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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Buster Keel 6

Enter Suiki

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Mar 18, 2009 12:29 | Go to Buster Keel

-> RTS Page for Buster Keel 6

Please excuse the lateness, my internet cap was exceeded causing my internet to go extremely slow and so I had to wait until I got more internet allowance again to download the chapter.

Page 1

-(green text far right) The Books 1st Volume has gone on sale!!!
-(blue text middle) These 2 monsters
-Must not touch

Page 2

-Blue Transforms!
-The Death Match's / 2nd Round!

Page 3

-Heeh~~ I'm kind of surprised that you were actually a monster.
-Blue-san is a monster as well!!?
-"Suiki" / A tribe of water demons who protect the rivers and lakes.
-But...I'm sure that...
-So you hadn't all become extinct~?
-Blue-san, I know why / You reacted to the mention of Kurokiri-san.

Page 4

-Sorry, the information that young master is looking for is also invisible.
-Is that so...
-I do know that "Kurokiri" is one of the Evil Four.
-Hold it right there, Keel!!
-Why are you after such a dangerous monster?
-It's simple...
-To obliterate him.

Page 5

-Kurokiri-san killed everyone in the Suiki tribe, didn't he.
-Are you looking for Kurokiri-san for revenge?
-Kurokiri-san is one of the Evil Four, the four so called strongest monsters.
-I think that with your power, it would be impossible.
-You're a talkative guy.

Page 6

-If you're that talkative, then spill Kurokiri's location.
-You don't want to die after all.
-That's my line you know!!

Page 7

-"Bat Note"
-"Water Sea"
-"Water Pistol"

Page 8

-Now you've returned back to your original form your magical power has increased.
-But I've already said it. No matter how many times you destroy my chest, all you are doing is opening an airhole. / It's useless.
-But you know...
-I don't die but...
-It still hurts...

Page 9

-You asshole.
-"Bat End"

Page 10

-The. End!
-Wait, huh?

Page 11

-I just said no matter how many times you attack me it's useless!!
-"Water of Full Moon"
-How about if I crush you?
-You serious

Page 12


Page 13

-Hey did it, oink!!
-Chuck it up, Kurokiri's whereabouts.
-Ahh~ I tricked Blue-san~~

Page 14

-And got a hostage!!
-Ahaha, startled you!?
-I hid my real body, the thing you were fighting with just then was a clone.
-(text above bat) Banpaa's Real Body
-(text above bodies) Blue Banpaa's Clone
-But because when I put my power into the clone it left my real body with a lack of power and became a bit short.
-I see...

Page 15

-It'll be good if you don't move. You don't want your good friend to die do you.
-Unhand Ravi, oink!!
-This kind of cowardly act might look pretty bad, but it's because the work takes
-Anyway, drop all of your weap
-Do what you want.
-IF you are going to do it then do it.
-After that I'll get you to spit out the location of Kurokiri.

Page 16

-What are you saying, oink Bull!!
-You're letting Ravi get killed, oink!!
-Kurokiri is everything to me.
-This guys serious...

Page 17

-Poor Nee-san, you've got quite the heartless friend don't you~~
-Let him do it Bull...
-After you get Blue to give up you are planning on killing us all after anyway.
-If that's the case then Blue should focus on beating you regardless of me.
-I'm an adventurer, I won't be daunted by bad guys.

Page 18

-I'm okay.
-Let him do it, Blue.

Page 19

-Blue-sama, hurry up and run away!!
-No, let me go, let me go!!
-Mother is, mother is!!
-Hurry up and go, Blue!!

Page 20

-I'm okay.
-Nooo / Mother...mother...
-Tch! What's with you people!!
-If that's the case then I'll kill the leftovers first!!

Page 21

-Thanks to you I remembered...

Page 22

-I can't let myself be unable to do anything again.
-What the hell...
-"Bat Shoot"!!
-"Aqua Dome"!!

