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Buster Keel 7

Let Go

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on May 17, 2009 13:35 | Go to Buster Keel

-> RTS Page for Buster Keel 7

Finally got around to doing it. Now Ju-da-su just has to upload the chapter of Akatsuki from last month as well as Buster Keel and Akatsuki for this month...

Also thanks so much for Xophien for helping me with the line that had me stumped on page 18.

Edit, forgot the omake at the end of the chaper.

Page 1

-(top) The release of the Burstingly Popular First Volume!!
-(side) The great adventure with a guitar! There are no enemies for the Dream Girl!!
-(bottom) Burst 7: Let Go!!! (TN- I'm thinking this is meant to be Let's Go, but that's what the title says so...)

Page 2

-(panel) The story so far, After getting into a fight with a mysterious monster duo searching for the treasure, Blue revealed a new form, the power of the "Suiki" and emerged victorious. Keel's party first job was a great success!
-That organisation is the number one nuisance to the general public.
-(right side)This story is fiction. It has no relationship to real people, places, or events.

Page 3

-Now I see why you all came back so badly beaten up.
-We weren't beaten up.
-Keel, you fainted on the way back, oink.
-Well I'm glad you came back safe regardless.
-Ayakashi has even been marked as a dangerous organisation by the Adventurer's Guild.
-The tea that you've made really is the best Panacotta.
-What could it have been that broke these two up.

Page 4

-Look at these...
-Were these the two that you fought with?
-Yeah it's these two!
-If we had beaten these two we would have gotten 600,000,000 zeni.
-So if those two alone have that sort of amount we have to be extra careful of the organisaiton.
-Hmm...If they've even got Kurokiri then it's got to be a rather troublesome organisation.
-I'd better send a report to headquarters then.

Page 5

-Jii-san, don't you know anything about Ayakashi?
-It's embarrasing to say so, but while I know a little bit about the existence of Kurokiri, / I don't really know much about the organisation searching for the "Sacred TreasureS"...
-What a useless man.
-What was that!!
-I see then.
-Blue, where are you going!?
-None of your concern right.
-Are you going to search for Ayakashi alone?

Page 6

-Those guys said something about the sacred treasures at those remains... / I'm going to try looking...
-If that's the case then we should go together...!!
-I promised to join you for one time only...
-Didn't I...
-Just let him go.

Page 7

-If he wants to be a lone wolf then we should just leave him be.
-I don't know much about your vendetta, but I do know you can't beat those guys alone.
-...Your concern is unneeded.
-Well that's okay, it's my win then.
-You not joining our party...

Page 8

-Is because you're scared of me winning!!
-If you leave without settling our fight,
-Then it's my win, dumbass Blue.
-What are you saying oink, Keel!
-Keh, I'm just saying the truth.
-what did you say.

Page 9

-Who is scared?
-You're dreaming if you think I won't finish it up with you, moron.
-Bring it on, dumbass.

Page 10

-What are you two doing oink
-(hanwritten) Fighting is bad oink
-It's alright, fufufu...
-They are so difficult with one another.
-Ahaha, men are such unco-operative creatures.

Page 11

-That's how Blue officialy joined our party.
-(drawn, top to bottom, left to right) Keel Fighter, Ravi Nehartful Monster User, Blue Magic Warrior, Missisipi

Teramoto Pig Devil
-Thanks to this quest everyone levelled up. Keel was overjoyed.
-Yippie, level 10 in one go!!
-Because you fought S class opponents you earned a lot of experience points.
-(handwritten) Wah Level 16
-We also made lots of money.
-Next is to go to the town where Siva's master lives, Sunshine City!!

Page 12

-What a bunch of interesting kids.
-That's right.
-A monster user with an F class monster, / a magic warrior with amazing skill, / And the S class monster, Dragon Ape.
-An interesting makeup for a party.
-(handwritten) Oink~
-Don't start fighting right away!!
-But I'm a little worried about
-Do you want to give it another try with me
-Who would want to go out with an old geezer like you!!

