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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Genkaku Picasso 2

Genkaku Picasso Ch 2

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Oct 26, 2008 12:50 | Go to Genkaku Picasso

-> RTS Page for Genkaku Picasso 2

I've marked the parts that I wasn't sure of in bold so if another translator is able to correct it then it would be good.

Picasso can be a pretty funny guy :amuse.

Page 1

(text up the top)-Public Sellout! Furuya Usamaru's New Series 2nd Chapter!!
(text down the right side)-Picasso's hand has a special ability. He can look into his

classmates' hearts.
-There is a weird kid in my class called Picasso.
-Up until now I always thought that he was just a gloomy guy who was always drawing

-It's what you look like now.
-But I was saved by Picasso's picture.
-I get that feeling.

Page 2

(title)-Vision 2, Akane-chan and her story

Page 3

-Water is so great...
-Water is so good...
-Water is the top form of art.
-Hey, Picasso.
-Our accident happened here at this river side. I died here.
-Water is so nice. Water doesn't call me an idiot.

Page 4

-Don't you feel troubled sitting here? This pisses me off.
-Would you shut up already!!
-It's so noisy with you talking here.
-Take your mourning somewhere else.
-I can't focus on drawing my pictures of water.
-Picasso, you're so heartless.
-Who do you think it was that saved your life!

Page 5

-That's right...Chiaki and I both died here in an accident.
-Chiaki is an...angel? A fairy? She brought me back to life.
-But I have to do way too much for it in exchange.
-Let's go save people.
-I've saved someone already!
-Just give me a few more minutes to finish this picture.

Page 6

-Okay <3
-It's already rotting
-You've already died. But by saving people you can continue to live.
-Do you want to rot and die? You damn rotten man!!
-That's how it is.
-I dived into Sugiura-kun last week.
-Who am I meant to save this time!?

Page 7

-You dived into me? What's rotting?
-And who are you talking to?
-Hiii, Sugiura-kun
-Sugiura-kun must like diving a lot...
-I'm, how would you say, rotten...
-He is a weirdo after all.
-Be silent!

Page 8

-Even though you say I should save someone,
-How many times do I have to say that I have no interest in saving people.
-Well then you'll die.
-Here, this fell down.
-Oh, thanks.
-It's not "phew"!
-How can you call that saving someone!!

Page 9

-You're late again!?
-Hey, hey, have you seen this?
-Yeah, I saw it.
-Please close the door!

Page 10

-Akane appeared on the cover of this months "Happy Teens".
-Akane doesn't look like that at all.
-She's always in a bad moo-
-What are you lot complaining about?
-Can you stop running your annoying mouths off?

Page 11

-Akane-chan's doesn't back down.
-Boys are also so picky with girls who are cute.
-She's not my type.
-Hurry up and sit down.

Page 12

-You saw something in Akane-chan!!

Page 13

-Ever since that accident
-I've been able to see
-Pictures of people's hearts.

Page 14

Page 15

-This is the picture of Akane-chan's heart.
-What on earth does this mean?
-They're out of bread~~, seriously~~
-You brought money-
-What a joke~
-Money is seriously hard to get

Page 16

-A rabbit standing still, and a baby
-Hurry up and talk to her, rotten man.
-Don't call me 'rotten man'!
-Sawaragi-san gives off a scary feeling.
-I still have no idea how you are meant to go about talking to girls.
-He's so stubborn...
-He has no problems talking to me
-Here you go.

Page 17

-You can drink this.
-Sorry but...
-I don't do vegetables.
-Akane, you always look like you have a troubled face.
-I don't think about that.
-You should be able to smile at school.
-That way you'll be a lot cuter.
-Sugiura-kun, are you trying to ask me out?
-No.. not at all
-Those two look pretty good together.
-Hot guy, hot girl, what if...

Page 18

-Ra, ra, rab, rabb
-Let's go pet some rabbits.
-Well...well I saw this drama
-And after the poor child petted a rabbit he stopped making a lonely face.
-What's with you Picasso
-You're seriously pissing me off talking like that.
-But the rabbit...
-Didn't you have a rabbit before?

Page 19

-I never kept any rabbits.
-Now hurry up and leave.
-Ther, there's one more thing.
-The baby...she probably won't listen about that...
-But this is the only other thing to go on...
-You had a sad childhood.
-You don't have any wounds that haven't healed do you...?

Page 20

-What's up with you!?
-What kind of person do you think I am!
-What kind of...

Page 21

-Is, is, is, is it my fault!?
-Let's hurry and get her to the nurse's office.
-We've called her parents.
-Why did Akane faint...
-I...think I might know why Sawaragi-san fell over.
-Eh, really?

