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Mahou Shoujo of the End 58

Rebuild Cosmic

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Aug 5, 2018 03:39 | Go to Mahou Shoujo of the End

-> RTS Page for Mahou Shoujo of the End 58

Mahou Shoujo of the End chapter 58

Page 1

-058 Rebuild Cosmic

-Hurry - jump through that hole in space-time!

-Isn't that...

Page 2

Page 3

-Rebuild Cosmic

Page 4

-What's happening...

-I don't know...

-An amazing amount of power is being used...

-Oh...hey, what the fuck is this...!!

Page 5

-My legs are...


-What the fuuuuck!!

-What's happening to him!?

-Oh no...

-Your existence is disappearing...


Page 6

-It's reflecting something which has happened to the past Akuta.

-What the hell did that guy do!!!?

-He died...

-Oy...come on.

-Because the younger me died,
I'm going to disappear...

Page 7


-I don't wanna die!!


Page 8


-Not a single scrap left over...

Page 9

-*SFX tap

-Who are you.


-Shinobu right...

Page 10



-The person who became my vessel.

-Spare me your vessel crap.
Give Shinobu back immediately.

-I can't meet that request.
This body has become mine 100%.

-He will be in the darkness

-For eternity.

Page 11

-I won't forgive you...!

-So what will you do...?

-What can you do?

-Give me back Shinobu!!

Page 12

-The human from before put up a decent fight but you,

-Are weak.

-Disappear, little girl.

Page 13


Page 14





-Who is that!?
Who is inside me!?


Page 15

-Thanks for the welcome.

-While Bowl cut was fighting you,
He slipped the Icon onto your tail.

-I'll leave it to you guys now

-It was a one sided bet, but it looks like it worked out.

-That bastard, how dare he do that to meee!

-Oh, you broke it.

Page 16

-With Fusion you can remove my consciousness from your body.

-Now that you've destroyed the Icon there is no way for you to eject my will from your own body.

-What do you mean...!!

You aren't able to expel me from your body any more.

-I'll kick you out of me in a second you bastard!!!

-I'll tell you one more good thing.

-My ability is parasitism.

-I can control the targeted person's body and spirit.

Page 17


-What was that you were saying about not being able to die.

-Damn youuuu

-Now that you cant expel me any more,
You can be my puppet forever.

-Let's keep enjoying your infinite pain.

Page 18

-It's the victory of


-and will.

Page 19

What's going on with him?

-You were being a bit rash going up against a demon weren't you.

Page 20



-It's been a while, Mikano.

-Alternative Magical Girl, can you hear my voice?

-Who are you?

-Can you look for my daughter's boyfriend inside that body?

-Huh...!? Boyfriend...!?

Page 21

-Hold on.

-No good...

-I can't see anything.

-Oh no...

Page 22

-Shinobu, please!

-Come back!



-There he is!

Page 23

Page 24



-I don't care about the fate of the world...

Page 25

-But I don't want to see my daughter looking sad.

Page 26

-The world is...

Page 27

-Starting to break apart...!!

Page 28

-I have control the Demon's consciousness now, so why is this happening...

-Space time is being distorted in such a way that there is no power that could repair it...

Page 29

-At this rate all the world dimensions will break and be reset into one universe.

-Once a new universe has been rebuilt it will be populated with new life forms.

-So then our existences will disappear as well?


-There's only one way to stop it.

Page 30

-The ritual at the Altar of Time.

-When the ritual happens the person who enters the cross of light will become the singularity of the universe.

-And can rewrite any concept in existence.

Page 31


-That is assuming those ones who flew through space-time

Page 32

-Are able to make it there.

Page 33

Page 34

-This is...the Altar of Time...!?




-You are...!

Page 35

-Wahre Liebe's President...Shirokane Sou-san...!?

-President...! You can't be...

-Sayano...!? What are you doing here...

Page 36

-More like

-How are you alive, you should be dead!

-I saw you dead with my own eyes.

-There were a series of disappearances of employees within Wahre Liebe...In order to find out the cause of that,
I faked my death so I could proceed with the investigation in secret.

-As you can see...
Thanks to that I was able to restrain them.


Page 37

-Oops, hold on, hold on.

-He's quite a stubborn fellow isn't he...I had a hard time capturing them.

-So this means it's all okay then...?

Page 38

-What is this earthquake...!?

-The influence of the other world is reaching here,
We have to immediately complete the ritual in order to repair the world.

-Someone has to enter that light.

-I'll do it.


-It's ok.

-Don't worry.

-It's dangerous there President Shirokane! Please stand back.

Page 39

-Hurry up!

-This voice is...

-The other me...!?

-He's lying...


-Lying about what...?

-Enter the light before him!

-He's not Shirokane Sou...


Page 40

-That mad scientist Makabe.

Page 41

-*SDX Rip

-I'll kill you

Page 42

-You noticed too late, my little mouse.

-Truly amazing...

Page 43

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