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Genkaku Picasso 1

Genkaku Picasso Chp 1

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Oct 25, 2008 13:38 | Go to Genkaku Picasso

-> RTS Page for Genkaku Picasso 1

Seems quite a...thinking manga.

Genkaku Picasso

Translator Notes - the reason that the kids call the guy Picasso is because of the way he wrote his name on his shoes. the way you write Hikari and Pikaso look very similar in katakana with the ri character consisting of two straight lines next to each other with the left one shorter than the right. The so character has the two lines pointing inward and sloping towards each other. The Pi character is the same as the Hi character except with a little extra circle in the top right.

Page 1

(text on the left hand side)-He made a common writing mistake. Because of that his school life was stigmatised.
-I had written "Hamura Hikari".
-Chiaki was the first one to laugh at that.
-It says Hikaso.
-Haha, Hikaso.
-I'm called Hikari!
-Sure, sure, Hikaso.
-Because of the way I draw paintings,
-I became called Picasso.

Page 2

(coloured text down the bottom)-Drawing your inner world .... shall I?

Page 3

(in orange circle)-New Series, Introductory Colour
(in white part)-Vision 1: Picasso and Chiaki and Sugiura-kun

Page 4

Not translating any of that

Page 5

(sign)-Akatsuki High School
-Picasso, He's drawing pictures again.
-Ooh, as expected of Akatsuki High School's Picasso.
-Say, Picasso. Draw a picture of me.
-Oh yeah, Sugiura.
-I'd look cool too.
-Draw a picture of me too.
-I- I don't do portraits!!
-Hamura Hikari, Nickname Picasso (17)

Page 6

-And also I'm not Picasso, I look up to Da Vinci!!
-What's the difference?
-No idea.
-You've already bothered me enough.
-I can't draw a picture of my hand with all this noise.
-Picasso is angry now.
-Picasso got angry.
-So scary.
-He looks like he's going to go wild.
-Who's the one going to go wild!!
(small text next to mouth)-*grind*
-I'm going to become someone with the insight of Da vinci. Future generations will talk about me as more than just some painter.

Page 7

-Oh you're such a hottie aren't you Sugiura-kun!
-How do you like those apples!!
(small bubbles)-*scratch*
-Picasso is the same as ever, so interesting.
-Yamamoto Chiaki (17)

Page 8

-This was all your fault!!
-I got stuck with this name because you called me Picasso.
-Picasso was a great painter.
-It isn't at an honour to be named after him!!
-I'm aiming to be more composed painter.
-Like in the beautiful and splenderous Renaissance...
-Ooh, Chiaki is taking Picasso for a walk.
-I'm not a pet!!

Page 9

-I'm so inconspicuous when I'm next to you.
-I'm only 168 cm.
-Don't walk so close to me!!
-Look, even though this painter's catalogue was small, it was still great.
-A catalogue hmm...
-Really likes catalogues

Page 10

-I don't go to any school clubs.
-My club is sitting by the river drawing pictures of water.
-Hey, Picasso.
-It is enjoyable here?
-Ah, it's very enjoyable.
-The greatest...
-Water is so good...
-Water doesn't think poorly of me.
-Da Vinci drew pictures of water as well.
-Thank you, Skeboo 2B (TN Skeboo is short for sketchbook)
-You are my only friend.

Page 11

-What the blazes are you saying "gloomy" for?
-You're the only one reading that book, "gloomy", "gloomy"
-Psycology books are kind of gloomy.
-Chiaki is the only other member of the sitting by the river club.
-But she doesn't draw any pictures, instead she is always reading really difficult books like Kong or Floint.
-Hey Picasso,
-Draw a picture of my heart.
-I don't draw things that I can't see with own eyes.
-I thought your hero Da Vinci only drew "things that he couldn't see with his own eyes".
-Isn't that what painters are meant to do?

Page 12

-Things you can't see with your eyes...?
-It's impossible to try and see into your heart after all.
-Picasso, you idiot.

Page 13

-What did you put in there?
-Look at it later.
-It's what was in my heart.
-You'll be able to become quite a good painter.
-What's with this all of a sudden?

Page 14

-Whatever you are feeling,
-Other people aren't any different.
-Is..that so?
-Hey, Picasso.
-Even after we graduate...let's continue the sitting by the river club.
-Those were
-the last words that Chiaki said.

Page 15

-Hey what's that?
-That helicopter is flying strangely.
-It's dangerous! Run away!

Page 16-7

-Today at 3.35 pm a helicopter crashed into the banks of the Tama River.
-Two Akatsuki High School 2nd year students were involved in the accident.

