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Raiders 13


+ posted by liger92s as translation on Jan 24, 2010 10:13 | Go to Raiders

-> RTS Page for Raiders 13

For Red-Hawk Scans only

Raiders chpt 13: Compass

Page 1:

Englands secret intelligence agency

Page 2:



Oh. Is it because of this camera?

Dr Anderson. In here things like cameras and recorders are also prohibited.

Ah. Sorry

Page 3:


Going through that every time. This is too much.

I was scouted by a secret agency after graduating Medical science in Cambridge University to start a research.

I was informed that this research was top secret but the pressure from this place was enough to stop my breath

But something that’s even more surprising

Page 4:

Its been a while Dr Anderson. Show us the result of your research.

These old men who love the shadows are most likely to be high officials from the government.

And isn’t that Lieutenant Colonel James Wiseburn who was died in 1955.

Why is someone who should be dead here in this room?

Page 5:

I’ll start the presentation.

I’ve split the sample into 42 groups according to their properties and watched them after
Most did not react and the others were metabolized without consciousness. All of them were dead before the experiment, and since I did not have any more suitable experimental bodies…

I used 2 samples that had brain death and was organ donors for the experiment.

The results were they became just as active and intelligent as a normal person but only their mental or their physical properties improved like the other samples.

So they recovered 100% into a normal person?


Just like the data I received

Many abilities such as cell reproduction and such were very different from a normal person.

Page 6

Basically there was no progress. Where did you get this idiot?


We don’t want to waste our funds to raise a parrot that repeat the same thing over and over.

Try harder for a better result Dr Anderson.

You should go back for now.

And I like the results from the living samples more than the dead ones.

If you need more samples then just ask. It doesn’t have to be dead or brain dead.

What do you mean?

Page 7:

We can give you living samples without a problem. Please concentrate more on your research.
I thought my research was to save the disabled people.

Allowing living samples…

Page 8:

The people in the meeting are all recorded dead.

Ignore them, as they are fools who don’t even know the limit of their own power.

It was me who chose you. I know that you wish to be the smartest, and achieve what others couldn’t do.

To you, every law about life is god. A religion.

I will give you what others couldn’t even dream about. All you have to do is work for that dream of yours.

Know that as long as you work according to the government, its not a crime. You don’t have to think about conscience.

Page 9:

What was that?

Page 10:


Page 11:

Sorry about that. Were you asleep?

I needed some light to read this.

Then why did we get into this cargo train……

But there was that weird detective.

I don’t think it would have been a problem though

Page 12:

Well…. We don’t have to use violence.

Let’s take the right train at the next stop

We are in this train because I thought we had to get away from that place fast.

Anyway this notebook is great. It’s like a diary but it also holds information from some kind of an experiment…

It has information about unknown relics. This is the only record, which has yet to be shown to anyone else.

No wonder nobody knew the whereabouts of the chrism bottles.

After the resurrection of Jesus, things used for Jesus death such as the cross, nails, his shrouds and the chrism bottles were treated as holy artifacts….

So those in power back then wished to have them as some kind of a charm.

Page 13:

A chrism bottles was placed in Glastonbury while the others traveled through the town.

Henry the 2nd needed a holy symbol to gain territory from France.

So many of these relics were placed in Glastonbury and when Protestant Reformation took place, the church created a secret expedition group to move these relics to safety.

They chose a small town in Wales and built a cathedral there.

They were in danger from the king so they needed to hide very secretly and cunningly.

They also took some of these relics to other places incase all of them ended up dead,

And left clues so descendants can find them.

But… theres something different.

Page 14:

Not only were they from a religious group, but they were also scientists.

They did a lot of research and experiments.

They tried to find the secret in Jesus blood.

The effect of Jesus blood was beyond what science could explain. The nails that were used on Jesus stopped corroding.

Using some of the blood, they could save the dying and heal wounds….

It created miracles and was regarded as a mythical substance.

That’s the power you get as the Son of God.

Yea. Since they are from a religious group, they should think like that. But why did they have doubt and carry out these experiments?

Page 15:

What that skeleton guy said bother me as well.

Why was a zombie created in 1414 when there must have been other great sinners after Jesus’s death.

I never thought that way. All I remember…

Is being tied in chains in a jail and that all the guards were afraid of me.

Page 16:

Ah! Wh… What do you think this dagger would have been used for?

It would be like a pistol in present, which you would prepare for dangerous places.

That is true but it seems a little crude.

Page 17:

The shadow..!


The shadow?

The shadow is backwards?!

Page 18:

What is this!

How is this…

Page 19:

This dagger is a compass.

We are around that region so its pointing towards north of England.

It’s the same on the book too.

A small expedition group took some of the relics and hid them separately in the northern regions.

I don’t know if all of them are there.

But some must be around this place.

If we exclude the chrism bottles which I drank and they took for the experiments…

Out of the 3…

Page 20:

At least one of them one of them will be there!

With this dagger we can find it!

Ah. Y… yeah

This is great, Ramia. This is great!

Page 22:


It really is great.

Page 23:


I didn’t know you can make such a pretty face.

It looks a lot better. This is the first time I’ve seen you smile.

Page 24:

N..No I was just…


Page 25:

Thanks… for a lot of things.

Page 26:


What are you…


Page 27:

What was that just now…

Thanks huh…

It doesn’t suit you

Page 28:


Page 29:

I’ve had a sweat dream just now.

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