Page 23

-But now...
-I'm different!!

Page 24 (this is actually a double spread but the page number is only listed as 24 so that's what I'll keep it at)

-"Water Star"!!!

Page 25

-Haa / Haa / Bingo!

Page 26

-I used my strongest magic so it exhausted me.
-If you hadn't been able to save me then I really would have died... / I said those
sorts of things, but I was actually really scared, ehehe.
-Thanks, Blue.

Page 27

-I used all my power so I changed into this kind of form / But I still have the strength to bite off your neck!!!

Page 28

-Wh~~at, being careless.

Page 29

-Although I'm surprised that you were a monster, / But it isn't impressie at all, Kyakyaa.
-What was that, moron!
-Oh? Want to try, dumbass!!
-Hey you two!!

Page 30

-Haa...Haa... / Because I'm tired this time, I'll spare your life for next time, dumbass.
-That's my line, moooron.
-Impressive guys you are.

Page 31

-You were able to fight us as opponents this far.
-Quite unexpected.
-Toutan-san, do it!!
-Tch, stubborn jerks...
-This is bad, those two aren't in any position to fight.

Page 32

-The weaklings should stay there.
-Are you able to do it!?
-Obviously not!!
-I'm your opponent!!

Page 33

-Br-bring it!!
-What are you planning, brat!?
-I am...
-The head of the Addams Family...I'll become the leader of Addams Town!!!

Page 34

-So why do you want to die.
-I won't pull back...!!
-If I give up to people who are troubling me here then I can't become a leader like my father was!!
-What's with that!!
-We can't leave it to a jerk like you alone.

Page 35

-We're your opponents too, dammit.
-We'll stop.
-As if I can do this unsuitable assignment.
-Toutan-san!! Our work!!?
-I'm not suited for this.
-What the...
-Kurokiri-san is going to be seriously pissed!

Page 36

-You lot...especially the trash called Keel.
-I'll repay this beating. Prepare yourselves for it.
-Bring it on, dumbass!!
-Because you were able to be my opponent this far I'll tell you one thing.
-The name of our organisation is "Ayakashi". If you want to see Kurokiri-san then you should search for that. (TN-Ayakashi means demon)
-Ah, although I left out that you will get killed if you do.

Page 37

-What's up?
-You said that you were stronger than I was, huh.
-You heard that?
-Hii, it was a joke!!
-Oh a joke then I'll forgive you!! / Wait, who would forgive you, wait bastard!!
-What's with those guys.
-Yay, we're saved!

Page 38

-Wha!! / The armour could still move!!

Page 39

-What, oink, what, oink!!
-Th, this is...
-The proof of lordship in a different form...!!
-When a new lord takes up the position the proof takes it's true form.
-Unwavering even before those who are strong, the master's heart is strong. / I'll ignore...others brought...

Page 40

-What's this mean?
-It's accepted Thomas as the leader.
-You did it, Thomas-san!!
-So this is the the true proof of lordship, superb.
-Bastard, still trying to steal it!!
-Hmph, it doesn't matter what you say!
-The seat of the leader, now belongs to the great me!!

Page 41

-If someone other than the true lord carries the proof then they will be struck by electricity.
-(text above keel)It can still talk!!
-You reap what you sow, kyakyaa!!
-No more...I don't have to be the lord...

Page 42

-The Next Day
-How about if you were able to spend a bit more time enjoying yourself.
-Sorry but, we have to hurry on ahead.
-Keel-san, Blue-san, please allow me to outfit you with new clothes.
-I refuse!!
-(small text next to thomas)Oh no
-(small keel)Crack!!
-(small blue)I don't want this

Page 43

-Become an amazing leader! / And stock up lots of bananas for me to eat.
-That's how the "Buster Keel" party's first job was completed.
-However what will happen on Keel's party's journey concerning newly revealed organisation, the mysterious "Ayakashi"...!!?

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