Page 13

-What's up Ravi, all that humming is making me feel sick~~
-What do you mean feeling sick!!
-I'm a monster user so I really want to try going to this town.
-(handwritten)Arara, are you feeling unwell
-Blue squashed between two old ladies he met getting on.
-We'll take care of you
-It's the town where the legendary rock singer from long ago created the magic melody.

Page 14

-Sunshine City

Page 15

-It's too noisy, this town~
-It's a special characteristic of Sunshine / Music is played every where in the city, it's a music city.
-Siva's master is in this town...
-He's an old guy with the name of Shiro
-He's living out his retirement after having finished being a monster user

Page 16

-That's how it is, so anyway let's ask the townspeople...
-What are you staring at people's faces for!
-Ah...excuse me...
-Hmph! Being so rude to a lady!
-That monster was buying onions, onions!!
-(handwritten) Buying onions, onions
-It's the other special characteristic of Sunshine.
-This place is where the Elvis, the father of the magic melody lived (TN- katakana literally spells Elpis, but since I don't have to worry about copyright I can go ahead and call him Elvis)
-(TN- The words on the pigs shirt say "Rival, congratulations for 2nd year ", Rival is the name of the magazine Buster Keel is serialised in)
-To honour Elvis many monster users gather here from all around the world.
-Since it's that kind of town it's natural that monsters and people would gather together.
-It's a town where people and monsters are living together in harmony...huh

Page 17

-There certainly are a lot of guys carrying a guitar like Ravi.
-As expected of Sunshine, / There's a lot of people with strong looking monsters...
-Griffons, golems, and even unicorns
-Compared to them I'm...
-Stop being so tense you guys.
-We weren't able to do anything in the battles we had before.
-I pissed myself oink~~
-So that's it, weak guys like you shouldn't get depressed over something like that!!
-It's to be expected from the start for a girl and a little --- pig
-But you know, don't worry 'bout it / There are weak jobs for weak guys...

Page 18

-Stop saying weak!!
-What are you doing dumbass!!
-So what if I am weak!!
-And what about you, if I wasn't here then you wouldn't even be able to use your true strength!!
-(handwritten) Oink oink oink
-Shut up ugly! Pig! Ugly pig!!
-Ug-ugly pig!?
-Keh, as if!!
-Where are you going?
-Ah~~ um...

Page 19

-It's not that you weak but...weak...weak
-Weakness is weak...? Weak but...
-I wonder what he's trying to follow up with
-I'm going to look for information.
-He gave up!!?
-We should get going as well.
-The monster user, I don't know too much but he comes every once in a while.
-What about where he lives?
-I'm afraid I don't know that much.

Page 20

-It looks like there was no mistake that he lives in this town.
-Why did I end up buying a radish instead of information...

Page 21

-What was that pressure I felt just now.
-It certainly seems that he lives in this town...
-But there isn't anyone who actually knows where he lives.
-Ravi, did you hear the information before...
-Young lady, if you are a monster user you should look out
-Recently a guy called Stale have been showing off by hunting down people with guitars

Page 22

-To a monster user a guitar is an important thing...
-Stealing that away from them is unforgivable
-This is such a cool guitar.
-(handwritten) Ravi
-You lady over there!!

Page 23

-You are the guys who've been snooping around about Shiro yeah.
-...and you are?

Page 24

-The monster user Siva, I'm the disciple of his master Shiro.
-You're searching for Siva yeah?
-I'll can tell you where you can find Shiro.
-Finally a clue, oink.
-Are you...Stale-san?
-What, you already know my name.
-And the things that monster is holding...

Page 25

-That mountain of guitars...
-Have all been stolen!
-Could it be that I'm famous?
-You've only had to show off this much.
-Why would you do such a thing!?
-That's to make money of course. / Each day we can play as much as we want.
-That's how it is...
-Because it's so easy to take them from weak guys!!

