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Rosario to Vampire II 23

Mafia Boy

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Oct 13, 2009 12:13 | Go to Rosario to Vampire II

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Today's TVTropes page is - Former Child Star.

Reserved for Binktopia (and Franky House can use it if they ever get around to doing the chapter...)

I just want to express my apologies to everyone who has patiently waited for the release ofthe translation, especially since there was no chapter last month. I've been particularly busy at work and had a major piece of assesment due on Monday the 12th of October, which prevented me from completing the translation until now. Since my university assesment for this semester is pretty much finished now I don't think that this will happen next month. Thanks once again for your patience.

Page 0

-(side right) If you want to be balanced then keep your intellect up as well.
-(title-bottom) Mafia Boy

Page 1

-Say Tsukune, promise me...
-We're going to become adults someday aren't we?
-When that time comes will we stay together?
-Together...for ever and ever?
-Of course, Moka-san...

Page 2

-I'm hap~py, thanks Tsukune~
-Wait...Tsukune just said that he would be with me together forever...
-Even Mizore-chan...
-You'll be together with me righ?
-And me.
-Perhaps even I~~
-No, definitely no.

Page 3

-You can't put it off any longer.
-Who out of us will you choose Tsukuneeee.
-Hah / hah.
-A dream...
-The lowest...
-I'm the lowest kind of man for having a dream like that...
-(handwritten) Self-hate
-Hidden behind a deep barrier, / This is a secret private academy that youkai attend, Youkai Academy.
-The summer break is over, and finally the second semester starts from today.

Page 4

-Good morning, Tsukune.
-Go...good morning, Moka-san.
-Uwa, cute...<3, Moka-san is as super cute as ever today.
-Good luck for 2nd semester.
-But I can't look directly at Moka today because of that dream this morning.
-(handwritten) Her pure aura is piercing my eyes

Page 5

-Future plans?
-Are you worrying about those sorts of things Tsukune?
-Nah, I haven't been talking about anything specific.
-We met Sun-senpai and the others at our summer retreat for the Newspaper Club.
-So you can understand how difficult it is to try and live independantly right?
-Then I guess we shouldn't get too impatient trying to think about our future.
-That's terrible Tsukune.
-You know its wrong to try and put off thinking about your future.
-Of course.
-Hold on a sec! / How about I remove that worry for you?

Page 6

-Uwuwawa, enemy attack---
-Run awaaaay
-Ahahahaha, it's alright.
-(SFX) Za (footstep)
-This is my servant, you can relax.

Page 7

-I am Won Fanfan, a first year.
-Nice to meet you, Aono Tsukune-san.
-A woman...no a boy? / He's like a child from the middle ages.
-And what is that panda doing...
-You know about me? Who on earth...
-You're worrying about the future correct? I'll lend you my help.
-Eh...ummm...what on earth do you mean...?
-Ahaha, it's simple.

Page 8

-You can be employed under my influence for eternity.
-Proposing so suddenly!!?
-Eternal Employment = Marriadge
-Actually I've always been searching for an ideal man like you! / I want you to become a member of my family no matter what.
-Um~~I might be a bit rude but,
-Aren't you a male as well?
-Yeah I'm male,
-So what?

Page 9

-I'll let you know what I mean soon, the warmth of bonds forged between men, that world... / Ah wait, where are you going?
-I don't have any interest in BL (Boys Love).
-Hoh~~ You finally attracted even a boy.
-It's pretty impressive being able to go so far as to get even boys, Tsukune.
-However if you keep on being unfaithful like this then I'll have to stab you.
-You can't go out with a boooy. A woman is bad enough, having an affair with a boy is too muuuch.
-Well actually, Boys Love is becoming more widely acknowledged in the human world as a wholesome affair.
-Is that really something wholesome.

Page 10

-Idiots. Don't be mistaken.
-Fanfan is the only son of the boss of the Won Family. / He's famous among the first years.
-Mistaken..? Wait, what exactly are you reading Kokoa-chan!?
-(book) BL - First Time
-Won Family...
-Do you know of them, Ruby-chan?
-Among the Chinese Youkai they run the largest operations of the Chinese Mafia...so someone that important was a first year.
-The son of a mafia boss...
-So that family that he was asking Tsukune to join, / really means that he was asking Tsukune to become a member of the mafia I guess.
-(handwritten) It wasn't BL?
-But...why would he want me?
-If he wanted men there are plenty of others so why...

