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Akatsuki 7


+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Nov 25, 2009 02:11 | Go to Akatsuki

-> RTS Page for Akatsuki 7

Anyone can use but please wait until Keishou releases first as per previous thingy.

Page 1

-Wings of wisdom and a strong heart. The young philosopher takes flight!!
-(title) Chapter 7 Garagama

Page 2

-(headband) Certain Victory
-(side) He's disabled all of a sudden!?
-(lower headband) Explosive Victory

Page 3

-Alrighty now Hibiki.
-We're doing this for a week! Ya won't be doing anything except studing inside this here room. If ya try and leave then I won't forgive ya!!
-We'll be memorising anything and everything inside these books!! Nice eh!?
-You'll regret the time you waste eating and sleeping, now study your heart out!!
-Si...Sir YES Sir.
-If you mess around then you think I'll let you off easy!!?

Page 4

-Now first of all remeber all this!! You've got one hour.
-Eeh...!? That's kind of impossible.
-You can relax. I've marked out the important points with labels.
-So many... (small) And why are they rabbits
-We...well now, it isn't like we have to rush that much with it do we.
-How about we call it a day for today's activites?
-How can you call yourself a man!?
-You are aiming for a promotion aren't you!? Do you think you'll get a second chance at this!? You understand right? / Aaah!
-Hola Hola!! I'm telling you to study until you break down!!
-Why did this have to happen to me~~

Page 5

-2 hours before.
-Eh? / Promotion Battle?
-If you pass this one then you'll be promoted to Level 2 Kiri-Ishi...

Page 6

-But...it's still only been 3 months since we became Kiri-Ishi...
-Ah, yeah I'm surprised too. It's quite rare for people to be selected for the Promotion Battle so quickly. / Out of the 200 Kiri-Ishi in the five neighbouring branches I think probably only 10 or so have been selected? (small) It's quite amazing
-But you know... / If you take a look at the Akatsuki you have brought in then it's understandable...
-A 100 percent success rate in your Akatsuki slaying for these monsters is quite remarkable.

Page 7

-It's here!! Our Victory Road is here!!
-If we advance to Level 2 then our salary is sure to rise as well!? This must be because God has decided to aid me in my figurine competition.
-Let's have an anticapatory celebration Kirisa!! We'll go and eat a whole fish!!
-Calm down.
-We still haven't been promoted yet.
-It's okay, it's okay. / Let's go already.
-Don't get so cocky Hibiki.

Page 8

-You're just filling in for a vacancy! That's why you were chosen to be advanced.
-Is that right?
-Yeah...a vacancy opened up in the selected appointees.
-Hibiki was chosen as his substitute.
-...Why is that?
-Haven't I been fighting the exact same Akatsuki alongside Kirisa this entire time.
-Why am only I chosen to be a substitute, a lower position than her!?
-Why do you think it is?
-Because you're dumb.

Page 9

-Wh...you jerk...
-Listen, Hibiki.
-Being selected as the substitute to participate in a Promotion Battle is an impressive thing.
-But, / Do you know that if you fail the paper test to be held in one weeks time then you will lose the right to participate!?
-Paper test?
-You need knowledge in order to be suitable for advancement.
-Whether you are immersing yourself in knowledge or not, (smaller) We just need to make sure so we give you an exam...
-The...that kind of thing is...
-But you can rest easy Hibiki.

Page 10

-I've found you an excellent home tutor...
-Hibiki!! State the conditions that a Kishirizame outbreak event may occur in!!
-Kishi....Kishirizame is...an Akatsuki...that infects in water.
-Alright!! Correct, you're right - it is water!! You'll understand a turtle if you think about it's feelings right!? (TN- Possibly some kind of Japanese saying)
-Why does there have to be a paper test.
-Please excuse the interruption.
-Ah, Kirisa.
-This seems quite intense... How's his attitude?

