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Buster Keel 8

Dear Old White

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Jul 11, 2009 08:27 | Go to Buster Keel

-> RTS Page for Buster Keel 8

Did this chapter especially for Rena Chan ;)

Today's TVTropes page is - Instant AI Just Add Water.

Page 1

-(title) Dear Old White...
-Those eyes that know of the legend, are giving Keel and friends / A new light!!

Page 2

-Shiro, the person they are searching for finally appears!?
-Did you just say Shiro...!?
-Then that means you are...

Page 3

-Siva's master!?
-Uh hu...
-I, I am Siva's disciple, I'm called Ravi.
-We were searching for you, / Because we thought you might know something about where Siva is...
-I don't.
-I haven't seen Siva for a long time.
-Is that right...

Page 4

-The Siva is...
-Your an impatient girl...
-I'm not going to run and hide, so you don't need to be eager with your questions.
-Uh, I'm sorry.
-Come with me.
-We'll continue our discussion at my house.

Page 5

-I converted an old concert hall into my home.
-It's amazing, oink!!

Page 6

-Now then...
-Why did you say you were searching for Siva?
-Ah, well...
-Siva disappeared before I became an adventurer. / I wanted to let him know that I had become an adventurer...
-And also Keel...
-Keel is the Dragon Ape who has been forced into a human form by the collar that Siva put around his neck.

Page 7

-one of the "Lost Melody Magic" huh.
-It's a Melody Magic that makes a heavenly ring out of Heaven Magic Stone and forcibly changes a monster into a human through "Human Sealingification" (TN- No that's not technically an existing word but I can't figure out any other way to write seal human ification)
-(handwritten middle) Human Sealingification
-(below monster face) Monster
-(above human face) Human
-Because of the difficulty of that tune it is a Melody Magic that nobody currently can break.
-It's being able do things like that which is why Siva is called the world's number one monster user.
-You are Siva's master, so might you have some way that we can return him to the Dragon Ape?

Page 8

-Don't bother.
-You're a clueless woman.
-Wh, what are you saying!!
-You still think that this guy was Siva's master?
-You've notice too right?
-There's no signs of this old man being a monster user like you Ravi, or Siva.
-You're a monster right, bastard.

Page 9

-That killing intent that was being given off in the town,
-It looked like we weren't able to understand where it was coming from but,
-Did you think that we hadn't noticed dammit.
-Hold on you two.
-...You are correct.

Page 10

-I thought you might have been dangerous people so I searched your heart.
-You don't seem to be bad people.
-Gramps, I just asked you if you were a monster!!
-Calm down Keel!
-Fuofuofuo, that's exactly right.
-I am a monster working for Siva's master, the "Melody Master Judy", the White Dragon Shiro.
-Name, White Dragon, Shiro (TN- Shiro means white)

Page 11

-What was that for, you surprised me!!
-B, but still... / I never thought that Siva's master was that Judy...
-The Melody Master Judy is a legendary monster user. / She was the greatest legend of the adventurers in the "Great Evil 4 Battle" 60 years ago.
-And on top of that a White Dragon is even among the dragon clan considerpaagh
-Alright, alright.
-Gramps, where is that Judy lady!!?
-(handwritten) What was that for

Page 12

-She died.
-3 years ago...
-My remaining memento.
-Oh dear...
-(handwritten) I wanted to meet her...
-So in the end the only way to return to a Dragon Ape is Siva.

Page 13

-Blue, it looks like you are searching for Ayakashi
-It seems like you really know about the incident between the Suiki and Ayakashi...
-So the White Dragon can read hearts.
-You serious!?
-Yeah, that was already written down in Siva's diary.
-Even if I can read hearts I can't read everything in them.
-Get real. Then try guessing my thoughts.
-"You dumbass lying old man"?
-(handwritten) He was right
-Fuofuofuo, you are easy to read.
-I've heard because of carrying that power you don't want to mingle with other species.

Page 14

-I've also heard that. Shiro-san, why were you partners with Judy-san?
-That was...
-All because of Judy's personality.
-She came to invite me without regarding that I could read hearts.
-She said it we would surely have fun if we went on a journey as partneres.

Page 15

-She was a willful and capricious partner.
-And we travelled together for close to 70 years.
-It truly was a superbly enjoyable time.
-If it was me then there would be no way I could spent such a long time together with a human.
-Could it be the Shiro-san was in love with Judy-san...

Page 16

-She's was such an insane woman. She was the one that turned this hall into our house.
-Because it was troublesome for her to be called Siva's master, / She was the one who started calling me Siva's master.
-Thanks to that a bunch of gangs appeared calling themselves my disciples.
-It fooled us sure enough.
-(handwritten) Gomeji, that bastard lied
-Do you know anything about Ayakashi?
-No, no more than the fact they are an organisation searching for the sacred treasures.
-Is that right...
-Is holding out regarding Ayakashi?
-I do know about the sacred treasures though.
-Is that right...

Page 17

-You know something about the sacred treasures!?
-Uh huh...
-It was Judy's favourite phrase...
-For an adventurer yearning for the sacred treasures is not just a dream. / They'll definitely find them!!
-I didn't believe in the sacred treasures though, so I didn't really care...