Page 11

-Because you're strong.
-Your name is becoming well known in the underworld.
-Ah you! When did you get here...
-Tsukune-san...you recently beat up an evil yakuza organisation in the human world correct?
-And then after that you fought with that Fairy Tail and beat up one of their hideouts.
-That time when I rescued Sun-senpai on our vacation!
-...Huh? But did we beat up one of their hideouts?
-Beat up the hideout...? Wasn' that Haiji 'n me.
-Whatever...this seems int'restin' so I'll just shut up.
-That's superb strength. Up until now I haven't encountered that even a little bit...

Page 12

-I entered this academy so that I could find strong individuals like yourself.
-Tsukune-san! Won't you join my family.
-Is that all you want to say?
-If that's the case then just give up your hope.
-Tsukune isn't going to join the mafia just because of your selfish request.
-Yeah, yeah.
-We won't let you have Tsukune.
-If you want to play at mafia then do it somewhere else.

Page 13

-W...what the, don't get in my way.
-Besides what's with you all, / what relation do you have with Tsukune!?
-We're his friends.
-His lover.
-Oyyyy, what are you saying as you please... / Wait, what do you mean toy!!?
-A...as expected of the man I want...! He's only a student and already has everything from concubines to toys.
-What are you saying, don't you start with it.
-Fufufu...but it will be troublesome for you to forget. / In the mafia world it doesn't matter how many women there are and what complaints they make.

Page 14

-It's like the human concept of polygamy.
-No matter how many wives you have collected, the Won family will take care of them.
-Now, will you still say that you won't become my friend, Tsukune-san.
-Wh...what are you talking about. I don't want something like that.
-You mean we could do something like that!
-I guess we could try that...
-Polygamy was a more profitable system for women originally anyway.
-(bat) Trivia
-(box)Polygamy is widely seen in the animal kingdom. Its a system where women choose men. Strong men have lots of wives while the others are weeded out. Its quite severe. Lets move quickly on from the naive dream.
-Anyway, I don't like the mafia.
-Err, how irritating.
-Then fight me, Tsukune-san. / If I win then you have to join the Won Family.
-What? Don't just decide that yourself.

Page 15

-Sh-shut up. A duel is how men solve fights.
-The winner is in the right.
-A Coin Sword...and that charm...
-A summoning technique!!?
-I admit that Tsukune-san is strong.
-However I am the son of the mafia boss. / My power allows me to summon friendly ayashi to my side.
-I can't choose what I will summon however, so there are occasional flaws.
-Random summoning!?

Page 16

-I am a yasha,
-In control of a hundred other ayashi.
-Now, let us fight.
-Bite Sized Monster Dictionary - Yasha, A demon with its origins in India that become known in places such as China etc. They excel at transformation and use of Youkai Techniques. Those forms range from lions, elephants, hermits, with either one eye or three eys, they can use varied forms. In Japan they are similar to ogres.

Page 17

-Everyone, Tsukune is in trouble! We have to help him...
-(handwritten) Polygamy Union
-We're heading to Korea this time.
-You traitors.
-Wait, don't run. Fight meee.
-Don't be stupid.
-What exactly do you want anyway!? / You can't maintain your harem while living an honest and respectable life in the human world.
-Are you planning on abandoning those girls to uncertainty once that time comes?

Page 18

-Tarot Cards!?
-Aw crap.
-The seal.
-The rule is that if the seal is destroyed then the Ayashi summoned by that seal will be banished.
-Just like this.

Page 19

-Now Tsukune-san, use this chance.
-Wait, / Kuh...I'll call out my next ayashi right away.
-Pyu / pyu.

Page 20

-We should be safe now we've come this far.
-Thanks Yukari-chan.
-It struck home pretty closely didn't it, those words he said.
-Tsukune-san will eventually have to choose someone, and then he'll have to be separated from everyone else...
-When that happens all our friends from the newspaper club will probably be split up. / It will probably be impossible for everyone to continue being friends...
-That is the most "correct" future, / So you've already prepared yourself for that eventuality correct?
-I'm going to make you look stupid.

Page 21

-Ah, ah / Ah.
-It's troublesome, choosing a single wife. I don't want to be dumped either. / So wouldn't it be more interesting to try your hand at polygamy.
-You've betrayed me, Yukari-chan.
-Who cares about that correct future!!
-If you are a true man then you should try and woo every woman to make them happy!!
-So to do that how about you join the mafia, that way you can share a single bed with all of us.
-Hiii, scary, Yukari-chan is the scariest.

Page 22

-Now fight.
-Defeat Tsukune-san, Pyotan (alias).
-Fly. / Show me your spiriiit.
-Oh no...My power still isn't enough to summon strong Ayashi in succession.
-I can't win with Pyotan...
-Ah...Won-san is here.
-But I need strong friends.
-To achieve our family's wish we need strong friends like Tsukune-san.
-Thats why we need to win.
-First we need to defeat Tsukune by force!
-I shall grant thine wish.

