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Akatsuki 4

Kusari Hana

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Jul 8, 2009 10:27 | Go to Akatsuki

-> RTS Page for Akatsuki 4

Q: Shouldn't this have been out like...in April?
A: Uh yeah, well Ju-da-su lost her internet and so wasn't able to upload Buster Keel and Akatsuki when she used to so I kind of pushed it aside for a while.

Q: Will the next chapter take equally as long?
A: I don't know. I don't think so.

Q: Who can use this translation?
A: Anyone who wants to.

Today's TVTropes page is - Attack Drone.

Thanks to njt for helping with the haiku.

Page 1

-(right side)Push through! To your own path!
-(left side) Unable to be stopped! Already Super Popular!!
-(title bottom) Chapter 4 Kusari Hana

Page 2

-(side) Just before dawn, The shadow of two suspicious men appear
-You're late, Kinsukue.
-My bad, Ginsukue. I just had a little trouble.
-Did you do it according to how I had told you?
-Ah...no problems.
-All arrangements have been completed.

Page 3

-Alright then.
-Let's give our performance tomorrow according to plan.
-Kukuku...our next target are Kiri-ishi huh...My blood is getting pumped up.
-Don't get cocky, those guys are the most skilled swordsmen in the whole world.
-Fufu...they're nothing special.
-Even those who brag about themselves as the strongest will have their feet swept out from under them in an unexpected battle.
-They'll be nothing but easy targets to pick off.
-Infront of...
-The Kirameki-dan (TN- Kirameki-dan means Glittering Gang/Twinkling Gang)

Page 4

-...So pleasant <3
-It's so pleasant <3
-Ehh!? No way
-I'm probably too agreesive
-(handwritten next to hibiki) Gently...gently...
-Shut up Hibiki!!
-(handwritten next to kirisa) Stop making such a disgusting voice!!
-There's no helping it. If you are going to pick your ears then you are going to let your voice out.
-It's evident that the contents of your ear are weird. (small) Who are you talking to?

Page 5

-Shut up yourself. I'm not thrusting them in one by one. What about you Kirisa, when you are cleaning your ears you cough and stuff. There's no way I can understand the human body and it's genetics.
-So you're just the same as me.
-Hee-y Hibiki, Sorry for the wait!
-I've finished sharpening your Crave.
-Kirisa-chan's is almost done too, so you can come in.
-(bottom) This story is fiction, any relation to actual people, groups, or events is unintentional.

Page 6

-It's as amazing as ever.
-They take all the Akatsuki collected at the Kumomura Branch and forge it into Crave...

Page 7

-Hoi! Here you go.
-You let it get terrible dull. Try and use it more carefully from now use.
-It's 2 Ryou for sharpening it this time.
-(note) 1 Ryou - 10,000 yen (TN- Approximately 100 dollars)
-Now, now, there's no way I could carry that sort of money. / Wasn't my Crave only worn down because I had tried so hard at my work eh? / That's a marvellous thing right? You think it's marvellous don't you? / So then shouldn't you give me a 90% discount or something...
-Excuse me, I'll pay for the both of us.
-Oy, oy, what's the blazes is going on here!?
-What's wrong?
-Uh, we got a vial with a blue stopper delivered to us today.
-Blue stopper...!?
-What's a blue stopper mean? Does it mean a super strong Akatsuki has been placed in it?
-That's a red stopper isn't it? A blue stopper is a rare Akatsuki.
-(handwritten) Normal, Blue stopper

Page 8

-uh...it's an Akatsuki that only develops once every ten years.
-It's also a really useful thing when you are making Crave/
-Hoiyo! Kirisa-chan, sorry for the wait.
-Thank you very much.
-But no matter what we do, trying to process this at this small workshop is useless.
-Perhaps we should we return it back to the Kumomura Branch.
-Then I would be your good luck? / I'm heading back to Kumomura you see.
-Are you sure? Hibiki
-Leave it to me. I'll deliver it for you.
-(handwritten) Hehe...hehehehe...
-I'll be escorting it as well, Hibiki.

Page 9

-Now, now Kirisa...just calm down and think about it!
-If we turn this vial in to the Ishi-ren then we would get a huge amount of money yeah?
-Even if we get a low amount it might give us enough to live and play with for the next five years.
-Cut it out!! That might be trye, but this vial has already been paid for by the Ishi-ren!!
-We can't pretend to have found it.
-That!! That's true!!
-That's why Kirisa you should try and sell it onto some other person who can then...Aaah
-Don't joke about it a second time.
-Excuse me, the two of you over there!

Page 10

-Please help us. One of our wagon's wheels has become caught on a rocky part of this mountain pass...
-I'm terribly sorry but, would it possible for you to assist by pushing from the back?