Page 18

-Yamamoto Chiaki-san, 16 years old died due to injuries sustained to her body.
-A male student who attended the same school as Yamamoto-san...
-Miraculously received only minor injuries.

Page 19

-Chiaki is...
-That's a lie right...

Page 20

-The Funeral
-The Student Assembly
-The crowd of media and cameras.
-I didn't understand any of it.
-My eyes were painful for days and days.
-School life returned to normal but,
-I was the only one unable to get over Chiaki's death.

Page 21

-How could I make the sitting by the river club now.
-Look at it later.
-Come to think of it she put something in my pocket.

Page 22

Page 23

-Tha..that's right, Hamura is still in grieving.
-Picasso is acting scary...
-He still isn't over Chiaki's death.

Page 24

-This is bad.
-I'm going crazy.
-I'm the only one who can see, nobody else can see her.
-This isn't happening.
-Pull yourself together Picasso!
-Thanks to God or Buddha I'm here again, you should be grateful.
-Picasso, wake up to reality!

Page 25

-My arm
-I think I should introduce you to a good doctor.

Page 26

-Picasso, there is a way to stop your right hand from becoming corrupted.
-I died in that accident.
-And you too...
-But in that instant I made a wish.
-God, Buddha
-Picasso, who holds such a wonderful ability, please save his life.

Page 27

-And then I heard a voice.
-"There is a condition for saving Picasso" it said.
-You are going to save people.
-If you save them, then the corruption on your arm will stop. This is the condition for you to continue living.
-I was sent back to help you complete that task.

Page 28

-I can't do that.
-It was a result of you making a wish that allowed me to live.
-And for that I'm grateful.
-But me saving people?
-But Picasso at this rate-
-Haa~~~I don't want to waste away~~
-Don't give up!

Page 29

-Your life is worth living.
-So don't choose to die!!
-Chiaki gave me my life back, and I don't want to die...
-But how am I meant to save people...
-Ah, ah
-Can I carry your bags
-e, e
-It's true giving blood is scary but..
-okay, okay, walk
-donations, donations, donations
-Heaven is close...
-I do think that but, actually I don't understand.

Page 30

-I can't save anyone~~~
(small text above his head)-Picasso is scary...
(text next to teacher)-Hamura...
-Hey tell me more about this method.
-I've told you everything I know already.
-Save someone, but who...

Page 31

-What it is?
-Sugiura-kun has a black aura surrounding him.
-Why would he have that?
(all of the rest)-*scratch*

Page 32

-What's this a picture of?
-I don't know.
-I looked in Sugiura-kun's black aura...
-And in the middle I saw this scene.
-I'm...worried about you.
-I'm worried as well.

Page 34

-The large man is holding a bag of money, a tattered bird, and a tall wall.
-A fairground...a merry-go-round.
-That picture doesn't seem to be related to Sugiura-kun..
-It doesn't seem like Sugiura-kun needs to be saved.
-Ha ha ha, idiot
-Senpai~ I'll throw out your rubbish
-Ah, thanks
-Sugiura again?

Page 35

-Sugiura-kun's personality is so bright and cheerful.
-He gets on well with girls.
-He's good at sports, and has lots of friends.
-And most of all he's great at studying!!
-I want someone to save me!!

Page 36

-Oh, if it isn't Picasso. Is your house this way too!?
-He- he saw me~~
(small text next to picasso)-He did too
-Let's just ride the bus quietly.
-Are you out of your mind!? How are you meant to know what he is suffering from if you don't talk to him!?
-But I don't really know how to talk with other people properly.
-Waaaa, I'll do it!!
-I get it

Page 37

-I came all the way to his house...
-Do you want to come inside?
-Is that alright?
-You must be hungry.
-Today I'm making fried rice.
-You, you don't need to do that.
-Sugiura-kun is so good at cooking.
-I have to do it.
-My mum died 2 years ago.
-Here you go.

Page 39

-Sugiura-kun, this is so tasty.
-Isn't it.
-Picasso, was there something you wanted to talk to me about.
-Tell him about the picture.
-Are you having any money troubles? Ehe..
-Moron, don't say it like that!
-That's a pretty rude thing for you to say.

Page 40

-I'm a classmate, my name is Hamura.
-The father gives off a bad feeling!!

Page 41

-It isn't really that we don't have money in the house.
-It isn't that there is no money...

Page 42

-I followed Sugiura-kun the next day as well.
-When he was climbing the stairs at the station.
-The black aura surrounding him had grown!
-And stood there at the platform for over an hour.
-Sugiura-kun was acting weird!!
-What was on his mind!?