Page 23

-I've got Tsukune-san.
-Accept your imprisonment quietly.
-I beg your forgiveness Yukari-chan~~
-Huh? / Moka-san and Won-san...?
-What are they running so fast for---...
-!!? Uwh...Up, look up...what is that...

Page 24

-Uwaaaah, what is it, what is this huge thing----
-Ah, Tsukune.

Page 25

-Ooh...So you are our target...
-It's a good place to meet you...
-I shall kill you!
-He's an Ayashi I summoned. / Its obvious he would target you Tsukune-san.
-He's a phoenix. / That is a thing that is even able to blow away mountains, it's one of the strongest beings.
-I'm not sure how, but somehow I summoned it as a baby chick.

Page 26

-Can't you just return that dangerous thing back then.
-That's impossible. It stole away the charm that makes it listen to me. / If I don't run then it'll be dangerous to me as well.
-I'll kill all of your.
-Then how the hell do we stop that thing.
-Looks like we're in the same boat. / I guess it's fate that you end up joining me Tsukune-san.
-Is this the time to say that---
-You're so irritating, dieee.
-He's coming---

Page 27

-Oh shit!! If we are hit like this,
-Then Moka and the others will be caught in it too...
-...Take care of those two, Won...

Page 28

-Wh...what the?
-How could he...
-Stopped it!!?

Page 29

-No way...He stopped a bird of fire!? The Phoenix!!?
-He was able to take that full body ultimate attack.
-This is...this is the man who will shake up the underground
-Aono Tsukune
-D...don't come close Moka-san.
-Hold on! I'll come and help you.
-I don't want you to lose. / If you lose then won't you have no choice but to join the mafia!?
-I don't want that to happen at all.
-Because, / Because...

Page 30

-Don't think that you should be involved in polygamy.
-Is this the time to say that either---
-Uuh / Uhh
-You... / Just how long do you plan on insulting me...
-Unforgivable, I won't forgive you...

Page 31

-I won't show any more mercy.
-Uwah---They're being overcome---
-Pieces of trash just like I thought.

Page 32

-(handwritten) Made it!
-She awoke...
-I see, Tsukune-san was able to remove the Rosario at the last moment.

Page 33

-Those red eyes...So you are one of those "Mighty powerful" Vampires?
-...But it's pitiful.
-Are you planning on defeating an immortal phoenix like myself with such pathetic youki?
-I won't allow it
-I shall scorch them to death

Page 34-35

-That's what I was about to say.
-A phoenix who has only just grown is simply a novice.
-You're still ten years too early to beat me.
-Know your place

Page 36

-I'll go, I got cocky, sorry...
-You've still got a way to go Tsukune.
-You should be able to beat this level of opponent without me needed to lend you my strength.
-You beat that phoenix with a single kick.
-Amazing...it's too amazing.
-Won-kun. / I...guess you're right. Now do you understand?
-There are all sorts of strong people who exist in this world. / If you want to make friends then there are poeple who are stronger than I am...

Page 37

-But if that amazing woman is working for you then you must be even stronger right?
-I see...! Could it possibly be that this woman is legally Tsukune's wife!? An invincible partnership.
-Oy, Tsukune...Can I shut him up?
-(handwritten) Who did he call a wife?
-Tsukune-san, you are even more amazing than I imagined you were. / It truly is fate that we should be partners. Join me.
-You broke your promise. What did we even fight for.
-Why not, if its gone this far then we can all join the mafia.
-Everyone!!? / What's going on with those outfits.
-Polygamy, polygamy.
-Hiiih, I'm being betrayed by everyone.

Page 38

-Don't get so cocky.
-Being so slutty...what polygamy, I won't allow it.
-Claiming women like some daily bento.
-I definitely won't allow it, Tsukune.
-Daily bento...
-That seems like a wonderful idea.
-What's with you.
-Who Tsukune chooses to be with has nothing to do with you, Inner Moka.
-Or could it be that you're jealous?
-Are you going to say something like "I'm the only one who can be Tsukune's wife"?

Page 39

-...Ha / Hah?
-Know your place.
-Tsukune-san, I won't give up no matter what you say.
-(handwritten) Fight me
-(handwritten) Hiii
-This is happening again.
-We don't need a man in the harem.
-(side)The trouble maker Won, involving Tsukune in his struggle!!?
-(bottm) Rosario to Vampire seasonII - Continued Issue 12.

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