Page 11

-Eehh~~~what is that? Is that thing that girl's grandma? She's super butch don't you think?
-That's rude Hibiki.
-That's okay, we'll assist.
-Ah, thank you very much.
-You serious? Helping out is so troublesome.
-(handwritten) If that grandma can't do it no one can...
-We can't just ignore them and leave.
-(SFX) Ton (placing heavy object)
-Then let's start.
-Good luck.
-Kuh... / It's unexpectedly heavy.

Page 12

-What're you doing...
-Don't go touching...

Page 13


Page 14

-Ahahahahaha! You completely fell for it, this amazing trap!!
-We the greatest thieves under heaven, the Kirameki-dan, have just struck!!
-Split up
-Meet up at the lone cedar tree.

Page 15

-What the hell do we do!!? They just made off with the Vial!! I said that grandma looked suspicious didn't i!!
-(handwritten) Like grandma's that muscular exist!
-You shouldn't have left the vial so carelessly...
-Besides, why did they even go to the trouble of dressing up like a grandma!!? It would have been fine either way.
-Like I care!!
-(handwritten) We have definitely claimed the spoils, Kirameki-dan
-Keh...they even went to the trouble of leaving behind this message, they're pissing me off.
-This is really bad Hibiki! If they don't handle that Vial with care then a Hazard Outbreak will occur. / We have to reclaim it right away.
-Shit, I'll kill them.
-Let's chase 'em, Kirisa!
-We'll thrash that Kirameki-dan and reclaim the vial!!

Page 16

-That wen't even better than I thought it would.
-As expected of our Ruby-sama!! The plan went off without a hitch.
-That's why I told you right? Those guys aren't anything special.
-Will we celebrate tonight!
-Ah <3 That would be nice. We can eat and drink to our heart's content.
-There's no way we are doing that. Did you forget?
-That we are chivalrous thieves!?

Page 17

-"Brilliantly stealing money and goods, then delivering that money to the poor and weak, a thief of justice." / That's why we don't use any of the money we have stolen.
-Our targets are the scoundrels, and only the strong. We won't take anything from anyone other than them.
-That is my policy as leader of the Kirameki-dan.
-So...so cool...
-Well even if you call yourself a chivalrous thief you still haven't delivered any money though.
-Shut. Your. Mouth!!
-Now then...
-Shall we look at what's inside this thing.
-I wonder what it is?
-It's in an important looking box that was being carried by the Kiri-ishi. It might be a treasure.

Page 18

-...? What's this thing then?
-...Who knows...
-Whatever it is, it looks like some sort of liquid thing inside...
-Perhaps it is something like one of the Kiri-ishi tools or items.
-Like some drugs or something?
-I'll try pulling the stopper out.
-Hold it right there.

Page 19

-How dare you do that to us before you dirty scumbags!
-Wh...why are they here?
-Are you an idioy!? If you yell out at the top of your voice "Meet at the lone cedar" then anyone will be able to know.
-(handwritten) Damn...
-You don't seem to understand what you have there so I'll tell you.
-That is an item known as a Vial, that is used to seal Akatsuki.
-If you handle it poorly and the stopper comes off it will be terrible.
-The Akatsuki that is currently inside will come out an infect you in an instant.
-The worst case scenario will be...
-I won't say anything bad if you act like an adult and return it to me...

Page 20

-Ruby-sama...let's return it to them. If there isn't any money to be made then sticking to your pride won't please anyone.
-Don't say such weak things!! I said we'll demand money from them to return this back didn't I!?
-Stop saying such nonsense. There's no way we would give you any money.
-In fact, it's too late for me to forgive you even if you do return it.
-I'll beat you to a pulp.
-Get real you brat!! I won't let you lay a hand on Ruby-sama.
-I, the seventh-dan karate fighter Kinsuke-sama am your opponent!!

Page 21

Page 22

-The seventh-dan karate fighter Kinsuke was taken out in one hit...
-A...a demon.
-We really should just return it to them!! It was a mistake to begin with!!
-What are you saying, you are a member of the Kirameki-dan right!!
-Ah, um.
-You shouldn't be so violent...

Page 23

-What did you do idiot---!!
-Uh...he was pulling it away...
-Get away!!
-You'll get infected.
-Please run away...

Page 24

-This one is...

Page 25

-(SFX) Gaugh *gag
-What is this---Kuh...
-It stinks...
-Kusari Hana (Rotting Flower), A type 2 infection Akatsuki, releases a rotting small that makes it impossible for all living things to live within a 2 kilometre radius. Time until death: None

Page 26

-What is...this...Kirisa. This...Akatsuki is...
-The Kusari Hana releases a terriblying strong irritating odour, it's an Akatsuki vomits up Stink Fluid.
-Wh...what's the means of infection?
-What's the time until death?
-It's an even more intolerable Akatsuki than we have found up till now, but the Kusari Hana is a type 2, so it has no infection capacity or time limit. (small) That's why it was a blue stopper
-What the hell...so then the only thing this does...

