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Akatsuki 6

Kurohami (Ending)

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Nov 15, 2009 11:45 | Go to Akatsuki

-> RTS Page for Akatsuki 6

Hey didn't I say that I hadn't dropped Akatsuki? Chapter 7 will be coming soon, although I will need someone to give me links to a download location for all the chapters up till the current one (since I haven't been downloading them)...I don't know if Rena kept scanning them, I hope she did. Anyway if anyone has raws of other chapters after chapter 7 then please pass me those links.

Anyone can use this translation although please wait until Keishou releases their version first for this chapter since they were the ones who provided a link to the raw of chapter 6 and got me back on this series. I am going to be keeping the other chapter translations public though now since I've decided to try and make new series and series I pick back up public to avoid issues with translations and which groups get them.

P.S Only one exam left!!!

Oh yes and I got another laptop so I can start translating manga again. Problem is it's my mum's old laptop. Which means it isn't really a birthday present at all...

Page 1

-Explosively Popular!! Colour Pages to celebrate the first volume!
-The dazzling lanturns / Are illuminating the surface of the river
-That is festival day
-(title) Akatsuki Chapter 6 - Kurohami (ending)

Page 2

-Kirisa was eaten by the Akatsuki!? The remaining darkness invites Hibiki in---

Page 3

-Shit...What the hell was that huge monster
-It appeared out of nowhere and swallowed Kirisa up in one gulp
-Kirisa isn't the type of person to just kick the bucket like that though.
-Since she was swallowed in one bite there is still a slight chance that she might be alive inside its mouth!
-What should I do...!? I expect trying to jump down this hole would be pretty dangerous...?
-I don't have time to waste!!
-I just have to go!!
-Just how far will this guy go I wonder?

Page 4

-It's so dark I can't see anything...
-Was I being too reckless again...?

Page 5

-What the!?

Page 6-7

Page 8

-What is this place?
-An underground lake?

Page 9

-So you stumbled upon it huh.

Page 10

-What the hell are you, asshole!!
-Kiri-Ishi Level 1, Name: Sasara
-I am Sasara. / A Kiri-Ishi
-Why is there a Kiri-Ishi down here...
-More importantly, you shouldn't get any closer to that thing. If you get close to the hosts then the Kurohami will assault you.

Page 11

-The...these are...
-The hosts of that monster from before...!?
-It's a masterpiece yes? That is the Kurohami's stomach. Once a Kurohami feeds off people it expands and starts to branch off into different heads.
-It started off only the size of a small snake, but it's already been raised this huge.
-Wh...why are there so many...
-I'll explain how it goes.
-First off...in the lake underground Kamikuru Village a single man becomes infected.
-Once that happens the Kurohami extends its neck above ground to start eating the villagers in Kamikuru Village..
-After that it automatically starts to expand and branch off, completing the formation of a hugely powerful Akatsuki.

Page 12

-The Kurohami is an Akatsuki that is able to continue living even once it's original host has died, by feeding off another human.
-It's quite simple to raise it.
-This guy...
-You're awfully well informed about it.
-That's only natural.
-It's becaue
-I've been raising this Kurohami...
-... / What for?

Page 13

-You know that Akatsuki that we destory are eventually turned into Crave don't you?
-The stronger the Akatsuki the stronger the Crave that can be created from it...
-To put it another way, in order to create strong Crave we need strong Akatsuki.
-But there aren't that many strong Akatsuki outbreaks naturally.
-And so...
-I thought it would be fine to make one that strong out here,

Page 14

-Do you know why there is such a necessary evil!?
-If we can create a Crave strong enough to save a thousand or two thousand victims, then what does it matter if ten or twenty people are sacrificed in the process of making it.
-Someone has to be willing to dirty their hands like that.
-And so...so someone like me is required to act unsavoury, so that I can go ahead and sell them.
-A vulgar commoner like you, wouldn't be able to understand such noble ideals.
-I'm sick of your bullshit
-You think Kirisa being swallowed up by that thing is alright?

