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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Akatsuki 3


+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Mar 24, 2009 14:55 | Go to Akatsuki

-> RTS Page for Akatsuki 3

Enjoy the next chapter. Tell me if I'm missing anything.

Page 1

-(very top) Extremely popular! The medical and sword technique battle manga's 3rd chapter!!
-(top) The two Kiri-ishi, to each their own time
-(bottom above title) Suddenly the boiling topic!!
-(bottom right) Chapter 3 Narukari (TN- this is the name of one of the akatsuki)

Page 2

-Get up, Hibiki!!
-When are you going to sleep until!? Let's go out on our patrol!

Page 3

-Damn...he hasn't changed at all, living in a room filled with figurines.
-Oi, Hibiki!!
-P...please Kirisa...
-Just 50 more minutes!
-Don't screw with me!! We're already 30 minutes behind schedule! Look at this!!
-AAH!! Hondana Majin!!!
-Hondana Majin (TN- Magic Bookshelf Man), Samurai Series, Second Toy Line Certain Kill Technique: Avalanche Encyclopedia
-If you don't move your ass and get out of bed then I'll destroy your figurines!!
-I get it!! I'm getting up, I'm getting up so leave it alone!!
-You're always complaining about having no money while all you do is buy these things
-Don't treat it so roughly!

Page 4

-I...really hate these patrols. Don't you think on a day when we have no requests wandering around the villages is silly? (small) Give me a break
-Mountain patrols are especially the worst! Why when nothing is happening in the villages do we have to bother going as far as mountain climbing to reach them. (small) Shit
-If the Akatsuki appear then we should head out to eliminate them!! / That is the simple and best way!

Page 5

-If we do it like that then we won't make it in time, so we have to go out and look around for them.
-If the Akatsuki spreads to the point that we can't control it then what will you do!?
-Oi, you slow poke!! Move your ass!!
-...Get yourself into gear Hibiki!!
-If you are a guy who isn't prepared to do a decent job on your patrol then you have no future as a Kiri-ishi!
-Who is "A guy who isn't prepared to do a decent job on their patrol"?
-You, jerk! Didn't I just say that!!
-Another Kiri-ishi is coming today, if I hear that attitude again...
-Oh, Hibiki and Kirisa!

Page 6

-You dudes haven't changed at all, good friends as always.
-You're late by an hour, you've been making your senpai. That's quite some courage you have.
-Level Three Kiri-ishi, Name: Shachina

Page 7

-Wahahahaha, it's been a while, Hibiki!!
-Ge...Shachina huh. So were going on patrol together with him today?
-Please excuse our late ness Shachina-san...
-Don't worry about it one little bit. I only got here 5 minutes ago myself!
-Cause I'm going to show you how a senpai works today <3
-Oooy!! The great Kiri-ishi has come to see how everyone is doing!
-Make sure you come out here!
-(small) Is it okay to do that?

Page 8

-Uh, Kiri-ishi-sama, this must be quite a bother for you.
-I am called Kirisa.
-Because we would like to intrude upon your water supplies and food storage to ascertain their safety, would it be possible for us to receive permission to check upon them?
-Please do so.
-Tch...It hasn't changed at all, Kirisa's method of inquiring.
-That's good isn't it. It's the model method.
-Well no, actually a more frank way is good as well.

Page 9

-Ooh <3 What a cute doggy.
-Old man, what's his name?
-Ah, ala?
-That's no good. It's something you have to use polite speech for.
-Nice to meet you, I am named Hibiki.
-That's quite a cute doggy you have there. May I enquire about his name?
-(handwritten) Ignore
-Oh oh~~ this is, this is...such an elaborate collar.
-Hm, handmade.
-Let me see...

Page 10

-BGYAA OWOWOWOWOW LET GO / Chau!! Old dude! Don't just shut up, get him off me!!
-Prick, I'll remember this you stupid mutt, damn old man!!
-Wahaha, you got bitten.
-Okay, okay, just calm down.
-I'm sorry Kiri-ishi-sama.
-That old man, his son and her wife as well as their grandson were lost two years ago in a collapse.
-Since then he hasn't said a word...
-His only remaining family the dog that his grandson had...

Page 11

-He had that kind of situation!! I'll beat you up for that...

Page 12

-Excuse meee, another order of the Gyuusu Ramen!!
-Wahahaha, still chowing down the same as ever, he is.
-Oy, oy, Hibiki! That's enough for you.
-It's fine, Shachina can buy it for us.
-Yeah, yeah
-No...but, money isn't the problem...
-Kee! Kirisa, you're one to talk.
-As soon as we got the money you went straight into a bath.
-Trying to be some "with this I will grab hold of a man's heart" chick, / Aaa~~!?
-Well you know, I'm glad that you are going to the bath with the money you made.

