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Translations: Gintama 687 (2) , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Gintama 69

Mom's Busy Too, So Quit Complaning About What's for Dinner

+ posted by Leveias as translation on Jun 20, 2009 06:21 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 69

Pg 1
I am Go, the God of Speed

Shuwa, the God of Strength

Kaoru, Goddess of Elegance

The God of Sight > Matsuo

Pg 2

Guardian God > Hattori Zenzo

The Freelance Squadron… > The Shinobi 5!

Lesson 69 Mom’s Busy Too, So Quit Complaining What’s For Dinner

Pg 3
Ha Ha Ha, Katsura! > Your time is up.

Against five master warriors of the Oniwabanshu… > Your Goninja have no hopes of winning

Die…right before Elizabeth’s big, cute eyes.


Pg 4
!! > Gin-san

Heh heh > We’re your opponents

You’re mine-

Pg 5
JUMP Samurai!

To think we would meet again in a place like this > I get irritated every time I read JUMP because your face shows up.

Wait a sec... JUMP? ... JUMP… > Ah Isomura-kun, I borrowed your JUMP and never returned it, I can explain > I told you I’m Hattori!

What’s with you, have you already forgotten? > Sorry I’m not too good with faces, you’re Isomura-kun right? > It’s Hattori! Well then… I don’t remember you either!! > Then there’s no reason to fight, is there? > Shut up! I don’t remember you but you piss me off!

Gin-san, watch out he’s strong!

You’re the one who should be careful.

Pg 6
My how agile, just like a monkey

Oh, pardon me > You wanted Sa-chan. Saru-san? *(Note: saru = monkey)

You… you’re the Madonna of ninja school, Waki Kaoru-san? > I didn’t notice because you’re so hairy.

To think Katsura was a weakling

The other two are kids > According to my data we stand a 99.8% chance of victory

This is bad > I can’t take on a real ninja

Pg 7
Curry ready! > Curry?! I don’t have curry! What kind of battle cry is that?!

AHHH! They got curry too! Am I the weird one? Has my 16 years of life been wrong?!

Unfortunately we know all your moves > My data has a 99.8% chance your attack failing

Shut up! Don’t underestimate out triple curry > Triple?! Why am I counted in there?!

Witness what a real ninja is like! RAHHH

Pg 8
Hot! Hot! Hot! > Hot! It went down my back!!

There’s this much difference with the same technique > That is the difference between our skills

They’re eating it?!

Pg 9
They saw through our attack? > You’re naïve

Heh. > You’re the naïve ones


My stomach! > Mine too > what was in that curry?

Didn’t mom tell you not to take food from strangers? > You looked too deep into our technique that you forgot the basics! > You too > Uhhh

Leader, what’s wrong? > You bastard…I got hungry and took a bite > You ate the battle curry?!

You think this enough to beat us? > The word shinobi means to endure.

This is real ninjutsu

Pg 10
Ninja art, Shadow clones! > Hah hah, can you fine the real one?

It’s too obvious > gah!

Goooo!!! Don’t go, Go! > How could you tell the difference?

It’s my turn next, Doping-Jutsu > Expand

Sprrt > oops > something else expanded

This is bad! The data says there’s a 99.8% chance the next attack will finish me off in the next panel! >
Make it this panel

Pg 11
What are you doing? Hattori, Shinobi 5 supposed to be the strongest!

Wrong! The Pegasus-comet-strike goes like this > Idiot, you visualize the Pegasus constellation. Yours is crap > Hattori what are you doing you idiot? This isn’t recess.

Boss. The Pegasus-comet-strike goes like this right? > Boss tell him like it is, this guys an idiot > You’re both idiots! > Besides it goes like this. I have the whole anime set!

You were popular with the boys at school…but didn’t they all have glasses fetishes? Disgusting > Waki-san you were popular too > your friends would talk behind your back > what is that? some kind of female fight?

Pg 12
Gin-san! Hurry and end this. > Kagura’s is going to be the worst berserk heroine in history > I’m just not that motivated… > I don’t really care about Elizabeth or Kagura pooping her pants >You bastard! I’ll poop on you!

Leader you got to relax. Breathe with me. > Hee-hee-hoo. Hee-hee-hoo *(Note: this is the Lamaze technique for birth) > wrong! That’s how babies come out!!

It’s getting noisy. Shall we end this? > Might as well

We had so much in common > I wish we met in a different situation

Like I said…

We already met in a different situation

Pg 13
Vanished? > Where did he go

Gin-san! Look out!


From below? So cheap…

What’s this? This sweet smell…

My body… its numb

Hoo hoo!! > Enjoying my petals?

Ninja art, petrification spell. > One whiff and your body goes numb

Pg 14
Now! Zenzo! > Finish him! Hoo hoo.

Rin byo > !!

Saru! Why can she move? > my attack doesn’t work? *Txt around Sa-chan: Rin, byo, to, zaku, kai, shin, zetsu, saru, zen.

Of course!! The smell of natto cancels out my rose petals.

Ninja art, Never give up!

Gin-san > revive

Die, JUMP samurai!

Pg 15

You’re the one… > who dies!!

Pg 18
Zenzo! Zenzoooo!

How could you? Zenzo has hemorrhoids-

I-Impossible… > The shinobi 5…impossible



Pg 17
I hope Kagura makes it in time > Ahhhhh


Nooo, Elizabeth > how can this be? > ?

Hey Zura, isn’t it weird? It seems like there’s nothing inside > you’re right. There’s no blood or anything

Huh? > I told you.

Elizabeth isn’t here > Elizabeth was never here
Still don’t understand? To get you to come… > he made a Elizabeth doll

It was all a trap > ha ha

Pg 18

Zura-kun, whats he saying

Come to think of it… > I forgot we had a fight over oage topping of the soba dish yesterday *(Note: Oage is deep-fried tofu)

Why you!! You just had a fight! And it left!! > Bastard! Give me back my hardship.

Please. I have a question…

Elizabeth > I’ve been looking all over for you

What is it? Selling papers? Just turn it down, I don’t have any money > They’re really persistent lately

I’ll be coming back later again > for dinner just take the microwave the frozen hamburger

Eh? Microwave food again? No fair. I stay home > while you go out with guys and eat whatever you want


WAHHH > See? You got your father angry

Be glad with what you get. Some poor families don’t even get frozen hamburgers

Elizabeth?, where are you?!


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