Page 18

-But when I was on the journey with her...
-And even once we had grown old...
-All the time I spent with her was enjoyable...
-The memories of our journey right from the start to the end were about the search for the sacred treasures.

Page 19

-So, did you find the sacred treasures in the end?
-Fuofuo, would you like to know?
-Stop being an old coot!!
-Hey, Keel!!
-It's already right before your eyes is it not.
-...That is a sacred treasure...

Page 20

-It's just an ordinary trumpet!!
-Do you know the true way of calling the sacred treasures?

Page 21

-"The Instruments of God".
-That is the true way to call the sacred treasures.
-The Instruments of God...
-So if you blow on that thing then you'll obtain god's power!?
-No matter how you blow on it no sound will come out. It's a mysterious instrument.
-You probably can't do anything with them until you have all 4 of them together.

Page 22

-What was that oink--!?
-What is this pressure!?

Page 23

-Heeh~~ the Instruments of God are the sacred treasures you say~~
-Well nevermind that, there actually was one of the sacred treasure in this sort of place.

Page 24

-Who're you bastards!!?
-Keh keh...
-We're from Ayakashi. Fool.
-"Garuda" Firebird.
-Name, Garuda Firebird
-"Gargoyle" Kataiston
-Name, Gargoyle Kataiston

Page 25

-We were told there was only one old dragon but...
-There's still no problem, keh keh.
-It's some kids and a girl.
-And a scared one at that, keh keh.
-Ayakashi huh. What do you want.
-Our job is to mobilise at any time, / We have now come to this place to obtain the sacred tre-
-You're being too formal!
-We've come to claim the sacred treasure. So hand it over old man!!
-Uhmm, that's how it is...uhmm.
-Why do the Ayakashi know about the sacred treasure here...
-And if I say I won't...

Page 26

-If that were to occur then as we should perform our job we will need to mobilise in an attempt to...
-That's why I just told you you're being too formal!!
-At that time there's only one thing we can do.
-"Fire Grant"
-"Water Drill"

Page 27

-You asked for death, fool!!
-A surpise attack is quite cowardly, Fire bird.
-You attacked with me bastard!!
-It is not cowardly for a difficult task...!!
-Why doesn't that weird reason apply to me!!

Page 28

-I'm worried that the sacred treasure didn't survive...uhmm.
-They're not called the sacred treasures for nothing. / You think this sort of thing could destroy them.
-"Water Dome"
-A water barrier huh.
-Nice barrier oink, Blue--
-He doesn't seem like just an ordinary small fry.
-So troublesome. Just hurry up and die you fools.

Page 29

-They're getting on my nerves.
-That's our line you jerks.
-It is inevitable that you will eventually fall into powerlessness before our mission, since that is the case...
-To put it simply, hurry up and hand over the sacred treasure then die!
-Or otherwise just die! Then hand over the sacred treasure!!
-Don't say such strange things. How can they hand over the sacred treasure if they are dead first.
-Shut up you kill-joy!!
-Sir...what should we do?

Page 30

-I'm an almost 90 year old senior... / I'll leave it to you.
-I'll take the right. You take the left.
-Don't order me around, dumbass!

Page 31

-What should we do Kataiston? It looks like they want to go.
-we'll kill them.
-What a fast answer.
-They haven't shown a merciful face once.
-You are so stuffy.
-I can clothe my body in flames!!

Page 32

-"Fire Bird"
-Are you my opponent!?

Page 33

-Hello, and goodbye!!
-Become ash!!!
-"Water Moon"

Page 34-35

-"Raining Moon"

Page 36

-How foolish you are attempting to fight me with your bare hands.
-Gargoyles are a group whose bodies are as if they are made out of stone.

Page 37

-It's too bad I'm your opponent!!
-I just can't stand water using guys like you.
-Invincible Style
-Don't think that you being made of stone will stop me.

Page 38-39

-"Fang Cannon"!!!

Page 40

-You did it, amazing you two!!
-I knew you could, oink!!
-This is so annoying.
-Ravi, left arm!!
-You're left arm, but the enemies are already...
-Just hurry up and do it!!
-Al, alright.
-(handwritten) Oink?

Page 41

-That pressure from before wasn't those guys...!!
-Uh huh...
-Shiro-san is sweating profusely...

Page 42

-(SFX) Gah
-He's coming!!
-He's only opening a small gap in the door.
-You're letting your guard down so that's what it seems like.

Page 43

-What is this pressure, it's making me sick...!!
-Ravi, don't let it get to you. Hold it together!!
-Why is he with Ayakashi...

Page 44

-(side) The black clothed man who pressurises the very surrounding, his identity is---!?
-Kurokiri Setsuna.

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#1. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009
Thanks. Hopefully someone will scanlate the chapters that are missing scanlations D:
#2. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009


Some scanlator pick this up, please? This manga is really good, and it'd be pitiful if it don't get as much love as it deserves...:(
#3. by puremadniss ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009
hehe i have chapter 6 cleaned
typesetted like half of it

o btw thx lingwe x>
#4. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009

Finish it soon? So that Lingwe doesn't drop it =(
#5. by Condore ® ()
Posted on Jul 16, 2009
Thanks for the translation =)

Nice work
#6. by graficool ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2009
currently being tsed~~

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