaki - With her I know that some amazing soccer is waiting.
- I'll be there with a Club team too.
Sawa - Wow
- #7 went through everybody.
- They're amazing.
Box - First year // Echizen Sawa
Nozomi - Well there are amazing players even in womans soccer.

pg. 54 Nozomi - Not that I'm one of them.
Box - 1st year Onda Nozomi
Nozomi - What greed!!
- Like a hungry pig...

pg. 55 Soshizaki - Suou!!
- On your left!!
- #7 again!?
Fukatsu - I already know how strong #7 is.
- She's got a hot line.
Box - But

pg 56 Fukatsu - When people know where the ball is going.
- They can hunt it.

pg. 57 #3 - Don't rely on speed!!
Soshizaki - Damn it // They aimed for her!!
- That rhythm was too much.
Suou - Where's some support!?

pg 58-59 Girl - Were you showing of!?
- If we just do it!!
Soshizaki - You guys are the same
- Always along.

pg 60

pg 61 - Get back!
-#6's picked it up!!

pg. 62 -#7's coming.
- We're changing the back!!
- Cover!

pg 63 Girl - Here's the pass to #7

pg 64 - A scissor!! (TN This is a soccer move where you cut back over the ball to redirect)

pg 65 - #2 - Damn!!

pg 66 - 67

pg 68 - Why is it always that // the one who get the victory and to Capocannociere (TN the Golden Boot)
- And the soccer world pre-Madonna
- Is always I, Shiratori Aya!!
- The girl born on the offside line.
Soshizaki - Like I know.
out of bubble - Just shut up.

pg 69 Sawa - Good job on defense
#5 - right!
Aya - The scorer me!!
Soshizaki - You didn't defend at all.
Nozomi - Hey
- Nice run.
- Sorry, you were a great decoy.
Suou - Didn't you just go off alone?
Nozomi - Well
- Maybe that's true

pg 70 Nozomi - But you see
- soccer is more fun
- When everybody is trying together.

pg 71 Box - With 17 people // and a mediocre coach.
Nozomi - Bring it here
Box - 15 year old // Suou Sumire // found another girl just like her

pg 72 Box - On the pitch.

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