Page 15

-I suppose so.
-It's possible that she's already being dissolved inside it's stomach.
-I'm going to cut you up prick, into a lot of small pieces.
-Then I'll exterminate this thing and save Kirisa afterwards!!

Page 16


Page 17

-Fufu...I told you so.
-They'll attack if you get too close...
-Dammit...is that how it is...these are all connected to a single Akatsuki...
-Even if I cut the surrounding four or five heads unless I hit the main body I won't be able to seal it in the vial.

Page 18


Page 19

-It's useless even if you do cut it open there. You haven't done any damage to the Kurohami.
-All that will come out are it's leftovers.
-Are you shocked? But there is no need to worry. Those are just useless trash that were already taken from the village. / It is my desire that all of those lives will be brought back in the form a strong Crave, one that will save many lives.
-Your partner will soon be sacrificing herself for my ideals as well.
-You cunt!!!

Page 20


Page 21

-Hoh...The main body showed up.
-If you're able to destroy it quick enough then you'll be able to save your partner.
-But I wonder where exactly that girl from before will be if she still hasn't arrived in the stomach.
-I pray that you don't try and resist...
-And become one of the foundations of Crave yourself.

Page 22


Page 23


Page 24

-Why don't you just obediently spit out Kirisa!!
-I'll break you in half otherwise!!

Page 25

-Easier said than done, it's too tough and too big!
-Oh crap, what to do...!?
-It must have some sort of weak point

Page 26

-Shit...They just keep coming...
-How can one person deal with all of this!!

Page 27

-Hurry up and get out here!!

Page 28

Page 29

-You saved me! My thanks to you, Hibiki!
-You're late to the party loser.
-It's no time to get all teary eyed.
-Now tell me the weakness of that thing.
-The forehead!!
-It's wide too, nice.

Page 30

-Woah, woah, looks like the big dude's coming.
-I'll create an opening!! You stab the hell out of the centre that thing's forehead!!
-Let's go.
-You jerkass!! Don't start ordering me around as soon as you make your entrance.
-Wait up dammit!!

Page 31


Page 32

Page 33


Page 34


Page 35

-My plans...
-Thrown awry by a bunch of stupid kids wielding pieces of trash Crave.
-You wanna have a go with me!?

Page 36

-Don't look down on me!!

Page 37

-The strength of a Kiri-Ishi isn't his Crave.

Page 38

-The place of your precious memories was destroyed.
-... / Nah...

Page 39

-I don't have any place where my memories are...
-My precious things aren't places. / It's the me that somehow experienced...that place.
-Now actually, what the hell did you get eaten for moron.
-Do you know what kind of trouble I had to go through all because you were eaten.
-I already gave you my thanks didn't I!?
-I don't need your thanks, apologise!! I thought you had been dissolved, you made me look like an idiot!!
-What did you say!? Stop screwing around!!

Page 40

-Seems you had a lot of trouble.
-Leave the details of dealing with that Kiri-Ishi called Sasara to me...
-For today, please take your time and rest.
-Yes, please excuse us.

Page 41

-...Is he...a man of fate? / I hadn't even been searching for the man called Sasara...
-And yet this development took place at the same location as what happened five years ago...
-(characters) Sasara
-Plop / Plop
-That was fast, Hyou...

Page 42

Page 43

-Anyhow, with this
-The "Ritual" is complete...
-(characters) Hibiki
-It will be good if something interesting happens.
-(bottom) strategy starts to wriggle out!!

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#1. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2009
*already forgot what is the last chapter that I uploaded*

#2. by Galooza ()
Posted on Nov 20, 2009
Alas, it looks like someone incapable of reading has released the chapter.
#3. by zambo92 ()
Posted on Nov 20, 2009
what do they think they're doing?!
... plus those cleans look exactly the same as mine... you could say they're identical to mine...

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