Page 11

-Ah~~ He's just no good. He hasn't even been able to memorise the first book yet.
-Wonder if hasn't got no will for it.
-(handwritten) Exhausted
-Please...at least let me study normally...
-Try your hardest Hibiki. I kindly went and bought you some dango. (TN- Dango are little balls on a stick with sauce)
-I don't need dango...please get me out of here...
-He's sulking quite a bit... (small) It's the first time I've seen him refuse food...
-Hu~~~um. Maybe I overdid it a bit...
-There's no helping it. Hibiki, I'll give you a Bonus Round!!
-From now on whenever you get a question correct a pretty girl will take off a piece of her clothing, we'll have that sort of study system starting.
-You've got the willpower to do it now right!?

Page 12

-That pretty girl had better not be Kirisa, although I am interested...
-Eh!? Why not!? Kirisa is fine, she's cute enough isn't she!?
-A, alright I get ya. You can rub her breasts for free.
-Don't go around selling me like a cheap tramp!!
-Show us a bit of skin Kirisa... You want to go up to Level 2 along with Hibiki don't you?
-If this guy fails then you won't be able to go hunting Akatsuki together anymore.
-(handwritten) He won't be able to go
-It's almost time for my meeting, I have to go.
-Eh? You have work Kirisa?
-Ah yeah...I'm going out on patrol with a different Kiri-Ishi today.
-Ooh, just like our excellent Kirisa...going out to work even thought the test is before her.
-Craaap... (small) Take me too

Page 13

-You want to go up to Level 2 along with Hibiki don't you?
-That's not necessarily true is it!! / I only joined him because of my orders, it wasn't like I did it because I liked him.
-...Hm, yeah! That's right.
-Excuse me, I'm sorry I made you wait.

Page 14

-Level 1 Kiri-Ishi , Hyou
-You're Hyou-san aren't you?
-It's the first time I've seen him. This guy is pretty young for being selected as a participant in the Promotional Battle too... (TN- Level 1 Kiri-Ishi are the lowest level of Kiri-Ishi...in case you forgot like me)
-Nice to meet you. Please treat me kindly for our patrol today. / I am Kiri...

Page 15

-I received a communication about an Akatsuki outbreak 2 minutes ago.
-Kuzuryuu Village. / Our patrol will have to wait while we go Akatsuki hunting.
-Four people have been infected by a Garagama.
-We're going...to provide support.
-Ah, oh.
-What's up with him...
-He's a pretty brusque guy...

Page 16

-Kiri-Ishi Ren, Kuzuryuu Village Branch, Level 2 Kiri-Ishi
-Ahh, so you came.
-...Thanks for your work so far.

Page 17

-Is everything alright? We've heard that there have been a number of people infected by the Garagama...
-Aah...there were 6 infectees, but the situation is returning to normal.
-Thankfully there wasn't a large scale Hazard...
-Is that right...
-I thought We might be able to manage somehow with just the Kiri-Ishi that we had here, but just to be sure I called in help from the other branches.
-Thanks to that we had enough guards to isolate the infected patients. / There probably won't be too much more damage that can be done now.
-(handwritten) Stand back please
-All that's left it to get rid of every last bit of the Garagama.
-Where is the Garagama? We'll help as well.
-What level are you?
-We're level 1 but...
-...Then...you don't need to come.

Page 18

-Uh...don't think badly of me. / It's just a Garagama is a bit too much of an Akatsuki for a Level 1 Kiri-Ishi to deal with.
-Just leave the actual destroying of it to us level 2s. I want you guys to go on crowd control.
-The Garagama's incubation period is a maximum of 5 hours. Until then we can't relax.
-Can you stop the townsfolk from attempting to leave the town with a simple barrier?
-Ah, yes...

Page 19

-Haha...don't make such a downcast face. That's important work as well.
-Oy, hurry up already.
-Garagama infects through saliva, so even something like coughing can pass on the infection. Be careful.
-Thank you for your co-operation.
-Eh--- This is so inconvenient.
-I'm sorry.

Page 20

-I'm kind of fed up with this to be frank.
-! / Ah, oh.
-Shit, my partner today is...
-This kind of time...
-Makes you remember a strange feeling of helplessness.
-A Kiri-Ishi's job is to protect people from Akatsuki.
-So to do that no job is too unimportant. / So we have to be willing to co-operation and even perform simple duties like this. / But...

