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Translations: Gintama 691 by kewl0210 , One Piece 910 by cnet128

Mahou Shoujo Site 43


+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Aug 6, 2017 09:02 | Go to Mahou Shoujo Site

-> RTS Page for Mahou Shoujo Site 43

Page 1

-Enter 43 - Mystery

Page 2

-The next piece of news,

-Singer Suzuki Nagisa-san's held an interview last night in Tokyo,
To discuss her illicit affair.

-This was due to my own foolish actions. I apologise to everyone for my indescretion.

-I please ask you forgiveness.

Page 3

-Who cares.

Page 4

-Welcome to your fortune telling, your sign is Leo.

-Today's lucky colour is pink.


Page 5


Page 6

-Keep being a good boy.

Page 7



Looks like you haven't been rewarded enough...

-When I come home I'll give you some more.

-Be seeing you.

Page 8

-Enter 43 Puzzle

Page 9

-Eh, today's absentees are



-And Asagiri.

Page 10

-Sensei, does Nijimin have a cold?


Page 11

-Is Asagiri okay...?

-All that stuff happened...


-And that shitty brother disappeared along with that figure.


-Who do you think it was?

-The person who saved us from that situation.

Page 12

-It looks someone was using a stick to camouflage themselves.
Then used a sleeping gas to knock us all out...



Page 13

-Hey, wake up.

-Wake up!!!

-Please no!!



Page 14

-You're up...


-It's been like this.

-Someone healed our wounds.

-And saved us...

Page 15

-But it looks like we can't be saved if we're dead.

-Asagiri! Stop it already.

-Even if you do that Anazawa isn't going to open her eyes.
You have to accept it.


-Just for a little while...

-Let's leave her be...

Page 16

-Her friend was killed so I guess that sort of thing would be incredibly painful.

-You know, someone like you should have been the one to die first.

-That's a bit harsh isn't it?

-By the way, what happened to Anazawa's body?

-They took it to a hospital.

-Since Anazawa's wounds were healed by the stick her cause of death is being treated as cardiac arrest rather than physical trauma.

-Most likely they will announce Anazawa's death soon.
Because there's no evidence of foul play the police won't get involved.

-I see.

Page 17

-Still, you're surprisingly calm.
Weren't you friends with her a bit as well?


-Not one bit.

-If I had my stick I would hunt down and torture that shitty brother.

I forgot that...

Page 18

-You can be pretty insane as well.

-Ah, there you are!



Page 19

-You're close to Asagiri-san aren't you. Yatsumura-san?

-Yeah...kind of.

-Well...about Asagiri-san,

-I was hoping you could tell me about her...

-Tell you...?



Page 20

-You're dressing like a girl again.

-What a joke.

-You're wearing this ribbon every day...

-Oy, quit ignoring me!!



Page 21

-Hey, what are you...


Page 22


-Ah, sorry, sorry.

-I'm not in the mood for any of your bullshit.

Page 23




-Kiyo-chan...You shouldn't cause such damage to normal people.

-Sorry, I couldn't help it.

-I have to heal that...



-You're a lifesaver.

-By the way, how are your injuries going Kiyo-chan?

-I'm fine thanks to you all! No wounds left.

-Thats good at least...

Page 24

-But who was it who saved us at that time...

-Because I was almost comatose because of that shitty brother,

-The communication I have with the other Mahou Shoujo through the connection of the stick was cut, I can't explore them any more.

-But there's no Mahou Shoujo that I've seen with that sort of power.

-That's why it has to be someone that I don't have a connection with.
My stick also wasn't stolen, so it looks like their aim...was just to help us.

Page 25

-Come to think of it, Aya-chan said...

-Someone saved us...

-Someone who just saved them in the nick of time...

-Though they had no idea who.

-But one thing bothered me before we lost communication.

-Something bothered you?


-Maganuma Alice.

Page 26

-My communications with her were interrupted.

-Why...? You think she was killed!?

-No I don't think so.

-She can't be killed.

-Well great...

-I think she originally liked acting alone and hates having to communicate and work together with us.

Page 27

-Do you think she's planning something?

-It's a possibility.

-Shall we go meet her? Though I have to say,

-I hate her guts.

Loathe her too.


-We've no choice but to endure it.

-Do you know where she lives?



Page 28

Page 29

Page 30

-Please if you know where he is...

-I understand your concern.

-But since he has only been missing from the house for a day or so...

-He may have just run away from home.
It's a common case...

-Of course we will be putting all effort into finding your son.

-If you know of any other places or acquaintances that he might have gone I'd like to hear.

-Ah...Yes we'll let you know.

-Everything will be okay.

Page 31

-*SFX Ding Dong

-Maybe that's



-Aya, your classmates have come.

-She's been like this for a while I'm sorry...thank you for coming all the way over here.

-Ah, then can I give you these.

I've given your mother the print outs from school.

Page 32

-Well then please excuse me.

-Thank you.

-Aya's classmate came to give the print outs...

-That damn Aya...

-A younger sister...is she resting from a physical condition?

-It seems so...

-Please excuse me.

-Please take care of my son.

-Leave him to me.

Page 33


-Aya, a boy from your class just came by.

-Hey, where are you going...!

Page 34

Page 35

-Summer is the best time for Laowson's noodles!

-Everyone try them at least once!

Page 36

-I'll call you Ayappi!


-Ah, Ayappi!!

-Let's be friends!

Page 37



-How long are you going to sit around whining.

Page 38


Page 39


Page 40

-Nothing will change if you sit around crying.

-You have one thing

-That you need to do.
If you don't want anyone else to lose their happiness.

-This is...

-Avenge her.

Page 41

-The Mahou Shoujo Site...!!

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