Page 22

-She was feeling sick.
-And also she didn't say that she was lonely or that the rabbit was dead.
-But her heart is lonely.
-Picasso, hold on a second
-That's a wild interpretation!!
-I can do it!
-Wait a seccc

Page 23

-Dive into the picture
-of her heart!!

Page 24-25

-The rabbit is huge.
-The baby is huge as well.

Page 26

-Why has Picasso fainted as well!
-What the? This picture...
-I can't understand what Picasso is up to at all.

Page 27

-Sawaragi-san's mother is here.
-This girl fell over again.
-She keeps on fainting due to an unknown cause of anemia.
-The doctor says that it isn't due to a vegetable allergy...
-Unknown cause...
-What vegetable allergy...

Page 28

-I see..
-Sawaragi-san is always in a bad mood...
-I always have no idea what you are thinking...
-Who is this boy?
-He's Picasso, from our class...
-No, rather he's called Hamura-kun.
-That picture...that's Haru-chan in it.

Page 29

-It's a rabbit that she had when she was a baby.
-Then this is...
-This baby is her own self!
-Why didn't I think of that~~~
-I said something really rude to her!!
-That way of thinking is quite rare but...
-But it's strange.
-Akane-chan doesn't have any memory of keeping a rabbit.
-So why is Haru-chan living in her heart...?

Page 30

-But on that day Haru-chan...

Page 31

-died all of a sudden.

Page 32


Page 33

-What's wrong Akane?
-Whenever she faints she always has convulsions.
-What caused Haru-chan to die?
-No idea...
-But aside from that it's really hot here...
-A thunderstorm...

Page 34

-Haru-chan died in the summertime...!
-Was it given water?
-Do you think that it wasn't given enough water?
-When I was a kid I raised a rabbit, however

Page 35

-There were mini-rabbits being sold by an old roadside but
-The sign said when you buy "don't give them water".
-But this is not the way to keep them.

-The rabbits were living in a severe environment.
-Aah...I'm so sorry.
-Haru-chan died from being given enough water...

Page 36

-She used to cry at night...

Page 37

-Picasso, look
-The leaves are doing something strange.
-They're transforming into a weapon!!
-The leaves...
-Haru-chan's food...
-Rabbit's food is...
-Of course...

Page 38

-She thinks that the reason Haru-chan died is because of the vegetables!
-Akane-chan doesn't have a vegetable allergy.
-This childhood trauma caused her to refuse to eat them.
-Don't, don't cry!!
-How can you explain something like this to a baby!?

Page 39

-I took a psycology test before.
-My mental age was the same as an ordinary baby's...
-Because of all the unfortunate events
-I know what to do this time...


Page 40

Page 41

-There, there.
-When she was crying she would yell out loud.
-I thought that babies couldn't understand the concept of "death". But Akane was sad about it anyway.

Page 42

-Haru-chan didn't drink enough water.
-If you don't drink enough water then you will die.
-That's right, water.
-Haru-chan didn't have enough water.

Page 43

-That's why, Akane-chan
-It isn't the vegetables fault.
-Haru-chan loved vegetables.
-Haru-chan thought that vegetables were truly delicious.
-Eating vegetables gave Haru-chan lots of pleasure.

Page 44

-Vegetables aren't scary...
-They aren't scary...

Page 45

-She just said Haru-chan!?
-She wasn't able to remember him!
-had a dream.

Page 46

-It was nice,
-I was being hugged.
-Hugged, does she mean me
-I came out!!

Page 47

-He, he
-Her memory of Haru-chan disappeared from her entirely.

Page 48

-Somehow, Akane,
-since then she's been able to eat vegetables.
-Akane's mother was really thankful.
-Thanks to me that is.
-You're an official parent? Just joking, he he he.
-Eh, Sugiura-kun really like Akane-chan a lot.
-I don't care.
-Ah, there he is.

Page 49

-Still drawing pictures?
-I'm here too you know~
-You really do have a nice smile.
-Ohh, you really are cool after all Picasso.
-She completely ignored me~~

Page 50

-You guys became awfully good friends.
-It's because Picasso is such a brave guy.
-Hey, hold on a moment~~~~
(text above chiaki)-Oh my god
-You can call me Akane.
-A, Akane...
-Why is it Picasso!?
-Hey, hey, Picasso.
-What on earth is that?
-This is...

Page 51

-What is up with this picture!!
-It looks like Haru-chan has changed.
-I've entered her memories instead.
-Picasso <3
-Haa~~~ this is so troublesome.
-No way!!

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