Page 26

-You piece of filth!
-I won't show any mercy to someone mouthing me off even if they are a woman!!
-If that's how you want to play it

Page 27

-Neither Keel nor Blue are here.
-It's okay...
-Because I'm an adventurer!
-Inaresting (TN- This is deliberately misspelled)
-Let's have a monster battle together.
-We can use our monsters and magic melodies to battles.

Page 28

-If you win then I'll give you all of my guitars.
-If I win then your guitar becomes mine...how about it (TN- See the fair thing would be for him to just give up his...)
-You're on!
-I'll finish this right away!!
-A D class monster Yeti...it's weakness is...!!

Page 29

-Fire Soul!!
-Fire huh...
-Ice Filling!!
-Ice Filling, amplifying the power of ice?

Page 30

-A fireball of that size from a Pig Devil...
-Isn't half bad.
-But too bad anyway...
-It's no good against the power of Bokke's ice.

Page 31

-An ice shield!? A Yeti could do that...!!
-My partner...!!
-Can use magic!!

Page 32

-What, done alreayd!?
-Weakasses like yerself shouldn' get ideas about tryin' to be adventurers!!
-It's to be expected from the start with a girl and a little pig

Page 33

-It's true that I'm weak compared to Keel or Blue...
-To a suckass monster user like you...
-I won't lose!!

Page 34

-Bokke, finish it!!
-It doesn't matter how many times you use Fire Soul to blow your fireballs, it's useless!!
-Mippy!! Hold it in!!

Page 35

-Sylph Pick
-Blow!! Ballon Rhapsody "Sylph Wind"!!!

Page 36

-She's amplifying the power of fire and wind at the same time!!?
-Using two melodies!!?
-Go Mippy!!!

Page 37

-Great Fire Torpedo

Page 38


Page 39

-Great job, you beat that nasty brat!!
-Good job nee-chan!!
-How dare you do that to Stale!!
-We'll kill you!!

Page 40


Page 41

-Who the hell are you bastard!!
-The Dragon Ape, you bitches.

Page 42

-Ya wanna go?
-Ge-ge-get them!!
-(handwritten) Ra...radish...

Page 43

-Nice timing you two!
-Keel, sorry about before...
-I'll made a revision.
-As far as trusting you guys goes...
-If you try thinking a bit, your battle potential...is alright.
-Un, I'm an adventurer after all!
-(handwritten) Oink

Page 44

-You bastards, I'm the disciple of Shiro!!
-You're Shiro's discuple...!?
-You jerks are looking for Shiro!? What do you think will happen if you hurt hi apprentice...
-Whose apprentice was that?
-What do you want, old man!?

Page 45

-Oy, where are you guys going!!
-Kuh, damn, you remember this!!
-Who are you, old man!!?
-Oi, oink~~
-What's wrong everyone...!?
-You've got some interesting friends, young lady.
-The Dragon Ape.
-A Water Protection Demon
-I just asked who you were old man!!

Page 46

-My name is Shiro...
-Is there is no secret that those eyes cannot penetrate...!?

Page 47

That kind of truth 1

-Old man, why did you break up with that old lady for?
-(small handwriting) I want to know
-It's rice in the morning you stupid idiot!!
-Gomeji and Panactta 40 years ago
-I prefer bread, you asshole Gomeji!!
-Who did you call an asshole, your knockers are always bouncing up and down!!
-Hmph! You're the pervert who likes seeing them bouncing!!
-Yeah exactly! Wait a sec
-It was that kind of feeling
-What was that

That kind of truth 2

-That earing has the power to give you human form!?
-Why would you want to get a human form?
-It must be so you can keep your head dry right?
-Ukyakya, so you were a kappa!? You love ponds <3

Page 48

Guess Who

-A Mippy like Keel
-Sweets, oink.
-A Keel like Blue
-I'll send you flying, dumbass!!
-A Blue like Mippy
-Not really.

Being Suicidal

-Girls Bath
-Idiot, she's level 70.
-Panacotta is sc-scary.

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#1. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on May 17, 2009

I'll try to get Akatsuki uploaded sometimes this week. I promised. I already have it scanned, but just got some problem with the internet . . . I'm sorry . . . >_<"

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