Page 13

-Zis is also Sanks to my trainin' <3 Hibiki.
-You're drunk, don't drink anymore!
-Half a year ago
-Alright, the first training seminar is about to start~ listen up!!
-Why do we write the word kiri-ishi using the character "i"? (TN- Kiri-ishi is made up of three characters roughly meaning destruction medical warrior, the medical part being the character with the pronunciation "i")
-That is because Akatsuki is not just a simple monster, it is a disease!
-Akatsuki starts out as bacteria and spores in the atmosphere that are invisible to the eye...
-In mountains, rivers...and places like caves, it multiplies.
-What's with him.
-Who knows? Trying to act like a spore or something perhaps?

Page 14

-It multiplies and then is introduced to places like the air and water. Then at that time it infects people and other things.
-It works the same way as a cold.
-And when it infects people,
-The Akatsuki grows to its true form.
-It becomes a monster that drains the nutriets from its host, and attacks other people.
-When that occurs there is a chance for secondary infection to occur.
-So that's why the Kiri-ishi are sent out.

Page 15

-To cut off and destroy the fully realised Akatsuki,
-The Kiri-ishi carry Crave.
-However, Kiri-ishi are not omnipotent.
-If the Akatsuki becomes fully realised / to the point that we are unable to destroy it,
-At that time as medical warriors we have to be able to make a calm judgement.
-And face the brutal reality of your job.
-We Kiri-ishi are
-Medical warriors who can only destroy. (TN- As in they are doctors who can't heal, only kill)

Page 16

-Ladiez! How'z bout ya drin' over 'ere!!
-Whazzup wiz you two, lower de tension. / I'm payin' so ya shou drin' more <3
-That's why I said you were drunk! Let's just go already!!
-Tha lez do that!! Ruvv me, Ruvv!
-Listen to me!!
-Even like this he's still a good senpai.

Page 17

-What is it Shachina, suddenly...
-That was my water!?

Page 18

-Let's continue with our patrol.
-There was something subtly weird about that wolf howl just now.
-Come, you dudes.
-Don't forget your Crave.

Page 19

-Ha / Haa
-Wa...wait up oi.
-Did he say howl!? Is he being an idiot.
-Damn...so fast! Did he wake up from his stupor with just that one cup of water?
-Oi, Shachina!!

Page 20-21

-Narukari huh...
-Narukari, Highly Infectious Type Akatsuki, It infects a host which causes others of it's group to become infected, Limit: 3 Hours
-They really were here...!!
-They're coming!!

Page 22

Page 23

-I thought you understood but the Narukari is a type of Akatsuki that can't be cured!
-Now that the Narukari has infected these wolves there isn't anything we can do to save them anymore!!
-Don't hesitate to kill them!!

Page 24

Page 25

-Watch out!!
-If you don't pay attention you'll die!!

Page 26

-Shit...it's one after the other...
-There's no end to it!!

Page 27

-Wahaha, there's still not enough!!
-Increase the tension!!

Page 28

-Alright, most of them have been killed
-It looks like we can do this if it's like this
-Oi, you two!! Chase after them!!
-Don't let 'em go even if you die!!

Page 29

-If even one gets away then it can form another group
-If the Narukari is able to infect a human village then it would be a terrible event...
-These things...
-Must be annihilated at all costs!!
-Yosh! First this one!

Page 30

-Go!! Kirisa!
-Last one!!
-Destroy it!!

Page 31

-Such an elaborate collar...Hm handmade.
-What are you doing idiot!!
-Wait!! Hibiki!!
-That thing is...

Page 32

Page 33

-...Hibiki! That dog is from this morning...
-The Narukari is an Akatsuki that can't be cured.
-Once it's been affected there's no way to save it!!

Page 34

Page 35

-We Kiri-ishi are
-Medical warriors who can only destroy.

Page 36

-I'm terribly sorry.
-Your dog was affected by an incurable type of Akats...
-In order to prevent a second outbreak we had to eliminate it.
-Your precious "family"...
-We were unable to save it.

Page 37

-Hyooo~ I'm stuffed, I'm stuffed.
-That shop's Steak Don is seriously tasty Hibiki!
-Wahaha, or rather you dudes,
-Instead of eating you're still aimlessly wandering around by the gravestone.
-You're such sad sacks, this is something to be happy about.
-Thank goodness we completely annihilated the Narukari. / Thankfully because of that we were able to preven the infected of people.
-No more than animals were affected.

Page 38

-This time it was animals.
-It might be people next time.
-If you are going to live as a Kiri-ishi,
-Then you need to carry that resolve.

Page 39

-And with that they set out ahead...

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#1. by mayoi ()
Posted on Jul 6, 2009
you should continue the series hehehe thanks!

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