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Mahou Shoujo Site 42

You can't leave me

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Aug 6, 2017 09:00 | Go to Mahou Shoujo Site

-> RTS Page for Mahou Shoujo Site 42

Enter 42. You can't leave me

Page 1










-No way...


-Nijimin's consciousness has...gone

-No...this is...
Too much...

Page 2







-That guy's still alive.

-What a cockroach!

-Shitty trash idol!!


-How dare she...how dare sheeee

Page 3

-Doing this to me god damnnnnnn

-What are you smiling for! I'll feed you to the dogs biiiitch!!

-No, no, no, it's okay...

-Calm down, it's okay!

-There's no way I can defeated by some kid...!!

-I see it!!

-It's right over there!!!

-Before my eyes!!! Fuhihihiii.

-I have to calmly and steadily get over there!!

-Over there...!!

-God has been my ally since I was born!!


Page 4

-God has never once forsaken me!!

-(all ??) Drag





-I am a human chosen by, no...rather

-I am a god myself-----Fuhihihihiiiiiiii

Page 5

-Oh no...he's going for my cutting stick!!

-If he gets that

-(all zuru) Drag

-Nijimin's death,


-Will have been for naught!




Page 6

-Onii-chan, please stop,
Please listen!

-Everyone's happiness will be destroyed if you do this...!!!

-Yoou're going to make everyone fall to despair!!!

-Shut up you fuuuucking brat
Don't think of me as your brother you bitch of a sister

-You haven't suffered enough, so once this is done I'm going to take my time torturing you!!!

Page 7

Page 8

-I got iiiiiiit!!!



Page 9


-He's alive!!

-He's going to let his blood flow

-Drink it

-I can't move...my body!!

-Drink it

-It's over.

Page 10


Page 11



Page 12

Page 13



-Something is...?

-A foot?

-Is standing on me...

Page 14

-I can't...

-See them...

-They're invisible...!?




-Who is it!?


Page 15


-Are you...!!?

Page 16

Page 17

Page 18

-What is this mist..!!



-What's going on...

-I'm losing...



Pge 19

-No, no...n..o...


-I was...



Page 20

Page 21

-That's enough preamble...Nana.

Page 22

-Who is this 'certain person'?

-They're surveying the girl's lives and situations.

-And the distribution of the sticks.

-To make sure things go smoothly.

Page 23

-An obedient human who will move for us.

-Their name?

-The name is-

Page 24

Page 25

-Where am I!?

-My wounds have been healed...



-Are those tools...

-Looks like you're awake...

Page 26

-Asagiri Kaname-kun.

Page 27

-Who are you...

-Misumiki Ichirou

-An insane


-I healed your wounds.

Page 28


-I've known about you.
Ever since I started researching your younger sister Aya-chan.

-Researching Aya...!?

-You were involved in that suicide incident...and while investigating I got a feeling that you had obtained a Stick.


-You have fallen past the point of no return.
You no longer have anywhere to return to.

-It's meaningless if it isn't a girl using the Stick.

-Well...I don't think it matters if you know that now anyway.

Page 29

-You've become a murderer...

-But I don't want you to go to prison.


-What the...

Page 30

Page 31

-Are all those Sticks...!!!

-Who the hell are you...

-From the first time I saw you I thought,

Page 32

-You're pretty hot...


-What are you going to do...

Page 33

-I can't see you becoming ugly...

-You're going to stay here.

Hold on

-My wishes have come true.

-Wait, wait, wait!!!
Listen to me!!

-I don't swing that way so please....please don't!!!

-Please listen to-

Page 34


-*SFX Screaming

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