Page 21

-I don't want to be a Kiri-Ishi that cannot be counted on in an emergency
-I want the power to be able to stand alone at the front whenever I need to
-For that reason, I have to first become a Level 2...

Page 22

-I don't want to become a level 2.
-Oi, oi, what was that? Surely you don't mean that just now.
-(handwritten) 1 mistake means 5 slaps in the face!!
-Uh...saying things like "you'll be fine" or "don't give up on your dream" are just a load of fairytqales. That's why I said I don't want to become one anymore...
-Uh~~~Wa~~~he said it. You're a serious nihilist underneath aren't you~~~
-That's all because of your fault you fucktard Shina!! It's all because of you and your demonic teaching methods that my heart has broken.
-In fact, you're being rather overzealous. (small) Doing that to a person
-Is becoming a Level 2 such a good thing.

Page 23

-Oooh, that's a good question. So, I'll go ahead and tell you just what it means to be advanced to a Level 2.
-That'll increase your motivation.
-I already know that we get more money. About how much more do we get?
-The money is good but...
-More importantly it's the Akatsuki.
-If your level increases then the level of Akatsuki you are called upon to destroy also increases.
-And if you are able to destroy and bring in strong Akatsuki then the strength of your Crave is also increased.

Page 24

-To put it simply the level that you battle at increases.
-If your Crave becomes stronger then you are able to battle stronger Akatsuki. You've got to understand that feeling... / It's the best~~~ You'll be able to destroy Akatsuki that you haven't been able to destroy so far.
-How about it? Getting jittery about it?
-I, I don't really care...
-Don't lie, of course you are.
-If you're involved with Akatsuki and Crave then it is easy to become maddened by them.
-You've seen what that's like haven't you?

Page 25

-Kiri-Ishi are that sort of being.
-Using their swords and skill in a noble business to save human lives. / And of course there is the wealth and honour that accompany it. Anybody would probably want those sorts of things.
-But after all, those things are just extras.
-Isn't your opponent is a monster from beyond your imagination, an opponent who you fight against with your life and that of the patient on the line.
-But even so you continue to be a Kiri-Ishi rather than a policeman or a fireman or a normal doctor, and why is that...

Page 26

-It's fun hunting Akatsuki!!
-"I want to fight Akatsuki!! Strong Akatsuki!!" / I have the fighting instinct to oppose Akatsuki!! That's the sort of thing a Kiri-Ishi is about!
-Hibiki!! Ya like that too aren't ya!? That sort of person.
-IF I retain my consciousness... / I can use
-The Akatsuki's power!!
-Even if it's crazy, even if it's dirty, I'll use whatever method I have to!!

Page 27

-I don't really think so.
-Don't wreck the tension!!
-The higher you go the more unbelievable guys there are. / Meeting those guys is the best part of being promoted.
-There are monsters that surpass...
-Even your wildest imagination.

Page 28

-I see.
-(SFX) Footsteps
-(SFX) Ksshh

Page 29

Page 30

-(SFX) Withdrawing knife

Page 31

-You psycho / What is the meaning of this.
-Akatsuki infection.
-The Akatsuki is a Garagama.

Page 32

Page 33

-An Akatsuki that infects through saliva. Incubation period of 1 to 5 hours. Limit: 2 Hours.
-(SFX) Eyelid opening
-It's an Akatsuki!!

Page 34


Page 35

-I can't move!! What adhesive power!

Page 36

Page 37

Page 38

Page 39

Page 40

-(SFX) Opening

Page 41

-You scumbag.
-What the fuck!!
-What's the big idea!? Doing that to the patient...
-If they are treated...
-Within 30 minutes.

Page 42

-The person stabbed over there won't die.
-I'm going back to Kumo Village.
-We'll next meet
-In seven days.

Page 43

-For the Promotion Battle.
-His freezing gaze is focused at...!?

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