Page 27

-Is stink...!!
-If I had to describe the smell I would say it smells like we threw out all out kitchen leftovers into a public toilet on the mountain side and then wiped it up using a wetcloth that had soaked up old cow's milk.
-You don't have to say it!! We're smelling the same thing aren't we!!?
-(handwritten) And it smells like some one has eaten some curry there as well
-It's no good...this is the worst thing I've ever smelt...
-I think I should move along so that I don't die...
-Step aside fool!

Page 28

-I'll go.
-When an Akatsuki outbreak occurs it's a job for the Kiri-ishi.
-In front of the patients...in front of their family and friends, we cannot simply pass on by.

Page 29

-...Wh, which reminds me Hibiki, you know how you ower me 2 Ryou for paying for your Crave this morning?
-If you were able to destroy that Kusari Hana before me then I could just call it even.
-Eh!!? You serious!?
-Yeah...if you were to a bit more zealous in your ambition then I wouldn't have any regrets. (small) I'll treat you that 2 Ryou
-Now then, hurry up and destroy it why don't you?
-Heh, interesting proposition Kirisa!!
-If that's how you want it then I can deal with this sort of stink...
-By holding my breath it should be fine!!

Page 30

-(SFX) Gopopo
-(SFX) Ble...
-Wha...what is thiiiis~~!!?
-My nose is in pain!! ...My eyes too...
-...Oh no...I can't hold my breath...

Page 31

-Hi... / Hibi...
-...Th...this thing
-The rotting stink...
-Isn't just a normal irritating odour...

Page 32

-Generally irritating odours will cause some damage in the nasal cavity bringing about both pain as well as the stink...
-But the rotting stink from a Stink Fluid will carve out the mucous membrane from the nasal cavity...
-Th...this is terrible, it's an even more troublesome Akatsuki than I though.
-If I don't hurry up and do something...
-Hey, wait up thief!!
-What do you think you are doing!?

Page 33

-Let go of me!! If I use this weapon then I can destroy that flower right!?
-Stop it!! You can't,
-I said let me go!!
-Even if he won't die like you said do you think we can leave Ginsuke in that condition!?
-It doesn't matter what happens, I won't abandon my friends!!
-(handwritten) Haa
-That is my policy as leader of the Kirameki-dan!!
-I'll destroy that Akatsuki!!
-Let go...let me gooo!!
-Shut up already!! I can do it!!

Page 34

-Destorying Akatsuki is the job of a Kiri-ishi.
-I will do everything I can to save your friend over there. So just wait there and watch.
-That Akatsuki over there...

Page 35

-I will destroy it.

Page 36


Page 37

-(TN- Kanji says destroy)

Page 38

-Listen up you thieves.
-I'm not the police so I'm going to let you go this time, but that won't happen the next!!
-You'd better reform your ways from now on.
-Yes, please excuse us!!
-That's all then.
-Fo~~~oled ya, who did you think was reflecting on their behaviour. Mo-ron, mo-ron!!
-Where's Ruby-sama?
-Hey, you.
-Can I ask your name?
-Hibiki. Kirisa called me that harshly before.
-It makes me feel sick...
-(SFX) Bash bash
-(handwritten) Gyaaah

Page 39

-Hibiki then.
-Don't think that you've won Hibiki!!
-Next time the Kirameki-dan will definitely steal all of your possessions!!
-Wait, Ruby-sama.
-Those guys are a little old fashioned.
-(side) They will probably come out again soon.
-(handwirten) Ouh

Page 40

-(bangaihen panels)
-(title) Sticky Rice Cake
-An Akatsuki appeared!
-What!? We're going now.
-'Atama Mochi' (Head Stick Rice Cake), an infection Akatsuki that caresses your head.
-Keh, who is being caressed!! I wouldn't want to touch this disgusting Akatsuki.
-Right, Kirisa?

Page 41

-(title) Professionals
-What's wrong Hibiki?
-It's become 5 grams lighter than before, please change it.
-Ouh, sorry 'bout that.
-Able to detect the details down to that minute level, as expected of a Kiri-ishi...
-There is a Tans Kaijin (Shelf Man) inside here.
-(Handwritten) 3 grams, light
-Stop using your useless ability and let's go, Hibiki.

-(title) Haiku
-Kirisa's hobby is writing haiku.
-(handwritten) Should I compose one
-A poem about playing under the sakura and seeing a sparrowhawk huh...
-What kind of line have you written? Tell me.
-(handwritten) Looks so determined
-Sakura blossoms, Is it the season I crave, Barbeque chicken?
-Barbeque chicken?
-Is that how she see's sparrowhawks!?

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#1. by Fitrojoke ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2009
Thanks man.
#2. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2009

Love you, Lingwe~ XD


Thanks for the awesome translation. X3
#3. by ItzRayz ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2009
thanks bro. Been waiting for this translation.

FYI - your missing a bubble on page 8, kisara's bubble.
#4. by Lingwe ()
Posted on Jul 9, 2009
Thanks ItzRayz, I fixed it.
#5. by ndi_k88 ()
Posted on Jul 10, 2009
FYI - there are some missing bubble in page 18.

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