Page 43

-My fingers...
-I'm falling inside
-What the...

Page 44

-I, I can't get out!!
-I'm also getting pulled in.
-I'm falling into the middle of the picture!!

Page 45

-I dived into the picture of the centre
-of Sugiura's heart!!

Page 46

(all of the speech bubbles on this page)-Haa

Page 47

-We entered the picture!!
-Waa, you're big again!!
-Ah, it's true!!

Page 48

-That child is...
-Could it be Sugiura-kun?
-What are you crying for?
-Kill someone, kill someone.
-It doesn't matter who!!

Page 49

-It doesn't matter who.
-Anyone will do.
-Sugiura-kun is thinking of doing something terrible!!
-It doesn't matter who so long as I don't have to return home!!

Page 50

-Stop him!!
-Since my consciousness came in here my body isn't able to move.
-I haven't been able to move since I dived into the picture!!
-Hey Sugiura-kun!
-Why are you thinking about doing something like that for!?
-You're cool~
-Girls like you.
-You're good at studying.
-Picasso, look at that.

Page 51

-That wall...
-If you look at it closely you can see it is entirely made of money!!
-A wall...of money...
-are you worried about money?
-Father is a bad person...
-Father is annoying mother.
-If I kill someone then it will make father regret it.

Page 52

-Then that way I'll stop him from carrying all that money.
-I said I wouldn't go to university!!
-That giant man is his father!!
-I refuse to go to school any more.
-The wall of money
-Is tightly sealed shut.
-The tattered bird represents
-Sugiura-kun's despair of the future.
-I won't be admitted to university if I kill someone.
-I'll make father regret it.

Page 53

-The train will soon be arriving at the platform...
-Stop it
-Stop it Sugiura-kun!!
-That person has important family members as well!!
-You'll be the one to regret doing this!
-As long as father cries then it'll be fine.

Page 54

-The child is justifying his own words
-That bird...
-It's all tattered so why is it looking out to the distance...
-Looking to it's future self.
-He still hasn't thrown away his dreams.
-Let's break down that wall.

Page 55

-It, it's useless...
-Even though we are in the centre of his heart it is still a real wall, what should we do~~

Page 56

-This sound is
-The high speed train is passing through the station.
-The train is arriving at the platform!!
-Don't do it! Sugiura-kun!

Page 57

-Oww oww.
-It's no use falling down there!!
-We can't change what the picture of his heart looks like...

Page 58

-Hey Sugiura-kun.
-Let's get on the Merry-go-Round.
-Picasso, what are you doing?

Page 59

-The switch...
-Over there!
-Why do you think there is a fairground in such a deep place?
-This is the middle of his despair.

-If it is an enjoyable memory of his childhood then shouldn't it be important?
-And heave...

Page 60

Page 61

Page 62

Page 63

Page 64

-My memories of up till now are surging up.
-Why am I remembering the Merry-go-Round?
-Such a kind smiling face...
-So why...?
-Why aren't I cute like that anymore?

Page 65

-I came back out~~
-Your father...is thinking about you.
-Please talk to him.
-It's like you were looking into my heart.
-I haven't talked to my father for years, it's scary...

Page 66

-finally came to talk.

Page 67

-This was the story
-2 years ago because of his wife's death the stress meant he was unable to focus at work.
-and as a result he ended up with a lot of debt.
-He didn't want his son to see in such a weak way.
-Because of that pride he didn't speak to his son and they grew apart.

Page 68

-Because of what I've done your mother is probably even sadder.
-I need to pull myself together.
-Sorry for being such a brat

Page 69

-Picasso, I'm embarrased
-that I didn't know about my father's pain.
-I'll try and get a scholarship, a national level one.
-That way there will be lots of opportunites for me.
-I was thinking of trying to make my father be filled with regret...
-I almost did a really terrible thing.
-Sugiura-kun, you said "Draw a picture of me" didn't you.
-Ah, yeah.
-Here you go.

Page 70

-It's how you look now.

Page 71

-Hey Picasso, Why did you say "Your father...is thinking about you"?
-When I first met his father this was the scene that I saw.
-It's a big hole filled with Sugiura-kun!
-It's something that a father would be thinking about...

Page 72

-Aaah, my hand is healed!!
-I'm happy.
-It's the first time my picture has been useful to someone.
-Picasso, that was pretty good of you.

Page 73

-But how am I going to keep on continuing living like this...
-This is the worst...
-Boo hoo
-Don't cry

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#1. by melric ()
Posted on Sep 26, 2009
this looks like a very interesting serie, shame there is no scanlation

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